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Monday, November 20, 2017

Gay FTM Gay Transmen-Telling the Myths from the FACTS

This blog has long been inundated with quips and comments (where/when none were even warranted) about "gay transmen"; you dont know what you're talking about I'm a gay transman/how come you never write about gay transmen/thats not true of gay transmen. You get the picture. This post then, is to simply address the myths and clarify the truths about Gay Transmen.

Lets first answer the BIG question-Are some Trans Females (transmen) GAY? Before answering that question, let me clarify what Gay means-Male Homosexuals. Since biology is everything, that means male children created homosexual once a specific Y sperm meets a specific egg. Yes. Homosexuality is THAT simple. Therefore biologically speaking, no Female can EVER be Gay, period-end of story-or rather it should be. But unfortunately, emotionally damaged individuals complicate the world, and with the advent of Transgender surgeries/drugs meant to fix Homosexuals and perverted cross dressing Heterosexual men, those complications are now off the chain!

So while taking into account there can be no real Gay Trans Females (transmen), I'll address how females (homosexual and heterosexual) come to identify their feelings/behaviours before and after transgender drugs (cross sex hormones in high dosage) as Gay.

I'll begin first with Lesbians who transition. Prior to cross sex hormones Lesbians (regardless of how they identify) clearly act/react/process information/experiences definitively as Lesbian, including attractions to other Lesbians (and Het females if snowed by Heterosexual culture-which unfortunately most of us are). Lesbians who suffer with Heterosexual Female Dysphoria (fear from a very young age of becoming Heterosexual/acting Heterosexually female), who for additional varying reasons embark on transition will initially consider themselves Straight (males). Once on high doses of the cross sex hormone testosterone, as testosterone begins to masculinize their Homosexual Female brain, they begin to have attractions toward actual males (their brain remains Homosexual). Some Homosexual Trans females may experiment with sexual relations with Gay males, some may not. But with a severely heightened sex drive, more do experiment than those who do not. Given the vast majority of Lesbians who transition are mid-range Dykes, like non trans mid-range Dykes, they eventually pair off with each other. Meaning mid-range Dykes who transition couple with other mid-range Dykes who transition. Some of these Lesbian trans females will call themselves some form of gay or queer, some like their non trans mid-range counter parts will simply say they are just-me-transmen.

The more complicated Gay Transmen are clearly Heterosexual Females who transition. Het trans Females will often identify as gay or queer prior to taking testosterone. They may even have a male boyfriend before/during transition. Interestingly, their boyfriends will rarely/if ever alter their Heterosexuality to suit Het trans female partners. Once Het trans females are on testosterone for a period and their Het Female brain begins masculinization, their attraction will begin to shift to include (if they havent already) other females. Some Het female trans may change their gay or queer sexual marker to bisexual or trysexual or even pansexual. Depending on their natural femininity, as testosterone masculinizes their body, Het trans females will appear to some degree queenie/effeminate, even if physically fit. Testosterone's masculinization accentuates their Het female femininity, so even if they achieve full facial hair and a muscular body, their feminine lilt is ever present.

There has long been an incorrect assumption that Het female transition is rare, this is because Het trans females in past decades have incorrectly identified as Lesbians prior to transition. While we havent written a great deal about this type of STRAIGHTBIAN, they do exist and in fair numbers. This group of Het trans females are a combo of sexual abused and/or dominant right brain-ness or both. Being Het females, sexual abuse will cause them to act out hyper sexually before transition, increasing during transition. During transition, sexually abused Het trans females may dabble in porn, or full out choose pornography as a career. Most sexually abused Het trans females along with incorrectly identifying as Lesbian prior to transition, will also be heavily into tattoos and body modification. They also may be cutters and have issues with eating disorders. Transition may for a short time distract from cutting or EDs, but transition does not fix these issues. Transition for sexually abused Het trans females is either an attempt to alter their body to such a degree they remove themselves (in their mind) as sexual objects for men or depending on their psychopathology they may strongly identify with their male abuser/his power, and they seek to replicate their male abuser/s, often becoming rapists/abusers themselves. It is common to see prior to transition, Het females (STRAIGHTBIAN) while still in their lesbian phase, coupled with another Het female (STRAIGHTBIAN) when one will transition first, and the partner will soon follow. This particular group of gay transmen, because they are Heterosexual and do not have a history with Homosexual culture are highly at risk for HIV and other STDs.

But regardless of whether Homosexual or Heterosexual, Females both come to transition from a place of pain. Sadly, transition never delivers them from their anguish.




  1. Where are you getting your sources from?

  2. Anyway I hope any gay trans guy reading this knows that his sexuality is valid and he is in no way a straight woman.

    -Signed, a girl loving trans man who sure as hell ain't a lesbian

    1. <3 Thanks. The person writing this blog is a fucking nutter.

  3. literally none of this makes any sense. your pseudo-science bullshit is so transparent

  4. I've read through this and I think that you are obviously a thick minded person who can't accept people for who they are. Stop posting things like this, you're just an asshole.

  5. lmao none of you're blogs make sense, did you get a 5 year old to play with the word predictor on you're iphone?

    1. They make perfect sense to LESBIANS. This blog isnt for Het brained females.


  6. I really wish people like Dirt, whose knowledge of biology seems to come from 30-year-old 6th grade science textbooks, would stop attempting to speak with such authority on topics in biology. In short, the inclusion of a "y" chromosome does not make someone "male" or "a man," and the inclusion of two "x" chromosomes does not make someone "female" or a "woman." Dirt, you have every right to say stupid shit - but please try to be honest about the fact that this shit is coming from you and your preconceived notions, rather than current scientific consensus.

    1. EVERYTHING IS NATURE, all consisting of static principles. Principles that are both present and obvious even in mentally damaged women like yourself. If you prefer to ignore nature, and are not a biological Lesbian, then this blog isn't for you hun.


  7. LMAO !!! This is definitely the funniest article I have ever read on this so called blog, if not the funniest at all. For someone who claims to be a "proud lesbian" and a feminist, I just LOVE how this article was at the same time :

    • Transphobic (but I'm used to it)
    • Homophobic
    • Biphobic
    • Panphobic
    • Sexist
    • Probably something else I forgot.

    I used to come here when I felt unsure about myself and bad, and to torture and/or punish myself by reading all this shit. But now, it just makes me laugh so hard xD You used to be someone I considered dangerous because of your opinion and the way you expressed it. But I don't feel like you're a danger anymore : this was just so absurd from the begining to the end that it was just funny. I expected to find this on crappy sites like fake news, not on crappy sites that actually have the delusional ambition of being credible. All these theories are not close to have any scientific value, they're just theories, coming from a mind full of hate who is getting out of plausible arguments to defend their reactionnary point of view.

    I'll come again when I'll need a good laugh
    A mentally damaged non-binary bisexual person (but you can call me Oyo) ;)


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