Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Straight Females Who Transition go STRAIGHT to Porn

Besides child sexual abuse, the #1 commonality among Het females who transition is participating in some form of pornography; whether using social media/internet sites to whore for attention through displaying each and every real or imagined physical change to actual pornography:

These pictures/videos do not show women suffering from dysphoria. Nor do they do not show women suddenly comfortable in their own body. What they do display is sexual female masochism true of sexually abused Het females that remains with transition. The only progress transition accomplishes for sexually abused Het women are in helping them progress faster and further into sexually exploiting their own bodies; exploiting themselves for the man testosterone creates in themselves/others like them and actual males with a penchant for FTM porn.

Unlike autogynephiles (males) who transition to further/heighten the pornographic image they have/play with of themselves a woman prior to transition, sexually abused females who transition BECOME autogynephiles through transition. Their masculinised female brain turns their (hated) female body into something they visually use/abuse to masturbate to/give others something to masturbate to. Like sexually abused Het women who convince themselves that through BDSM scenes they gain control and agency, the scenes played out in the minds and lives of sex abused trans females is on loop.



  1. Your sex life must be really boring if you can't process the concept of trans people liking their bodies, or women just having a BDSM kink without being sexually traumatised.

  2. Show me one female who is invested in BDSM and I'll prove to you each time she was sexually abused as a child. Biology and behaviours that spring from biology are 100 percent consistent, INCLUDING how sexual abuse alters behaviour based on sex/Heterosexuality/Homosexuality. That Het society likes to pretend that isnt true because they despise the horrors those truths prove, is something else altogether.