Radical Feminist-Hiding Homophobia is Still Homophobic!

The other day I received a message from the contact form on this blog in response to THIS post. See email message here:
Given its snide passive aggressive whine, I screen-capped it, then Tweeted something equally snide, but directly making the point I knew STRAIGHT where it originated even if I didnt know specifically who. My Tweet:

At some point I received a comment unbeknownst to me (see the 1 notification above) due to being at work. My wife, who was also working, briefly saw the hostile homophobic comment and when she went to screen-cap it, it was gone. Fortunately, thanks to technology, I am now in possession of the removed comment. See removed comment here:
This HATE filled, blatantly HOMOPHOBIC remark is symptomatic of the larger WHY behind the work Mrs Dirt and I are doing now. Necessary work, revealing whats just a breaths hair beneath the surface of every Heterosexual claiming to be our allies or worse claiming to be Lesbians themselves!

And the most PATHETIC thing about this comment is, it isnt Radical Feminists/Feminists kicking us out of our homes, firing us from our jobs or bashing us bloody in the streets, it is heterosexual MEN! Homophobic bitches like Tara, STILL require men to do their dirty work. How heterosexually passively female! Being homophobic is quiescent, BUT doing homophobia Tara, requires actions you're too gutless to execute and to cowardly to leave in print.

Hatred and Violence against Gays and Lesbians is as REAL today as it was 2000 years ago, and like historic homophobes, the worst among them are the ones smiling in our faces. Dont be fooled my Homosexual comrades, and NEVER NEVER NEVER let your guard down!


Edit to add:

After DIRECTLY confronting Cheryl/Tara and the slew of other names Miss Homophobe calls herself, she immediately put me on block. Then using some of her other accounts, she created some interesting deranged lists to put me on (hateful shitheels, professional victims, attention whores, alcoholic wife-beaters, cocksucking sweathogs, washed up has-beens, misogynistic shitheels, complete fucking fag hags).

Then while using one of her other accounts left these VERY strange insane odd comments:
Apparently Lesbians pointing out closet Homophobia puts us on the same wave length as Putin! Some RIGHT feminist bigoted logic there! NOT!

How Lesbian Became the Vehicle for Radical Feminist Anger

Both Mrs Dirt and I have documented through multiple posts (and continue so to do) on how (defective/ineffective) Radical Feminists/Feminists were/are. We have also delved fully into how Radical Feminists have abducted Lesbian for their personal/collective own uses/devices/abuses. We have unflinchingly worked to UNSTRAIGHTEN Lesbian from the faux tropes/paradigms Radical Feminism/STRAIGHTBIANS have intricately confused society and even Lesbians ourselves with. In doing so instead of being heralded for our bold brazen commitment to Lesbian/Lesbian biology, we've been branded scary, mean, dangerous, sexually abusive, mind controllers, bullies to name but a few. While there are varying reasons why Lesbians insisting on Lesbian legitimacy is causing fear among Radical Feminists (old and new), there is a specific reason which I will discuss in this post. That reason is:

An anger that stated in no uncertain words that a Lesbian is "the rage of all women condensed to the point of explosion." Lesbian has long been linked to (remains linked to) Anger.

In UNSTRAIGHTENING Lesbian from the desperate needy clutches of Radical Feminism, Mrs Dirt, myself and many other Lesbians working to unwrite centuries of Lesbian inauthenticity and reestablish Lesbian pride, we've incurred innumerable outrages. From receiving hostile emails to pictures of WOMEN kissing, even to legal licenses of marriage, all in some vain attempt to prove their Lesbianism! Putting biology back into Lesbian, for the sake of Lesbians now and for the future of Lesbians hence, has put us on a collision course with Radical Feminism/RadFems!

While it was clear from the outset that reifying the biological essentialism of Lesbian was going to upset RadFems/STRAIGHTBIANS everywhere, particularly given that many have made entire careers/coin from claiming Lesbian and many more from using Lesbian as a recourse/refuge from partnering with men. What we overlooked however was the principal reason Radical Feminists/STRAIGHTBIANS have/are acting like we kicked their puppy-by stripping them of Lesbian, we also strip them of Anger! Well not from feeling anger, but from using Lesbian as a vehicle to express their anger. Anger toward collective man (patriarchy) and anger toward individual men who've hurt or angered them.

Women's magazines have long been filled with tips/tricks and other psycho babble on helping women deal with/express anger. Radical Feminist and other Feminist groups found a way to express their unremitting/often pathological anger toward men, by BECOMING Lesbians! Lesbian became for Radical Feminist a vehicle used to express all their Heterosexual pent up/passive/aggressive anger and rage toward real and believed injustices/inequalities against men.

