Transgender Critical Professionals FAIL Homosexuals

There is a current (pre) school of thought among some academics and psychologists speaking out against the trend of transitioning children/young teens. On the surface, amid the transgender explosion, this sounds like some sort of progress back toward common sense. But just below the surface lurks the same shark infested waters gays and lesbians have been swimming in since our lungs took their first breath of air.

Not a single one of these professionals showed any concern as adult lesbians were swept under the first tide of transition trends twenty plus years ago, despite many now gravely ill or worse dead (including once lesbian leaders). Lesbians who were kicked out of their homes/families because it went against some god or other. Lesbians who allowed themselves to believe they were really men trapped in women's bodies and it wasnt their fault. Lesbians who hoped and prayed transition would fix all that. Lesbians who once on testosterone aged as rapidly as their sexual attraction switched from women to men. Lesbians whose scarred chests was/is a permanent reminder of their sex.

Nor did any of these professionals bat an eye as growing numbers of minority gay men transitioned. Gay men who because of their race could not afford doctor prescribed drugs and surgeries. Gay men who were harmed or worse  died from back alley castrations, taking a female friends birth control pills or illegal "Pump Parties" where they were (are) injected with auto shop silicone. Gay men who were beaten or died at the hand of a "john" because they use/d prostitution as a means of garnering money for transition meds/surgeries.

None of these professionals uttered a peep from 1994 to 2005 when gay/lesbian children, age infant to three, were being diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. A label that would open their immediate future to hormone blockers/non FDA approved hormones and mutilative surgeries.

None of these professionals called out sites like YouTube to be shut down (still havent) for promoting Trans Trending among lesbians (youths and adults), despite doing just that (shutting down) years ago Pro-Ana sites.

But then some of these professionals had young lesbian daughters who got caught up in Trans Trending and suddenly we're at Peak Trans! And they're starting blogs and websites professing the dangers of transitioning GENDER NON CONFORMING youth! Failing to see the harm or the sheer ignorance of their middle-of-the-road-some-people-are-REALLY-transgender approach! And dont waste your time asking any about autogynephiles, in typical heterosexual fashion, these professionals believe THEM (the greatest number of transitioners to date) RARE!

This heterosexist Gender Straight Jacketed thinking is why GENDER NON CONFORMING was such an easy pill for them to swallow. Had any of these professionals bothered to garner enough knowledge of homosexuals/homo culture/history for them recognize what NORMAL homosexuals look/act/function etc like they might be a little less for adult transition and a little more for educating parents/schools/society on how best to support homosexual youths pre-school to high school. They might realize there is no RIGHT way to be a heterosexual male or female and no WRONG way to be gay or lesbian!

Instead, these less-than-lunatic-fringe professionals who are seemingly on our side, are only interested in ferreting out the REAL transgenders among school children. Meaning those like this :
  • What came after first was what I know and what came after that was what I remember. I'll start with what I know. I know around age two my ma could not keep me in a dress. I remember around age three being asked by strangers observing between my long (girls) hair, my pants, T shirt, tennis shoes and rough play "are you a boy or a girl?" It is a question that dogged me throughout my childhood, my teen years, even today I can spot it in the eyes of strangers. In childhood those looks were usually filled with a puzzlement, somewhere in adulthood they developed a range, from dumbstruck to disgust.
 or this:
  • I'm not a boy. But I'm in boy space. I navigate boyhood while being a girl. I learn the boy ropes. Boy rules are applied to me. I find myself partly confused, and partly proud by this application. Only I don't remember filling a boy application, surely I must have. I forgot is all. I have no girl friends, only boy friends. Of them it is a constant sizing up; him sizing me up, me him, him him. "Do you want to wrestle" a boy asks? "Ok" I answer. I take him down quickly. I now understand the game, I'm three years old. Wrestling is fighting, without fighting. Wrestling tells us both who is stronger, it tells other boys too. If Paris is the toughest boy in the 3rd grade and I beat Paris wrestling? I beat Paris wrestling. But I'm not a boy. There will be a long line of boys I will wrestle in my youth. I will beat all of them, a true Olympian with all the blood, sweat and many tears, but none of the gold or the glory.
These and less extreme narratives hold the classic transgender signs that even our seasoned professionals with the best of intentions would flag for childhood transgenderism, whereby the transgender signs arent likely to change with age. One thing they would have right? Those signs didnt change with age. What they would have drastically/horrifically wrong? Those narratives are mine and I am not remotely transgender, but lesbian.

