STRAIGHTBIAN Privilege-Heterocentricity & Dyke Vulnerability

In a recent post my wife elaborated and simplified further in the ongoing problematics with STRAIGHTBIANS co-opting/deceiving lesbians/lesbian spaces/lesbian sexuality, including determining/disseminating INCORRECT ideas held of lesbians by the general public and lesbians themselves! Writing off the important points made by my wife in her post, I'm going to continue in that vein, focusing on STRAIGHTBIAN privilege, heterocentricity, dyke vulnerability/dyke shame and how when coupled, all combust into dykes transitioning.
 STRAIGHTBIAN privilege functions for straight women in the lesbian arena similarly to how male privilege functions  for men everywhere. The world/society being a (relative) normal place for STRAIGHTBIANS from birth, gives STRAIGHTBIANS several legs up over growing disadvantaged dykes. Dyke children have no language for their feelings/crushes and all around ways of being dyke girls. Outside of our own bodies, dykes rarely exist. And as children, we perceive ourselves through what we see around us, beginning with our families, then extending through tv/films/sports/toys/clothes/other children/commercials/magazine covers/comic books/fairy tales/billboards etc.

And what baby dykes see is HETEROCENTRICITY magnified to the Nth degree! What baby dykes do not see is ourselves! Even today, media visible dykes like Ellen are so watered down, their sexuality (despite being married) is covered with so much dirt, they as lesbians seem dead to us. Lesbians continue to exist only in the public eye IF 1) the IDEA of lesbian sex is controlled/regulated by men/for men or 2) actual lesbians are devoid of sex in order to make them palatable for John Q public! And this is the world lesbians are born into, a world where despite the world wide web's global accessibility to just about EVERYTHING-dyke visibility and dyke actuality remain fictive, defined by heterocentricity via STRAIGHTBIAN interpretations or diaphanous.

Baby dykes of all varieties are barraged by the heterocentric romance of boy/girl beginning at home, carried on into school fairy tales where a baby dykes only option in their imagined futures is to put themselves in the boy position of boy/girl fictions. Growing dykes dont dream of a handsome prince rescuing them from some evil dragon, dykes dream of slaying the dragon themselves! As dyke youths begin developing girl crushes, they watch as each crush one by one fades into the boyOsphere. In the land of boy/girl, it is the boy who always gets the girl, not the dyke. Dykes often find themselves in the best friend position with girls. Girls will tell their dyke bestie what boy she likes, what he said to her at the school dance or in the school hall before 5th period. She will also drop dyke bestie like a bad habit when when dreamboat boy requires her attention. She will then expect bestie dyke to drop everything when she needs a shoulder to cry on after boy after boy dumps her. Dykes growing up wind up as boy stand ins for girls when boys arent available. Desperate lonely dyke youths will be that stand in just to smell a hint of romance.

The boy stand in scenario sets dykes up to be taken advantaged of later on by STRAIGHTBIANS. For the variety of reasons straight women CHOOSE to date dykes, dykes having been passed over again and again by straight girls/women for males, so that when a STRAIGHTBIAN shows dyke interest, dykes cant help but revert back to that hurt baby dyke standing alone at the school dance watching her crush dance and snuggle with a boy. This is her chance to FINALLY get the girl all the boys wanted! A want so strong that dykes believe STRAIGHTBIAN tales of "I never knew I was a lesbian till you"! And it becomes apparent soon enough in a STRAIGHTBIAN/Dyke relationship that STRAIGHTBIANS know nothing about lesbianism/lesbian culture or lesbian desire.

Some STRAIGHTBIANS will know enough to skirt making love to a dyke partner by pulling the Stone Femme card or be shocked when a dyke wants a reciprocal relationship in bed and out-"you mean you're not a STONE butch"? STRAIGHTBIANS functioning through heterocentricity will cause female shame or increase existing female shame by using male vernacular to flirt with dyke partners such has calling them handsome or masculine. Many will even tell dykes that they seem more like a man to them. Some even asking did they ever think they might REALLY be a man trapped in a woman's body. STRAIGHTBIANS will tell dykes they walk like men, talk like men, think like men, act like men.

