UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian Fiction and Non-Fiction

Along with our UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian series, I'm going to begin a similar series of posts focusing less on the individual and more how STRAIGHTS/STRAIGHTBIANS have DICKtated everything known (historically to present) or believe to know about Lesbians, everything EXCEPT what was Lesbian then, what is Lesbian now and what will always be Lesbian!

I'm going to illustrate via the table of contents and the odd quote, from merely two books mind you, how overwhelming Het privilege/presumptions and immense Het ignorance's have been Hetsplained to Lesbians AS Lesbian by Hets/STRAIGHTBIANS.

The first book is Dyke Life: From Growing Up To Growing Old, A Celebration Of The Lesbian Experience by Karla Jay. The description of this book is as follows: 

Written by lesbians of different ages, races and religions—and compiled by one of the gay movement’s best-known writers and activists—these original essays give vibrant voice to the diversity of the lesbian experience. Celebrating the many ways in which the lesbian experience is unique from all others, many of these pieces focus on specific lesbian concerns such as sexual practices, raising children and higher incidence of certain illnesses. Beyond pointing out these differences, the essays also provide a comprehensive view of the many phases of lesbian life by covering diverse topics like body piercing, coming out and work. Short narratives—“To Mother or Not to Mother,” “Confessions of a Lesbian Vampire,” “About Being an Old Lesbian in Love,” and more—complement and enrich the main essays, adding a unique personal tone to the collection. A mix of the serious and the irreverent, Dyke Life is an important contribution to gay and lesbian literature.

Each contributor was vetted to the point sexual orientation could be determined. This book boasting of Lesbian experiences was written by nearly ALL STRAIGHTBIANS. Not simply STRAIGHT women, BUT DAMAGED STRAIGHT Women! Take a few random quotes:
I literally had to read that first line several times and ask Mrs Dirt does this say what I think it says! The ONLY humans known for "incessant processing" are Het Women! When in all your born Lesbians days have you seen Lesbians sitting around trying to figure out their feelings, their partner's feelings, let alone going to relationship "therapy"! NEVER! Thats when! These Het women wind up in therapy because they're damaged Heterosexual women trying to make a romantic relationship work with usually another damaged Heterosexual woman or occasionally the odd Dyke!
Daughters of Bilitis? Really! A STRAIGHTBIAN club ran by two STRAIGHTBIANS ( Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon)!!!! Both whom will be featured in a later UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian post. 
Need we wonder why there are now men in the Ladies? RadFem STRAIGHTBIAN bullshit like this, yanked the door off the frame of biology, flooding once biologically separate public spaces with potentially dangerous elements. STRAIGHTBIANS have done nothing different, their Hetero ineffectualness has yet again been trumped by male directness and moreover male cooperation, all though at the expense of Lesbians. 

Next up from Hetsplainer Karla Jay is Lesbian Texts and Contexts: Radical Revision, described as:
Lesbian writers include some of the most innovative and adventurous writers of this century, but only recently have they been given their due attention in terms of critical study. This book is the first anthology to discuss the subject of lesbianism as it relates to the critical interaction among readers, writers, and literary critics. It explores lesbian texts in terms of identification, meaning, and interpretation, and examines the complex entanglements of identity, voice, intersubjectivity, textualities, and sexualities.

There are more than a century of these Hetsplained Lesbian conglomerations cluttering academia, building the careers of STRAIGHTBIANS, lining the pockets of STRAIGHTBIANS, clouding society of Lesbian accuracy and muddying the minds of any Lesbian reading this shit. Books like the two mentioned here are navel gazing to the point of disappearing. Perhaps thats the point. But Lesbian it is NOT!



  1. how are you married to a therapist but talk about couples therapy so dismissively?

    1. I'm not married to a therapist nor did I dismiss therapy. Try processing what was actually written rather than what triggered you to comment.


  2. Straightbians btfo how will they ever recover?

    These radfems you like to hate on seem to give off a liberal/post modern/queer vibe. I suspect actual lesbians don't write like that. I can read your blog or Gendertrender and its obvious how dyked out it is.

    Radfem straightbians are such shit tier lesbians, even AGPs make better lesbians than they do.

  3. Question: Is January 26, 2018 at 1:47 AM male or female? If I were a betting person, I would say male.

    Question: What does "dyked out" mean coming from a male? A male comes on a supposedly "lesbian" blog and says "dyked out". The words "dyked out" coming from a man sounds awful lesbian phobic.

    Question: Is dirt and Mrs. dirt saying that males know what "dyked out" means?

    Question: Doesn't AGPs stand for autogynephile? That is, a male who gets a sexual thrill form wearing dresses.

    Question: Is dirt and Mrs. saying that males who get a sexual thrill from wearing dresses make better lesbians than radfems? How can a male be a lesbian?

    Question: Does dirt and Mrs. dirt believe that lesbians have a penis?

    Question: Did a male say, "I suspect actual lesbians don't write like that." How can a man know how lesbians write?

    I don't care if dirt and Mrs. dirt bash radfems. Okay, no problem. Knock yourself out bashing radfems. When dirt and Mrs. dirt start to believe that males in dresses are lesbians, they should stop calling themselves lesbians. Lesbians don't have a penis. No, lesbians don't have a dick and balls. Doesn't AGP stand for autogynephile - men in dresses.

    1. Firstly, its obviously open comments.
      Secondly, open comments mean, well open to anyone.
      Thirdly, as the comments in question were verified via IP address to be female pretending to be male,if you like I can post any/all info in a separate post associated with the IP (yes it is only 1 and not so coincidentally it matches yours)? Your call.
      Fourth, we do not bash RadFems, we unSTRAIGHTen their Hetsplaining from actual Lesbians so Lesbians dont waste their time/money with Het shit.


  4. This is Mrs. Dirt. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I really wish people would learn to read, comprehend what they read, and make even a tiny bit of sense with their comments. Guess that is hoping for too much.

  5. "Thirdly, as the comments in question were verified via IP address to be female pretending to be male."

    Who is a female pretending to be a male? Is it January 26, 2018 at 1:47 AM or January 30, 2018 at 6:11 PM? Why not just answer the question. Do you and Mrs. dirt believe that autogynephiles (straight men who get a kick out of wearing their wife's pink panties) are lesbian? A simple yes or now would be appreciated.

    "Fourth, we do not bash RadFems, we unSTRAIGHTen their Hetsplaining from actual Lesbians so Lesbians dont waste their time/money with Het shit."

    Autogynephiles are almost always straight men. Why not "unSTRAIGHTen Hetsplaining" autogynephiles and just say lesbians don't have a penis?

    Okay, you can go back to attacking radfems now. The whole autogynephiles (straight dudes who wear lace panties) are lesbian needed to be clarified.

    Have a nice day.

  6. Are autogynephiles lesbian?

    A yes or no would be appreciated.

    1. Mrs. Dirt here. (I am not signed in, but it's me). Anyway, are you f**king kidding me? A yes or no would be appreciated. We don't address your alleged "question", because it's too stupid of a question to even address. If you have EVER read any post that either of us have EVER done, the answer is already quite obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than mayonnaise. So, either you are being intentionally obtuse and asking stupid questions just to waste our time; or you are actually dumb enough not to know the answer. Not sure which it is in your case, but either way, we are getting back to talking to LESBIANS ABOUT LESBIAN-RELATED ISSUES. We are not here to teach you about basic common sense.

    2. Again with radfem nutfuckery. Only a complete idiot Heterosexual would need to clarify men arent Dykes. We dont going around saying the sky isnt an orange either. Why? I'll let you answer that.

      BYE BI!



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