That these professionals believe some transition is acceptable tells us they believe some homosexuals are wrong. 


Live and Let Live…? (A Reblog of my Wife's Latest)

Thanks to everybody for your feedback on my last post, A Lesbian Psychologist Speaks Out. It is truly heartening to know that Dirt & I aren’t the only ones out there who are concerned; Dirt has been warning people for years about the devastation the trans trend is bringing upon the lesbian community…years before anyone else even got a whiff of trouble.

Even the polite feedback that did not 100% agree with my thoughts is appreciated.  For example, a fellow lesbian on Twitter very politely told me that she found my post interesting, but then stated that she felt we all should accept and support the transgender trend, because “it’s their body, their choice.” and “Hormones, surgeries…not my place to say it’s wrong.”

On the surface, that does sound reasonable, doesn’t it?  After all, when we are talking about adults (ones who have not been deemed incompetent by a court of law), we must recognize that adults do indeed have the legal right to do whatever they want to their body as long as it does not over cross the line into illegal behavior.

As just a few examples, legally competent adults have the right to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, to eat Whoppers and fries for every meal, to starve ourselves to rail-thinness, to perform extreme and painful body modifications, to have unprotected sex (as long as we are not knowingly passing on any STDs), to walk barefoot in the Sahara desert when it is 104 degrees, to binge and purge, to skinny dip in Alaska on the coldest day of the century, to burn ourselves with cigarettes, to self-harm with razor blades, to consume Mad Dog 20/20 in copious amounts, to have so many facelifts that we can no longer blink, etc.

But are all of those healthy decisions?  Are all of these actions that should be supported, honored, exalted, and encouraged?  Um…no. And the same is true of the transgender trend.
So: I am not disputing adults’ legal right to transition, or to do any of the other dangerous  and/or unwise behaviors listed above.

But: As both a lesbian and a psychologist, I am questioning the wisdom of a profession and a society that wholeheartedly supports the transgender trend, which is, among many other concerns: an ideology that is based upon John Money’s long-ago-discredited theory; a doctrine that suggests that there is a “right way” or “wrong way” to be a female (or a male); a diagnosis that typically leads to the unnecessary and dangerous use of cross-sex hormones and/or surgeries; and a cancer that has both divided and decimated the lesbian community.

Do legally competent adults have the right to transition?  Yes, of course.

But is it right for society, for the government, for the media, for our fellow lesbians, and for the professional community to promote and support this sinister trend?  No. Not by a long shot.

Here’s the thing:  Even if an adult is legally competent to make  such dangerous decisions for herself, it doesn’t mean that she fully understands her own subconscious reasons for making those decisions.
She likely doesn’t fully process all of the factors that led her to believe she is trans, which , of course, varies from person to person, but often includes variations of some or all the following: lack of societal acceptance as a female who doesn’t fit into the stereotypical mold; lack of her family’s and/or society’s acceptance as a lesbian; social contagion; possible trauma; seeing being transgender exalted while lesbians are disparaged, misrepresented, and/or ignored; reacting to being a woman in a misogynistic society and naturally wanting the privileges she sees males automatically getting; and simply accepting the trans narrative as truth.

Also, it should be noted that being legally competent to make her own decisions does not mean she fully understands the possible ramifications of her decisions.  Most people just skip over the possible side effects and potential negative consequences, particularly when highly motivated for a goal.
This document is one example of an “Informed Consent” form to initiate testosterone therapy. Most people barrel through the fine print before scribbling their signature to obtain the long-awaited “prize”.