Some STRAIGHTBIANS may innocently feel aligning dykes with men is a compliment, others flat out use male compliments to undermine dyke confidence. Either way, when STRAIGHTBIANS  cannot bother to familiarize themselves with lesbian culture/history when getting involve with dykes and trudging into a relationship with a dyke filtered through narrow heterocentricity, dykes are harmed in the process. In the past that harm could simply mean:
  • Dyke falls in love with a STRAIGHTBIAN and at some point said STRAIGHTBIAN dumps dyke for a man.  
  • STRAIGHTBIAN continues to sleep with men while calling herself a lesbian and sleeping with dykes, whereby dykes wind up contracting a heterocentric venereal disease. 
  • STRAIGHTBIAN using male jargon to flirt with dyke, shames dyke for not being a man. 
  • Dykes used by STRAIGHTBIANS for financial gain till a bankroll with a penis comes along.
  • STRAIGHTBIANS wasting dyke time/dyke lives that dykes can NEVER get back. 
But in the present time, the past harm STRAIGHTBIANS caused dykes is the least of it. In the last decade or so, STRAIGHTBIANS taking a man break for a temporary dyke diet has literally led dykes in droves STRAIGHT into transgender transition!
  • Some vulnerable dykes transition for fear of losing their STRAIGHTBIAN for a man.
  • Some vulnerable dykes transition because STRAIGHTBIANS wanting to use male names/pronouns (in bed and out) with them gave the distinct impression said STRAIGHTBIAN really wants a man. And vulnerable dykes will try to fit that bill.
  • Some vulnerable dyke's female shame is so great, STRAIGHTBIANS suggesting said dyke looks/acts/feels like a man to them, pushes dykes into transition.
  • Some vulnerable dykes transition because their STRAIGHTBIAN says it would make their relationship better and more authentic/accepted.
  • Some vulnerable dykes transition trying the be the man their STRAIGHTBIAN says she needs them to be for her!
  • Some vulnerable dykes transition for their STRAIGHTBIAN because their STRAIGHTBIAN is uncomfortable in a "lesbian relationship".
STRAIGHTBIANS filter lesbianism through a heterocentric lens, which regardless of how a STRAIGHTBIAN dating a dyke came about, comes with a high degree of privilege that no dyke will EVER enjoy. Dykes learn as children that we must maneuver through life if we are to survive, thrive and be happy. STRAIGHTBIANS for which heterocentricity is normal, never have to contemplate the daily issues dykes negotiate once their foot steps outside the comfort of their own door.

STRAIGHTBIANS do not have to mind shift/switch when watching tv or movies or reading stories. STRAIGHTBIANS exist everywhere they look. In no corner of the earth do STRAIGHTBIANS not find themselves staring back into their own eyes. Dykes have no such privilege, and as a result dykes greedily consume anything resembling dyke regardless of the awful taste it leaves in the mouth. When you rarely have the pleasure of food, you become so hungry that you will eat shit if its put in from of you. Unfortunately long after digestion, the smell lingers on.


Shaking in My Boobs

A reader emailed this link earlier to me from an odd message board bemoaning this blog. Granted like many bloggers who critically think/write past the transgender kool aid, bitching and moaning on off sites is par for the course for us. Nonetheless I did want to address something particular to this link.

Beyond the general misinformation, incorrect emails, Tumblr accounts and run of the mill wrong end of the stick, posted is a very incorrect address that could get someone killed, and that someone isnt going to be me:
Common sense not being what it once was, those boasting of my purported home address dont bother reading the most basic details:

No one living at this address has my name or age AND we've already been down this dead end road.

Suffice it to say, for those hell bent on trying to kill me, if your going to go to all the trouble? At least get off the testosterone long enough for proper brain function to resume. That way you might have a modicum of a shot at murdering the right person. Needless to say, I'm shaking in my boobs.


