Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-A Lesbian Epidemic

Demi Age ??

Oliver Age 17

Dana Age 17

Ky Age 16

Ki Age 17

Danny Age 16

Landen Age 16

Wych Age 16

Ret Age ?? 

Documenting the transition of lesbians for eight plus years and having observed for more than fifteen, has evidenced an increase in the number of lesbians transitioning and a rapid decrease in the age in lesbian transition (or in some cases being transitioned by adult authority figures). Many lesbian youth arent coming out at lesbian before they head straight into transition and many more have never even had their first taste of lesbian puppy love. And lesbian pride doesnt even enter the picture.

These posts-Trans Trending-have systematically proven the above statements. Without these posts, even where true, I could be accused of so much hot air, rather than concrete documented fact. This is the real reason why this particular post series is so threatening, not because they
  • endanger underage girls
  • threaten violence
  • are hate filled
  • get trans females terminated from employment
  • make fun of trans females
 or any other slanderous amalgam. I have yet to see a single attack or petition for the take down of the very tumblr these posts are mined from. Out side of the nudity heads up, this tumbl is completely open to children, children to view and children to submit to, including children submitting nudity aka child porn, which IS illegal, not to mention immoral. Yet this blog documenting this trend among lesbians, without prejudice is put into question, and has even placed my physically safety at risk.

I spent some quality time on the Fuck Yeah FTM! tumblr recently and found a dozen pictures of the breasts and crotch areas of girls ages 16 and under, more if we count 17 year old girls. Fortunately ALL were in the US and I reported them to:
Perhaps if commenters truly cared about young girls being used/abused/degraded and exploited, they too would have reported Fuck Yeah FTM! for the clear distribution and promotion of child pornography. I did.



  1. What's with all the girls picking names like "Ky" for their dude-selves? We just had a trans "man" named Ky in our local news today:

    "Ky" is an "ace/aro" special snowflake wannabe-dude (who still wears dresses, not that men can't wear dresses, but c'mon now... ain't nothing even slightly mannish about this Ky. Sigh.)

    1. I guess these girls finally got the message that "Aiden" and all its misspellings (Aydyn, Aidyn, Ayden, etc.)has become overused by the transtrenders. Apparently, Ky has simply taken Aiden's place as the number one FTT wannabe name for teen girls.

  2. This blog is also seen in a negative light by many ftms on tumblr- sift through the text posts on the tags. Though quite honestly, this is more likely the cause of an also underage site mod being irredponsible (the blog is a SUBMISSION blog, and all photos on it are sent in, not taken from someone's blog without the proper permissions.

    1. The point is, FYFTM shouldn't be posting photos of nude underage kids, whether the kids themselves send the photos in or not. It doesn't matter where the photos came from -- if the nude photos are of underage kids, the photos are child porn.

    2. Obviously not, and it should not be taken lightly at all, but if the fault is of mods who are probably underaged themselves then its not something done out of malice, (mods as in blog admins who SHOULD be filtering this stuff out). Still, hadn't known about this till recently

    3. Child porn should always be reported to the police, even if the kids are submitting it themselves and if the blog mods are underage and ignorant of the law. These kids need to be schooled in proper legal behavior by law enforcement. Law enforcement also needs to notify their parents as to what these kids are up to. I'm not saying the kids need to be arrested and prosecuted, but they need to know the very serious laws they are breaking, and their parents need to know the kids' online activity must be closely monitored.

      Ultimately, the blog needs to be removed from Tumblr and elsewhere on the internet if it has posted underage nudity, whether or not there was malicious intent.

  3. Why do you think all trans are lesbians when most of these people are into men? Is "lesbian" just your term for "boyish woman" regardless of her sexuality? That's extremely problematic.

    1. Which ones are into men? Do you mean they are into other trans men (women)?

  4. dirt is a 50 yr. old, post-op (top only), failed trans-man who is clutching on to the label "lesbian" like it is his only saving grace.


    Let her story serve as a warning to you, dirt.

    1. I just read the story and it is completely and utterly unrelated to anything Dirt does. Did you even bother to read it? Here's just one quote: "The video shows Vosburg repeatedly punching a boy's head while another older boy is seen laying on the floor, seemingly unconscious." Gee, I haven't seen Dirt doing that to anybody, have you? The alleged cyber-bullying is apparently from this person's daughter (who is this person from another article: "The 14-year-old suspect is one of the girls who told Rebecca in online postings she should 'drink bleach and die' and should 'kill herself' because she was 'ugly'..."). Again, not something that Dirt is doing or has done. So, before you come on here with your big threats, at least take the time to make sure what you are posting is relevant.


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