UnStraightening Lesbian: Removing the Heterosexual Lens: Rita Mae Brown

We begin our next set of unSTRAIGHTening Lesbians with the Sneaky Pie Lavender Menace to Lesbians herself Rita Mae Brown. If not familiar with Rita Mae, she was an early element in the Radical Feminist movement after she was more or less removed from Betty Friedan's National Organization of Women (NOW). The purported reason Rita Mae was ousted was because she claimed at the time to be a Lesbian. Through this ousting Rita Mae and other Lesbians STRAIGHTBIANS formed the RadFem group the Lavender Menace:
But it wasnt Rita Mae's libber angst that cloaked her in Lesbianism, it was her first novel Rubyfruit Jungle:

For making the primary point of these posts, (unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian) one really doesnt have to look beyond Rubyfruit Jungle. The novel rapidly begins with prime character Molly STRAIGHT away focusing on DICK, no not as in another character, as in a boy the young Molly exploits for profit using his uncircumcised penis in a show and tell: (Ah penis, something every young Dyke wants to see-think again honey!)

From there the novel speeds to Molly having sex with a straight female friend AND then her straight male cousin Leroy:
A sexual relationship young Molly repeats throughout her cohabitation with cousin Leroy/his family:
Molly struggles to outgrow her illegitimate hick background which both deeply troubles/embarrasses her by heading as soon as she can to the big city; New York. Once there we encounter Molly's first time at a gay bar with a gay male friend:
Its clear from this moment it isnt just Molly who knows nothing about Butch or Femme Lesbians, its Rita Mae for posing this question at all.
Rita Mae uses her novel to slam other STRAIGHTBIANS dominating the "lesbian" bar scene, damaged Het women who could only see relationships through their own Heterosexual nature; male or female. Mo was no more a Butch than Molly; everything, INCLUDING Lesbian, depended solely on what they claimed to be, not what they actually were. Rita Mae's snobbish STRAIGHTBIAN Molly places her own warped version of Lesbian (two attractive society approved straight women having sexual relations) above that of fat ugly STRAIGHTBIANS who portray/participate in Heterosexual mimicry. Moving on:
Rita Mae's Molly is so disgusted by the lesbians she encounters at the bar she jokingly would rather encounter a rapist than entertain the notion of sex with the bar lezzies. Molly thinks herself miles and morals above most, even while fucking a small family; mother, father and underage daughter (thank god they didnt have any pets!):
Given Molly's Hetero MALE mimicry (forcing herself on a woman/the woman's no equals yes) there was no surprise why Betty Friedan could no longer find a place for Rita Mae's Radical Feminism!
Polina turns the table on Molly and entices her to role play a game Polina and her husband play involving public urinal sex, only in this scenario Polina is the man to Molly's woman:
Molly then moves on to a date with Polina's husband, Molly figures by fucking Paul she can be closer to Polina, sound like any Lesbians you know? Me either!
Molly then moves onto Polina and Paul's underage daughter:
The dialogue for Alice wanting to have sex with her mother sounds eerily familiar, and Rita Mae's treatment of incest as untraumatic is the ONLY thing "antihuman" here!
Molly says earlier in the novel of a similar fuckfest:
Rubyfruit Jungle sums up everything that is Lesbian about Rita Mae and Lesbian in the novel, NOTHING!

That didnt stop Rita Mae from giving advice to young suicidal Gays and Lesbians in her intro to:
Homosexuals who arent "successful gay people" like Rita Mae, (successful meaning Homosexuals who are Heterosexuals who use Homosexuality for their own perverse uses) dress odd, have "exaggerated mannerisms" and are akin to hookers!
Rita Mae, like Molly from Rubyfruit Jungle, sees Homosexuals/and or STRAIGHTBIANS who are found in gay bars as warped, alcoholics and obsessed with their Homosexuality (or in the case of STRAIGHTBIANS, obsessed with their claim of Homosexuality). These people, Rita Mae tells young Gays and Lesbians, are life's LOSERS! Rita Mae blatantly states actual Homosexuals can simply cast off our natures and be like her (a pro incest, polygamous, bisexual)!
Rita Mae Brown by her own admission (when convenient) cast off calling herself a Lesbian, not because she wasnt (she clearly isnt) but because it was no longer profitable to her now mainstream Heterosexual female audience. Rita Mae hated and still hates labels:
Being a Lesbian isnt constricting or freeing and it mostly certainly isnt a sarcophagus burying us alive! Like many STRAIGHTBIANS, Rita Mae donned Lesbian like cross dressers don woman, Lesbian for Rita functioned as fetish, financial gain and fame.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning? STRAIGHTBIANS

Since Trans Trending has reached unprecedented highs, this blog has minimized documenting who is transitioning and instead focused more on other issues erasing/troubling Lesbians past/present/future. When I first noticed the Trans Trend occurring among Lesbian identified females twenty plus years ago, and then began documenting that trend ten years ago, my initial aim was to correct the false assumptions that the lesbian community is losing all its butches. In more than two decades I still have yet to see a Butch Lesbian transition, but given how few of us there are at any given time and actually being Lesbians, with Lesbian brains/bodies/experiences it is not surprising we wouldnt entertain the notion of transition. Sadly, some Dykes have (do) fall/en prey to transition, but even in those cases it is rarely without a STRAIGHTBIAN's pressured suggestion.

