Sheila Jeffreys-Where STRAIGHTBIAN and Butch/Femme Collide

This STRAIGHTBIAN ditty was tweeted by RadFem Collective earlier today promoting a diatribe on Butch/Femme by Sheila Jeffreys.
From this we can gather retired academic STRAIGHTBIAN Sheila Jeffreys has clearly not retired from flapping her gums about that which she detests but knows not, i.e. lesbians. Particularly Butch/Femme lesbians whom she has vehemently despised, attacked and inaccurately attributes to every kind of dyke EXCEPT  Butch/Femme! Jeffreys is still (40 yrs later) declaring Butch/Femme as faux/deviant lesbian relationships that are fraught with feminist issues because they draw (mimic) directly from hetero-patriarchal (sexual) power structures that occupy male/female relationships. For a lesbian, Jeffreys seems to focus a good deal on heterosexual SEX SEX SEX relationships and the issues they spawn. Easily interpreted to mean, according to Jeffreys (RadFems), feminism can and will never function inside heterosexuality/heterosexual relationships or lesbian relationships SHE deems STRAIGHT! 

In Jeffreys life long obsession with Butch/Femme, she has never once differentiated Butch from any variety of dyke and continues today lumping all together wherever/whenever it suits her STRAIGHTBIAN agenda. Jeffreys imposes similar ignorance where Femme is concerned, lumping STRAIGHTBIAN queer-femme, high-femme right in with Femmes themselves, with no seeming rhyme or reason. STRAIGHT privilege abounds, STRAIGHTBIAN Jeffreys doesnt have to bother with particulars where minority lesbians are concerned, our LEGITIMATE lesbianism unhinges STRAIGHTBIAN club rhetoric. 

Jeffreys, not surprisingly, is a proponent/advocate of gender non essentialism, used both as a vehicle to place her squarely in the Lesbian camp as well as blow the gender door off its hinges inviting transgenderism STRAIGHT into the Gay and Lesbian community where it dominates today. More on this in a future post. 

Sheila Jeffreys has made it her life's career to unhinge Lesbian from Biology (In my book, Anticlimax, I suggested a different tactic, the deliberate construction of ‘homosexual desire’. I defined ‘homosexual desire’ as eroticised sameness of power whether expressed within lesbian, gay or heterosexual relationships) and where she has been unable to do so, she muddies and uglies Lesbian 
You read that right, Jeffreys declares Lesbian a fucking "theory"! Without Lesbian being removed from the biology that which it stands, STRAIGHTBIANS like Jeffreys are, well, just plain STRAIGHT. 

My wife and I are the ONLY kind of lesbians that can and do exist (biological) lesbians. Specifically,  she is a Femme lesbian and I a Butch lesbian, two lesbian females BEING lesbian females 24/7. We have together reached an age and a disgust level where neither of us can stomach another mouthful of the STRAIGHTBIAN bile DICKtating our lives misread/misinterpreted/misunderstood or outright slandered back to us or our fellow lesbians! The jig is up and the gloves are on the mat.

STRAIGHTBIANS/RadFems like Jeffreys brought the transgender plague into our community just as assuredly Reagan injected HIV into the gay community in the 80's. Thanks to Jeffreys and her RadFem ilk insecure dykes in the 90's jumped into the transgender flames hoping to warm themselves, only to be burned alive later on. Thanks to Jeffreys and her RadFem ilk, dyke after dyke after fucking dyke was coddled/cuddled/pushed and pressured into transition from STRAIGHTBIAN LEZBOPHOBIA. Thanks to Jeffreys and her RadFem ilk, gay and lesbians as young as 2 yrs old are now being flagged as transgender. Thanks to Jeffreys and her RadFem ilk, young lesbian teens have and are transitioning at INSANE numbers, many already suffering from secondary testosterone poisoning while others commit suicide as transition ruins their young lives.Who can lesbian youth turn to for guidance when all the so called lesbian experts are fucking STRAIGHT! 

Butch/Femme are BIOLOGICAL states of the rarest kind of LESBIAN Sheila, but that rarity doesnt remove homosexuality from our very cores, nor any other kind of dykes. Except YOUR kind Sheila, the STRAIGHTBIAN kind, which lets face it Sheila-just isnt kinda straight, but IS definitively straight



  1. Righteous rant!

    I am a member of a site where I thought there was refuge in being a Butch lesbian. THIS was 4 years ago, it didn't take too long to figure out in this place the trans females have appropriated the term "Butch" to mean trans. Who knew?