Dear Transgender Community

Dear Transgender Community and your duplicitous Liberal allies,

I’ll make this short and sanguine. Regarding specifically the public bathroom debacle and non-specifically any debate using lesbian lives and lesbian narratives to push your warped fucking agenda:

States passing laws banning men from women’s spaces; men with dicks intact, men with pretzel dicks, men in dresses, manly men, prettified men-men men men. These laws do not adversely affect dykes! Dykes like me have always dealt with a certain amount of shit when accessing public bathrooms. No laws made or reformed is ever going to change that, nor do we need it to! We would rather endure a little public scrutiny rather than unnecessarily subject females to rape triggers/sexual abuse risks and the stench of male urine! 

Using Gender Non Conforming to swoop dykes into your fantasy of imagined sisterhood is both misleading to the general public and a fucking insult to ALL dykes! You can linguistically corral GNC with transgender all the fuck you like, but NO dyke is GNC!!! Dykes being dykes conform perfecting to normal lesbianism! That Transgender Agendists embrace the “idea” of GNC lesbians firmly establishes that Transgender Agendists believe some lesbians are normal and some lesbians are abnormal! 

Every flavor of dyke is NORMAL! What is not normal is transgender males and their Obamafied allies using hetero-patriarchy to measure lesbians with! Transgender males do NOT get to define dyke! Lesbians were NOT invented to legitimate your fucking “lady” perversions! 

Whatever issues dykes have to deal with in public bathrooms are OURS to deal with, not yours! We do not need MEN to fight our battles, we do not need men period! And we most certainly do NOT want to be the reason vulnerable girls and women become fuck fodder for your bathroom fantasies! 

Sincerely a dyke conforming dyke! 

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Mikey Age 14

Sam Age 18

Deh Age 20

Jordyn Age 22

Cam Age 23

Leo Age 18

Hunter Age 18

Quinton Age 19

Day Age 23

As medical insurance companies are beginning to absorb the exhorbitant medical cost of transition surgeries, more transgender females are opting to go beyond breast butchering to actual genital mutilation aka bottom surgery. Unfortunately the horrors that accompany bottom surgery, like the copious health hazards from testosterone's poison wont come to the forefront until bottom surgery numbers increase. Which now thanks to medical insurances covering transgender elective surgeries the medical coverage of FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION is a reality:

These surgeries are goldmines for the doKtors performing them, they include the steep price for the initial multiple step genital mutilation then extend to the unconscionable aftershocks seen above in the second video for example.

Transgender drugs and surgeries arent making fractured lives whole, they are fracturing whole lives including the bodies they occupy.


Letter on Transgender Students Removes Means for Transition Insurance Coverage

At the height of the should MEN be allowed into women's public bathrooms/lockers/showers debate, the OBAMA administration made no bones about their HIS views on the matter when they HE issued this letter to ALL federally funded (public) schools which begins:
The letter itself and the school guidelines that sprang from this document are as follows:
Like one of Obama's first decisions in office (despite millions of US citizens who lost jobs and homes), special rights for Transgenders (authogynephiles specifically) rates highest on his to-do list. Nowhere in these unlawful/coerced special rules, are gays and lesbians mentioned or included. What is included that parents, teachers and concerned citizens should know?

Lets start with whats on everyone's mind:
Using a WARPED interpretation of Title IX

any student at any time cannot be discriminated against from using school facilities such as bathrooms/showers/locker rooms or sports participation based on self reported gender identity, granted nowhere (and having combed through it) in Title IX is gender identity EVER mentioned! EVER!