In reexamining years of documented cases of female transition (with the help of Mrs Dirt-a process we are still actively working through) it has become clearer and clearer there are a great deal more STRAIGHTBIANS who transition than simply the odd Pat Califia, Susan Lee or James Darling, in fact THEY appear to be more the norm than the exception. While I have written spottily on sexually abused females who transition, I have yet to really focus on the numbers involved, their pathology or their Hetero/sexual orientation (which bears out in transition ie cross sex hormone use). That however is something that will be revealed/detailed soon, today I leave you with one such example of a STRAIGHTBIAN transitioning. Just like STRAIGHTBIAN types defined/documented here in post after post, there are types of STRAIGHTBIANS who transition, this girl is one such type. All major types will also be defined in a future post.

Without going into the particulars, this unnamed type goes something like this; child sexual abuse/emotional turbulence/puberty/eating disorders/cutting/body modifications/hyper sexuality with both sexes/employing queer/poly as an identity or lifestyle/mixing/moving in Trans/Queer circles/transitions:

When STRAIGHTBIANS in this group fail to hide themselves from themselves behind body modification and make up, they seek transition to both hide behind as well as feel empowered through identifying with their abuser/s. They dont count on becoming more victimised by their own behaviours under the influence of testosterone.


Why STRAIGHTBIAN Victoria Brownworth Gives Lesbian a Bad Name & a Bad Taste in Our Collective Lesbian Mouth

While Victoria Brownworth is on a future list of unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian, some tweets from her that crossed my timeline today angered me enough to do a quick post now, lets call it a PRE unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian featuring Victoria Brownworth.

If you arent familiar with VB or VAB as she's often sited:
Celebrated as an out Lesbian journalist despite being fully HETEROSEXUAL. Brownworth has even criticized Lesbian co-opters like herself:
That being said, the reason for this mini-post involves VAB recently yammering on her Twitter timeline regarding the #MeToo Uma Thurman thing, which she quickly (per usual) redirected toward herself (Munchhausen much?):
I have permanent scars too, but not from any sexual assault, but from reading VAB's Lesbian STRAIGHTBIAN smut she once pimped out like a common whore to titillate other warped fucked up STRAIGHTBIANS like herself:
Pretty funny VAB wasnt so traumatized she couldnt think up/write sick fucked up shit like this (tip of the iceberg or cock? I assure you)! What traumatized rape victim do you know dreaming about the SEXY WET TIP OF A MAN'S COCK who is about to rape her? Fucking NONE thats how many! And most certainly NO FUCKING LESBIAN UNDER ANY FUCKING CIRCUMSTANCE THINKS ABOUT A MAN'S WET TIPPED COCK, EVER! Yet Brownworth's erotic fiction/fantasy life is filled with Hetero rape fantasy shit!

There is nothing erotic about being raped, and there is NOTHING LESBIAN (erotic or otherwise) about Hetero(anything)sexual rape "scenes"! Victoria Brownworth isnt a Lesbian and there is NOTHING Lesbian in ANYTHING she has ever done or written! VAB is another STRAIGHTBIAN in a LONG line of STRAIGHTBIANS damaging/convoluting EVERYTHING society knows about Lesbians, including what Lesbians/Lesbian youth think/know about ourselves.

Till now that is.


Beware of Dirt and Mrs Dirt Impersonators

Mrs Dirt and I are WARNING any and all readers/friends/family to BEWARE/be leery of bogus emails/Twitter accounts/Facebook accounts and any other Social Media forms impersonating the both of us. 

We know at this point FOR CERTAIN that bogus Twitter/Facebook accounts were used to gaslight/attack various women, used to give false information about both of us, not limited but including we are biologically male, used to drum up drama, used to waste our time and used to gain a WARPED pathological link to Mrs Dirt.

If you or anyone you know has or receives ANY kind of contact that claims to be either Mrs Dirt or me, VERIFY it is in fact us by emailing me at thedirtfromdirt@yahoo.com or Mrs Dirt at sayebennett@gmail.com. IF you do not receive a response from those and ONLY those email accounts, whoever you are dealing is NOT us!

dirt and Mrs Dirt

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