    A dear friend joined this site and all it took for her to be banned permanently was just using words and phrases like"biological female" "vagina" just to name a couple, but you get the drift.

    Yes dirt, I am a Butch lesbian and my babe is a femme lesbian. What is so difficult about this to the rad/fem community?

    1. Yeah, the so-called B/F websites/communities are anything but. I was (and still am) shocked at the content on one particular community, and it is about as far away from lesbian/B/F reality as it is possible to get.

  2. Straight people just need to stay the fk out of lesbian issues and mind their own god damn fked up heterosexual business.

  3. Yes. WTF is wrong with Sheila J? If you are going to lecture about something, it helps when you have a freaking clue what you are talking about. SJ needs to go back into retirement, because we are sick of this crap.

  4. Sheila Jeffreys is a lesbian. It's no secret that she is a lesbian, and she has never tried to hide it. The retired professor has written several important books on pornography and other subjects. I enjoyed reading her book "Gender Hurts". She was also one of the first feminists who was courageous enough to shed light on the trend of "transitioning" children and lesbians. Jeffreys was warning people about the practice of "transitioning" lesbians as early as 2003. However, I've never understood her peculiar view of butch lesbians. I've never understood how a lesbian who is so right about so many things could be so wrong about the way she has portrayed butch lesbians. The way she views butch lesbians is rather offensive. Butches are not male, and do not possess male privilege. They aren't men, and it's an insult to butch lesbians to say that they engage in some sort of heterosexual like "role playing" where they act superior to femme women. It's highly offensive. If anything, her view of butch lesbians mirrors what homophobic heterosexuals have been saying about butch lesbians for decades.

    Sorry, are wrong!

    1. Jeffreys has flat out stated "lesbian" is a political choice on her part and should also be on the part of feminists. Jeffreys isnt a lesbian, then, now or ever!

      And her views on pornography are pedestrian at best, and that isnt saying much. How can she have an accurate analysis of porn when she believes gender is taught?


    2. It's widely known that Jeffreys herself has said that she has chosen "political lesbianism" ~ that she "used to be heterosexual" but has made a conscious political decision to "be a lesbian", which obviously is NOT a lesbian. She is a straight woman who has decided for political/social reasons to partner with women. That is not a lesbian. I am not saying that some of her viewpoints are not worthwhile at all, but her views on Butch/Femme are dead wrong...because how can someone who is NOT a real lesbian, and who has likely never met a real actual B/F couple, have ANY clue about it? Jeffreys doesn't have a clue about B/F, and people who don't know a topic shouldn't be talking about it.

    3. With all due respect Saye and Dirt, I love you, but I find it difficult to believe that a person can live her entire life in an homosexual relationship without being a lesbian.
      On the other hand, I read a couple of years ago a "study" showing that women are *never* purely straight, just lesbians or bisexuals.

      For some reason, I tend to believe that this is true, or mostly true (for the majority of women).

      We live in such a constrained world by old patriarchal conditioning, and silencing of women's voices (replaced by patriarchal lines males want them to say), that's difficult to know the whole truth at our present state.
      Humanity is discovering its true "sexuality" at the same time that women are being empowered, *because* labeling is a typical male dominance strategy.

    4. Hi Dmh Frou, thanks for your comment. :-)

      I understand what you're saying, but I must respectfully disagree, because I have seen it happen personally, where straight women stayed in VERY long-term relationships with lesbians. There are many potential reasons for this, w/ one possible reason being that 2 women could be compatible in every way but the sexual aspect. The relationship could be based on friendship, companionship, shared goals, common interests, safety, security, etc., rather than true sexual/romantic interest.

      Plus, it makes sense that that scenario is possible because we all know people (gay/lesbian OR straight) who have stayed in "loveless" (meaning non-romantic/non-sexual) relationships for many years or even a lifetime due to a variety of reasons. People in such relationships may genuinely care about each other but are not "in love" romantically/sexually.

      Just because someone stays in any long-term relationship does not mean they are necessarily happy.

      I do think that women do have the ability to get very close to each other, even in platonic friendships, and that may be a source of confusion in some situations (mistaking a very close friendship for love).

