Trans Trending-Who is Transitiong-When Transgender Became Big Business

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Like any trend, whether Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch dolls or Transgender, if there's money to be made you can bet your bottom dollar someone is going to make a buck! Regardless of how fruitless the trend, regardless of how many landfills will later be brimming with whats left of the trend when its no longer fun or its popularity wanes and regardless of the obscenity of the surgeon's furnaces reducing once HEALTHY breasts to ashes: money before morals and moolah before common sense.

Before Transgender became BIG business, it was a pathology. Like other popular pathologies, Transgender didnt find a large audience until it was marketed. Those who critically analyze Transgender, from health risks/certain death, to the genocide of homosexuals via transition now face a much greater enemy than merely the Psychiatric Complex who once held the only key to the Transgender gate-Corporate America and other corporate affiliates.

One such example is Dr. Charles Garramone who spotted a need for Trans Trenders before Corporate America made Transgender a household name. From his website:
"Body Masculinization are the New standards of care when having FTM Top Surgery, and Dr. Garramone is the creator and the only Plastic Surgeon offering these methods. His methods are based on him performing Thousands of these procedures. Not many surgeons can attest to performing thousands of these techniques during their entire career, but Dr. Garramone has."
Garramone cushions the unnecessary dismemberment of thousands of females by couching their mutilation as a standard of care. Dr. Garramone has made good use of the current pro-trans atmosphere and is practicing getting more bang for a buck by hacking the tits off from anyone who can afford to pay him:
"FTM (female to male) transgender, trans-masculine, trans-male, gender neutral, gender variant, lesbian, pan-gender, and female identifying patients."
Basically if you have breasts you dont want, he'll slice them off as soon as you can sign your name on the credit card receipt. Dr. Unethical I suspect has enlarged his potential clientele because cutting the healthy breasts from mentally troubled females has become big business. With other doctors developing new improved methods of mutilation, Dr. G tries to frighten potential customers:
The Buttonhole technique has lately been touted as a “New” procedure unlike anything else, and superior to many other choices including the Double Incision Method, because it allows preservation of nipple sensation...Sadly, both the Inverted-T and Buttonhole techniques promise maintaining nipple sensation, which is rarely true. They also require leaving behind a fair amount of breast tissue to maintain the nipple sensation, thus running into the same problems of giving the appearance of excessive breast tissue. Basically, it looks like the Patient still has breasts and fullness in the lower portion of the chest and therefore prevents them from attaining the “Ideal Aesthetic Male Chest” they are looking for.
The snake oil charlatans of yore are as present in our time as ever, as Dr. Garramone and millions like him so ruthlessly demonstrate. The War on Homosexuality has gained reinforcements, we are no longer fighting the Psychiatric Complex who continues to view/treat us as abnormal, we're fighting a root of Democracy itself-Free Enterprise. Since Nietzsche declared God is Dead, its apparent even the Heavens cant help us.


Unstraightening Lesbian: Removing The Heterosexual Lens: Part 3

This post introduces the last 4 offenders of the "Dirty Dozen" in our Unstraightening Lesbian series to expose 12 of the numerous purported "Lesbian Experts" who are neither lesbian nor expert. Each of our "Dirty Dozen" has done immeasurable damage to actual lesbians by propagating false and harmful information to, for, and about lesbians.

Without further ado, here is the latest (and last-for the moment) list of current culprits, along with a brief "teaser" to lead into our future more detailed posts on each:

1).  Dorothy Allison:

Dorothy Allison is an author who is probably best known for her semi-autobiographical work Bastard Out Of Carolina. Less well-known, but most crucial to our current discussion is her promotion of BDSM (along with previous offenders Gayle Rubin and Pat/rick Califia) and Allison's perverted Straightbian version of lesbian sexuality.
According to an article entitled "Dorothy Allison: Queering Autobiography, DiscussingSexuality, Reshaping Feminism" by Mélanie Grué, published in the The Appolonian: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Grué notes the following regarding Allison:
"She (Dorothy Allison) does not shy from connecting incest with lesbian  sexuality or breaking the link between victimization and innocence, when she tells about how her sexual identity developed on the base of violence."
Childhood sexual abuse is not related to lesbian sexual orientation, but it is often found along with Straightbians like Dorothy Allison.

In Allison's work "A Question of Class" from her book Skin: Talking About Sex, Class and Literature, Allison states that her
"sexual promiscuity, butch/femme orientation, and exploration of sadomasochistic sex became part of what was driving [her] out of [her] community of choice"
Allison goes on in this essay to define herself as:
"a transgressive lesbianfemme, masochistic, [sexually] aggressive . . . and as pornographic in [her] imagination and sexual activities as the heterosexual hegemony has ever believed"
Like our other offenders in this series, Allison's inaccurate and oversexualized conceptualization of lesbian as well as her incorrect portrayal of Butch/Femme are examples of how damaged Straightbian assertions have twisted lesbian into something unrecognizable to actual Lesbians.

