Andrea Dworkin-InterCourse-an Interpretive Dance

In this post we will examine the first 2 chapters of InterCourse.

Chapter 1-This book literally begins from 0 and goes STRAIGHT to 100 in no time flat! Hold on to your hats ladies, this is going to be a bumpy ride! Yee-Haw!

 This book is not kidding, talk about MAYHEM!
Wow! Kinky and thought provoking!
It had me at buy 5 and get 3 free!
A "few inches"? "Deeper and wider"? Oh MY! Berserk is spot on!
I couldnt tell if Miss Sunshine loved Dick or water sports or both! Oh yes she did! What a page turner!
Monsters, Satan, rapists AND shorter shorts? We couldnt put this book down! (Fans self)
Chapter 2 only got wilder! This chapter really broke down "sexual intercourse" and pants shitting in one fell swoop! Brilliant feminist analysis!
Virgins, Warriors, Queens, traps and holes with only a single exit! Oh my, oh my!!! Skinless indeed, I felt chapped just reading this chapter!
This page challenges Het women to "ignore the man" as well as illustrating the internal process Het women hold "How can I?"! And yes, it certainly did "blow my ass" and my mind!
OMG and yes, there is something "terribly wrong" here. How have we missed it! Het women and their sexuality, Het women creating "butch and femme identities" in order to make sense of their same sex attractions! Wow! Fantabulous academic analysis and rigour!
..."skinless and naked"...the only love story here is between us and this book! Somebody call the fire department!
I liked how here the radical feminist message that Het women are weak and passive is both laughed at and something to scream about. Thought provoking to say the least!
"The future was already here"! Bang on right! Like a slap in the face, a blaring alarm clock ringing in your ears! Of course, there is no progress among the sexes because today is born of yesterday! Genius, maven even!!!!
I really enjoyed the disjointedness of this part of the book. How it weaves from sexual innocence to declaring intercourse itself as rape! Basically shoving (raping?) the old notion (you cant rape the willing) down the throat of patriarchy! Holy shit Bob!
By the ending of chapter two, I swear we were jumping, playing and loving with her!

And thats just the first two chapters! Stay tuned for our discussion of chapters 3 and 4 coming soon!

Dirt and Mrs Dirt

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  1. Andrea Dworkin is a very interesting case study in straightbian pathology, although as far as I know she only called herself a lesbian and did not actually get involved with women.
    Her thesis in these chapters is that men are socialized to be narcissists, are unable to reconcile their desire for women with their contempt for women, and react to women's sexual "power" over them with violence.
    I've read a lot of her work, and imo she was herself very conflicted - torn between her obsessive love for men, her fetishization of their abuse/violence, and her psychological discomfort with her own passivity and masochism. She was incapable of standing up to men in het relationships, so the only feminist "solution" she could imagine was het women pretending to be lesbians/being celibate in an effort to guilt-trip and manipulate men into changing.
    It seems like a lot of emotionally disturbed/traumatized het and bi women really relate to Dworkin, especially the scizophrenic man-hating/desperation for male love and approval combo.


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