Maria Catt aka Carey Callahan-Detransition-Her BIGGEST Lie

Last year my wife mentioned to me what seemed to be a newer blogger (Maria Catt) she had seen being mentioned in various places that she wanted me to take a look at. Something seemed queer about her that she couldnt put her finger on. Needless to say, I never got around to checking out the peculiarity and we both forgot about her. A few months ago my wife mentioned her again as we both had seen various Gender Critical blogs/Twitter accounts etc going on about her detransition. This time I took the time to ferret out what exactly was wrong, and as it/she pertains in many senses to the Unstraightening Lesbian series Mrs Dirt and I have been working on, I'm posting my findings. Having gathered an overwhelming amount of info I will try to pair disturbed STRAIGHTBIAN Carey Callahan aka Maria Catt down to the most important facts of 1) Her disturbia 2) Her STRAIGHTBIANISM and 3) She isnt detransitioned, because she NEVER transitioned to begin with.

While checking out Maria Catt for more than 5 minutes, one quickly learns she is really Carey Callahan and also there is a serious discrepancy in the amount of time she claims to have been on Testosterone, is it 9 months
 or 5 months?
The more discerning observer might also wonder just how abusive was her childhood as she recently stated:

yet regularly says the reverse elsewhere:

I could go on and on with the mutual familial love exchange between Miss Callahan and her family. It also extends from her parents toward her financially. Keeping a job isnt Miss Callahan's strong point and her parents often regularly bail her out of student loan and credit card debt.

Lets take a stroll through Miss Callahan's TRANSformations from 2009 to present. Miss Callahan either has no ego or a very weak one and leaches onto various identities in effort to define herself in the moment, make money/make some sort of name for herself. Her relationship with comedy brought her into contact with gays/lesbians and transgenders and in that order Miss Callahan casually immersed herself.

Queering herself:
Carey discovers Judith Butler:
Now suddenly she's a lesbian:
Umm especially when you're STRAIGHT!

Carey goes to Trans capitol San Fran:
Still toying with dykehood:
In STRAIGHTBIAN fashion Carey tries to tell Lesbians who to date:
Clearly not being a very good lesbian:
Despite sex with men Carey continues to use/abuse LGBT:
Back to lesbian again:

Back to straight:
Trans now?

Back to lesbian:
Back flirting with transgender via her then love for Julia Serano:
Second thoughts?
Carey discovers dysphoria:
Carey hasnt discovered RadFem yet:
Back to trans:
A trans comic is born:
Carey's REAL problem:
Carey forgets she has dysphoria:
Still no mention of her beginning testosterone but:
She complains often about:
So much for trans, still using the ladies loo:
Mom worrying and trying to get tough with Carey to get her back on track:

An honest moment:
Interestingly in a blog Carey deleted (yes-we have our ways) Carey says she began testosterone on:
YET states in her facebook she is stopping T September 2013:
So was it 5 months, 9 months, 11 months?????

Carey falters while she struggles to find her next incarnation:
Alcohol is an ongoing issue for her (self medicating?):
Moving on:
Beginning and leaving jobs and college courses is on ongoing issue for Carey, particularly when she fruitlessly blows money for college classes on junk she routinely buys and sells in sisyphusian tedium:

You get the idea.

Next how Carey jumped onto the detrans/radfem bandwagon and then some:
Hmmm so much for dysphoria!

Now quick look at Carey through the years, notice ZERO changes physically besides hair and make up:
Carey Callahan aka Maria Catt aka Carey Callahan was clearly NEVER gay, NEVER lesbian and most certainly NEVER medically transgender. It is obvious mental issues have troubled her from childhood on (organic), and were she not USING and ABUSING dykes with her heterosexual privileges I would actually feel sorry for her. It is obvious various Gender Critical bloggers etc have ignored Carey's copious transgender inaccuracies in blind ambition to promote their own GENDER NON CONFORMING homophobic agendas not caring who they use, for that and that alone I do feel sympathy for Carey. As much as Carey's lies have been promoted I'm inclined to think her STORY may in fact have been coerced/paid for with no regard for its lack of truth/coherence, begging the question are Gender Critical professionals any better than the Trans Politic they claim to be critical of.