2).  Loree Cook-Daniels:

Loree Cook-Daniels has been mentioned previously in the post "Straightbians You May Know":
Loree is the epitome of the most dangerous Straightbians of all. Unhappy with hetero-domesticity, Loree hitched a ride on the radical feminist bandwagon where she made the choice to call herself a lesbian.

She partnered with an insecure dyke whom she pressured/supported right into transitioning. Her partner, Marcelle, could not adjust to transition and later committed suicide.

Loree's work continues to focus on transgender people and issues, and she lies to herself and others by saying falsehoods such as:
"many (lesbian) partners discover they actually have a preference for FTMs". 
Sorry Loree, you're confusing actual Lesbians with Straightbians.

3). Minnie Bruce Pratt:

Pratt is probably known as much for her disjointed thinking/writing as for whom she was partnered/married (Leslie Feinberg). Self described per her Twitter account as:
"Lesbian writer poet, anti-racist anti-imperialist activist, teacher mother grandmother, life-partnered with beloved Leslie Feinberg for 22 fabulous LGBTQ years."
Before discovering Women's Lib Pratt was married with children, after Women's Lib she leaped joyfully into free love with other straight women pretending to be lesbians.
"...we would take other lovers, and we did, and there were quite a bunch of different complications, including, you know, just this sort of daisy chain of lovers stretching all the way to Tennessee at one point, all the way to Tennessee at one end and to Washington at the other end, you know. And we would make jokes about that."
Her/their depth of lesbian ran as deep...:
"As I say somewhere, one definition of a lesbian is a woman who has a job."
Rather than by-products of birth, through Women's Lib Pratt came to believe her heterosexuality, like her femininity could simply be unlearned. Were that true, even in the slightest, Pratt's heterocentric behaviour/lens werent unlearned enough. Pratt co-opted Femme in the same way she co-opted Lesbian, in the same way she heterosexualized her relationships with lesbian lovers. Pratt climbed lesbians like ladder rungs, with each step up hoping to create the perfect man. 
"I mentally juggle your female birth sex, male gender expression..."
In the end, Pratt got neither, man nor perfection. 

4). Sarah Schulman:

Schulman is an acclaimed novelist who is also purportedly a lesbian activist. But when her work is examined, much of it is decidedly UN-lesbian.
Let's take her X-Rated writing for the film Mommy Is Coming:  (Yes, you read that right, but read it again if you like getting grossed out: MOMMY. IS. COMING. Ewwww.). The following is an excerpt from Julia Bryan-Wilson's review:

"Mommy Is Coming (2012), which was cowritten with novelist Sarah Schulman and premiered in Berlin this February, Dunye looks again at queer sexuality, presenting it in its most flamboyant registers. An international cast drawn from loosely defined queer and gender-deviant creative communities is here conscripted into a meditation on the tropes and cliches of pornography. The film involves many explicit sex scenes, strung together with only the thinnest of narrative tissue: Within the first few minutes, a woman gets fucked with a pistol in the back of a cab in broad daylight."

Um...Queer. Flamboyant. Gender-Deviant. Fucked with a pistol. Yuck. Schulman's vision of lesbian life depicted here is quite a bit different than actual Lesbian life.

We hope it is already obvious why these 4 have been included in our "Dirty Dozen" list. The above information is just a fraction of the flapdoodle that these 4 have perpetrated over the years. The reasons they each are included in the "Dirty Dozen" will become increasingly clear when we elaborate on each in our upcoming posts.

Dirt and Mrs. Dirt

Carey Callahan aka Maria Catt Comes Clean

Yesterday I presented a lengthy post on the pathology of a darling of the Gender Critical Professionals/RadFems, Carrie Maria-Catt Callahan aka Carey Callahan aka Maria Catt aka Carey Callahan. Particularly regarding Miss Callahan's pathological lies regarding taking testosterone and the length of time she injected testosterone. Documenting her own various accounts of time which can be read in my original post and assorted posts Miss Callahan has written for Gender Critical Professionals and various other outlets. As was expected, heterosexual alliance among STRAIGHTBIANS and straight academics alike closed ranks, choosing hetero hysteria over Lesbian logic. What wasnt expected (thanks to a the Lesbian reader who sent this screencap), Miss Callahan admitted earlier on a blog she has under a different name that yesterday's post was correct and she had NEVER medically transitioned. See screencap:
What is clear from this exchange is Miss Callahan did blog about lying somewhere, but maintained to Gender Critical Professionals and other RadFem bloggers she had medically transitioned for somewhere between 5-9-11 months.

