True Love and Butch Appreciation

My darling wife wrote this on her blog for me today and as it relates in part to Butches I wanted to share it.

True Love

Since I just found out today on Twitter that it is apparently Butch Appreciation Week (how did I miss that??), I would be remiss if I didn’t say how much I appreciate my Butch spouse, partner, and all-around sweetiepie, Dirt.
Image 56
Before I met Dirt, I had often been called “the least romantic person in the world.”  And I guess it was true. I would roll my eyes so hard at Hallmark movies and other sappy fare that I was at-risk for a concussion. I honestly thought that all the hokey romance stuff was for suckers.
And yet.  I always felt an underlying vague wistfulness that I couldn’t pinpoint. On the treadmill, I would repeatedly watch one of my favorite movies of all time, The Princess Bride (a movie, by the way, that Dirt steadfastly refuses to watch with me, which I suppose is rather ironic), and I would snort with derision at the sappy kissing parts ~ but somehow underneath my cynicism and sarcasm, I must have wanted what that movie was basically about…true love.

And then I met Dirt. And suddenly, all the love songs ever written suddenly made sense to me.  It was like a cartoon-style proverbial lightbulb suddenly appearing over my head.  Every love cliche ever written suddenly became real.  Birds singing, blue skies…well, you get the picture.
There are so many things I could say that it would take more than a dissertation to write, so here are just a few of the many things I love and appreciate about her every day:

I love that she is the most stubborn, outspoken, opinionated person I have ever met. I love it that she is completely and unapologetically herself, regardless of the approval or disapproval of others.  I love that she is up by 6:00 a.m. and fully coherent.  I love that she loves our cats with a fierce yet mushy devotion.  I love that she can cook anything from scratch (without a recipe), and that she comes up with creative meals every day.  I love it that she realizes that she is Butch and can still love cats and cook delicious meals.  I love the way she dresses, and the way her close-shaved hair feels when I rub the back of her head.  I love that she works out every day, even when she is exhausted from work. I love that she makes me laugh so hard that my sides hurt and my mascara runs. I love that she makes up silly songs about our cat, Ari. I love how she supports me and encourages me and never makes me feel bad for being a super-klutz.

I love being in love with her, because I have learned that happiness is not just about how much you love someone, it also is about how you feel about yourself when you are with her.

Mrs Dirt

Transgender Myths-Demystified

I have ever so briefly touched on this particular Transgender study and referenced it a few other times. Due to a recent job assigned to my wife regarding the study, I've done a more thorough examination of the study as a whole. It is worth mentioning to those trying to slay the transgender dragon, one of my wife's jobs is to develop tests for national continuing education for psychology professionals. And out of the voluminous number of transgender studies glorifying the copious benefits of transition, the Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery is the study being now taught to psychologists and other mental health professionals.

The study is the long term follow up on over 300 trans males and females over a 20 year period. The study consists of both the psychological and physical results of transgender transition.

From the study:
"Transsexual individuals had been hospitalized for psychiatric morbidity other than gender identity disorder prior to sex reassignment about four times more often than controls."
Meaning, transgender patients were hospitalized for mental health issues BEFORE transition drugs/surgeries FOUR times more than the general public. Their mental health issues were NOT related to transgenderism, so transition should not have been expected to cure all that ailed them, despite the fact that we hear just that from transgender propagandists everyday.
"....survival of transsexual persons started to diverge from that of matched controls after about 10 years of follow-up."
This fully corroborates the data concluded by this blog and written about here on numerous occasions.
"The cause-specific mortality from suicide was much higher in sex-reassigned persons, compared to matched controls."
Transgender propagandists like to use the suicide card whenever they fear a red light is thrown in front of someone transitioning, regardless of age, physical health or other mental health issues. Exclaiming that IF transition isnt readily available to transgender patients, they may commit suicide. This and other studies found that the risk of suicide doesnt increase BEFORE transition, both suicide attempts and successes increases AFTER transition and the increase is significant!
"Mortality due to cardiovascular disease was moderately increased among the sex-reassigned."
While the study concluded that deaths from cardiovascular issues only moderately increased, bear in mind there are a number of cardiovascular issues that increase that affect quality of life without causing death....YET! 
 "...the numerically increased risk for malignancies was borderline statistically significant. The malignancies were lung cancer, tongue cancer, pharyngeal cancer, pancreas cancer, liver cancer, and unknown origin."
The increase in cancer in patients who've transitioned compared to controls, while less than the cardiovascular incidence, it is significant in cancer development.
"Sex-reassigned persons had a higher risk of inpatient care for a psychiatric disorder other than gender identity disorder than controls matched on birth year and birth sex. This held after adjustment for prior psychiatric morbidity"
Even after giving transgender patients an adjustment (clean slate) for their prior psychiatric history before transition, transgender patients AFTER transition still had a HIGHER incidence for psychiatric issues and hospitalization.

