No Longer Doing Woman Different-No Longer Doing Woman: Skyler Cooper

It is with great sadness and sorrow that I bring you this news, one of the few known Butches among us, Skyler Cooper is no more.
Skyler has succumbed to the dis/ease currently plaguing our lesbian youth (and a few oldies) world wide, transgenderism. Skyler said in a past interview regarding acting and being different "I had one bad experience that almost turned me away from theater altogether. My first theater coach said to me, 'You know you're going to have to not work out; you're going to have to change your body. You're a little too muscular to do this work.' Because I was old enough and wise enough when I started [acting classes], I knew I should stop seeing her. She was trying to tell me I can't be who I am." Skylar went on to say "If I'm going to do theater, I need to be who I am to see if I even love the craft. If the craft won't let me express myself and bring me and my talent to it, why would I want it in my life? I love this quote from [Russian actor] Stanislavsky: 'Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.'"

Whatever former commitment, confidence, integrity and character Skylar had in the past, it has been worn down to a thin nub. As a Butch myself I can certainly appreciate the frustrations Skylar has suffered in the tv/film industry. Having never seen a Butch lesbian in a major film, tv show, billboard or magazine would only be magnified as a Butch struggling to be the first. Even Skylar's Shakespearean regard for acting; an actor-is an actor-is an actor and no part is off limit regardless of sex/race or religion, has opened no doors for her.

It had to chap Skyler's hide, seeing the tidal wave of transgender films, tv and reality shows, flash-in-the-pan seeming successes of geriatric athlete/actors like Bruce Jenner performing porno parodies of constructed (social/medical/surgical) femininity, including murder while breezing down the highway, wind in his hair, singing along to Lady Gaga whilst putting on much too much mascara (eyes on the vanity mirror rather than the road) yet still achieving woMAN of the year and a reality hit show to boot.

Skyler once said "It's hot when a woman is strong — and not imitating a male." Somewhere Cooper stopped believing what she said.
"If I'm doing good work as an African-American butch woman, my peer group is going to see that, and it will bring credibility to a group of people who are often invisible."

Skyler Cooper Butch Lesbian, died recently. She has been replaced with a synthetically constructed prop, Hollywood style. But like all stage props, it is the actors who are remembered, not the gun they wield in their hand, the chair they sit their bum on or the bedspread ripped off and thrown onto the floor for a Lifetime love scene. Props arent invisible, but they are unremembered.

RIP Sklyer Butch Lesbian Woman Cooper



  1. People just keep buying into the bullshit.

    By the way, you're totally right Dirt, this is a huge, popular trend. Given that I can't say I'm surprised, really. 99% of people in the world are passengers in a plane, and the 1% are driving. Do you really hold high expectations of critical analysis and perseverance among the public? Trans is the "in" thing now, and now that it's become accepted, given that gender is still in place and doesn't seem to be going anywhere, of course people are cracking under the pressure.

    The only reason I don't is that basic biology isn't going anywhere, and I can't imagine being enough of a braindead fool to think otherwise.

  2. This is so sad about Skyler Cooper. Tragic even. She was perfect as she was. The previous commenter said it well.


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