      So, to sum up, lesbian is a valid entity in and of itself ~ and certainly not every woman can "become a lesbian". Yes, a woman can indeed have a long-term relationship with a woman, but that does not make her a lesbian.

  5. She does point out something that was generally true if we look at this from a historical point of view. Her analysis, however, was dead wrong. In the 1970s as heterosexual women, particularly educated upper class women, were beginning to embrace feminism, the very last thing they wanted to be associated with were butch lesbians. Why did so many middle and upper class women in the 1970s run from butch lesbians as if butch lesbians were some sort of crude caricature of the worst type of sexist man? This was based on deep seated homophobia and decades of offensive stereotypes of butches as mean and controlling.

    In a real sense, Jeffreys is just a product of her time. Unfortunately, she isn't bright enough to see it.

    When I say butch, I mean the traditional butch, not the genderqueer "butch". The queer theory "butch" is nothing more than a role player. The way that queer theory has butchered the original meaning of butch is about as bad as how feminists from the 1970s treated butches. Traditional butches are complex, sensitive, but strong females.

    Feminists from the 1970s and 1980s and queer theorists know nothing of the butch heart.

    1. The very theory of feminism as "equality" for women (with men) is deeply flawed, it's outdated.
      Women must re-shape the world according to the feminine view, that's (IMO) what true feminism is, all aspects of our society must be reviewed.

      Of course, this necessarily means the end of the present masculine view (patriarchy).

  6. Mistake # 1: Not knowing the difference between lesbian as a lifestyle choice and lesbian as an authentic choice.

    We all know about lesbians that were forced to live in the closet their whole lives. This describes almost all lesbians ever, until fairly recently. They might get married to men, have biological children, perform the right kind of femininity, and play the part until the time comes when they just can't hide anymore or they are forcibly outed. This is what I call the "lesbian as authentic choice" model. You are, and always have been, a lesbian, but only recently were you able and willing to choice to live that life authentically.

    "Lesbian as a lifestyle choice" are the lesbians that people take issue with. They out and out make no pretense that they are straight and live as straight people...but in college, they experiment with dating a girl (LUGS) and then they meet a guy and never touch lesbians again. That pisses me off, and I have a feeling it pisses off the Dirt couple too. Lesbians are not second best when men don't work out, they aren't a social experiment or a fashion statement. They are a biological reality, as are straight and bisexual people.

    It's the same with bisexuals. If you are a celibate bisexual, or choose to only partner with women for the rest of your life, good for you...but you are still bisexual. Not lesbian or asexual. Your chosen sexual behavior doesn't erase your romantic capabilities with men. You can choose to be a celibate straight, or develop deep friendships with women and support lesbians...but you're still straight by virtue of the fact that you have an affinity for D but not V.

    To their credit, there are radfems that I have met who understand that women cannot choose to be lesbian, straight or bisexual, that these are innate orientations. To believe otherwise is to ignore reality, give credence to the idea of conversion therapy, and minimize the reality of the straight privilege that "political lesbians" have, even if they try to hide it. There is simply no comparison between someone that KNEW they were different, from an earlier age, and those that "choose," after cashing in on straight privilege all their lives, that they're lesbians now. Until, of course, they meet the "right man," (the patronizing admonition of every conservative grandma ever). But of course, these rad fems aren't necessarily prominent.

    If anyone thinks my comments are off-base, feel free to call me out. This is my reading, and this is coming from someone who was really offended by these posts at first. Ultimately, it comes down to our ability to put aside our prejudices and look past the tone and see the actual content.

    1. "To their credit, there are radfems that I have met who understand that women cannot choose to be lesbian, straight or bisexual". Everyone seems to agree that people cannot choose to just stop being gay, nor can straight people really just choose to start being gay.That they are innate conditions is one possibility. Another possibility is that we live in very complex social environments which are not fully under our control, thus the dynamics that play out, and our subconscious responses to those dynamics--our life strategies and sexual responses-- are not conscious nor under our control. Nor anyone else's.

      Much like the debate about life and when it begins, we can't refuse to see this grey area. It IS possible to believe that fetuses are alive and still be pro abortion. I believe women can make the decision to terminate life, yes end the life of their fetus. It is a decision we can make and should make. We radfems can believe lesbianism is not biologically determined and still respect the rights of lesbians to live authentically. To me, it seems absurd to have to prove you were born that way in order to feel you have a right to live authenitcally. You do not have to have been born that way for rad fems to support your right to love women.