The study also followed up on the criminal behaviour of transgender patients both before and after transition and found:
"...regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls but not compared to males."  "This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime."
In other words, even with estrogen injections and having their testicles removed, males who transition commit the same amount of crimes as non-transgender males period! Whether they look like men is in the eye of the beholder, but regardless, they continue to behave as men criminally.
"By contrast, female-to-males had higher crime rates than female controls but did not differ from male controls. This indicates a shift to a male pattern regarding criminality and that sex reassignment is coupled to increased crime rate in female-to-males. The same was true regarding violent crime."
 Meaning females who transition (take testosterone) shift from female criminality (low) to male criminality (high). The criminal shift trans females take also includes VIOLENT crime. Again something this blog has documented and discussed, from trans females committing rape against other women, to strangling their female partners to death.

The study concludes:
"This study found substantially higher rates of overall mortality, death from cardiovascular disease and suicide, suicide attempts, and psychiatric hospitalisations in sex-reassigned transsexual individuals compared to a healthy control population. This highlights that post surgical transsexuals are a risk group that need long-term psychiatric and somatic follow-up."
 and adds that transition is
"...not sufficient to remedy the high rates of morbidity and mortality found among transsexual persons."
As more and more unhappy people are seeking transgenderism as their own personal yellow brick road, what they and we are discovering when we look beyond the curtain isnt some deep personal truth to live by, but a pile of rotting corpses emerging with each hormone shot. Unfortunately like psychiatric treatments throughout history, a salient body count is the only key to unlocking the transgender lie.


Remove Tumblr account Fuck Yeah FTM!

Join my wife in I in a Change.Org petition to begin (one at a time) removing websites that are in the same unhealthy vain of ProAna sites were in the past, to promote unhealthy female body image/issues in female youths and young women, particularly vulnerable lesbian youths.

The Tumblr account FuckYeahFTMs incites both mentally/emotionally unstable/vulnerable girls and young women (mostly lesbian) into Transgender Transition. It does so without any warnings or facts regarding dangerous drugs and irreversible surgeries involved in transition. FuckYeahFTM maintains and encourages child pornography. Underage girls/teens are encourage via "Topless" days to post pictures of their breast under the ruse of "alleviating" their "dysphoria".

Like ProAna sites taken down in years past, FuckYeahFTM preys on vulnerable female youth/children by promoting body issues in developing females, in female who may otherwise not have had them prior and in perpetuating female body issues by giving legitimacy that the female form is something females need to rid themselves of!

Remove this Tumblr account and show females of ALL ages female bodies are superior, proud and worth saving!

Sign our petition and save a lesbian youth from being swallowed up by the transgender whale. 


ReImagining Lesbian

This blog has regularly documented the increasing exodus of female homosexuals from Lesbian to the perceived greener pastures of Transgender via the TRANScontinental railroad.

In trying to cover all the avenues taken en route to Transgender, Lesbian as prime rib for male masturbation fantasy rates very high on the WHY list for lesbian youths lost to transition.

My wife just recently sought Google's help for something she was working on regarding counseling teen lesbians, and to our great disgust and consternation, this was the result from page 1:
Gross! And inappropriate. And just plain wrong, in both the moral sense of the word, as well as in the accuracy of the meaning of the word. The next few pages werent much better, where Lesbian teen wasnt associated with porn, it was subsumed into LGBT-dom  or falsified statistics on a growing number of LESBIAN teen pregnancies! Yeah right!

