Youth Trans Critical Professionals-A Litany of Homophobia-Racism-Misogyny and Xenophobia

The Youth Trans Critical Professionals (who are neither critical nor professional) have REALLY stepped their foot in it with their latest (guest) post, makes their former trans poster child middle aged woman look like Mother Theresa. The group had consisted (to my knowledge at the time) one pro-trans male, a child murderer and a smattering of academic-y RadFems/Jungians/Feminists. Whether thats changed, I cant say, and while clearly the Trans Critical Pros (who are neither critical nor pro) were woefully or is it willfully homophobic? I can honestly conclude from their current guest, Youth Trans Critical Professionals (who are neither critical nor pro) now promote at worst, support at best:
  • Homophobia
  • Racism 
  • Misogyny
  • Xenophobia 
  • White Supremacy 
Before IGNORANCE is latched onto by them like a life preserver, the info posted below was gathered within 10 minutes from a cursory look (I shudder to think what a thorough look would produce) and collected within 20 mins:

Youth Trans Critical Professionals (who are neither critical nor pro) latest guest post comes from a trans female who calls herself Todd A(lexander) Whitworth:
TAW who toyed on and off with transition for 20 plus years is trying to get a piece of the Transgender pie so many Trans are currently enjoying. Being that trans itself is no longer edgy or unique, she decided to:
Her tweets and FB accounts ad nauseam refrain is this:
She forgot to include racist and misogynists. I mean if you're going to make yourself special, why not be honest and go the whole hog.
Oooppsss! I forgot ableist!

She is also a penchant for Pence:

Trans issues?

While she proclaims to be gay (her partner Scott B is a self hating Homosexual who can at least tell himself since he's with a straight women that makes him straight too!) she is completely homophobic and VERY Homo ignorant. Hmmm just the type the Trans Critical Pros (who are neither critical nor pro) love:

The above BTW is her idol! More on that romance later. How about women/feminism/abortion/patriarchy etc?
Back to her gaymance with (no, wait-not her gay male lover) but instead:
Who is Gavin McInnes?
What does TAW think of Proud Boys???
The cherry on top being a Milo Yiannopoulos fan! Meaning TAW doesnt think children/teens are mature enough to choose transition, but as the fan of a pedophile DOES she think they are mature enough to choose to have sex with adult males?

I and millions of other Bloggers have been making our points for YEARS without resorting to using self hating misogynistic racist xenophilic homophobes. I can only conclude from this guest poster and others that the Youth Trans Critical Professionals (who are neither critical nor professional) support/hold at least some of their guest's loathsome proclivities.

Youth Trans Critical Professionals-if this is their critical, lord spare the children they claim to want to help!



  1. I am the concerned parent of a 14 year old with sudden onset gender dysphoria and I have been reading their blog for months now. It is upsetting that they would allow a guest post from such a misogynistic and homophobic person. Maybe they did not vet before the guest post. I hope that this person's offensive views are not theirs.

  2. Have you ever considered that the child may only have heard of the words for their feelings recently? Or they only recently have gotten the courage to tell you. Please help your child and take them to a therapist.


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