  7. I'm so confused as to exactly what you're saying here, Dirt. You think that all lesbians are biologically lesbian, and that also whether our personal taste in clothing, mannerisms, & social expression leans more towards "masculine" or "feminine" is also biologically determined? What aspect of our biology do you think determines this? What differentiates a butch from a "masculine" lesbian who is not a butch? What biological feature distinguishes femmes from the rest of us? I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm really wondering what this post is all about. I've seen you hint at these ideas before, but I can't really understand what you are saying.

  8. "Thanks to Jeffreys and her RadFem ilk, gay and lesbians as young as 2 yrs old are now being flagged as transgender. Thanks to Jeffreys and her RadFem ilk, young lesbian teens have and are transitioning at INSANE numbers..."
    REALLY? Straightbians flag trans children? No. That would be doctors and parents. You think its radical feminists, with all their institutional power (not!), control over media (not!) and finger on the pulse of youth culture (not!) who are responsible for lesbians transitioning and committing suicide? No way!

    This is straight outta the trans activists' book, where anyone who doesn't agree 100% is "questioning the existence of trans people", causing them to commit suicide or murdering them. Wow. just wow.

    It is radical feminists who fundamentally disagree with this practice of sterilizing, transitioning and stereotyping lesbians! It is radical feminists, who pointed out how men becoming women is biologically impossible. Lesbian is not biological-- or at the very lease that is still very much up for debate, Dirt. Much like the debate about life and when it begins, we can believe that fetuses are life and still be pro abortion. We radfems can believe lesbianism is not biologically determined and still respect the rights of lesbians.

    Much of Sheila Jeffrey's commentary is about how gay people have navigated that identity and how it has interplayed with the specific time and place they found themselves in. She does this to remind us that lesbian is not inherent and doesn't mean one thing. Its crazy to me that you post galleries of photos of youth who were aided and abetted to transition by doctors and a popular culture and then basically caption it by putting the blame on ...Sheila Jeffreys?

    I feel like you may have been existing in a bubble of this sort of debate for too long. I dare you to ask 100 people on the street who Sheila Jeffreys even is. I bet you 99% have never even heard of her and 100% haven't read her. Its pretty recently that you decided you really have an issue with radical feminists. Yet we still stand strong, still read your blog and continue to respectfully support your politics and disagree with your out to lunch witch hunts...

    I feel like you know that radical feminism has never really been a youth culture movement, never been an identity in the identity politics/wars, never really been much more than a dream and a book club-- and that is precisely why you always attack radfem authors. Its kind of immature.

    1. Anon July 4 at 8:11 p.m.: Spoken like a true Straightbian radfem. Being a lesbian is NOT just something we can choose and it is very offensive to even suggest that lesbianism is a choice. Lesbian does, in fact, mean just one thing. You can shovel Jeffrey's BS all day long, but it still stinks.

    2. *Radical feminism* should be in hearts and minds of all women of our time, because I deeply believe the time has come for the empowerment of women *as never before*.
      Humanity needs it.
      I believe society will be much, much more centered at women's perception of life and values in the future than it's now. The structure of all human institutions will "transition" to these values in the not very distant future. These values are different from men's values, which are crumbling due to obsolescence.

      On the other hand, I think some aspects of our personality and creative expression of ourselves is really determined "biologically" and the equality of women and men is a myth.

    3. but why is it that you seem to not get the ONE point radical feminists are trying to say. we do not believe lesbians can control it!!!! you said "it is very offensive to even suggest that lesbianism is a choice." This is NOT what radical feminists suggest. There is a third option between "its biological and not a choice, and its non-biological and a choice". That third option is that often times people are things they cannot control and change. PLUS radfems DO NOT WANT lesbians to change! We don't. I'm not sure why you think that.

    4. In other words STRAIGHTBIANS cannot control LYING to lesbians and NEED lesbians to fuck them while they pretend lesbians are men, because STRAIGHTBIANS cannot control their heterosexuality and cannot fuck/date each other. Got it!


    5. Anonymous July 10, 2016 at 3:02 PM: It's not that we "don't get" the point of what is being said; it's that I think it is incorrect. We don't think that there is a "third option". While we agree that a variety of factors can indeed influence behavior, we do NOT agree that orientation is something that is malleable. And that is the important distinction: behavior versus orientation. Mrs. Dirt


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