Lesbians are not pornified fodder for horny males to fantasize about as we do not want any part of male sexuality, and the women (girls?) included in the links above are not Lesbians. The Twitter Hashtag website, which diagrams the highest related hashtags from one source displayed these diagrams for #Lesbian and #Teenlesbians:

No wonder the word Lesbian has become an increasingly undesirable word. How many times have you heard someone overly quick to say "I'm not a Lesbian" (with the word "Lesbian" accentuated with a disgusted grimace)?  Many now prefer to use the word  Gay, Queer or even Bisexual because of the negative connotations of the word Lesbian, regardless of the inaccuracy of the terminology. When "Lesbos" was trending on Twitter recently, there were A LOT of disappointed men who quickly realized that the tweets were about the Pope and not about some pornified-pretty-long-fingernailed-girls attacking each other in a vat of Jello. Go to Twitter and search #Lesbian or #TeenLesbians or #LesbianTeens and you might be shocked at what you will find. I warn you some of the tweets that come up are HIGHLY suspect for child pornography. This wasnt always the case, and most certainly not to this extreme. 

Identity politics sprang from the backlash caused by the tiny sliver of Lesbian pride and visibility that began to peak through in the early 1990's after decades of struggle and darkness. Lesbians/dykes were suddenly in films (independent and mainstream), suddenly on the cover of mainstream magazines with runway models or posing with their legal partners and children, suddenly new lesbian magazines were at our favorite bookstores, suddenly lesbian bookstores were everywhere, suddenly Lesbian Studies was an academic discipline, suddenly we saw lesbians sporting I Fuck to Cum Not to Conceive T shirts in general public, lesbian bars were opening up in lighted areas, lesbians were coming out on TV, at the White House and featured prominently on popular TV shows. Lesbian Chic was suddenly IN! Not that we werent always cool, only now everyone knew it!

When did Lesbian become a "dirty word"?  It has always been misused and objectified by men, but we were making some minor gains up until Queer Theory reared its post modern head (or should we say modern head post?). The word Lesbian is threatening to society, because it is, and we are, by definition, exclusionary. Lesbians exclude males from our interests, sexual and otherwise. We are perceived as the greatest threat to men because they are excluded from our sexual relationships and because the women (lesbians) in our sexual relationships are sexually satisfied after. Lesbians prioritize women over men, we make our time, our bodies and our souls available to lesbians ONLY. Men are threatened by that exclusion, fearing it could trickle over into their women.

Every gain I listed above and many I didnt mention have since drastically been lost or worse co-opted/drained of all meaning and resold under the name LESBIAN! But the manufactured Lesbian package sold today is 99% plastic and 1% lesbian and that 1% is in name ONLY! But it is THIS artificial commodified lesbian that is turning away and turning off our lesbian youth. Youth that perceives more of itself in Transgender than it does in the pre-packaged-just-add-water Lesbian. There are little to no lesbian role models for lesbian youth today. Granted transgender has the hetero male backing (media, mental illness and money), but in the age of global communications we as lesbians do not need to relay on mainstream media for representation and we know already we cannot rely on it for accurate lesbian representation.


Because we have lapsed in that endeavor, at this point in time alone, there will be a SERIOUS loss of lesbians in the near future due to systematic transition. Today lesbians are being stalked for transition in our schools, on the internet, on television and film, on billboards and magazines. While this is clearly a HUGE problem, had we not dropped the softball, for all the misrepresentation and transgender thievery of our lesbian narratives, the visibility of us in each of our communities spreading out into the world wide web, the number of lesbians lost to transition would have been minimal till reason once again ruled.

As it stands now Lesbian is vulgar because it is portrayed naked on all fours with a dick in its mouth, rather than the vulgar of yesteryear because we didnt subjugate ourselves to men, the male gaze or constructed hetero norms! Whether we were dykes on bikes, hairy legs and Birkenstocks, spiked hair and Doc Martens, drum circles and dream catchers, Lipstick and heelz, Softballs or Golf balls or sir'ed in the Ladies, we were strong, we were proud and we were out!

