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Monday, March 13, 2017

How the HATRED of Homosexuals GreenLighted the Era of Transgender

The other night Mrs Dirt and I finished watching the eight part Nordic crime drama Modus. By the end of episode 1 it was apparent that the series had a homosexual theme. A few more episodes in something more relevant (to us as Lesbians) became blatant, homosexuals still remain one of or perhaps the MOST viciously, savagely and subtly hated group of humans on the planet. I dont say that simply because that was the case in a television series, I say it because it is the truth!

There isnt anything within the realm of possibility (and FAR outside of the realm) that heterosexual society hasnt tried to use to CHANGE homosexuals and where and when they have/are unsuccessful-they murder us or, in cases of young homosexuals, they make homosexuality seem so abhorrent that suicide would be a far better choice. Choice being the operative word, we can choose the kill ourselves, what we cannot and do not choose is to be Homosexual. That lack of choice (suicide or a life of intolerant hate/bigotry) led seemingly more sympathetic Hets to find or figure out alternative options for the perverts among them. An alternative that grew out of the DSM 1.

Being Gay or Lesbian once meant being put into the same category as rapists, child molesters and males who fetishized (got erections/masturbated to the idea of) being women. Unfortunately little has changed from then (the 1950s until now 2017), with the exception of willingly accepting that (or near so) categorization in the form of the LGBTQII and/or an assortment of other acronyms not listed. Homosexuals let our guard down when the Psychiatric Complex pretended to remove Homosexuality from its ABNORMAL behaviour book back in 1973.
  • The fact is Homosexuality has never fully been removed from the DSM (and/or other Mental Diagnostics), like creative accounting its merely been creatively hidden.
DSM V: And in one fell swoop, all aspects of homosexuality were folded right back into the DSM under the mental disorder Gender Dysphoria! Setting up Homosexuals once again to be diagnosed with a mental disorder, only this time Homosexual children have been included and this time the Homosexual cure involves dangerous drugs and torturous mutilative surgeries.

Homosexuals have existed as long as Heterosexuals have been making babies and despite Gays and Lesbians that have made historical contributions/advancements to Society, despite Gays and Lesbians pooling financial resources/efforts to change laws and misunderstood/ignorant or hate filled Heterosexual views/treatment of us, in the course of Human existence little has in fact changed for Homosexuals.

Yet within the course of a few short decades, particularly the current decade, Transgender has blossomed into TV shows-Films-Musicians-Media darlings-Models-Actors/Actresses etc. FEDERAL/State Laws, International Laws etc. Federal/National changes/protections in schools. Bear in mind, I'm merely skimming the surface of the explosion Transgender has had in every facet of society in recent times. What accounts for Society's different reaction between the LG b T?

While working on this post, the 1996 film Twilight of the Golds came to mind. Mrs Dirt had never seen the film before and due to the feelings it provoked in me, I had only ever watched it once. Together we angrily watched the film the other night. As Lesbians, the film is of course a difficult film to watch, but HIGHLY important and growing more important for Homosexuals by the second.

If you're not familiar, the film deals with an upper middle class family (mom/dad/brother/sister). The son of the family is Gay and the married daughter has just found out she is pregnant with her first child. The much loved son-in-law coincidentally (with colleagues) discovers through a GNOME project a way to predict the likelihood of finding out if a fetus will be Homosexual. Needless to say he and his wife's fetus is tested and there is a 90% chance the male fetus WILL be Gay, or as they say in the film with disgust "be like David". There is a bit of family conspiracy to keep David in the dark about the baby's Homosexuality, particularly because his sister hasnt decided if she wants to abort the Homosexual fetus (her husband and parents do).

Needless to say David finds out and confronts his parents about their own (not so hidden) Homophobia and demands to know his father's true feelings about Homosexual him. The father tells David "And how do I really feel? I'll tell you. I think you're sick and diseased and if there were a cure I'd want you cured. Thats how I really feel." Interestingly something echoed in a recent interview with DykeOn KD Lang who was asked her mothers response to KD telling her she was a Lesbian at age seventeen, her mother stated "I'd rather be dead than to have you tell me that." Lets be honest, something that has been echoed throughout the lives of Gays and Lesbians forever and still.

