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Dakota Age 15

Eden Age 16

Danny Age 14

Griff Age 17

Jac Age 16

Nath Age 17

JV Age 17

Eve Age 13

Luke Age 16



  1. What on earth are you trying to achieve by posting pictures of people on the internet alongside holocaust themed pictures? This is sickening. All of these kids are under 18, how dare you risk expsosing them to hatred and violence just to get your silly, misinformed point across. You seem to want to fight cis white men, the controllers of this world. But in the meanwhile, you're putting the lives of innocent children in danger, and hurting their feelings tremendously if they happen to see this post. You are disgusting.

    1. Hurting their feelings, perhaps. Endangering them? No. If they are "in danger", as you say, it is only because they put themselves out there publicly. Enough with the drama.

    2. Yes, danger. It's taking a link out of context from what you'd call a 'safe space' and pushing it out on a pedestal. I'd imagine that Dirt, as a butch lesbian woman, would appreciate that plenty of parents are too 'godly(?)' for any part of the lgbt spectrum, and would not hesitate to throw out their kid, whether they are gay, lesbian, bi, trans... I'd liken it to someone making a grindr account, just to look for people who's details to publish on the open web. I'd liken it to also to those sick, sick websites where straight ''bro'' dudes find nudes on the internet, look for the girls details and actively use it to ruin the girls life- its unecessary, its harmful and its CREEPY!. But Hey, its all there online, so its all justified right?(s/)

  2. Wowwww looking at this website it seems that someone needs to read this

    1. Yeah, 'cause Wikipedia is the ultimate guide to everything! (*Sarcasm*).

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  4. You people are pathetic, leave us alone, and stop trying to put us in danger. Do something useful with your life.. (:

  5. Lynn, I usually agree with you and your goals 100%. But I am Jewish; I had family who survived Birkenau.

    Your comparison of these young women to...what? Holocaust survivors? Nazis? Is both extraordinarily inappropriate and deeply inaccurate.

    Only the Shoah is like the Shoah. It was unique (GD willing) in all of human history. To compare it to anything cheapens it.

    Are you in a camp, Lynn? Have you eaten, slept comfortably, bathed? Have you watched anyone get shot today? Are you hiding, afraid of being killed for speaking publicly against this?

    I notice you've never compared the transgender machine to the Armenian Genocide, or the Trail of Tears, or the Khmer Rouge, or ever (and I think this might actually be accurate!) the child soldiers forced to kill and rape and die in Africa.

    This is not a fucking Holocaust. Find another comparison. Stop using the suffering of the Jewish people to further completely unrelated political goals.

    1. The very same German eugenics that murdered thousands of gays and lesbians during the holocaust are murdering gays and lesbians today. There is a DIRECT line/link between the two, including using hetero patriarchal prejudices/propagandizing gay/lesbian narratives/reframing bias/draining/refilling-redefining certain vernacular/systemic changes in laws/policies/systemic hunting down who is displaying gay/lesbian (trans) signs/heightening public alertness to gay/lesbian behaviour through propaganda for the better "good"/including those closest to us like parents, family, teachers, doctors.

      So I am not comparing, I'm full stop LINKING. The holocaust didnt suddenly end in 1945 and those deemed vermin then are still at risk of extermination today.


  6. I second this comment. dirt, your comments are completely off-base, as usual

  7. Not even Dr. Mengele cut off the healthy breasts of 15 and 16 year old girls and surgically trimmed down their areolas and nipples. There are surgeons who do "top surgery" on teenage girls.

    I don't think Dr. Mengele would screw holes in a woman's pelvis, scoop out the soft tissue above the pubic bone, and attack some horrid device that is supposed to represent a penis. This is ghastly.

    From the WPATH World Professional Transgender Health Symposium, Bangkok, 2014:

    Gennaro Selvaggi, MD, PhD, MSc, FRCS, Rickard Branemark, MD, PhD, MSc, Anna

    Elander, Joacim Stalfors, MD, PhD.

    Pre­operative planning and titanium implant fixation for “bone­anchored penile epithesis”.

    Did Dr. Mengele intentionally sterilize healthy children? Children are being sterilized with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones.

    Did Dr. Mengele mutilate the genitals of gay men and lesbians? Credible sources say that gay men and lesbians in Iran are coerced into sex reassignment surgery. It has been going on for years. Iran pays for sex reassignment surgery, yet it executes homosexuals. This is gay and lesbian eugenics.

    Botched "top surgery" can end up looking like something that Dr. Mengele's would cook up.

    If the nipple falls off, throw it in the garbage...

    “On Oct 31st, 2013 Damien Leggett 34, was given a bilateral mastectomy performed at Pan Am Clinic in Winnipeg. The drains were removed Nov 4th. Damien should have been on the road to recovery within two weeks but within a week of the surgery it was very clear something was not right.

    On Nov 10 he was admitted to St Boniface Hospital but transferred to Health Sciences Centre where he had an ultrasound and fluid was drained. This happened several times.

    Damien’s condition deteriorated at home to the point that I called an ambulance as he had a high fever. His teeth were chattering and he was barely lucid. Early in the morn of Nov 17th he was admitted to HSC after the paramedics took a temp at his home of 39.5. He was very ill.

    Damien was admitted with a postsurgical infection. By this time one of Damien’s nipples was necrotic and black but we were told it was “fine”.

    Nearly five week after surgery Dec 4 at 12:30 in the afternoon Damien went to HSC emergency with his nipple hanging off pouring fluid, with redness, painful swelling, and abscesses. He was generally unwell and profoundly depressed.

    After almost eight hours Damien asked a surgical resident what to do about the fact that the nipple his surgeon said was “fine” two weeks before was literally hanging off. The resident said not to worry – that people walk around with necrotic toes all the time. Damien said he was traumatized by the idea of his nipple falling off in his hand and the resident said that if it happened, he could just “throw it in the garbage.”

    From an online fundraiser here:–2

  8. @Anonymous February 29, 2016 at 8:57 AM

    Anyone who has studied history knows that Jewish people weren't the only ones to die at the hands of the Nazis. It's a historical fact that Hitler went after the undesirables (disabled people, homosexuals, etc. )before he carried out his barbaric policies on the Jews. Homosexuals and gypsies also were in the concentration camps.

    Action T4 (German: Aktion T4, pronounced [akˈtsi̯oːn teː fiːɐ]) was the postwar designation for a program of forced euthanasia in wartime Nazi Germany. The name T4 is an abbreviation of Tiergartenstraße, a street address of the Chancellery department set up in spring 1940 in the Berlin borough of Tiergarten, which recruited and paid personnel associated with T4. Under the program German physicians were directed to sign off patients "incurably sick, by critical medical examination" and then administer to them a "mercy death" (German: Gnadentod. The programme ran officially from September 1939[9] to August 1941, during which the recorded 70,273 people were killed at various extermination centres located at psychiatric hospitals in Germany and Austria.

  9. THIS IS SO UPSETTING. Dirt, please stop what you are doing. It is one thing to have your own thoughts and opinions about the lives of others, but this is taking it way too far. These are KIDS. Leave them alone.

    1. Why would I stop reporting the harm that is being done to lesbian youth?



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