But let’s stop and really look at this form, shall we?

First, at the top, the form notes that there are known risks to testosterone usage and states that the patient is encouraged to “think about the potential effects of this treatment before signing.”
Then we go on to review the permanent effects of testosterone therapy in #1: “Hair loss, especially at my temples and crown of my head, possibly male pattern baldness; Facial hair growth; Deepening of voice;  Increased body hair growth (i.e., on arms, legs, chest, back, buttocks, and abdomen, etc.); Enlargement of clitoris.

Note that permanent means…well, permanent.  So, even if she changes her mind later, she will likely have lost the hair on her head but will likely still have hair on her ass. This in itself ought to be a deterrent, IMHO, but, sadly, it is not usually a deal-breaker.

The potentially reversible effects are also concerning, particularly the one about “Increased red blood cells“.  If you are interested in why this should be concerning, read about polycythemia.
Then we go on to note in #2 that the effects of testosterone therapy are unknown and if she changes her mind in the future and wants to become pregnant, she may not be able to.

#3 is chilling.  Please read this statement carefully, then reread it, then really THINK about the implications:  “I understand that brain structures are affected by testosterone and estrogen. The long term effects of changing the levels of one’s natal estrogen through the use of testosterone therapy have not been scientifically studied and are impossible to predict.

#4 continues this alarming trend by explaining that basically doctors don’t really have a freaking clue what is going to happen: “I understand that everyone’s body is different and that there is no way to predict what my response to hormones will be.”

On that less-than-cheery note, let’s examine #5: “I will have complete physical examinations and lab tests periodically as required to make sure I am not having an adverse reaction to testosterone and to continue good health care.”  Translation: “We know that adverse effects happen, and we want to cover our asses.”

#6 should alarm you even if the other warnings haven’t:  “I have been informed that using testosterone may increase my risk of developing diabetes in the future because of changes in my ovaries.”  Hmm.  Increased risk of diabetes.  Not good, huh?

#7 continues with more dire warnings: “I understand that the endometrium (lining of the uterus) is able to turn testosterone into estrogen and may increase the risk of cancer of the endometrium.” If brain structure changes and diabetes didn’t scare you, cancer should.

#8 states: “I understand that testosterone therapy should not be relied upon to prevent pregnancy.” You wouldn’t think that would be a problem for lesbians, but sadly, it is, because of a largely misunderstood, often unknown, and seemingly puzzling phenomenon that happens when lesbians start taking testosterone: they often start craving sex with men. As completely unthinkable as this prospect is to lesbians (Ewwww!), it indeed has been noted to happen with alarming frequency once lesbians start taking testosterone.

#9 is directly related to #8 because having unprotected sex is very risky: “I understand the effects of testosterone therapy by itself will not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases or HIV.

#10 and #11 are related: “10. Annual breast exams, monthly self-exams, and annual mammograms/cancer screenings after the age of 40 are highly recommended even after chest reconstruction. 11. I understand fatty tissue in the breasts and body is able to turn excess testosterone into estrogen, which may increase my risk of breast cancer…”  Another cancer warning!!

#12 brings another dire warning:  “I have been informed that testosterone may lead to liver inflammation and damage.” If cancers, diabetes, and brain structure changes haven’t scared you, what about damage to your liver?

If all of the above health warnings were not enough, how about #13?  “I have been informed that if I take testosterone my good cholesterol (HDL) will probably go down and bad cholesterol (LDL) will go up. This may increase my risk of heart attack or stroke in the future.” If cancer doesn’t get you, heart disease or stroke might.

If all these health risks don’t concern you, how about psychological changes?  #14 says: “I understand that testosterone therapy may cause changes in my emotions.” Above, this document had already noted: “Possibly increased feelings of aggression or anger.”  Such changes can cause devastating consequences in a patient’s relationships and in her work setting.