It is both chilling and sobering, and no matter the amount of Gay or Lesbian the-world-does-not-really-HATE-us-that-much spin we so often tell ourselves; the polite hatred, the seething hatred and the violent hatred from our closest loved ones to perfect strangers is staggering!

So when the smoke of Transgenderism has dissipated and the mirrors have all been smashed, all that remains is the vile ugly truth; that the unadulterated repugnant HATRED of Homosexuals fueled, fuels and will fuel the Heterosexual prayers, hopes and dreams of fixing our offensive (homosexual) abnormality by normalizing us in THEIR own (heterosexual) image-of acceptability!



  1. cool cool what about trans men who like men and trans women who like women?

    1. you mean heterosexuals who enjoy eroticizing homosexuality :)

    2. Anonymous March 13, 2017 at 11:01 PM: Society would hate and want to destroy them too (they hate homosexuals OR perceived homosexuals). Plus, "transmen who like men" are really LESBIANS with LESBIAN brains which have been affected by T.

    3. Regardless of the transsexual person, the Psychiatric Medical Complex/Society believed them HOMOSEXUAL, hence the ONLY reason Transition/Transgender exists today!


    4. sure Bunny, as if heterosexuals would want to transition, going through all these 'scary mutilating surgeries and hormones!!' and face discrimination against gays because they 'eroticize homosexuality'. :) good job going against everything you just agreed with about this post.

      Saye...there are trans people who identify as men and love men before T or never go on T.

      Dirt, you should pick up a history book sometime, I think it would benefit you.

    5. Anonymous March 15, 2017 at 6:31 PM: You are the one who would benefit from using a book (or a computer) to do some research on the topic before you continue to embarrass yourself with your ignorance. (And: Bunny?)

  2. In case you missed blasting over every news outlet lately there are very few anti bullying policies put in place/supported for transgender children. And the few that we're are being dismantled by our inept government.



    2. Dirt - um...yes they have. Several states have anti-discrimination laws specifically mentioning sexuality. You're pulling things out of your ass here.

    3. To: Anonymous March 15, 2017 at 6:33 PM: When they mention "sexuality" (as you call it; it actually should be called "orientation"), gays/lesbians are "included" only as a lame and ineffective afterthought to the trans rights propaganda...there are no REAL protections for gays/lesbians, and if you actually cared about gay/lesbian rights, you would already know that. But you don't care and are just here to argue, so take what you (incorrectly) said Dirt "pulled out of her ass" and stuff it up your own uninformed ass.

    4. Clearly there isnt shit to do in Oklahoma but troll Lesbian blogs. How sad.


    5. (Anonymous @6:33pm here)

      Saye, um...what? As a strong advocate of gay rights, I'm pretty familiar with a lot of the anti-discrimination laws in schools across the nation - and there are anti-bullying laws that specifically prohibit discrimination against students based on sexual orientation in 13 states. A few of these even have these laws without protections for gender identity. Obviously this is far less than we should have, but my point still stands - there DO exist protections for gay/lesbian people that do not piggyback on trans protections, and what Dirt said was simply factually untrue and obviously not researched.

      Dirt, if you can't defend your position and won't try, maybe you should refrain from commenting. Calling me a sad troll just seems to be a way to try and cop out of having a reasonable and proof-based discussion with me.

    6. The proof is in the pudding! I'm the pudding! You as you admitted here are NOT! Again, privileged STRAIGHT/BIANS trying to tell/sell Lesbians HETSPLANATIONS on how protected we and our Gay and Lesbian children are!

      When you are born Lesbian and simply do not play one online or at the local supermarket for shits and giggles, get back to me. Until then, shut the fuck up!


    7. Smudge: You obviously think that you know more about this topic than you actually do. Of course, there are so-called "LGBT+" policies, but what I said was that the IMPLEMENTATION of these policies focuses on trans now, with gays/lesbians being an afterthought, at BEST. That is the truth, and that is the actual practice. You say you are an "advocate for gay rights", which means you are NOT GAY/LESBIAN, which means you don't really know about and shouldn't be presumptuous enough to speak for gays/lesbians. If you were TRULY an advocate, you would listen and NOT HETSPLAIN.

