January 20th 2017

Since the horror of the November presidential results, aside from shock, sadness and anger some unnameable fog sifted over our daily lives. Even those happy with Trump seemed dispirited this Christmas. And despite all those I personally know, including myself and my wife, as much as we struggled to feel some sort of Christmas spirit, that spirit evaded us through old time Christmas songs, Christmas decorations and even our beautiful white Christmas tree that we with hearts full, married in front of last year. I could not shake this feeling anymore than I could name it, till last week.

While standing in line at our local grocery store it hit me, September 1st 1939, a poem by W.H. Auden and the date of the official beginning of World War II. While waiting my turn to put my groceries on the conveyor belt I thought: "I sit in one of the dives/On Fifty-second Street/Uncertain and afraid/As the clever hopes expire/Of a low dishonest decade". Thats it! Once home, I flipped through my collected Auden and read the poem in full. I read it to Anna later, both of us in tears. I felt compelled (or guided) by Auden to write something updated from September 1st 1939 to January 20th 2017, when Trump will be sworn in as US President. I dont find it a coincidence that January 20th marks the anniversary of the Wannsee Conference in 1942, where Nazi officials decided the Answer to the Jewish Question-the Final Solution.

January 20th 2017 

I sit huddled, muddled in my apartment
on a dreary New Years Eve 2016,
wavering between worry and fear.
Contemplating a rising angst and ire
threatening the icy December air.
Something we carelessly thought
dead and buried long ago
has now been unearthed,
Biology once again speaks
its historical truths, the numbers
cannot hide their racial and feminine dearth.

Between Google and Wikipedia
we can excavate whats what.
From Madonna until now, pop
culture and pansy liberalism has
driven the US impotent and daft.
The Papa paradigm that began in Queens
shaped a sociopathic toddler to
be our next President elect.
And not All the Kings horses and All the Kings men
can repair what occurs in childhood
damaging the brain.

Wise common sensed Santayana knew
where suicidal Sylvia's black car 
of Lethe rode,
Where our Ipod History
stays always on repeat.
Where Today is all there is
and Yesterday never exists
Preventing lessons to be learned.
Where Hate goes on hate
while War holds hands with grief
and nothing ever changes, and no catastrophe is ever too great.

Trump Towers dot the calm skyline
Postiche over nature is
Collective Man's ruse.
The Earth has become a dime-store, where
each of our necks hangs in Consumerism's noose.
But happiness has no price tag.
And Love has never been for sale.
Utopia disappears in a landfill 
drowning in tons of polystyrene.
Global commerce has made us no closer
it merely masks our global wail.

Standing in the grocery line
chatter assumes all will be okay
But the faces betray their words
and gloom has its way.
Make believe only works for children
we cannot birthday wish for change.
Hope evaporates with every
dyke, nigger, faggot and jew.
Yesterday, that was never gone
returns with a vengeance.
Prejudice takes a breath and lives on.

The Iron Curtain takes a bow
But this is not the Ballet Russes
This is the United States!
What Janis Joplin said is True
about real Love.
Performing for thousands on Instagram
Facebook or Youtube may increase
the friends list of every man, women and child,
But what Social Media cannot do
is replace the interconnectedness
of the real face to face.

A minute past midnight and
New Year's resolutions start their moan
I will eat less and exercise more-
I'll be a better person and start going to church.
While in a few months time our resolutions
like dust, litter the floor.
Rote soon resumes its power at home, at work
and at play. While politics change by the hour,
who can keep up with who to hate or why?
The First Amendment has been impeached-
Some will fight, but most stay silently resigned.

If freedom of speech is removed
do I still have a voice to speak?
I refuse the Trumpeter's declare
that the Individual is dead and we are
all one State. If citizenry now means silence
I'll die with raised fists squeaking my squeak.
Death is not merely the Great Equalizer-
He proves with each and every death
That living, we are All alone.
Take it as proverb or as koan
But no matter, rich or poor, without Love we All die.

With blue pilled prescriptions in hand
Eros, erect bleats.
Some where between Caligula and Nero
the Hour Glass loses her sand.
And while certainly All will not be lost,
For now, Philistines rule our playground
while Hate and Ignorance play dodgeball with our lives.
It will take decades to figure out the cost.
On your feet or on your knees,
does it really matter?
When an impertinent toddler has been give the keys?