Aside from the biological sexist prejudice toward female students who will be harmed by this move, what is more worrisome is the REAL harm female students WILL face from horny teen males (and adult male staff-trans or otherwise) ready, willing and thanks to Obama now able to access girls at their most vulnerable time.
  • Girls having to deal ashamedly with their periods with males present.
  • Girls being shamed by trans males for their periods.
  • Girls being shamed from using biological femalecentric language in or out of the bathroom if a trans male student is present.
  • Girls being removed from school when they do.
  • Female sex education being removed from school curricula because it violated transgender male rights. 
  • Girls being unable to escape the male gaze because female private facilities no longer exclude males.
  • Girls being filmed or photographed by trans male students when in the toilet/locker room or showers.
  • Girls forced to strip in from of trans males.
  • Girls forced to shower with trans males.
  • Girls being fondled by trans males in toilets/locker rooms or showers.
  • Girls being RAPED by trans male students in toilets/locker rooms or showers.
 According to School Psychologist/authority and trans male himself, Jill Davidson "Most assaults don't happen in public bathrooms" or so-called feminist and voice for lgbT Victoria Brownsworth in a recent article on transgender males in public loos: "The laws are meant – or so their proponents claim – to protect women and girls from being sexually assaulted in public bathrooms. This is certainly a noble concept and as a rape survivor, I appreciate the sentiment. The thing is, there are not even a handful of cases of men dressed as women sexually assaulting women in public restrooms in the entire country. Which makes stoking these fears of men in women’s restrooms a canard."  This is the logical (and trust me I'm using logical as loosely as humanly possible here) explanation for why males claiming transgender status do belong if female private facilities. OF COURSE RAPE DOESN'T OCCUR IN HUGE NUMBERS IN LADIES TOILETS, BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN ILLEGAL FOR MALES TO ACCESS THEM!!! Until now!
 Yet Brownworth continues by saying "under the North Carolina law, someone I know well – a trans man with a full beard – would be forced to use the ladies room. Because he was assigned (born) female at birth. And even though I have known him for more than 20 years, I would feel extremely uncomfortable sharing a restroom with him" Meaning a woman whom has known and befriended many trans males/females isnt comfortable herself using the toilet with a masculinized female BUT the rest of us women are supposed to be okay with sharing the bathroom with a male in a dress. Which by the way, gives males greater access to their penis. And where school is concerned, very few self identified transgender males will have had their penis pretzeled. But regardless if they have, according to long term studies, fully transitioned males (hormones/surgeries) criminally parallel non transgender males.

Saving the silver lining to this cloudy nightmare for last, what is most prominent (and surprising) in this FEDERAL document is this ditty early on:
"Under Title IX, there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet as a prerequisite to being treated consistent with their gender identity."

This statement FEDERALLY unseats Transgenderism from the constraints of a DSM Gender Dysphoria diagnosis! Simplified-NO DSM DIAGNOSIS MEANS NO TREATMENT!
A DSM mental diagnosis is fundamental to federal/state and private medical insurance coverage for trans drugs and surgeries. The Federal Government is obviously on the side of self reporting alone (transgender without diagnosis of GD) and the medical industry's Informed Consent for transgender's who choose to medically alter their bodies. NONE of which any medical insurance agency INCLUDING Medicaid/Medicare should cover! Thereby making ALL transgender changes requiring medical assistance ELECTIVE!

I dont know whether the Obama Administration screwed up or fear the growing tidal wave of transgender children/youths and adults will burst his Obamacare baby, but either way, its obvious the next step is a DSM 5 revision WITHOUT Gender Identity Disorder/Gender Incongruence or Gender Dysphoria.

We all know that Title IX was implemented to protect females from institutionalized sexism! If the Obama Administration cannot manage to figure even that out, the American people, particularly females are in a lot of trouble in the short term. But by separating gender identity from a DSM diagnosis and putting gender identity solely on self reporting, NO healthcare Federal or private should cover or have to cover the enormous developing financial strain of transgender surgeries and LIFETIME supply of elevated cross sex hormone use which studies show will cause later secondary health issues. From this we can also deduce the FEDERAL government's (FDA) continued response of keeping cross sex hormones for the purpose of transition on the UN-approved list.

This information is being sent out to every medical insurance provider we can humanly send it to, I suggest you reader, do the same. Making transition elective wont stop everyone transitioning, but it will certainly slow it down, particularly where children and teens are concerned.


