Gold Star Lesbians-How STRAIGHTBIANS Bash Dykes for be Lesbian

Most Dykes over the age of twenty have heard the term Gold Star Lesbian, most however have rarely ever used the term ourselves. Some general consensus on Gold Star Lesbians:
  • Gold star lesbian is a term used by the LGBT community to describe a lesbian who has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with a man. This is not considered respectable by the wider LGBT community.
  • Gold star: A lesbian who’s never been with a man (a sometimes rare but worthy find).
  • Gold star sucks and needs to die”. So let us kill, Kill, KILL...The term “gold star” perpetuates rape culture by excluding some people who need support and love. Also, having sex with men is tough to avoid if you’re a queer woman who enjoys sex with men.
  • A gold star lesbian is a lesbian who has never dated, had sex with a man...But this is a highly problematic and toxic mindset to embed into the lesbian community. By stating that a lesbian is “gold star”, it ignores lesbians who may have experimented with their sexuality, are survivors of sexual assault, and is extremely transphobic, biphobic and cissexist.
  • Gold Star Snobs will only ever date women they deem to be “genuine lesbians” and turn their noses up at anyone who can even spell penis. They’re the racists of the LGBT community, making Bi-women feel ashamed and intimidated and shunning anyone who chooses a life that isn’t die-hard-lez.
Here's the thing, Lesbians do not use fuck buddy scales to weigh who is more Lesbian. Where you see this DICKsgusting strategy employed, rest assured there is a (damaged/warped/crazy) Straight/STRAIGHTBIAN behind it! The derivatives of Gold Star Lesbian spring from two direct areas that spell out in no uncertain terms-HeteroSEXual! The first derivative being SEX and the second being MEN.

While sex figures slightly in Lesbian, it isnt the end-all and be-all of all Dykes. Our Lesbian genetics were mapped long before we born or even conceived, yet Heterosexuals continue to paint Lesbian with the broad brush stroke of girl on girl/women on women/female on female SEX.

Emotional/sexual attraction to some Lesbians encompasses ONLY Lesbian romantic attraction. How differently Lesbians process information/act according to those processes and behave/how differently Lesbian brains work when compared to Heterosexual females/males (gay and straight) never factors in, even though THAT is what differentiates Lesbians from everybody WAY MORE than who we fuck/fucks us!

Whenever Lesbians are defined by sex, defined by how many males we fucked or didnt fuck, Lesbian is absent. Gold Star Lesbian was created by bitter, angry jealous STRAIGHT women/Radical Feminists/STRAIGHTBIANS to use in the way Transgender use cis to batter anyone not trans.

  • How DARE Dykes be attracted to Dykes and not be attracted to men!
  • How DARE Dykes by attracted to Dykes and not have to fight the urge to fall in love with men!
  • How DARE Dykes by attracted to Dykes and not gagging for fucking cock!  
  • How DARE Dykes by attracted to Dykes and not have to be revolted with female sexual relations!
  • How DARE Dykes be attracted to Dykes and not have to fight their sexual orientation!
  • How DARE Dykes be attracted to Dykes be so lucky they never had to date boys/men!
  • How DARE Dykes be attracted to Dykes be so lucky they dont need family/social approval! 
  • How DARE Dykes be attracted to Dykes be so lucky they dont have to act like normal women!
  • How DARE Dykes be attracted to Dykes be so lucky they can dress however they choose!
  • How DARE Dykes be attracted to Dykes be so lucky men take them seriously! 
  • How DARE
  • How DARE
  • How DARE
Dykes do NOT have to apologize for being Dykes! Nor do we call ourselves Gold Star Lesbians since there is no reason to. Mentally damaged, fucked up warped dick thirsty STRAIGHT women/Radical Feminists trying to shame our primary attraction to other Lesbians and our desire to partner with those Lesbians (common brain processing/shared sexuality etc) is as DICKsgraceful as it is DICKsgusting!

Dykes dont need a rating system to know who we are and who we're attracted to and we certainly do not need a pre-school system to reward or shame us!



  1. "Gold star" was originally a sarcastic mocking of lesbians who had never dated/related to/had sex with men, as in "So you've never been with a man? Well whoopee for you, you get a GOLD STAR" (like we used to get in first grade on our little homework papers.) I've recently met at least one lesbian (online) who seems to think the term is a compliment.

  2. This post is highly confusing to me. I thought you'd think another way about this entirely. I happen to like the term. I think there is a pecking order. At 29 I have never been anywhere near sexual with a man and I'm proud of that. I never needed to experiment, I never put myself in bad situations. I am a rarer breed. Which is funny because you said transmen on testosterone end up on the end of a cismans dick and that couldn't be further from the truth. Those guys have some major problems. About 3/4ths of that community is trash. You know how many older former butch lesbians I've seen transition and go after men??? Meanwhile I'm the one that gets doxxed on your site a decade ago. Sure sure honey. I'll always have my status even if I did transition

  3. Butch equals heterosexual. So I imagine quite a few you have seen transition.



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