Radical Feminists and other mentally damaged/weak heterosexual women saw (with great privilege and insult) Lesbians as women who chose to partner with other women because of men/collective man, NOT because they were Lesbian by nature, Lesbian alone! Through their warped brand of Lesbianism Radical Feminists fueled their ineffective (bowel) movement with an unhealthy hatred of all things male. Angry Lesbians! Lesbian Anger! Lesbian Rage! All HETEROSEXUAL!!!

Whenever women (Radical Feminists) calling themselves Lesbians actually came face to face with Lesbians; Lesbians were either kicked out of Radical Feminist/Feminist groups or promptly asked to leave when Lesbians were accused of acting like men. And by acting like men I mean, using common sense, leadership skills, level headedness, directness and plan of action tactics. There was/is a VAST disconnect between Radical Feminist's IDEA of Lesbian (the rage of all women condensed to the point of explosion) and the biological reality of Lesbian itself (mapped out when sperm meets egg Lesbian genetics). It is obvious 40 years later which, IDEA or REALITY, Radical Feminists put stock in. 

Ignorant assumptions or hetero-privileged presumptuousness, either way Radical Feminists thought (as my granny used to say "thought is a lie) the only way to come to or become Lesbian was through a deep concrete hatred of men/collective man. Lesbian was/is for Radical Feminists a way to step out of line, because they were/are too afraid to do so as themselves. Like actors who take a part in a play or film to experience a way of being they are too uncomfortable to do so in real life. But Lesbian isnt a part to be played, a guise to be worn simply so the Heterosexual RadFems among us can get pissed off without pissing off who they want to piss off as the pissed off Heterosexuals they are! 

By dispensing with the lesbian as choice flim-flam and shoring up Lesbian legitimacy Radical Feminists fear Lesbians are taking away their vehicle to express anger. If RadFems want a vehicle they can see their nearest Ford dealer, Lesbian isnt a fucking car lot! Lesbians exist! By ourselves or with other Lesbians! Lesbian is born from the womb, not birthed from between the legs of anger and rage!

Lesbian subtracted from Radical Feminism equals pathology without pep. 


Dont ACCEPT Michèle Schlehofer's Homophobia!

I recently received an email from two academics who are seeking PAYING parental participants for a study of "transgender and gender non-conforming children (TGNC)". The two women doing the study are Michèle Schlehofer, Ph.D. and Lori Cortez-Regan, MA

The email being circulated: 
Before moving on lets take a closer look at the extensive Transgender and Gay/Lesbian work/experience the Dr of the pair Michèle Schlehofer has. A little background materiel on Michele for starters:

Her parents had high expectations for Michèle; “beginning in kindergarten, my father expected me to earn all A’s.”  A self-described “nerd,” Michèle was a serious student with a small circle of “nerdy” friends. However, no one in her extended family had been to college, so their expectations were vague, with no talk about college. While her parents were, and have continued to be, supportive of any choice she made, it was left to Michèle to choose her own path after high school. Michèle’s vision was that she’d graduate high school, marry and raise a family.
Michèle attended a community college, paid for by her parents, commuting from home. She majored in human services where she reveled in her exposure to sociology and feminist theory. At 19, she married her 25-year old boyfriend. Although they had nothing in common, he was supportive of her at the time she most needed it.
In other words, when Michele's parents werent footing the bill, Michele found a guy (regardless of the lack of romantic interest) who would financially pitch it when needed.

Having applied to 12 schools, for M.A. or Ph.D. programs, she accepted the only Ph.D. program that accepted her, at the pricey Claremont Graduate University in California. Having graduated college with no debt, “I knew nothing about how to finance graduate study,” so her first year of graduate school was paid for with student loans.
Well, Michele might not be too bright, but at least she's honest! The great thing about college, regardless of shit grades, if you have the money and the will and the postage stamps, apply to enough of them and one is bound to accept you!