A Butch Lesbian Weighs In on the Public Bathroom Debate

I have written from time to time on the Butch Bathroom Blues, i.e. the difficulties Butch lesbian deal with from toddler to grave whenever they use a school bathroom or public toilet. In the current public bathroom (locker room/showers) turmoil plaguing news (papers/stations) and social media, little has been said from Butch lesbians/hard dykes. And where it has, it is the complete transgender propaganda machine hailing how transgender bathroom rights will make "gender non conforming" lesbians' bathroom experience better. First off, as a biological female, EVERYTHING I do is FEMALE! I conform perfectly well with my SEX thank you very much!

Secondly, as a lesbian who has been mistaken for male from age three onward, I know full well the shit Butches have to deal with when using the public loo. Hard stares scrutinizing what sex we are while we wash our hands. Harsher comments when our sex is realized and then our sexuality presumed. Embarrassment and shame when a woman walks in while we're washing our hands and quickly apologizes to us for coming into the "wrong" bathroom, only to go back out, look at the door and realize she was right the first time-then doesnt return. Walking into the Ladies past a woman walking out and 30 seconds later having a restaurant or store manager knocking on the stall door saying men aren't allowed into this bathroom. Humiliation having to come out of the stall to tell the manager you are in fact a WOMAN! The anger when physically removed from bar bathrooms by bouncers. The astonishment when in lesbian bars, lesbians themselves presume Butches are gay men and ask you to stay out of their toilets.

Thirdly and most importantly, for as many times as I (and other Butches/Hard dykes) have had to deal with bathroom flack, a hundred times over we've seen the fear in the eyes of women when for a brief moment they thought a man was in their locker room or bathroom. Fear that WE too know, regardless of how we appear, because we too are women-therefore just as vulnerable to rape as any other woman. Fear we know as women because ALL women grow up under the threat of male violence/rape. It is THAT intimate female knowledge that has kept us from ever making a bathroom fuss. THAT intimate female knowledge of going out of our way NOT to use public Lady's facilities, even though of course it would be:
  • easier to relieve yourself at the restaurant rather than hold it till you get home
  • easier not to have to pee five times before you leave home just so you wont need to use a public toilet later
  • easier to use a public toilet rather than leave someplace you like (so you can go home and pee)
  • easier to use the gym locker room rather than go home from work to change, then drive back to where your gym is
  • easier to use the gym's bathroom rather than cut your workout short cuz you need to go home and pee
 No matter how much easier using a public bathroom or locker room is, as a woman and as a lesbian (a woman who loves women), the minuscule advantages of public toilets do not outweigh potentially inspiring fear or triggering past sexual trauma in a single woman alive EVER!

I dont give a fuck what laws are passed allowing males, flying monkeys or neutered cyclops into women's private public facilities, knowing what I know as a female, as a Butch-I will remain going out of MY way so that I do not add to the already monolithic rapists threats, fears and realities harrying the female race.

I hope to see more lesbians telling their experiences with frightening women in public Ladies facilities and how they deal with biological needs vs their love for womankind.


Lesbian Hunger (a joint piece)

That moment when your Lesbian ribs meet your Lesbian stomach. You ALL know what I'm talking about. Hated, feared, despised, zero clout. Our Lesbian image tattered and torn. We dont exist outside of Het male porn. Where girl on girl is portrayed as right, our Lesbian voices too few to weigh in THEY are wrong! For a minute there back in some Gay 90's when suddenly there was Melissa, Ellen and KD, we thought it might not be too long. Just as suddenly, we gone or watered down.

Lesbians are fodder or faux, where in male fantasies we never say NO. Invisible. We settle for any hint of Lesbian colour. No matter magazines, books or movies. The first ten minutes of any lesbian film its lickety-lick with another woman. By movies end our Lesbian is murdered or worse she falls into the loving arms of just the Right man. In fiction she's quasimodo, only less attractive. She's mannish, a predator of women, lonely and damaged. She's a drug addict, an alcoholic, a first class mess. A nympho luring innocent young women into giving her sex. Lesbian characters are under developed, one dimension. They love kissing girls for male attention.