Lesbian cannot be reclaimed without lesbian being reimagined. This cannot happen without each individual lesbian representing herself in the real. Claiming lesbian when it is safe. Refusing to dilute herself with queer or gay or trans. Putting lesbians first even when we disagree with other lesbians. Telling lesbian stories of real lesbian lives. Sharing lesbian skills learned from lesbians past with lesbian youth. Building lesbian community IN your community. In a nutshell-keeping Lesbian pure!

Dirt & Mrs. Dirt

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-A Lesbian Epidemic

Demi Age ??

Oliver Age 17

Dana Age 17

Ky Age 16

Ki Age 17

Danny Age 16

Landen Age 16

Wych Age 16

Ret Age ?? 

Documenting the transition of lesbians for eight plus years and having observed for more than fifteen, has evidenced an increase in the number of lesbians transitioning and a rapid decrease in the age in lesbian transition (or in some cases being transitioned by adult authority figures). Many lesbian youth arent coming out at lesbian before they head straight into transition and many more have never even had their first taste of lesbian puppy love. And lesbian pride doesnt even enter the picture.

These posts-Trans Trending-have systematically proven the above statements. Without these posts, even where true, I could be accused of so much hot air, rather than concrete documented fact. This is the real reason why this particular post series is so threatening, not because they
  • endanger underage girls
  • threaten violence
  • are hate filled
  • get trans females terminated from employment
  • make fun of trans females
 or any other slanderous amalgam. I have yet to see a single attack or petition for the take down of the very tumblr these posts are mined from. Out side of the nudity heads up, this tumbl is completely open to children, children to view and children to submit to, including children submitting nudity aka child porn, which IS illegal, not to mention immoral. Yet this blog documenting this trend among lesbians, without prejudice is put into question, and has even placed my physically safety at risk.

I spent some quality time on the Fuck Yeah FTM! tumblr recently and found a dozen pictures of the breasts and crotch areas of girls ages 16 and under, more if we count 17 year old girls. Fortunately ALL were in the US and I reported them to:
Perhaps if commenters truly cared about young girls being used/abused/degraded and exploited, they too would have reported Fuck Yeah FTM! for the clear distribution and promotion of child pornography. I did.


A Radical Feminist Equation (- Feminism+Psychosis=Stasis)

...And you sit there and talk revolution
but can you tell me just who's in command?
when you tell me the forces we are fighting
then I'll gladly join and make plans
but for now only our t-shirts cry freedom
and our voices are gagged by our greed
our minds are harnessed by knowledge
by the hill and the will to succeed
and if that's not what you believe
would you just let me know I'm not standing alone
that I'm not just a voice in the crowd...

From Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors by Fish

These lyrics were written in the late 1980's but they could easily apply to the current state of feminism, particularly the sect calling itself Radical Feminism, aka RadFem. Sadly the only revolution existing among RadFems consists of idle chatter, tweets, FB shares and some kindergarten arts and crafts even. There is also at any given time a discrepancy regarding who exactly they’re fighting: men, men claiming to be women, men who haven’t had SRS, men who have, women claiming to be men, women who “look” like men, women who “act” like men, the rich, the poor, whites, non white, academics, non academics, feminists, non feminist, lesbians, non lesbians, prostitutes, men who pick up prostitutes, sex slavery, the porn industry…an endless list. And that’s not to say that there isn’t an overwhelming list of issues that feminists/RadFems need to address, there is. But instead of agreeing on a single issue and tackling that issue till it no longer is a threat like some of former suffragettes/feminists of yesteryear, current RadFems are busy at work retweeting and FB sharing articles with each other, along with copious pats on the back for doing so. Meanwhile the only women privy to RadFem tweets and FB shares are the small few who are on each others private lists. The women who truly NEED feminist news, particularly feminist interventions, remain on the outside. For they are either too poor, too black, too non English speaking, too uneducated, too busy selling their bodies to feed their children, too, too, too. RadFems however aren't interested in too's.