The rest of the items are standard boilerplate legalese, such as: inform your health care provider if you are taking any other medications or supplements, if you want to stop testosterone, if you have complicating conditions,  if you have adverse side effects, etc. (Basic cover-your-ass jargon).
In other words, by signing a document such as this, the patient takes full responsibility for the possibility of a host of both known and unknown adverse side effects while simultaneously absolving health care providers of responsibility since she has (allegedly) been duly warned.

And the above warnings are just for taking testosterone;  note that there are many, many, MANY additional risks for surgeries.

How many people, particularly young adults under age 25, whose brains are not yet fully mature, fully understand the implications of such very serious decisions?  The “I’m-invincible-and-it-won’t-happen-to-me” phenomenon is usually in full force with young adults.

Even more mature adults rarely fully comprehend the risks, and even when they do, they often rationalize and hope that it doesn’t happen to them.

So the “let’s-justlive-and-let-live; it’s-their-bodies-and-their-choice” argument regarding the transgender trend just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny when examined closely.

Instead, I argue that even though adults have the right to make the decision to medically transition, that it is never a good decision.  I argue that the multiple potential factors affecting these decisions are usually poorly understood even to the patients themselves, and are skimmed over and/or covered up by the medical community, who mainly seem to be all too willing to jump on the trans bandwagon to make a buck. I argue that the known effects of testosterone use are very concerning, in addition to a host of unknown effects, which is perhaps even more concerning. And there are so many concerns about the transition surgeries that there is no room to even touch upon those in this post.

And the fact that cross-sex hormones are NOT approved by the FDA for the purposes of transition is yet another worrisome issue which most fail to know or address.

Bottom line, the transgender trend feels like a scientific experiment, with lesbians all-too-often the unwitting guinea pigs.

Until lesbians drop the liberal and well-intentioned, but ultimately naive, “live-and-let-live” attitude and wake up to what is really going on, this trend will continue with even more lesbian lives harmed by the hour.

Contrary to what many people think, Dirt and I don’t hate transgender people; instead, what we hate is seeing lesbian lives ruined and even lost. Genuine concern is not “transphobia”; speaking out is not “hate speech”.

I just hope some will hear our voices over all the noise.

Dr. A aka Mrs. Dirt

From Lesbian to Trans-A Step by Step

In this blogs ongoing unflinching documentation of the desecration/destruction of lesbians through medical conversion/transition, I'll be interspersing regular Trans Trending articles with picture posts detailing the breakdown from Lesbian to Trans Female.

Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, but watching a seemingly proud dyke disappear through selfies leaves even pictures speechless.


Trans Males Coercing Lesbians into SEX with them? I dont think so!

A more recent ruse from STRAIGHTBIAN is declaring online trans males (autogynephiles) are coercing/pressuring (I've also seen the word forcing used) lesbians into having sex with them. There are several issues with that, the first being:
  • Why the hell are these women wasting a moments time on this?
and second and most important:
  • By identifying as Lesbians, STRAIGHTBIANS interacting with trans males (any males for that matter) are giving the false notion that dykes would give males the time of day and then some! 
My wife and I daily observe Lesbian IDd STRAIGHTBIANS playing school yard boy/girl games with trans males. Wasting both their own time and Lesbian time when Lesbians are being asked/expected/coerced into helping them defeat the Big Bad Wolves. And with each defeat, within a days time, these same Lesbian IDd STRAIGHTBIANS seek out/target a new set of trans males to engage with, and AROUND we go!

  • Dykes are not afraid of trans males!
  • Dykes do not date trans males!
  • Dykes do not fuck or get fucked by trans males!
  • Dykes are not feeling pressured into sexual relations with trans males!
  • Most dykes never heard of a cotton picking ceiling (many of us wear boxers!)
  • If confronted with a trans male, dykes deal with them directly and the convo ends there!
  • Its rare for the general dyke to ever give a thought let alone any of her time to trans males period!
  • Dykes date/fuck/love dykes we're attracted to, because they're dykes and we're attracted to them!
  • IF some group of trans males said to a dyke that she was being "transphobic" cuz she wont cuddle his cock, she is not going to feel pressured to please him in any way, including bantering with him under the guise of arguing. 
  •  Men do NOT fall on Lesbian Radar!
  • And lets be honest, when was the last time you saw a trans male at a softball game???!!!
While Lesbian gullibility and fierce protectiveness toward women may ensnare some dykes into arguing (FOR STRAIGHTBIANS) with trans males, heterosexuality keeps STRAIGHTBIANS going back to trans males for more.

