Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 1

Due to the vast and often contradictory/convoluted information we have had to wade neck-deep through, this series of posts, as of right now, has no definitive end.

To regular readers of this blog: While these posts may seem to be a bit off the beaten path, it will quickly become apparent that this topic is actually very much in line with everything this blog has long stood for.

That being said, let me briefly explain how Mrs Dirt and I have become embroiled in the missing persons case of Kristin Snyder.

Mrs Dirt noticed a series of various attention-grabbing headlines regarding a purported "sex cult". As the headlines continued, and more information became available, we were both perplexed at how the #MeToo/post #MeToo movement has completely robbed women of all responsibility/agency, and nowhere was that more apparent than the NXIVM debacle.

Fast forward and many conversations between us later, a documentary called The Lost Women of NXIVM aired on the Discovery ID channel in December 2019. It follows "investigative journalist" conspiracy theorist Frank Parlato as he insinuates that Keith Raniere, the fallen leader of NXIVM, had a role in the deaths of 4 women.

The obvious problem with this documentary is simple: Parlato's paranoid pontifications and his questionable "witnesses" fail to meet even the barest bones of "proof", and his boneheaded theories are more full of holes than Swiss cheese that has been blasted with a shotgun. Since one of these so-called "lost women" examined slandered was Kristin Snyder, a lesbian Homosexual female, our interest was immediately piqued. That, and the fact that Mrs Dirt, who at that time was heavily involved with missing persons cases, had no recollection of Kristin Snyder's case  (she naturally took note of cases involving Homosexual persons). Obvious also by the program's end was that the ID producers of this docu-salacious/sensationalism-mentary hurried this project to the point of junior high editing and grade school interviewing, accompanied by a complete disregard to contradictions so copious that they occurred more often than they did NOT occur! 

So, let's take an initial look at the case of one of the 4 "lost women": Kristin Snyder.
What is known: Kristin Snyder, by all accounts, was reported to be a happy, successful, ambitious 35-year-old who ran her own environmental consulting business, volunteered for the Nordic Ski Patrol, and enjoyed many outdoors sports/activities. She had attained a master's degree in ecology, and had published academic papers in her specialized field. She was living in Anchorage, Alaska at the time of her disappearance with her partner, Heidi Clifford, with whom she was joined in a civil partnership in Vermont in September of 2001.

According to the Alaska State Troopers police report, dated February 7, 2003, Anchorage Police Department reported to the Alaska State Troopers that there was a missing persons report on Kristin Snyder, and that she had been reported to be possibly "suicidal" and that there was "information that she might be in Seward "(Alaska).

Kristin's car, a 1999 black Toyota Tacoma truck, was found on February 8, 2003 in Lowell Point near Miller's Landing at Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. An extensive official search was conducted around the Seward area, but no sign of Kristin Snyder has ever been found. According to a later report, a bizarre 2-part note was found in her truck. A key was found in the door of her vehicle.

Kristin Snyder was presumed by everyone at that time to have committed suicide, and a presumptive death certificate was applied for in January 2004 and granted in July 2004, although she is still officially classified as missing.

That's it. That is all that is truly known. So little and so convoluted, in fact, after viewing Lost Women, both of us initially suspected Kristin Snyder was not real! We took to Ancestry to find out she very much was real!

The rest of the purported evidence hearsay presented by Parlato (and many others) since her disappearance is dubious at best -- an odd combination of revenge-motivated slander, contradictions, confusion, misdirection, conflicting reports, rank speculation, conspiracy theories, wishful thinking, willful ignorance, and even outright lies.

Depending on who is telling the story and what the agenda-du-jour is, the various stories range from laughable to ludicrous and back again.

Somewhere between Anchorage and Albany, between Heidi and Frank, between Catholicism and sex cults, between facts and fiction, between reality and fantasy, who Kristin Snyder really is/was has been completely lost -- obliterated by self-preservation, ennui, vivid imaginations, twisted agendas, and mind-blowing exploitation.

Every crime analysis begins with victimology. Victimology gives a baseline (like a lie detector) on the victim that can thereafter be used to measure truths and lies about the victim. The same process should have been carried out in Kristin's case and needs to be done now. Who was she? What were her habits? What did she like? What did she hate? What motivated her? What frightened her? What made her laugh? What were her hopes, her plans, her dreams, her morals, her ethics? 

We don't know. Very little is known about the actual Kristin Snyder -- the real human being behind the crude cartoon caricatures alleged in the docu-nonsense, by Kristin's bent-kneed, mouth-drooling, wafer-warring kin, and by anyone/s with a grudge against Keith Raniere/NXIVM, perhaps even including the woman she said "I do" to.

While we may not know who Kristin Snyder was, we do KNOW who she was NOT. Based on documented reports, including personal exchanges we have had with some who knew her personally and professionally, Kristin was a stable, happy, successful person. Through our growing body of research and ongoing inquiries, it is clear that Kristin was NOT the STRAIGHTBIAN, weak, psychotic, cheating, lying, gullible, foolish, pregnant, purple-slippered sycophant that she is currently being portrayed as. 

But before we get into the actual missing persons case of Kristin Snyder, the next series of posts will fully and completely dismantle ID channel's mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM. We will systematically address each individual speaking about Kristin, each contradiction, each implausibility, each individual's agenda, and each individual's honesty, integrity, and reliability. When we are through with this series of posts, we will have also laid to rest YEARS of agenda-based lies on Kristin Snyder that reach far outside Lost Women.

In the meantime, if anyone has any information or would like to join myself, Mrs Dirt and our small but growing network invested in seeking truth and justice for Kristin Snyder, please email us at Justice4Kristin@mail.com

Until next time...

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