RadFems covet, then monkey see/monkey do Dworkinesque hypocrisies of; ignore mental health troubles, child speak, narcissism, classism, racism, lezbophobia, male hatred, two facedness, misogyny etc. Women (straightbians) claiming lesbian asylum for political reasons. Women working with Trans male clients from 9 to 5 while in their spare time demanding “twanz-women” stay out of women’s spaces. Women making exceptions for Trans males who have had their “penis” mutilated. Women more invested in getting laid than in making the world a better place for females in the future. Women with slews of mental diagnosis made from the very male medical machine that is now transitioning children in order to eradicate homosexuals, in short, women incapable of revolutionary thought or action alike. It is these motley crew who are supposed to be some of today’s leading feminists, but you wont find a radical or feminist between the lot of them. But you might find them among the Radical Feminists of yore, like:

Shulamith Firestone, whom you might remember for writing The Dialectic of Sex. Firestone a RadFem darling and believed RadFem ground breaker. What Firestone did manage to write before psychosis dominated her mind was as much indebted to French feminism as her strange futuristic notions of sex and child birth were hijacked from male authored dystopian novels such as (Zamyatin's We, Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World). What I find most striking about Ms. Firestone was her mental illness, which seems to be a necessary component (glue?) of past and current RadFems. Shulamith was hospitalized at various times for "schizophrenia" whereby she later became a total recluse. As a female and as a feminist I have to be suspect of her diagnosis, but regardless, she obviously had or developed serious mental issues. And it is these mental issues that seem to be, as they were for Firestone herself, the driving force and cornerstone for Radical Feminism as we know it still.

The she-can-do-no-wrong queen bee of Radical Feminism, Straightbian Andrea Dworkin  (whom died on this day April 9th) was the walking billboard for mental illness. She claims (and I believe her) that she was molested as a girl of 10. This could have lead to her being grossly overweight/unkempt in effort to remove herself from any male gaze. Her attempt didnt work and she later married for a second time ("I love John with my heart and soul"). Her first husband, according to Dworkin, was violent/abusive and like her prostitution, lesbianism and (conveniently timed-promoting new book) rape in a Paris hotel-where proof could have existed, there exists none. Like so many Straightbians before and after her, rather than seek help and confront the gulf within her fractured psyche, she in hereto-privileged fashion declared herself a lesbian, reinforcing lesbianism as choice (all lesbians need is the right dick). RadFem warrior Dworkin built her platform from horrors and struggles (prostitution/lesbianism/rape/death threats/domestic violence) experienced by OTHER women and narcissistically claimed them as her own! It is one thing to use women's collective adversity to make important collective points or aid in passing laws benefiting women, it is quite another to flat out lie, giving rise to your own individual ego and pay check alike.

Another Radfem sweetie (born today April 9) is Valerie ("I'm no lesbian") Solanas, known as much for shooting Andy Warhol and others (to make her famous where her talents failed) as for her psychotic  SCUM Manifesto. Solanas, like Firestone was a paranoid schizophrenic and like Dworkin she also had a history of molestation. Solanas like Dworkin and Firestone claimed, she too was a lesbian although she had regular romantic/sexual relationships with men.

Past RadFems like many RadFems today are defined by their
  • deep hatred of men
  • actively seeking out individual men for attack (deserved and not deserved)
  • co-option of lesbian for personal gain
  • multiple mental illnesses-diagnosed and undiagnosed
  • Thorough lack of coping skills
While misogyny and the male power systems which support misogyny can be held accountable for some of the feeble architecture of Radical Feminism, like the RadFem trinity (Firestone/Dworkin/Solanas), most women claiming RadFem today are so collectively spiritually/mentally bankrupt even their seething hatred of men cannot unite them in a common cause. One wrong tweet or clumsy FB comment can put an interrogation spotlight on another RadFem where RadFems collectively hungrily await the verdict to tear the woman to shreds. Like Trans (you're with us or you're transphobic) Ideology, Radical Feminism isnt a place where women can freely discuss feminist issues. RadFem critique (no matter its accuracy) is swiftly labeled victim blaming, misogynist or flat out stupid. Either way, those doing the critiquing are dismissed or worst, silenced. There is nothing radical or feminist about this approach to women's issues, there is also nothing period. Radical Feminism was born in the domestic sphere, a vacuum. RadFems today may have replaced their 1970's Hoover with a high tech Dyson, but their ideas are still swirling around a dust filled container.