To my LESBIAN sisters, if you run across ongoing arguments with trans males by STRAIGHTBIAN/RadFems that over some form of transwomen arent women, by golly RUN THE OTHER WAY! STRAIGHTBIANS brought transgender into the lesbian community, and now STRAIGHTBIANS are using Lesbianism/Lesbian resources/Lesbians themselves to fuel and fan hetero flames between themselves and the men they (pretend to) hate.

The Dirts

Femininity and the Heart of Femme

I view the femininity held by Femme bodies in the same way I view the butchness born of Butch bodies. I see it in its rawest nakedness, stripped bare of all artifice. Femme femininity isn't about the clothes choices a Femme is sporting, it is how she occupies and moves in or out of those clothes. Femininity in the general has through patriarchy come to have more to do with performance (for the male gaze) than simply being female (feminine bodied), whereby clothes DO make the woman. It is clear this is a MALE driven ideology proven over and over by trans males who perform their (male) version of "female" through a SEXUALIZED caricature of constructed hyper femininity. Straight women derive a false notion that women can utilize femininity to capture the male gaze and in doing so achieve power along side patriarchy, nothing is further from the truth. There is a definitive difference in being feminine and performing femininity, one you do on your feet, the other on your knees.

There is a real power source in a Femme's femininity, even when playfully extending into performance for a Butch. Not that false sense of power men temporarily allow hetero women to believe they own, they own nothing. Every Butch knows the Femme is a woman in control even when she chooses to give that control up. I am not merely speaking sexually, there is a power in the way a Femme exercises her Femme femininity; whether comforting another woman, protecting another woman, loving another woman, needing another woman, wanting another woman, holding another woman, touching another woman or simply being herself as a woman (often a foreign concept to straight women, who give themselves up to be whoever everyone else needs/requires). Perhaps it is here that the greatest difference lies between Femme femininity and general (constructed) femininity.  FEMME femininity emanates from the lesbian body that Femme lesbians define/defy identity. While straight women, through a male sexualized created/controlled femininity, only lose themselves, never to be found their whole lives through.

Within Femme Femininity there lies an open field, a field of play, expression, living, often unknown or forbidden to male dictated femininity. While this field is not always free from patriarchy, it is none the less a field where how a Femme expresses her feminine body is not determined or dependent on the male gaze or male approval. Butch females are often viewed as rebels, their lives radical, because Butch females externally display a radical difference in how they appear/function as females. But the truth is Femme lesbians are every bit as rebellious and radical as Butch lesbians, maybe more so. Because they rebel through femininity (presume heterosexual norm). That thing men believe they hold in a vice for their own sweet cock's pleasure. Femme femininity is a kick in the balls of patriarchy.

Because Femme femininity isn't reliant upon male approval, (its very nature in complete opposition to this) Femmes determine for themselves what femininity is! And that determinant isn't based on what a Femme DOES, but who she is. If she is Femme, she is feminine, and what she does through her body creates her own Femme femininity. She is feminine whether changing a flat tire, feminine whether buying a new pair of heels, feminine as the CEO of a large corp, feminine when making love to a Butch, feminine when putting on make up, feminine when chopping wood with no make up, she is feminine when eating, sleeping, breathing, she knows this and anyone who crosses her path will know it!

The femininity owned by Femmes is both REAL and Powerful, because there is Power in the REAL! Unlike the costume of constructed heterosexual femininity, Femme femininity cannot be donned anymore than it can be strip teased off glove by glove. The fabric of a Femme's femininity lies at the very core and depth of her lesbian heart.


