Stripping Butch Bunk WhiteWashed by STRAIGHTBIANS

Obviously this doesnt need to be said for any Lesbian readers, but for STRAIGHTBIANS (mentally/emotionally/sexually damaged Het Females) whose entire guiding light to lesbian is any two females (regardless of biology) bumping uglies.

A Lesbian reader of both myself and Mrs Dirt sent us this screencap from a STRAIGHTBIAN sub-tweeting pure unequivocal codswallop last year, while she was searching Twitter for Tweets about Butch Lesbians:

Interestingly and purely as an aside, we had another STRAIGHTBIAN more recently say something similar about us, even using the very same word (INFILTRATORS) to describe us:
Probably just one of those weird coinky-dinks surely, I mean who could be THAT dumb right??!!

Anywhoey, back to the sub-tweet the Lesbian reader sent us, this all too obviously Het female tweeter claimed that copious amounts of "women of colour" Butch Lesbians LOVED and still LOVE to STRIP for a sexually hungry audience. The Het female tweeter fighting a losing battle against Lesbians tries to unearth Lesbian biological certainties by trying to remove/render impuissant our (myself & Mrs Dirt's) input (as two white Lesbians) by reeling in an all too common Het female gambit:
There has NEVER been in the entire human history, a Butch Lesbian who prostituted herself (via stripping or any other sex for $$$ exchange) period, no matter what race. The colour of skin doesnt magically remove Lesbian biology/that which governs Lesbians, in this case Butches. A Butch wouldnt strip for a lover anymore than she would strip for a crowd. It isnt within the realm of possibility, because it isnt within the possibility of Butch Lesbian biology. Trees dont give birth to puppies and billy goats arent theorizing String Theory.

As Lesbians, we know we are far out numbered by STRAIGHTBIANS (mentally/emotionally/sexually damaged Het Females) and we cannot combat/refute every single Hetsplained Homophobic article, idea, book, movie, tv show etc, but we do hope where, when and those we do are useful in helping Lesbians now and future in navigating the harrowing waters of Heterosexuality in all its many wretched dysfunctions.



  1. My god, we are beyond crying "pirates aboard". The pirates have definitively taken control of our vessel. I'm too old to find better resistance than poisoning their soup. I wish you every success with more direct, and more honest methods.

  2. As a straight man its obvious to me that Dirt is a dyke that is one butch face. Even Saye looks more robust than the average straight woman.

    I feel your pain Dirt, us men get tired of shit for brains SJW straight women too.


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