So for those who questioned what good or what was the point of yesterdays dissection? The above was.

Not only do Lesbian Lives matter, I'll see to it we have merit, meaning and will NOT be defined, or trampled on by STRAIGHT women of any kind, anywhere on MY watch!


Maria Catt aka Carey Callahan-Detransition-Her BIGGEST Lie

Last year my wife mentioned to me what seemed to be a newer blogger (Maria Catt) she had seen being mentioned in various places that she wanted me to take a look at. Something seemed queer about her that she couldnt put her finger on. Needless to say, I never got around to checking out the peculiarity and we both forgot about her. A few months ago my wife mentioned her again as we both had seen various Gender Critical blogs/Twitter accounts etc going on about her detransition. This time I took the time to ferret out what exactly was wrong, and as it/she pertains in many senses to the Unstraightening Lesbian series Mrs Dirt and I have been working on, I'm posting my findings. Having gathered an overwhelming amount of info I will try to pair disturbed STRAIGHTBIAN Carey Callahan aka Maria Catt down to the most important facts of 1) Her disturbia 2) Her STRAIGHTBIANISM and 3) She isnt detransitioned, because she NEVER transitioned to begin with.

While checking out Maria Catt for more than 5 minutes, one quickly learns she is really Carey Callahan and also there is a serious discrepancy in the amount of time she claims to have been on Testosterone, is it 9 months
 or 5 months?
The more discerning observer might also wonder just how abusive was her childhood as she recently stated:

yet regularly says the reverse elsewhere:

I could go on and on with the mutual familial love exchange between Miss Callahan and her family. It also extends from her parents toward her financially. Keeping a job isnt Miss Callahan's strong point and her parents often regularly bail her out of student loan and credit card debt.

Lets take a stroll through Miss Callahan's TRANSformations from 2009 to present. Miss Callahan either has no ego or a very weak one and leaches onto various identities in effort to define herself in the moment, make money/make some sort of name for herself. Her relationship with comedy brought her into contact with gays/lesbians and transgenders and in that order Miss Callahan casually immersed herself.

Queering herself:
Carey discovers Judith Butler:
Now suddenly she's a lesbian:
Umm especially when you're STRAIGHT!

Carey goes to Trans capitol San Fran:
Still toying with dykehood:
In STRAIGHTBIAN fashion Carey tries to tell Lesbians who to date:
Clearly not being a very good lesbian:
Despite sex with men Carey continues to use/abuse LGBT:
Back to lesbian again:

Back to straight:
Trans now?

Back to lesbian:
Back flirting with transgender via her then love for Julia Serano:
Second thoughts?
Carey discovers dysphoria:
Carey hasnt discovered RadFem yet:
Back to trans:
A trans comic is born:
Carey's REAL problem:
Carey forgets she has dysphoria:
Still no mention of her beginning testosterone but:
She complains often about:
So much for trans, still using the ladies loo:
Mom worrying and trying to get tough with Carey to get her back on track:

An honest moment:
Interestingly in a blog Carey deleted (yes-we have our ways) Carey says she began testosterone on:
YET states in her facebook she is stopping T September 2013:
So was it 5 months, 9 months, 11 months?????

Carey falters while she struggles to find her next incarnation:
Alcohol is an ongoing issue for her (self medicating?):
Moving on:
Beginning and leaving jobs and college courses is on ongoing issue for Carey, particularly when she fruitlessly blows money for college classes on junk she routinely buys and sells in sisyphusian tedium:

You get the idea.

Next how Carey jumped onto the detrans/radfem bandwagon and then some:
Hmmm so much for dysphoria!

Now quick look at Carey through the years, notice ZERO changes physically besides hair and make up:
Carey Callahan aka Maria Catt aka Carey Callahan was clearly NEVER gay, NEVER lesbian and most certainly NEVER medically transgender. It is obvious mental issues have troubled her from childhood on (organic), and were she not USING and ABUSING dykes with her heterosexual privileges I would actually feel sorry for her. It is obvious various Gender Critical bloggers etc have ignored Carey's copious transgender inaccuracies in blind ambition to promote their own GENDER NON CONFORMING homophobic agendas not caring who they use, for that and that alone I do feel sympathy for Carey. As much as Carey's lies have been promoted I'm inclined to think her STORY may in fact have been coerced/paid for with no regard for its lack of truth/coherence, begging the question are Gender Critical professionals any better than the Trans Politic they claim to be critical of.

If you know of or have seen Maria Catt/Carey Callahan's lies blogged about/Tweeted, Tumblred, be suspicious equally of who's promoting her.


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