UnSTRAIGHTENING Straight Lies about Lesbians

Since Mrs Dirt and I have made a conscious effort to put ALL the blood and guts back into the near lifeless corpse that has become Lesbian and breathed new Lesbian breath into her collapsed Lesbian Lungs, STRAIGHTBIANS/RadFems/Feminists/Het Women and assorted Nutballs have taken personal offense with us. We are wrongfully and ignorantly accused of harming Lesbians, being a danger to Lesbians, not giving two shits about Lesbians, that we HATE Het Women and a barrage of other LIES.

Clearing up hundreds of years of Lesbian inaccuracies is no small feat and one that Mrs Dirt and I are committed to regardless of the time and work it takes. But within the time it takes, comes ever MORE inaccuracies and flat out LIES! This post highlights just one of the LIES!

Mrs Dirt and I have both clarified numerous times to various Het feminist Women who have spread/spread/are trying to spread the falsity that Trans Males are pressuring and succeeding in getting into the drawers of Lesbians young and old. In doing so (clarifying the bullshit) we once again have come under fire. Apparently privileged Het Women know more about Dykes than Dykes! N O T!!!

One such example of an ignorant uneducated STRAIGHTBIAN/Het Woman is one who left several messages on a recent post, which were deleted, more to due with their quoting/linking a known Het Woman blogger who is not at all known for vetting/scrutinising her MANY guest posters or her own shoddy misinformed info/posts. Here is a snapshot of the resident 5th grader's comments that were removed:
Her proof that Dykes are being duped into dick is a (clearly mentally screwed Het Trans Female) who now and I fucking quote IDENTIFIES as lesbian! Oh WOW! Yeah Mrs Dirt and I are so convinced by this we too are feeling pressured to dick lick! N O T!!!

Miss I-flunked-out-of-elementary-school knows what she's talkin 'bout cuz she spoke to a man pretending to be a Lesbian on a Lesbian dating site where she (Het Woman) was pretending to be a Lesbian! She makes no mention of when this was, nor any mention of the man being Trans. Regardless, Mrs Dirt and I have NEVER said Males (trans or otherwise) havent tried snagging a Dyke, what we have said is, no Dyke is THAT fucking dumb to fall for it!

This comment by Miss STRAIGHTOTHENEXTDICK is her in vain attempt at proof she is a Lesbian by describing a litany of known STRAIGHTBIAN behaviours. Lesbian to her is about who you share your pussy with, not whats between your ears. Again, neither Mrs Dirt nor myself have ever said not diddling dick equals Dyke. Plenty O STRAIGHTBIANS have long term relationships with Women and Lesbians, but if you are N O T a Dyke in the womb, you are N O T a Dyke PERIOD!!!

Clearly Miss I-kissed-a-man-on-the-phone-and-I-liked-it, you thought wrong about me/this blog! If a Woman wrote to me for legitimate help (and many have), of course I would do what was in my power to help them. But this blog and its intentions have/are/and will ALWAYS remain for LESBIANS/ABOUT LESBIANS, not Het Females (regardless of their trans state).


Gender Neutral Toys will NOT remove Homophobia from Heterosexuals

There is a convenient simplistic Heterosexual (dare I say Feminist/RadFem) assumption that ungendering toys is an aid/solution to arresting Psychologists/School authorities/parents etc from labeling SOME children as Transgender. Fully missing the point/problem that toys/clothes/friends/games etc are NOT the problem!

The problem is WHY Psych professionals/Gender Critical or otherwise professionals/teachers/parents raise a red flag whenever a child desires something not usually associated with their sex!

The problem is what Psych professionals/Gender Critical or otherwise professionals/teachers/parents think/assume/fear that red flag to mean!

And the problem is why the fuck does Homosexuality (real or suspected) elicit a red flag response from Psych professionals/Gender Critical or otherwise professionals/teachers/parents! And moreover the fucking problem is why do Heterosexuals fear/hate Homosexuality/Homosexuals to such an acute indelible extent that Psych professionals/Gender Critical or otherwise professionals/teachers/parents have pathologized what toys a two year old child prefers to play with!

Homosexuality isnt as thin/flimsy as the clothes we like to wear or the toys we prefer. So putting every Barbie in army fatigues, colouring every toy green or yellow and selling only unisex clothes isnt going to make Homosexuals any less Homosexual, anymore than it will remove the Homophobic fear/hate Heterosexuals hold!


Dear STRAIGHT Women-Lesbians are NOT Grateful You'd Let us Lick your Pussy-Lesbians are DICKsgusted!

While this post is prompted by this particular article, it is by no means an isolated incident, nor an incident particular to media status.
I find it interesting when a group of men say a Woman is fuckable, they are deemed to be objectifying, sexist pigs -- but a straight Woman declares a Dyke bangable (and by bangable, in (Het) Woman terms, means she'd let said lezzie lick her pussy, because, of course, that's all Lesbians do/want to do sexually, right?) and Lesbians everywhere are supposed to be fucking grateful!!!

Lesbians do not require (Het) Women to tell us we are attractive, fuckable, hot, sexy, or anyfuckingthing!