But we're all so hungry, starving for any lesbian glimpse, we accept Hollywood filth. We pay good money to see a second rate actress in a secondary role go from kissing the female movie's star to riding some random guy's pole. Lesbian food rations too thin for Lesbian demand. We are so famished, we'll do anything to see that single lesbian kiss, no matter how the rest of the show turns out. We shout and high five, that kiss makes us feel like we're really alive. But as long as we settle for remnants, our Lesbian floors will remain bare. Be brave, dont be scared. Who better to tell our story than us? Go to your social media sites, cause a ruckus, cause a fuss! Our stories are much too sacred to be lost or turned to rust or ruin. Give our Lesbian children something more than we had to chew.


Lesbians Open Your Eyes by Mrs Dirt

I've been thinking a lot lately about how lesbians have been so starved to see ourselves in television or film that we will often hungrily devour the tiniest morsel of lesbian love, no matter how meager, unhealthy, or unsatisfying.
There's been a lot written recently on the propensity of writers to kill off lesbian characters, so I won't rehash all those grim statistics and depressing examples. I will suffice it to warn you that if you see a lesbian on TV or in a movie, you will probably want to consider not getting too attached. You'll thank me later.
And:  even if a lesbian character miraculously does not die a horrible death, it is still very unlikely that there will be a true "happily ever after" ending. All-too-often, the (so-called) "
lesbian" will end up with a man (Note: she clearly wasn't really a lesbian then, huh?!?). Or, the lesbian may end up in prison, end up alone (when she doesn't want to be), end up on-the-run, or end up trapped in some kind of weird alternate universe. Or, lesbian relationships are often portrayed as drama-fests of cheating, lying, screaming, and conniving.
Alternatively, some shows tease lesbians with subtext and hints of flirtation, but never actually deliver an up-front lesbian relationship to the incredibly loyal lesbian fans who are still buying their merchandise and showing up for their conventions over a decade after the show is over. Sadly, the reason for this cowardly tendency is usually to keep the possibility of a heterosexual-relationship-storyline open...because we wouldn't want to disappoint the straight folks, who only have approximately 5,479,032,865,321,123 of their own love stories to fall back on, now would we? No, that just wouldn't do at all.
And yet, despite the numerous slaps-in-the-face we have received from the writers, shows, and movies we have supported, lesbians somehow remain hopeful. Surely, we think, somewhere, somehow, somebody is going to portray us accurately and not disappoint us.  We still watch the shows, we still buy the movie tickets, we still root for the characters, we still buy the merchandise, we still invest our precious time and attention. Only to be crushed again. And again. And again. And again. And yet again.
It is time that we open our eyes and stop settling for less than we deserve. We need to attack this problem with our money, our time, and our attention.  Lesbians need to stop gobbling down the putrid scraps that have been carelessly and thoughtlessly tossed at us. We need to stop wasting our breath protesting our angst to the very people who screwed us over (because, if they cared, it would never have happened to begin with).
Lesbians need to focus on ourselves for a change.  We need to prioritize ourselves over the wants and wishes of everyone else. We need to write our own stories. We need to support lesbian writers, producers, actors, and filmmakers who we can trust to tell our stories authentically. We need to stop giving our money, our attention, and our time to projects that treat us like an afterthought, an embarrassment, a titillation, a sensationalized plot-device, and/or a freak-show.
Lesbians deserve better. It's time we demand it.

Mikaël MJ Monette-Death of a LESBIAN

It has came to my attention that another young lesbian woman who transitioned only 10 months ago has committed suicide.
 Mikael's real name was Marie Julie:
MJ clearly got caught up like many young dykes into the Trans Trending vortex that is transgenderism. MJ was your garden variety mid range sporty dyke before transition:
A loved dyke:
 Maybe even a proud dyke for a minute:
Our lesbian youth is so busy yelling at the world not to hate them, mistaking the direction of the real hatred from within.