  1. But Obama has recently stabbed Israel in the back, along with other anti-semites, while Trump plans to be friendly to Israel. People can twist themselves into pretzels and say, but, but, Israelis aren't just Jews, they are Zionists! Just like Nazis. People actually do say this, but they are lying, anti-semitic hypocrites.

    Israel is full of Jews, and if Hillary had been elected, the anti-semitic policies of the Obama administration would have continued. Arabs stab and run over Jews with cars, in the Jewish state, and the American government has egged them on. Now Trump will at least oppose that verbally, even if he can never end anti-semitism. So I don't get this Trump as Nazi thing. If anything, he has stopped the advance of the new nazis.

    Oh, and what about the Clinton Foundation's involvement in child trafficking? I want a woman president as much as the next person, but someone who profits from child trafficking is perhaps not the best woman we can get. I'm elated at the American people's return to common sense and hope to see Clinton, Obama and John Podesta prosecuted for their crimes against women and children.

    1. The air isn't concrete.


    2. Yes it is, it's a precursor. Just as Mein Kampf was air, the recent UN resolution was air, and the concrete was the Holocaust. Thanks to the election of Trump, 1939 has been averted for the time being. I don't care if he said he grabs pussy...the Clinton Foundation has so much evil to answer for. How can people call themselves feminists and still support a woman who has people like John Podesta on her team? I would really like an answer. What do you think of the Clinton Foundation? Why would any decent person support that? That's not air, it's thousands of raped women and children. There is evidence. Lots of evidence. Overwhelming evidence.

    3. ketzel, I cannot believe dirt even published your asinine comments. She is nicer that I would be. Comments like yours have one place, the trash can. Go suck Trump's dick in real life, because you are certainly metaphorically sucking it already.

    4. Ketzel, I blame you, and everybody like you, for the Trump debacle. I blame everybody who voted for Trump, everybody who voted for a third party, AND everybody who did not vote at all. I blame ignorance like the crap you are spouting here. I blame everybody who spread, and believed, fake news. I will personally blame you, and everybody like you, when our rights are systematically eroded by a narcissistic man-boy and his minions. You are an example of everything that is wrong with this country. There's a reason you haven't spread your pro-Trump idiocy on any other feminist sites, because any TRUE feminists would rip you a new one for being Trump's bitch.

  2. And this is the first time I've made a pro Trump comment on a feminist site. I wanted to be tolerant and mellow, and not push back at people who are dealing with their candidate losing. But this mourning and the outright lies and denial about what is really going on finally made me realize, I must call out this hypocrisy. People have the right to be sad about losing an election, but comparing Trump to Hitler and acting like this means we are about to lose our human rights is just bullshit. Bullshit. Pure propaganda. It's on the level of a cartoon for people who can't read. Please inform yourself about the issue of child trafficking in the third world, and the genocidal lies of the left about Israel, and then tell me how it's a bad thing that these sick pedos and anti-semites lost. Okay, I'll leave you alone now, but I'm a feminist, been there since the 70s, and I will not be silent when people who are for women's rights think that has something to do with uncritical support of a major player in stealing children from Haiti and other poor countries. Hillary is not a feminist, she's a criminal, and hopefully she will pay for her crimes. A feminist protects women and children, Hillary has used all of us, and especially poor children.

    1. ketzel, you are the one who is dumb enough to believe pure propaganda. It is difficult to believe anyone is stupid enough to say the things you are saying and believe the things you are believing...but obviously there are a LOT of idiots afoot because Trump was elected. Shut the fuck up and grow the fuck up. You and all the other Trump supporters will get what you deserve, but sadly, the rest of us will have to suffer because of fools like you.

    2. You're insane and so is the Russian plant you put in power. Enjoy dying in a nuclear holocaust, I'm sure Hillary's 'please print' emails will distract you completely from your own demise.

  3. I agree with Anon Jan 2 at 3:37 p.m. ^^

    Ketzel, your pro-Trump propaganda; your minimization and denial of the very legitimate concerns of dirt, myself, and MANY MANY MANY others; and your ridiculous statements regarding the Clintons are abhorrent, ignorant, and decidedly UN-feminist. Learn to look up (and try to understand) what is real news and what is fake news.

    I also cannot stand by and say nothing when I see bullshit, and Ketzel, I see it in your comments. Mrs. Dirt

    1. Ketzel is upset because he got what he wanted and now he must live with the consequences of electing someone so dangerous and overtly anti-America, so he lashes out in order to try and distract from his complicity in destroying our nation.

  4. Does it need to be stated yet again? Opposing the policy of the State of Israel is not "anti-Semitism".


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