Although married for 7 years, she realized early on that the marriage was a mistake, the two being “polar opposites.” She divorced at age 26 but, after ending another ill-fated relationship, she had a son, Ty. Then a single mother, living across the country from family, she went through a very rough patch financially. She took a number of teaching and research jobs at various local colleges, to support her and Ty, but she was still amassing a significant student debt.
Meaning, hubby #1 realized Michele was only invested in his wallet so he divorced her, she carelessly got herself knocked up from another guy, then bemoaned not having mommy and daddy nearby to use for free child care. Between nights out on the town and babysitters, Michele accumulated a growing debt! Whats a woman to do?
Carrying $70,000 in student debt, she was in a state of panic about finances, so Michèle applied broadly for academic jobs, submitting 40 applications across the U.S. She focused on the East Coast, to be closer to her family. She was in high demand for teaching-focused positions and had scheduled about 25 phone interviews and 13 visits to campuses, most for January and February. However, Salisbury University (located in a somewhat rural area on the Eastern Shore of Maryland) made her an immediate offer in December but demanded a quick reply. Facing two months of campus visits away from her infant son (her mother had offered to care for Ty for the two months), Michèle faced a dilemma – accept the guaranteed position at Salisbury or hold out for the possibility of being offered a position elsewhere,. “Having responsibility for an infant made all the difference, so I took a bird in the hand rather than two in the bush.
In other words, fearing her previous predicament of applying everywhere and receiving only a single acceptance/offer, despite her displeasure at working for Salisbury Steak Uni, Michele (rightly) feared nobody else would hire an unlicensed no skilled applied social psychology wannabe academic, so she settled. In effort to receive tenure Michele quickly set out to publish as much garbage as possible. See examples here:

Lori Cortez-Regan has less academic publications (she has none), therefore together Michelle and Lori have amassed ZERO backgrounds/background related education/works on Transgender or the Homophobic Gender Non Conforming DSM gravy train. So what could have happened to have lead a subpar third-rate academic to jump on the Trans-Train?
While establishing her academic career, Michèle’s life also has been eventful on the family front. Two years after moving to Salisbury, she began dating Donnie Copper, a personal trainer with whom she worked out. They married in 2012, and in 2014, baby Don Jr (DJ) arrived. Big brother Ty’s activities, as a gender nonconforming child, have become a focus of Michèle’s community involvement.
Now it becomes clear, a HOMOPHOBIC Michele Schlehofer saw her Gay son as a meal ticket and a career step! Having already written/published on her PERSONAL woes of single motherhood, why not take it a step further by TYing in that woe with popular buzz issues like Trans/GNC. But given Michele came late to the party and there are literally tens of thousands of personal accounts child abuses by the parents of a Transgender/GNC child, Michele had to step up her game, hence the search for some of those parents for her little study. Clearly getting parents to talk about or discuss their Trans/GNC child hasnt been as easy as I suspect Michele and company to have thought, so Michele added a little incentive:
Michèle Schlehofer, Salisbury Steak Uni, Lori Cortez-Regan, Humboldt State Uni and depending on their grant amount are PAYING for subjective SELF REPORTED (Useless) information to fuel a bullshit study that will lend further false evidence that Gay and Lesbian children are ABNORMAL (Trans/GNC)! All so that Michele can break her arm patting herself on the back for what a fine HOMOPHOBIC mother she is AND make a much needed buck or two to boot!

Little does Michele know her HOMOPHOBIC study has been/is compromised, but on the plus side, my friends and family (who faked having a trans/gnc child) who have been interviewed and are lined up to be interviewed thank Michele and Lori for the gift card! 

Obviously this will be revisited after the study is published, the HOMOPHOBIC questions asked will also be highlighted at that time. 


How the HATRED of Homosexuals GreenLighted the Era of Transgender

The other night Mrs Dirt and I finished watching the eight part Nordic crime drama Modus. By the end of episode 1 it was apparent that the series had a homosexual theme. A few more episodes in something more relevant (to us as Lesbians) became blatant, homosexuals still remain one of or perhaps the MOST viciously, savagely and subtly hated group of humans on the planet. I dont say that simply because that was the case in a television series, I say it because it is the truth!

There isnt anything within the realm of possibility (and FAR outside of the realm) that heterosexual society hasnt tried to use to CHANGE homosexuals and where and when they have/are unsuccessful-they murder us or, in cases of young homosexuals, they make homosexuality seem so abhorrent that suicide would be a far better choice. Choice being the operative word, we can choose the kill ourselves, what we cannot and do not choose is to be Homosexual. That lack of choice (suicide or a life of intolerant hate/bigotry) led seemingly more sympathetic Hets to find or figure out alternative options for the perverts among them. An alternative that grew out of the DSM 1.

