One is not born, but rather is made, a STRAIGHTBIAN

I have written many years and many posts, but I dont recall ever having to begin a post with this:
If you are too sensitive/too close to child sexual abuse, do NOT read beyond this point. You are being warned!

Radical Feminists and other STRAIGHTBIANS who claim Lesbian, have long declared that there are many different ways that women come to living/identifying as (a) Lesbian. But whether dressed up in political rhetoric, draped in academic magniloquence or swathed in fishnets, short skirts and stumbling stilettos, the only lesbian they give birth to is both deformed and unrecognizable.

I do agree though, there are many different ways HETEROSEXUAL females come to think they are/want to be/need to be/desire to be/wish they were: Lesbian.

From Louise Armstrong's Kiss Daddy Goodnight, this is actually how millions upon millions of Het females came to/come to/will come to: Lesbian. For the sake of brevity I'm including only very relevant material, material that directly correlates to the principles of the STRAIGHTBIAN mind/STRAIGHTBIAN pathology.
It is understandable why Sandy wanted to get off the dizzying Hetero merry-go-round, one her father sickeningly forced upon her from the time she was a child. But as a Lesbian it is offensive, her idea of "gay" (sexual abuse) was the thing she could bond with other "gay" women like herself over, not actually BEING a Lesbian (diseased). Her trepidation of coming around (not out) to "gay" was because Lesbianism was (is) viewed/treated as a pathology. A pathology sexually abused HETEROSEXUAL females like Sandy (not of their own volition of course) forged through psychological needs/diagnosis. Sandy even has the luxury of keeping her "gay"ness under wraps because as a young Het woman, lesbian for her is only behaviour (two females having sex), unlike actual Lesbians who cannot hide our bodies/mannerisms. STRAIGHTBIAN Sandy's make up many of the worlds RadFem/Feminist groups past, present and undoubtedly future. Many may be found fighting for abortion rights, sex trafficking, sex worker issues, sisterhood, womyncentric, violence against women, #me too etc. Sex will figure HIGHLY somewhere in their life, their brains were irrevocably altered the first time they were violated as little girls, any sexual violation that came after further disrupted normal Het female brain growth.

STRAIGHTBIANS like this woman are clearly some of the MOST dangerous, to themselves and to others, especially other females. Her pathology verges on the violent, her seething masochism warped and ready to sadistically harm any female child she has power over. Its unlikely a Lesbian would get involved with a STRAIGHTBIAN like this, but never say never. Its clear from her letter that the women she was involved with were also STRAIGHTBIANS. So while STRAIGHTBIANS with this sadistic pathology towards females (children) dont pose a real threat to Lesbians, most will wind up in mental health facilities (as did she) and will identify themselves/or be identified as Homosexual/Gay/Lesbian to psychiatric clinicians all too ready to maintain Lesbian as pathological/diseased. Further reinforcing Homosexuality as child molesting/sex obsessed freaks who should be locked up or put to death.


Annabelle's story (this is only a fraction) is (for me personally) slightly more sad/tragic than the others here and in the book. The Annabelle's of the world nearly always end up in the sex industry, as is obvious here, this young woman was groomed since birth for it. STRAIGHTBIANS who suffered this level of child sexual abuse are the ones who willingly do girl on girl porn (real/simulated), they get into live sex shows (think Annie Sprinkle), prostitution, stripping, internet porn, dominatrix etc.  These STRAIGHTBIANS will utilize Lesbian as a marketing tool, putting Lesbian on along with their garter belts and corsets and taking Lesbian off as easily as it was put on. Many like Annabelle will eventually distance themselves from men/sex with men in personal relationships and gravitate toward sexual relations with women. All, regardless of careers are in danger of STDs, drug and alcohol issues, eating disorders and suicide.

There is a great deal more horror stories in Louise's book, I chose the three for this post because we see so many STRAIGHTBIANS who grew out of similar horrors. Obviously the roads that led these women (women like them) to Lesbian are by no means the ONLY roads, but sadly child sexual abuse is the common denominator for STRAIGHTBIANS.