If you know of or have seen Maria Catt/Carey Callahan's lies blogged about/Tweeted, Tumblred, be suspicious equally of who's promoting her.



  1. Thank you Dirt for using the word "queer" in its original intent. This woman makes my head hurt.

    1. You're welcome! There was no other more perfect word for her.


    2. That's good that words are bring back to its true meanings. Words have meanings that people lost somewhere to push their agenda/lies/pretending...

  2. Great post Dirt. Glad you ladies are looking out for us dykes. Keep up the good work.

  3. Why do you call Carey "Miss" and your wife "Mrs Dirt"? You seem more like a chauvinist man than a dyke. Real butch dykes see all women, no matter how feminine, as equals. Given how much you brag about how much men respect you (even though men have been known to rape butches too), it seems that you respect them way more than other lesbians.

    1. She's a younger woman, but older than a young lady.

      My wife call's herself Mrs Dirt to differentiate us online, and she thought it a lark, which it is.

      I doubt you know a single Butch lesbian let alone what EVERYONE has ever thought.

      What is clear is you're own heterocentrism and warped Gender Straight Jacketed thinking. Butch lesbian are as feminine as any other woman, we're FEMALE TOO! I'm a lesbian, therefore I dont blanketly hate ALL men. Dont attribute your own STRAIGHTBIANistic communications with males as proof of anything regarding dykes.



    2. Maybe after copious amounts of therapy, some serious soul searching, more therapy you'll be healthy enough for someone to make you a Mrs!


    3. Just curious, what would you think if your wife called you Mrs. on her blog? Would you be okay with it? Or would it bother you because you're a butch?

    4. We're MARRIED WOMEN. We're are both MRS! Pretty simple. Now if you cannot comment to the topic at hand, all future comments WILL be removed.


    5. This may come in handy for people who have such questions:

    6. It never occurred to me to regard Saye's reference to herself as 'Mrs Dirt' as anything other than a les/gay in-joke. I think I could refer to Dirt as 'Mr Saye' or 'Mr Bennett' in the same joking/mocking way without fear of too much backlash from either of them. What kind of lesbian is so humourless as to even need to pose the question?
      I can't answer for Dirt's use of 'Miss' in relation to Callahan. I read it as being for rhetorical effect, but it's up to Dirt to confirm or disconfirm that, or simply ignore the question.

    7. But Dirt mentioned that she is a Mrs. not a Mister. So calling both of them Mrs. makes total sense. Calling Dirt "Mr Bennett" makes no sense, while I concede that calling them both Mrs. makes total sense.

      Yeah, and this is not being a humorless lesbian, it's just being curious. This situation has been resolved and I have no more to say.

    8. We are so happy that our "situation has been resolved" in the mind of an anonymous commenter. Now we can sleep at night. What a weight lifted off of our shoulders! MRS. Dirt

  4. Wow, I came across Callahan's videos and she confused me. Thanks for the research.

  5. The fact that you researched all this is really creepy. Considering the Trans narrative, anyone can consider themselves trans and do not need to "transition" in any way medically or surgically. And Bi people claim that they are lesbian and straight all of the time. I'm still trying to figure out what your purpose was in bringing Carey Callahan's thoughts and confusions out was? I would think that a youth should be growing and changing and analyzing. Yeah, stating every thought is a crazy thing about this generation, but surely Carey is not the only person who has had conflicting thoughts. Yet still, I go back. What was the real purpose of you writing this never ending narrative of someone's life? Why were you so compelled to dig this all up, categorize and post? Was there even a purpose?

    1. To: Anonymous August 15, 2017 at 1:10 AM:

      What is "creepy" here is your inability to fathom WHY someone pretending to be a Lesbian and using "Lesbian" for her own purposes is a problem, AND why it is a huge problem that the so-called "gender critical" folks are fawning all over someone who did such a thing.

      Plus, it does matter whether or not someone's narrative is accurate/coherent when they are being touted as an expert (and I am not referring specifically to CC nor anyone else here...rather, this is just a general fact).

      What is your purpose in coming along, a YEAR it to try to stir up more trouble? Or do you honestly have trouble comprehending this reasons delineated above?

  6. One guy who stands next to her on one photo looks like legendary "die cis scum" meme... I don't know why, but SJW s' queer "antifa-like" look always makes me laugh.


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