Doing Woman Different: Anna Mae Aquash

Anna Mae Aquash was a Mi'kmaq Indian born on a Reservation in Nova Scotia in 1945.  Every facet of her early life informed her later activism. As is still typical of Indian Reservations today, Anna Mae was surrounded by poverty so extreme its rarely seen outside of Reservations in Canada or the US; polluted/lack of water/proper sanitation, sub level education, heavy alcohol and drug use, constant struggle to retain cultural history and integrity and an ever shrinking ownership of Tribal lands. Where many Indian people self destructed, Anna Mae slowly blossomed into an Indian HERo.

While still in her teens, Anna Mae married and moved from Canada to Boston, Mass. where she later bore two daughters in the mid 60's. She later divorced and Anna Mae married Nogeeshik Aquash in a traditional Indian ceremony. It was in Boston that Anna Mae met and quickly got involved in AIM-American Indian Movement. Anna Mae passionately shared AIM members suspicion of the Federal government's BIA- Bureau of Indian Affairs to support Indian well being/needs/culture. She also shared AIM's endeavors for US government to:

 Some of Anna Mae's initial work centered around teaching young Indians about their history, but she quickly began to be more involved in AIM actions/protests. Some of the earlier AIM initiatives that Anna Mae either supported or was directly involved in were:

Through Anna Mae's rising status within AIM, and her militant savvy challenging US government and FBI officials, bringing Indian genocide/Racism/police brutality and rape of Indian Reservationists etc to the attention of US public, Anna Mae quickly found herself on the wrong side of the law.
CIA/FBI officials in effort to keep tabs on AIM activities, placed informants within AIM ranks, some were ferreted out, but paranoia among AIM leaders grew. Despite the worry over informants, AIM continued their work and protests to growing AIM membership and bringing their needs to a greater US audience. The US government's hopes of fracturing AIM leadership through well placed informants and paranoia didnt work to its full potential until US government put the word LIE out that Anna Mae Aquash was herself an informant. It was this LIE that lead to Anna Mae's disappearance in December of 1975. 

A female body was found by a Lakota rancher in Wanblee, South Dakota near the corner of a reservation in February 1976. Her hands was cut off and sent to the FBI (purportedly) for identification. She (purportedly) appeared to the coroner to have died from exposure. The body was buried as a Jane Doe. Later the body was identified as Anna Mae Aquash. Her family had her body exhumed and enlisted another autopsy, where is was discovered the cause of death was a bullet (execution style) to the back of her head. Her US government sanctioned murder caused a riff so deep within the American Indian Movement it never fully recovered.

Anna Mae Aquash did woman so different, she threatened the entire United States government, and for that she was murdered. She was a leader among women and men! She skillfully balanced, empathy and militancy. She dared to right wrongs that didnt merely befall the people of her time or her country, but Indians everywhere long since slaughtered by White supremacy and Indian history long removed/ignored by Whites. Despite her murder, the spirit of her passion for justice still exists in Indians today. And her singled minded fierceness for whats right exists as an example to all women.


Off Topic Comments or Just Plain Off

In effort to keep the pedestrian, the ignorance, the hate filled, the off topic and the truly bizarre comments from impeding/side tracking or misleading the posts from this blog, I've decided to hold such comments and regularly publish them in a separate post. Each comment will be labeled to make it easier to comment on a specific comment:
Bear in mind, these comments come from those who have transitioned, are considering transition or are pro transition.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-Ideology isnt an Identity