Despite years of systematic sexual abuse where one would think nothing intelligent, or good or beautiful can possible come out of that, there were/are many highly intelligent and talented (albeit tortured) STRAIGHTBIANS. One such example is the artist Jordie Hudson, who terrible beginning turned into a terrible end, and whom has haunted Mrs Dirt (particularly) since we witnessed her story on ID channel's See No Evil nearly two weeks ago. We will never see Jordie or any STRAIGHTBIAN as a Lesbian, but that doesnt mean either of us are blind. We see you Jordie and remember even amid the horrors of child sexual abuse, YOU showed us beauty exists and still blossoms. RIP Jordie Hudson


UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian Fiction and Non-Fiction

Along with our UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian series, I'm going to begin a similar series of posts focusing less on the individual and more how STRAIGHTS/STRAIGHTBIANS have DICKtated everything known (historically to present) or believe to know about Lesbians, everything EXCEPT what was Lesbian then, what is Lesbian now and what will always be Lesbian!

I'm going to illustrate via the table of contents and the odd quote, from merely two books mind you, how overwhelming Het privilege/presumptions and immense Het ignorance's have been Hetsplained to Lesbians AS Lesbian by Hets/STRAIGHTBIANS.

The first book is Dyke Life: From Growing Up To Growing Old, A Celebration Of The Lesbian Experience by Karla Jay. The description of this book is as follows: 

Written by lesbians of different ages, races and religions—and compiled by one of the gay movement’s best-known writers and activists—these original essays give vibrant voice to the diversity of the lesbian experience. Celebrating the many ways in which the lesbian experience is unique from all others, many of these pieces focus on specific lesbian concerns such as sexual practices, raising children and higher incidence of certain illnesses. Beyond pointing out these differences, the essays also provide a comprehensive view of the many phases of lesbian life by covering diverse topics like body piercing, coming out and work. Short narratives—“To Mother or Not to Mother,” “Confessions of a Lesbian Vampire,” “About Being an Old Lesbian in Love,” and more—complement and enrich the main essays, adding a unique personal tone to the collection. A mix of the serious and the irreverent, Dyke Life is an important contribution to gay and lesbian literature.

Each contributor was vetted to the point sexual orientation could be determined. This book boasting of Lesbian experiences was written by nearly ALL STRAIGHTBIANS. Not simply STRAIGHT women, BUT DAMAGED STRAIGHT Women! Take a few random quotes:
I literally had to read that first line several times and ask Mrs Dirt does this say what I think it says! The ONLY humans known for "incessant processing" are Het Women! When in all your born Lesbians days have you seen Lesbians sitting around trying to figure out their feelings, their partner's feelings, let alone going to relationship "therapy"! NEVER! Thats when! These Het women wind up in therapy because they're damaged Heterosexual women trying to make a romantic relationship work with usually another damaged Heterosexual woman or occasionally the odd Dyke!
Daughters of Bilitis? Really! A STRAIGHTBIAN club ran by two STRAIGHTBIANS ( Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon)!!!! Both whom will be featured in a later UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian post. 
Need we wonder why there are now men in the Ladies? RadFem STRAIGHTBIAN bullshit like this, yanked the door off the frame of biology, flooding once biologically separate public spaces with potentially dangerous elements. STRAIGHTBIANS have done nothing different, their Hetero ineffectualness has yet again been trumped by male directness and moreover male cooperation, all though at the expense of Lesbians. 

Next up from Hetsplainer Karla Jay is Lesbian Texts and Contexts: Radical Revision, described as:
Lesbian writers include some of the most innovative and adventurous writers of this century, but only recently have they been given their due attention in terms of critical study. This book is the first anthology to discuss the subject of lesbianism as it relates to the critical interaction among readers, writers, and literary critics. It explores lesbian texts in terms of identification, meaning, and interpretation, and examines the complex entanglements of identity, voice, intersubjectivity, textualities, and sexualities.

There are more than a century of these Hetsplained Lesbian conglomerations cluttering academia, building the careers of STRAIGHTBIANS, lining the pockets of STRAIGHTBIANS, clouding society of Lesbian accuracy and muddying the minds of any Lesbian reading this shit. Books like the two mentioned here are navel gazing to the point of disappearing. Perhaps thats the point. But Lesbian it is NOT!