MJ was doing her residency at a very good university, McGill. She was married to her lesbian partner. She was loved and respected by many from all accounts. She was posting on FTM FB groups on the day she died:
Out of respect for MJ's wife I wont post her comments regarding her changing attraction toward men (from taking T) and other trans females or their bedroom problems. But I cant help but suspect at least some of this lent itself to MJ taking her life. Given how on board her family was with her (rather than remain a dyke) transition (from what I gathered) must have also pained her deeply, right down to the condolences missing someone who wasnt Marie-Julie, but someone MJ was trying to be for someone/s else.

I never knew you in life Marie-Julie, but in death, despite all the obstacles you Marie-Julie (MJ) are my LESBIAN sister.


Doing Woman Different: Sophie Scho...

The dirt from Dirt: Different Women Doing Woman Different: Sophie Scho...: “ Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone ” wrote Sophie Scholl , a member of anti Nazi group the White Rose . ...

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-FTMs-Testosterone and Autoimmune Disease

 Gryffin Age 25 (less than 2 yrs on T)

Name Age 22 (2.5 yrs on T)

Max Age 16 (14 months on T)

Jake Age 25 (3 yrs on T)

Tyler Age 22 (less than a yr on T)

Logan Age 21 (3.5 yrs on T) 

Andy Age 21 (2 yrs on T)

Mal Age 27 (2 yrs on T)

Carter Age 25 (2.5 yrs on T)

In the early days of doing these posts, most Trenders were somewhere between 35-55. So even when on testosterone for a year or two, the aging wasnt as obvious and the visible appearance of unhealthiness didnt manifest until four or five years into transition. As Trans Trending has become all the rage for lesbian youth and any unhappy malcontented or sexually abused teenage girl, the harmful effects of female youths high dosing testosterone even in early stages is all to clear.
The above question was recently posed in a trans female tumblr group, rather than to an endocrinologist like it should have been. But given the anti hippocratic atmosphere revolving around transgenderism, an endo doctor might not prove any better help than a confused teenage girl.

What a good endocrinologist might tell this young woman is her elevated Urobilinogen is due to her testosterone use, how testosterone affects her female immune system and how a compromised immune system can affect her health.
Testosterone in the high dosage required for transgender changes in females causes an increase in red blood cells. This increase occurs while testosterone hampers estrogen production and the powerful (normal female) immune response is lowered. Autoimmunity (production of antibodies against the tissues of your own body) arises in effort to correct the imbalance in red blood cell count, killing red blood cells and not taking numbers. As estrogen levels rise toward the end of the Testosterone injection cycle the autoimmune response may correct itself, or it may not. Either way, the whole kill or be killed cycle begins every time testosterone is administered.

Transgender health issues like the one mentioned above continue to be addressed within transgender circles for fear that bringing health concerns to medical professionals will result in removing their drug (hormone) of choice. The hormone addiction is strengthened by coupling with patient's manufactured (trans) identity which transgender patients use as a crutch to support weak or wounded egos. In a nutshell, fear of losing hormone drugs which support the trans identity facade revealing an ego that cannot (or the patient feels cannot) stand on its own, outweighs all common sense and health risks or scares, including outweighing mortality itself.

No matter how its diced sliced or coloured, testosterone's harmful effects on females who transition is as clear as the illness on their face.


Testosterone Rapidly Aging Transmen

In documenting female transition, particularly via the Trans Trending posts, when I first began documenting female transition, most of the women transitioning were somewhere between 35 and 50. Because they were older women, the aging effects that testosterone had, werent as noticeable in the short term use. Now that (lesbian) female youths are the dominant females transitioning, testosterone's aging effects on the female body, even in short term use, is staggering and blatant.

For example, this twenty something female recently posted a picture prior to testosterone side by side with her on testosterone for one year. Lets take a dissected look:
The picture in full:
In just ONE year, this attractive youthful young woman's skin has greyed, wrinkled and lined from testosterone poisoning. The changes we can see on her face are scary, but what is more frightening/worrisome are the aging effects and other changes we dont see on her internal organs.


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...