Alfred Kinsey, Harry Benjamin and John Money comprise the Transgender Trinity responsible for the twisted, warped, self loathing, dangerous ideology of transgenderism. A disorder based on a theory proven false more than four decades ago. This UNholy twisted trinity also made up one of North America's leading pedophile rings, one which remnants of still exist today.
  • Men who paid rapists to rape their own daughter so that her orgasms could be timed while being raped.
  • Men who paid pedophiles to time the erections and orgasms of male children as young as 2 months old.
  • Men who forced brothers as young at age seven to have sex with each other while insisting one brother role play the girl
  • Men who wrote books and lectured parents on the importance of having sex in front of or with their children. 
  • Men who tried changing age of consent laws to better help underage children get jobs in the sex industry. 
  • Men who tried changing age of consent laws to lessen pedophile jail time.
  • Men who reframed pedophilia in effort to decriminalize it. 
  • Men who claimed being a pedophile was akin to simply being left handed.
  • Men whose work changed laws to minimize jail time for convicted pedophiles.
  • Men who promoted consensual sex with children. 
It is precisely from THESE sick, despicable, pervert's minds that sprang the THEORIES: Gender roles/Gender Identity/Gender Identity Disorder/Transsexualism/Transgender/Gender Dysphoria/Gender Incongruence/Gender Non Conformity and Transition as a cure-all.

Young women like those seen above are transgender because pedophiles worked to unseat language from biology for the purpose of normalizing adult sex with children (consensual pedophilia), NOT because any of them actually are transgender.

Ideology (Imaginary or visionary theorization) is only an identity in theory and the theory of Gender Identity is false.


Dr. John Money and the THEORY of Gender Identity-A Postmortem (Part 3)

After the first two pieces (Part1 & Part 2) on John Money it may seem that the worst to come out of his work is a disorder (Gender Identity) based on a theory (Gender Identity) that was proven false in its infancy. And yet was allowed (urged) to proliferate in the medical transition of millions, whereby laws have been altered, rules relaxed and lives ruined or worse ended with no sign of slowing down in the near future. Unfortunately that worst, isnt the worst; the worst is a lot more strange, sinister, sexually perverse (paraphilia) and sexually self serving to John Money as well as beneficial to pedophiles past, present and not yet born.

In 2003 the sexologist/pederast Vern Bullough, an editor of Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia

had this to say about his idol John Money:
  • "John Money has been a dominant voice in sexology in the last part of the 20th century, breaking new ground in a wide variety of areas. In the process, he has been cantankerous, outspoken, and ever willing to do battle, but also original and thought provoking. This paper begins with an examination of science in general, moves on to psychology and sexology, and then examines Money's contributions to sexology in some detail. The latter are many and varied, including the development of the concept of gender, his theory of gender identity based on his work with intersex individuals, the John-Joan case, and his importance in establishing transsexualism as a diagnostic category and an academic discipline."
Why would a well known/respected professional doctor like John Money be the idol of a proponent of pedophilia?
  • "While Money’s conclusions about the best approach to sexual matters merely raised eyebrows in the mid-1970s, they provoked outrage at the dawn of the more conservative 1980s, when Money ventured into areas of which even some of the most adventurous sexual explorers were leery. In 1986, Money published Lovemaps, an exhaustive study of such practices as sadomasochism, coprophilia, amputation fetishes, autostrangulation, and various other behaviors that he called, not perversions, but “paraphilias,” in an effort to destigmatize and decriminalize them. The topic of pedophilia became a particular interest, and one that Money took obvious delight in publicly espousing.

    A childhood sexual experience,” he explained to Time magazine in April 1980, “such as being the partner of a relative or of an older person, need not necessarily affect the child adversely.” He granted an interview to Paidika, a Dutch journal of pedophilia, which carries ads for the North American Man-Boy Love Association and other pro-pedophile groups.If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or twelve who’s intensely attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, and the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way,” he told the journal, and added, “It’s very important once a relationship has been established on such positive and affectionate grounds that it should not be broken up precipitously.” In 1987, Money wrote an admiring foreword to an unusual volume published in Denmark entitled Boys and Their Contacts with Men. By Dutch professor Theo Sandfort, the book presented what purported to be verbatim testimonials of boys as young as eleven years old rhapsodically describing the delights of sex with men as old as sixty. “For those born and educated after the year 2000,” Money wrote, “we will be their history, and they will be mystified by our self-important, moralistic ignorance of the principles of sexual and erotic development in childhood.” Money concluded his foreword with the proclamation “It is a very important book, and a very positive one.” "
More on Dr. Money's pedophile predilections: 
  •  Bauserman, Money, Bullough and Constantine-Rind et al. cite pedophile-friendly authorities such as Bauserman, Kinsey, Money, Bullough, and Constantine as child sex authorities. In 1991, writing for The Journal of Homosexuality, Bauserman approved of promoting man-boy sex in "Male Intergenerational Intimacy." In an interview in Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia, professor emeritus John Money, a Johns Hopkins pediatric psychoendocrinologist and Penthouse Forum consultant, called for an organized crusade to end age of consent laws.5,6 It was John Money who promoted the word "paraphilias" in order to refer to aberrant sexual conduct such as necrophelia, sexual sadism, bestiality, coprophilia, urophilia and pedophilia in a manner less clear and offensive to readers. 