Straightbians You May Know

In continued effort to clarify misinterpretations regarding the recent Straightbian posts, my wife and I comprised a SMALL list of well known Straightbians. Hoping that by putting a face on Straightbian, dykes can better steer clear of them and Straightbians can see themselves in a mirror that does not have FUN written in front of it.
  1. Anne (Call me Crazy) Heche: Minor actress who bamboozled famous lesbian comedian Ellen DeGeneres. Heche went from men men men to Ellen and back to men men where she resides today. Typical Straightbian Quotes by Anne: "I felt cared for … I felt free to express a part of me that I had not been able to express with a man."......"You fall in love with a person, not a sex.".....We do not fall in love with the package of the person, we fall in love with the inside of a person.”
  2. Cynthia (Gay is a Choice) Nixon: Minor actress, forgotten in her many small parts, remembered for her part in Sex and the City-the heterotastic HBO show. Typical Straightbian Quotes by Nixon: "What I Have 'chosen' Is To Be In A Gay Relationship."...."I Don't Define Myself. I'm Just A Woman In Love With Another Woman."...."I believe we all have different ways we came to the gay community and we can't and shouldn't be pigeon-holed into one cultural narrative which can be uninclusive and disempowering."
  3. Julie (I'm just not Gay) Cypher: Cypher is only known for partnering with well known film/music stars. Most well known was her marriage to Lou Diamond Phillips whereby she cheated on him to snag lesbian musician Melissa Etheridge, whom she later pulled an Anne Heche on, saying: "I've tried and I've tried these last couple (12) years, and I'm just not gay".
  4. Judy (palimony) Nelson: Nelson is known solely for her relationship with tennis star Martina (love 'em and lock 'em out) Navratilova and Martina's ex Rita Mae (Trans? Rubyfruit Jungle) Brown. In perfect Straightbian lingo Judy has said "kissing a woman is the same as kissing a man" and after the Martina/Rita years she has went on to date both women and men. 
  5. JoAnn (I co-opted Femme and $old thousands of books to dykes) Loulan: Loulan came onto the lesbian scene primarily through her books like-The Lesbian Erotic Dance: Butch, Femme, Androgyny, and Other Rhythms...Lesbian Passion: Loving Ourselves and Each Other....Lesbian Sex. Loulan, a psychotherapist co-opted/usurped and dicktated Straitbianism UNDER the guise of lesbian. Loulan appeared on tv shows like Oprah, Geraldo, Donahue, 20/20 as a LESBIAN expert rather than the lesbian imposter/charlatan/fraud that she was. Loulan, like many Straightbians gave the general public HER HETEROSEXUAL interpretation of lesbian, further painting lesbian as real into a darker corner. Written like a true Straightbian:
  6. Amber (I stole attention/resources from REAL lesbians at the 25th Anniversary GLAAD Awards) Heard: Minor actress currently married to Johnny Depp who said previously that "GLAAD is one of the many reasons that I, as a 24-year-old, can come out". Hmmm is coming out as STRAIGHT a thing now that requires gay and lesbian financial support?
  7. Lindsay (I kissed a girl DJ) Lohan: Train wreck child actress who likes the male/media pornofied attention she's receives from kissing girls but says "I know I’m straight. I have made out with girls before, and I had a relationship with a girl. But I think I needed to experience that and I think I was looking for something different."
  8. Alice (Telling Stories) Walker: American novelist who when she hit 50 had her first lesbian relationship (gag) by having a ménage à trois between her, her then husband and another female. This followed a few other sexual encounters with women then it was back to men where Walker has remained. Lesbianism for Walker was just like the love she has for her daughter- A CHOICE! 
  9. Loree (killHER) Cook-Daniels: Loree is the epitome of the most dangerous Straightbians of all. Unhappy with hetero-domesticity, Loree hitched a ride on the radical feminist bandwagon where she made the CHOICE to be a LESBIAN-feminist. She partnered with a insecure dyke whom she supported right into transitioning to a man. Her partner, now called Marcelle-could not adjust to transition and later committed suicide. Loree's work has and continues to focus on transgender (she has a penchant for female eunuchs-looks like a man but much easier to boss around) and she comforts herself regarding her lesbianism by saying "many (lesbian) partners discover they actually have a preference for FTMs". Sorry Loree, you're confusing STRAIGHTBIANS with dykes! 
  10. Amber (lesbian sex radical, ex-hooker, incest survivor, gypsy child, poor-white-trash, high femme dyke-her description not mine) Hollibaugh: Amber is known to lesbians because her distaste for dick lead her to be an expert on Butch/Femme relationships. I know-I fail to see a connection too. Amber rather than deal with her abusive background with males, used her hetero-hierarchy to default to lesbian, write/publish and in Straightbian fashion, teach as a lesbian and DICKtate lesbian TO lesbians!
This is a minute variety sample of the GREAT number of Straightbians past and present who have wreaked havoc directly on lesbians, the lesbian community, lesbian spaces and maybe MOST importantly the INCORRECT notion of what a lesbian is and the legitimacy of REAL lesbians who have no CHOICE in who we are/who we're sexually/emotionally and spiritually compelled toward.