Being Gay or Lesbian once meant being put into the same category as rapists, child molesters and males who fetishized (got erections/masturbated to the idea of) being women. Unfortunately little has changed from then (the 1950s until now 2017), with the exception of willingly accepting that (or near so) categorization in the form of the LGBTQII and/or an assortment of other acronyms not listed. Homosexuals let our guard down when the Psychiatric Complex pretended to remove Homosexuality from its ABNORMAL behaviour book back in 1973.
  • The fact is Homosexuality has never fully been removed from the DSM (and/or other Mental Diagnostics), like creative accounting its merely been creatively hidden.
DSM V: And in one fell swoop, all aspects of homosexuality were folded right back into the DSM under the mental disorder Gender Dysphoria! Setting up Homosexuals once again to be diagnosed with a mental disorder, only this time Homosexual children have been included and this time the Homosexual cure involves dangerous drugs and torturous mutilative surgeries.

Homosexuals have existed as long as Heterosexuals have been making babies and despite Gays and Lesbians that have made historical contributions/advancements to Society, despite Gays and Lesbians pooling financial resources/efforts to change laws and misunderstood/ignorant or hate filled Heterosexual views/treatment of us, in the course of Human existence little has in fact changed for Homosexuals.

Yet within the course of a few short decades, particularly the current decade, Transgender has blossomed into TV shows-Films-Musicians-Media darlings-Models-Actors/Actresses etc. FEDERAL/State Laws, International Laws etc. Federal/National changes/protections in schools. Bear in mind, I'm merely skimming the surface of the explosion Transgender has had in every facet of society in recent times. What accounts for Society's different reaction between the LG b T?

While working on this post, the 1996 film Twilight of the Golds came to mind. Mrs Dirt had never seen the film before and due to the feelings it provoked in me, I had only ever watched it once. Together we angrily watched the film the other night. As Lesbians, the film is of course a difficult film to watch, but HIGHLY important and growing more important for Homosexuals by the second.

If you're not familiar, the film deals with an upper middle class family (mom/dad/brother/sister). The son of the family is Gay and the married daughter has just found out she is pregnant with her first child. The much loved son-in-law coincidentally (with colleagues) discovers through a GNOME project a way to predict the likelihood of finding out if a fetus will be Homosexual. Needless to say he and his wife's fetus is tested and there is a 90% chance the male fetus WILL be Gay, or as they say in the film with disgust "be like David". There is a bit of family conspiracy to keep David in the dark about the baby's Homosexuality, particularly because his sister hasnt decided if she wants to abort the Homosexual fetus (her husband and parents do).

Needless to say David finds out and confronts his parents about their own (not so hidden) Homophobia and demands to know his father's true feelings about Homosexual him. The father tells David "And how do I really feel? I'll tell you. I think you're sick and diseased and if there were a cure I'd want you cured. Thats how I really feel." Interestingly something echoed in a recent interview with DykeOn KD Lang who was asked her mothers response to KD telling her she was a Lesbian at age seventeen, her mother stated "I'd rather be dead than to have you tell me that." Lets be honest, something that has been echoed throughout the lives of Gays and Lesbians forever and still.

It is both chilling and sobering, and no matter the amount of Gay or Lesbian the-world-does-not-really-HATE-us-that-much spin we so often tell ourselves; the polite hatred, the seething hatred and the violent hatred from our closest loved ones to perfect strangers is staggering!

So when the smoke of Transgenderism has dissipated and the mirrors have all been smashed, all that remains is the vile ugly truth; that the unadulterated repugnant HATRED of Homosexuals fueled, fuels and will fuel the Heterosexual prayers, hopes and dreams of fixing our offensive (homosexual) abnormality by normalizing us in THEIR own (heterosexual) image-of acceptability!


NORMAL Lesbians Viewed as VIOLENT & Transgender

Last night I received a comment and an email message (emotionally & ignorantly mind you) stating this blog is "violent" and I as a Butch Lesbian am transgendered. Here is the comment and my response back:

After responding, I checked my email to find a similar if more hateful/angry message:
And all from spending a mere 20 minutes here:
NORMAL Lesbians functioning/behaving and being Lesbian have always been viewed by society (heterosexuals) as abnormal. Fuck, the DSMs various versions alone prove that. That transgender grew out of the DSMs hetsplained notions (perverts/freaks/abnormal) of homosexuality is proof!

There is nothing trans about functioning as a NORMAL Lesbian. Where Lesbians are believed to be transgender? Therein lies pure putrid homophobia! And repeatedly pointing THAT out is the only VIOLENCE here!


Trans Trending-Who is STILL Transitioning










Behind EVERY dyke listed here lies a supportive STRAIGHTBIAN.  In the past STRAIGHTBIANS supported Lesbians to the poor house, supported Lesbians to the unemployment line, supported Lesbians into debt, supported Lesbians into high drama, supported Lesbians into lower self esteem, supported Lesbians into dysphoria etc. Today's STRAIGHTBIANS are supporting Lesbians to death!


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