    8. This is not the same anonymous as the previous one. I'm just cripplingly shy meeting new people unless I have some kind of something to hide behind for a bit. I'm working on it. That said:

      Saye: I am fascinated by this entire blog. Truly. I've been rooted to my seat for hours. So do not take this the wrong way please, but I am having problems with the argument that you have to be Gay/Lesbian to have an understanding of policies referrential to the struggle. Hypothetical. For the purposes of this Hypothetical, you don't live in your home country, you moved to Australia (and if you're Austrialian, you moved to America, whatever). You have acclimated to the country nicely after a few years. Next door to where you live, two sisters move in together. It quickly becomes apparent that they have just come from Poland and don't speak a word of English. As a result, you do not verbally speak with them - ever. But the three of you exchange polite smiles and waves when you see each other outside.

      About three weeks after they move, you are up late at night and out the window, you see one sister raise an axe above her head and violently murder the other sister, who cowers on the ground. Using the logic that you used with Smudge earlier, you shouldn't tell the police what you saw or thought you saw, because you don't really know about them. And in court, the Defense for the living sister would be able to have any witness testimony you did give as totally invalid, because you do not know Polish people. Maybe they all have twins that they brutally murder in the middle of the night. Well, we all know that's bs. Right?

      The point I am coming to so slowly is that not every person who isn't Gay/Lesbian is against Homosexuality. There are people out there, possible friends and allies who can never understand what it's, like but who can make an honest attempt to learn about, fight for, and empathize with the plight of the Gay/Lesbian human being. And having someone like that in your arsenal could be a huge asset on the day the hetsplainers decide to listen for once so you could simply tell them all that they're doing it in the first place. It's always easiest to relate to and speak with the people who are like (the general) you, whether (the general) you are Gay?lesbian, Straight, or a Hippo. That is constant.

      I would think the best approach to Smudge's comments are, instead of telling Smudge to go eff themself, ask for specifics about what they are saying so that you can point out the flaws in their argument and hold the proof right in front of your face. And if you're really good, they'll agree with you and root for you or maybe ask if they can fight with you to help you in your cause, because you'd shown them the light. No fight is good or productive unless it changes something. When we sit and scream-type at each other "no you're wrong, stop hetsplaining!" and "yes, I'm right, stop attacking me" then we are never going to get anywhere with anyone. If the problem is in the minds of society, then it's your duty to change their minds.

    9. Firstly this "entire blog" is mine, not Mrs Dirt.

      Secondly going by YOUR example of the sister murder, witnessing a single point in time doesnt elicit the back story that the casual witness doesnt know.

      Thirdly, dispensing with ignorance used as a red herring to stop Lesbians communicating with each other rather than waste OUR time on ignorance for the sole purpose of wasting OUR time (because WE know said back story) is much more important than wasting OUR time!


    10. To: Anonymous March 25, 2017 at 9:01 PM:

      While I appreciate you taking the time to come up with a detailed analogy to illustrate what you think happened between me and Smudge, I must admit that I simply don't agree with your analogy.

      In your example, we would fail to report a murder because we didn't understand the culture/language of the neighbors.

      However, there are some actions that transcend cultural/language/etc. barriers, and murder is certainly one of those.

      If I see anybody, for instance, throwing puppies into a wood chipper, I don't need to know whether he/she is gay, straight, white, black, American, Australian, or whatever...I know that person needs a serious and dire immediate consequence to stop that action, and that is all I need to know.

      What is happening here on Dirt's blog (because, as Dirt already mentioned, this is her blog, not mine) is that Smudge and others are not listening to what LESBIANS are actually saying and are instead trying to tell us how we "SHOULD" feel, think, act, etc.

      And this "hetsplaining" isn't a new phenomenon which is limited to the posts that Smudge commented upon; is an ongoing issue that happens ALL THE TIME here on Dirt's blog, on my own blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, and pretty much everywhere else in real life and on the internet.

      True allies wouldn't tell us what we "should" be feeling, doing, saying, or thinking; instead, they would listen to our actual lived experiences and valid concerns.

      The fact that you introduced yourself by telling me how I "should" have dealt with Smudge et al tells me which camp you are in.


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