Stripping Butch Bunk WhiteWashed by STRAIGHTBIANS

Obviously this doesnt need to be said for any Lesbian readers, but for STRAIGHTBIANS (mentally/emotionally/sexually damaged Het Females) whose entire guiding light to lesbian is any two females (regardless of biology) bumping uglies.

A Lesbian reader of both myself and Mrs Dirt sent us this screencap from a STRAIGHTBIAN sub-tweeting pure unequivocal codswallop last year, while she was searching Twitter for Tweets about Butch Lesbians:

Interestingly and purely as an aside, we had another STRAIGHTBIAN more recently say something similar about us, even using the very same word (INFILTRATORS) to describe us:
Probably just one of those weird coinky-dinks surely, I mean who could be THAT dumb right??!!

Anywhoey, back to the sub-tweet the Lesbian reader sent us, this all too obviously Het female tweeter claimed that copious amounts of "women of colour" Butch Lesbians LOVED and still LOVE to STRIP for a sexually hungry audience. The Het female tweeter fighting a losing battle against Lesbians tries to unearth Lesbian biological certainties by trying to remove/render impuissant our (myself & Mrs Dirt's) input (as two white Lesbians) by reeling in an all too common Het female gambit:
There has NEVER been in the entire human history, a Butch Lesbian who prostituted herself (via stripping or any other sex for $$$ exchange) period, no matter what race. The colour of skin doesnt magically remove Lesbian biology/that which governs Lesbians, in this case Butches. A Butch wouldnt strip for a lover anymore than she would strip for a crowd. It isnt within the realm of possibility, because it isnt within the possibility of Butch Lesbian biology. Trees dont give birth to puppies and billy goats arent theorizing String Theory.

As Lesbians, we know we are far out numbered by STRAIGHTBIANS (mentally/emotionally/sexually damaged Het Females) and we cannot combat/refute every single Hetsplained Homophobic article, idea, book, movie, tv show etc, but we do hope where, when and those we do are useful in helping Lesbians now and future in navigating the harrowing waters of Heterosexuality in all its many wretched dysfunctions.


Sex and the STRAIGHTBIAN (Part 2) The Passion is Perversion

The flip side of the frigid/anti-sex/passion is political/eschewing sex and femininity STRAIGHTBIANS are the STRAIGHTBIANS who embrace sex with both arms and every orifice, LOVE sex sex sex, try anything once or twice sex Het women. In years past these STRAIGHTBIANS were on the opposite side of Radical Feminism; their feminist liberation was to be found, not in squatting over a mirror looking at their vaginas, BUT in using their vaginas to find power! They convinced themselves that through sadomasochism, where they could explore/control sexual proclivities (some of which were) derived from child sexual abuse, they could find the power robbed of them as girls/women.

Depending on if sexual abuse was suffered as a child, how long it occurred, how it was dealt with or ignored and natural temperament, determined each STRAIGHTBIAN'S role in BDSM. For some STRAIGHTBIANS that role may be as the submissive (many will co-opt (High/Femme/Bottom/Baby/Girl to imply that) for others that role will be as the dominant (many will co-opt Top/Butch/Daddy to imply that), and still others will play at a Daddy/boi/boy sex-play. A number of STRAIGHTBIANS who gravitate toward the dominant roles have/will also transition. This STRAIGHTBIAN type's pathology on cross sex hormones will often increase their warped sexual appetites as well as their sadism during sex scenes. This STRAIGHTBIAN type, despite the sheer fear and powerlessness they felt as sexually abused girls, first identify with and later become (through transition/hormones) the all powerful abuser of their (mostly) willing equally disturbed partners.  Some of these dominant STRAIGHTBIANS will even lobby for less strict laws around child/adult sexual relations aka Pedophilia. Aside, many dominant STRAIGHTBIANS will have had at some point/s identified as gay men, most will have been/are FagHags, including having sex with Gay men.
Some of the more mentally damaged STRAIGHTBIANS in this group will even act out (repeatedly) sexual abuses done to them as a child; one partner will role-play being a baby girl while the other partner pretends to be the Daddy who then sexually abuses his/her baby girl. Both parties derive their own warped feelings of power during these bizarre scenes. Power, by being the person holding the safe word which can stop everything on utterance, and the other feeling power/full by taking power over the other and having the power to bring the other to sexual heights/climax/es; exchanges that both parties tightly wrap in a yarn of believed ultimate/superior intimacy and trust. But the intimacy/trust are nothing more than a mutually shared delusion that can quickly unravel at the slightest fray.