Dr. Money was miffed when age of consent laws in the US changed from 16 to 18:
  • 1991 Spring: Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia: John Money stated that pedophilia is an "overflow of parental pairbonding into erotic pairbonding." He created his sexual disorders clinic to give "leeway to judges" to free pedophiles. American University's pedophile president, Richard Berendzen, became "physically and psychologically sound" after three weeks at Money's clinic.
    Holding pedophilia as normal, Money advocates the end to age of consent laws and suggests the legalization of sex by pedophiles when "consent" of the child victim was obtained. Money stated, "If I were to see the case of a boy aged 10 or 11 who's intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his 20s or 30s, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way"
  • ...pedophilia as defined by John Money: Paedophilia is...affectional paedophilia in layman's terms...the straight forward affectional attraction to children... a paedophilic attraction to overflow of parental pairbonding into erotic pair bonding... The affectional relationship, in male paedophilia at least, is a fatherly relationship...with erotic or lover-lover pairbonding...a combination of affectionate love as well as the lust factor...[until] puberty. (Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia)
Clearly from accounts by those who put Dr. Money on a pedestal, as well by religious professionals who called Dr. Money out on his seemingly pro-pedophile stance, that Dr. Money advocated consensual sex with children (particularly boys) cannot be in dispute. A little from Dr. Money's own publish works:

Dr. Money created the term Paraphilia for the purpose of both adding dozens of additional sexual disorders (according to him) and as a means to water down sexual perversions, particularly pedophilia. Dr. Money treated sex as he did gender, by unhinging both from the norm/biology, he could assert/insert his (and his close pedophile rings) warped/sick/vile SEXUAL attraction to children as if not acceptable, then at least not criminal.
Clearly his sexual abuses of the Reimer twin were warped, were sick, were vile and were/are criminal! Yet under the guise of progress and dare, Dr. Money's failed theory of Gender and Gender Identity have proliferated at a rate that even he could not have foreseen.

In effort to see his "Consensual Pedophilia" dreams (that with which finally got him and his Gender Identity clinic closed at Johns Hopkins) to proliferate along the same line as Gender Identity, Dr. Money took his paraphilias to the ultimate level, later claiming that loving/intimate sex between two adults in and of itself was a paraphilia (Normophilic):
By making ALL sex abnormal, Dr. Money normalized any and all paraphilias, including pedophilia! 

It may seem that Gender Identity theory and Consensual Pedophilia theory are on different train tracks running in different directions, but a closer look reveals they are different cars on the same track running in the same direction pulled by the same engine: Dr. John Money. Money's Gender Identity theories linguistically used/abused sex roles to biologically uncouple masculinity from male and femininity from female and has successfully done so. In the same vein Dr. John Money (and his pedo-sexologist/psychologist cohorts) worked to unfasten pedophilia from perversion by normalizing it by leveling ALL sexual engagements as abnormal. And as biology is now being lawfully eroded in the name of a known pedophile, based on the faulty theories of that same pedophile, all opening doors and rolling out red carpets for other pedophiles and sexual predators, the worst of Dr. John Money has yet to come.


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