The dirt From Dirt & the Right of FREE Speech

Trans Trending posts often generate a great deal of emotions from readers:
  • Fear from readers worried about lesbian youth falling prey to the transgender cult.
  • Concern for the health of Trans Trenders.
  • Anger at the Trans Politic and social media mesmerizing lesbian youth with false promises
  • Vitriol from Trans Political media spinners.
  • Seething fear and hatred from Trans Trenders themselves, those featured here, those not and those who wished they were.
The greatest ire stems from the legal use of PUBLIC photos (ALWAYS) accompanied by proper links crediting the user for the purpose of documenting a weekly sample of Who is Transitioning, thereby educating readers on the rise of lesbian transition and the decrease in ages of lesbians being transitioned. As a result, the life of this blog and my own life are routinely threatened, this is just the latest death threat to The dirt From Dirt AND LAWFUL FREE SPEECH ('the U.S. Supreme Court declared that the First Amendment protects open and robust debate on public issues, even when such debate' are "vehement, caustic, unpleasantly sharp")
Another Change.Org petition was created today to counter the above 1st Rights Amendment abuses. From the petition I support The Dirt's blog:

  • It is scary that The Dirt's free speech is threatened by take down of her blog by Google.  There is a change dot org petition demanding that action. This petition counters with a demand to Google to KEEP The Dirt's blog posted and support her free speech.
Whether or not you support this blog, if you support FREE Speech, sign petition here.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-A Blueprint for Transmen

Loretta Age 20

Alex-Lee Age 19

Evan Age 16

John Age 19

Jude Age 22

Felix Age 18

Mar Age 16

Kris Age 20

Reu Age 16

Carson Age 16

Aiden Age 23

Anth Age 17

Chris Age 16

Andy Age 22

Max Age 18

Trae Age 17

Kristian Age 16

GTF Age 15

Since I've been a tad remiss with documenting Who is Transitioning posts due to other endeavors, I've doubled up in this post.

I've recently received these unpublished comments on an older post which reveals some of the simplistic Gender Straight Jacketed thinking coming from Trans Trenders:
The commenter is so ensnared within constructed social roles, she tries to pit a trans female's maleness (which she as a biological woman doesnt possess) hierarchically (she's more of a MAN than you) over mine (which I as a biological woman do not-nor would I want to-possess). She clearly has no understanding or knowledge of lesbians or how lesbians function inside/outside patriarchy as different kinds of women.

She doesnt bother to read-pause-comprehend the post she commented on, anymore than bothering to look (even skim) other posts (there are numerous along with comments) to realize I'm married to Dr A.

And she makes mention multiple times in the these two short comments to me; joblessness, homelessness, relationshipless, spending inordinate amounts of time looking/masturbating to online porn and sex with MEN! Transference much? Characteristics can be found in the singular, combination or the entirety in countless trans females past, present and what many in this post as well, will be subject to in future. 

In short, the commenter's remarks are a blueprint for ALL lesbian (and hetero female) transitions. Transition falsely promises (along with trans females themselves) strength, fearlessness, power, virility and all around success. Instead, trans female fears are magnified, paranoia swirls throughout familial/social/employment situations, despite growing muscle they lack power and an uncomfortable dramatic increase in their sex drive alters sexual attraction, reason and all former morals.

NO trans female is MORE of a man than I am, because we're ALL women. But only ONE of us has the strength, the courage and the power to live proudly as one.


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...