As neither party is actually Lesbian, these particular STRAIGHTBIANS fetishize "lesbian sex" (sex between females) through their own Heterosexuality/Het norms. 

Many STRAIGHTBIANS in this group for varying reasons are hypersexual, and sex will figure some way in nearly all aspects of their life. They will join or forge self created careers in some aspect of the sex industry. They may be sex educators/experts, strippers, prostitutes, sex facilitators/consultants, burlesque performers; they may make lesbian porn videos/photo shoots etc. Most of these STRAIGHTBIAN types will have a sexual pathology, but even those where this is absent, because none are Lesbians, ALL have a pathological need/drive to sexualize themselves with a female partner/s. Lesbian to ALL STRAIGHTBIANS must involve another female, but particularly for this type.

Without sex or even the idea of sex between two females, these STRAIGHTBIANS disappear. Therefore, fetishizing lesbian is not only a product of their pathology, its at the root of their self. Like Transgender self-hood, these STRAIGHTBIANS rely on constant external validation/reinforcement, even if that is nothing more than personal photos of themselves/their female partner kissing/touching/sexing etc. Many will exhibit public displays of affection bordering on the sexual, they dont simply want the public to look, they NEED the public to look. They NEED lesbian approval even from strangers, be that at a restaurant while having dinner or on Social Media.

Unlike actual Lesbians (who do not require external validation to tell us who we are), lesbian approval for this STRAIGHTBIAN type isnt approval for being a Lesbian. These STRAIGHTBIANS require approval for behaviour they FEEL to be Lesbian (via their Heterosexuality), feelings they need to strengthen their foothold of THEIR thin grip on Lesbian IDENTITY. This tenuous grip being so fragile, even if they have 1 naysayer among a 1000, they may mentally/emotionally implode! Even demanding validation and/or vilifying naysayers through conferences/sex wars/Social Media battles/books/articles published/tickets sold etc that they ARE Lesbian! As an aside, many of these types will have romantic/sexual photos of themselves around their home with a former/current partner; a daily reminder that these girl on girl visuals MAKE them lesbian

Past Straightbians in this group fancied themselves on being sexual outlaws/sexual renegades, turning sexual mores on their heads; queering lesbian  through stealing Gay male cultural norms/tropes to wet their warped sexual perversions in one hand and lining their pockets through theorizing lesbian as the ultimate subversive act in the other. This Past STRAIGHTBIAN group believed/preached that through the bondage of ropes and chains (het) women could FREE themselves from the shackles of Patriarchy.

Today's version of this STRAIGHTBIAN type merely mimics the straight male's wet dreams lining the shelves of porn hubs everywhere. This STRAIGHTBIAN version preens, prances, pouts and performs lesbian per Patriarchy's fantasies; their lips never speak of Liberation, only licking pussy. This group doesnt even have the mental wherewithal to look beyond what they see everyday: HeteroSEXuality. Somewhere between IQ and the internet, today's STRAIGHTBIANS lazily believe that by performing Het male lesbian cliches for global attention/identity reinforcements that they are subverting social norms! These STRAIGHTBIANS spend less time trying to smash the Patriarchy and more time bending over for it! They tell themselves their sexual displays are personal, but their copious look at us, look at us, look at us cinches their Het female narcissism that is ALWAYS looking for a looker.

But both types, past and present, can only occupy lesbian through male tropes (gay or straight). Meaning even the ways in which they suspend their Heterosexuality, IS Heterosexual!

A look at STRAIGHTBIANS in this group from the past:
A look at STRAIGHTBIANS in this group today:

While this goes without saying, obviously consenting adults (Lesbians) can engage in bed (any) room games that might make some of us blush without their fun being pathologised, by us or anyone. We arent criticizing what anyone does in bed, we are saying that STRAIGHTBIANS have a specific pathology that is discernible to anyone paying attention.

Dirt & Mrs Dirt

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