STRAIGHTBIAN Claims Dirt and Mrs Dirt are Extreme Trans Activists

In the more than dozen plus years I have been actively writing about/criticizing/myth dispelling/accurate info providing about transgenderism/cross-sex hormone use/transgender surgical mutilations coupled HEAVILY with and now centered on Lesbian biology/Lesbian psychology/Lesbian childhood/Lesbian Teen-hood/Lesbian adulthood etc, MANY MANY MANY trite illogical/ignorant/moronic/over-emotional/lamebrained, and imbecilic insults have come my way. But surely the MOST birdbrained of all has to be that Mrs Dirt and myself are a trans couple/trans activists

Yes, you read that right. This rumour began (not surprisingly) after our UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian series took off and has occasionally picked up steam. Apparently Mrs Dirt (as Hetsplained rumour has it) was born a man and transitioned to that of a trans(woman), while I was born a female but transitioned to that of a trans(man). (Hetsplained rumour also has it) that Mrs Dirt was/is an autogynephile (Het male who transitions) while I was a Lesbian who transitioned

The mirth aspect of these particular rumours is not even that they have no merit whatsoever (clearly they dont), BUT that they make absolutely no biological transgender sense! But sense, linear thought, and biological reality are all (as our unSTRAIGHTening series has shown) foreign concepts to the STRAIGHTBIAN mind. For STRAIGHTBIANS, self-preservation trumps truth every time, and the work Mrs Dirt and I are doing threatens STRAIGHTBIANS living or dead (so it seems) to such an acute degree that even what we write on our own PERSONAL (albeit public) blogs is grounds for warning!
Despite a very glaring and blatant warning to read this blog at your our risk (or as the STRAIGHTBIAN case may be) at your own peril, STRAIGHTBIANS CANNOT STAY AWAY:
HER own peril as the case may be. Whether or not this is the STRAIGHTBIAN who started the trans rumours about Mrs Dirt and I, its clear this IS the STRAIGHTBIAN spreading them at THIS point in time. The first Twitter screencap is from a week ago and the second is from yesterday:
Now take a gander at this Facebook gem that fell into my lap (thanks to a Lesbian) this morning:
This makes it crystal clear there is a STRAIGHTBIAN driven (secret) group dedicated to slandering Mrs Dirt and myself, in a futile effort to silence Lesbian truths, Lesbian lives, Lesbian narratives, and Lesbian biology! And according to other FB posts that were shared with me, the admin of this group IS the STRAIGHTBIAN claiming Mrs Dirt and I are transgender!

Since this is still new info to Mrs Dirt and I and since we arent much familiar with STRAIGHTBIAN who is slandering us, we cannot tell you much more, as we ourselves are on a fact-finding mission as I write this. What I can tell you is that the Het woman/STRAIGHTBIAN driving the rumour mill bus is quickly headed for a dead-end street.

Unless STRAIGHTBIANS who have numbers and Het privilege on their side, Dykes have biology and biology trumps EVERYTHING!



  1. I stumbled upon your blogs this afternoon. Have you and Mrs Dirt considered to write a book? Not just a collection of blog posts (even if that can have it's charm), but a more integrated work? Why not call it "The Crusade for Lesbian Dignity" or why not "The Crusade for Sapphian Dignity" if you want to go full Ignatius. ;-)

    Don't let the bastards bring you down, here's for another dozen of years.

    1. Thanks for your comments! We do plan on writing something that will bring together what our unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian posts have uncovered, going far beyond anything we have publicly written.


    2. Awesome!

      And I can't thank you enough for showing that "the political lesbianism" was just a bad, bad disguise. I feel like I've tried to solve some kind of scientific problem for years, had a hunch but only a hunch that something more than the obvious was wrong, and then someone shows me a new cosmological constant, or something! :-)

      And even if we give them the benefit of a doubt that everyone had honest intentions and no one saw it as simple way to make a career. That would still make them wrong, because they obviously think that they speak for everyone.

      It's like those heartwarming success stories about men and women in business who obviously struggled hard for years before they made it big. But what they may often forget to tell is that they got a big loan under generous terms from an elder relative. And that they basically stumbled upon what made them big. It doesn't have to be conscious dishonesty on their part, only that they (as pretty much everyone else) take their life for granted.

    3. Regardless of how a Rockefeller or Trump for that matter made their way, they made it as a Rockefeller or Trump. STRAIGHTBIANS arent Lesbians, are usually Lezbophobic, have Het privilege and are emotionally/mentally damaged! THEIR "lesbian" narratives are the dominant narratives. Explains implicitly why Psychologists/sexologists believed "lesbianism" sprang from early sexual abuse (a hetspalined concept still believed by professionals/general public today).

      Lesbian, as it is known, is nothing more than a flop house for emotionally/mentally downtrodden Het females, some of which are smart enough to make a career out of it!

      Regarding actual biological Lesbians, we know obviously personally, once you see, once you know, suddenly it all makes sense. Why Lesbians have never been able to relate (from our earliest childhoods) to Het females. Why, even online how we speak/interacts gets us labeled "men" etc. And I know every Dyke has and does have huge puzzlement's about Het females. The same confusions that didnt disappear once we met other assumed "lesbians". Trust me when I tell you, this goes FAR FAR beyond Radical Feminism and FAR beyond the last few centuries.


    4. I think that the straightbians in academia uses this logic:

      P1: All lesbians lives under some kind of stress.
      P2: I am the most stressed of them all, just look at my writings.
      C1: Therefore I'm a lesbian.

      And it's true that Rockefeller and Trump made it as themselves. And it's also true that they've stepped on some toes. But that's true for everyone running a business. But in general, successful business must step on as few toes as possible. Because you can't even become successful at running a third-rate shopping mall in the middle of nowhere if you offend potential customers.

      AFAIK the only academian I know about who has been honest that he works in an ivory tower is Richard Davis Hanson. In a lecture, he pointed out that he works at the 11th floor at Stanford. He neither needs heating nor AC. He doesn't have to take refuge to Walmart during the summer.

      (I am not saying that he's the only academian who knows that his working conditions are different from the most of us. But he's the only one I know of who has explicitly stated it.)

      And just a cursory glance at the history of art, literature and music will show you that there's plenty of gay men who made gay art, literature and music. Gay as in gay men creating things for other gay men. More or less explicitly. (I don't have any examples, but I bet that there's plenty of art supported by a heterosexual patron where the artist sneaked in gay motives.)

      So if the ratio lesbian/het women is larger than gay/het men Then it's pretty much unexploited territory. Especially if everything that caters to women in general was/is considered to be of less value because it's simpler. But just look at any women's magazine. Not everything was about housekeeping, fashion and romance novelettes.

      And we mustn't forget that the straightbians started this in the 60-70s. It was an era where heterosexual men could take offense over the fact that women could have "a man in the drawer". Where the clitoris had nothing to do with female pleasure. And if a man took a woman from behind, he was gay, gay, gay.

      (Damn, I think I should become a sociologist.)

    5. Gay male art/lit etc continues to exist because Het males havent claimed to be gay males and co-opt/define gay male life/experience. Clearly this isnt the case for Lesbians.

      Whose fault is it that males (continue) to have a poor understanding of Het females, sex or otherwise? Thats Het female brains, in a nutshell!



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