Dear (Het) Women, 
  • Lesbians do NOT want your bored-with-men desires; 
  • Lesbians do NOT want your potential het diseases;
  • Lesbians do NOT want your dick breath/dick germs;
  • Lesbians do NOT want your emotional histrionics;
  • Lesbians do NOT want your petty heterocentric materialistic BS; 
  • Lesbians do NOT want your woman-born-woman/woman-identified-woman wantonness;
  • Lesbians do NOT want your one-sided, half-assed, pillow-princess pity fucks while you are waiting to catch the next dickmobile STRAIGHT back to Hetsville; 
  • Lesbians do NOT want your backstabbing compliments/thinly veiled insults as to how we are so much like a man;  
In summary, (Het) Women......Lesbians do NOT want YOU!


Dear Lesbians,

We know it may SEEM flattering when (Het) Women say we are fuckable. Lesbians, including ourselves, are starving for depictions of ourselves on TV, movies, books, and media. We know what it is like to scarf up any pitiful scrap that is thrown our way. We know how frustrating it is to never be truly seen by society and to never truly see ourselves being accurately represented...ANYFUCKINGWHERE!

But it is NOT a compliment to be deemed fuckable by a (Het) Woman. Sure, a (Het) Woman might fuck you (or, more accurately, get fucked BY you), but rest assured, she will also fuck you over. And when she is done with her little experiment (i.e., YOU), she will be sucking dick before sundown.

We deserve better.

Lesbians, do NOT settle for anything less than Lesbian.


dirt & Mrs. Dirt

Know-It-All HET Women who know NOTHING about Lesbians

Due to the overwhelming amount of ongoing ignorance bleating from the mouths of know-it-all-privileged (Het) Women, who while knowing shit all about Lesbians (aside from the heterocentric Queer/STRAIGHTBIAN/Hasbian/I-kissed-a-girl-and-I-liked-it faux "lesbians" they are or know or know of) continue to use their Heterosexual ideas of Lesbian to further whatever deluded agenda they are arguing at the moment! With no thought or care how THEIR warped ideas of Lesbian harm and damage Lesbians!

And whenever LESBIANS point out their inaccuracies, we are confronted with shock and dismay for either not accepting help from our allies (who the fuck asked them for help?) or for not being grateful for their warped input/interest!

Here are a just a few of the outright LIES (Het) Women are saying to/about Lesbians, followed by the actual TRUTH about Lesbian lives/Lesbian experiences:

1) Lie: "Trans Women are pressuring/tricking Lesbian youths into having sex with them."
Truth: This is a HUGE bald face fucking lie! Dykes, no matter the age are NOT tricked into sex with men! Dykes are not ignorant, nor weak, nor infuckingclined on having sex with men--no matter how said man presents himself! Clearly know-It-All HET Women have never been to a Lesbian bar/Mixed Gay bar or a Lezzie softball game. MCDs (medicalized cross dressers) are not exactly lining up to approach Dykes for anything, let alone sex! And if for some bizarre reason they were? They'd be in for a rude fucking awakening when they realized Lesbians do not resemble their heterosexual fantasies Het women so often prop up/produce or just plain are! The LESBIAN TRUTH IS: the only females MCDs fuck with/fuck-are STRAIGHT

2) Lie: "There is no difference between Lesbian female biology and STRAIGHT female biology.
Truth: Whenever Lesbians bond over our similarities with each other or our common differences with (Het) Girls/Women, know-It-All HET Women immediately go into (often passive, usually cutting/snarky) attack mode (really making our point here easy, but they are too Het to understand why) or quickly labeling/accusing Lesbians of being aggressive or crazy etc./acting like men/being mean/acting impolite/not being a good "sister" to all women. The LESBIAN TRUTH IS: Lesbians ARE biologically different, indicated in the least sense by our attraction alone! Attraction that occurs where? Wait for it.....wait for it......our LESBIAN brain! Know-It-All HET Women cannot see/process/function past their own privileged biology to appreciate anyone else's. 

3) Lie: "Lesbians have no data/studies to prove we are different, so therefore, we are not."
Truth: Apparently 5,000 years of Lesbians does not constitute "proof"! When proofs are pointed out via Lesbian experiences, Lesbian brain processes, Lesbian lives, know-It-All HET Women either dismiss actual Lesbians in favor of their own deluded/misguided SEXUAL experiences with Women (not Lesbians), their own notions of Lesbian from warped/fucked up and usually sexually abused Straight women (Feminists/RadFems/Queer/Bi), they disparage everything Lesbians say, they close ranks with others like themselves to wall off all truths about Lesbian lives, loves, and Lesbian experiences. The LESBIAN TRUTH IS: know-It-All HET Women REFUSE to see or acknowledge Lesbian biology, because in doing so they would have to look in the mirror at their own. Know-It-All HET Women fear what that mirror would reveal more than they fear death itself and THAT is the fucking TRUTH!

Lesbians: be proud of our differences, because unlike Heterosexual females, those differences for their many difficulties amid a rocky sea of Heterosexuality allows us to feel and enjoy life in ways Heterosexual female brains only passively dream-if they're lucky. 


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