NASP and Janet Mock-Selling Transgender to School Psychologists

NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) recently had its annual conference for school psychologists. This conference is a BIG to-do for school psychologists in the US, where school psychologists get to hobnob with experts in their field, socialize with peers and get credit for CPD (Continuing Professional Development). It is also a HUGE money maker for NASP (they even include on their website a form letter School Psychologists can use to get their boss to allow them to attend).

Every year, NASP has a keynote speaker beginning each years conference, this year the keynote speaker was Janet Mock, a self hating gay man-turned transgender-turned People magazine staff editor and pop culture enthusiast. The current NASP president,
gay male Todd Savage was behind garnering Mock for their keynote speaker. Like men in general, gay men too get behind each other.
There are multi-layered issues with why Mock was chosen as NASP's keynote speaker; issues affecting gay and lesbian school age children, issues affecting/enforcing strict gender codes outlined for women, even issues for males who transition, particularly autogynephiles. 

I'll begin unpacking these issues by first looking at Mock's academic and professional credentials for school psychology. Lets look at his resume via Linkedin :
In plain english, Mock has ZERO credentials pertaining to school psychology and little pertaining to much else, so why would NASP choose him as their keynote speaker? Could it be that NASP wanted to center on (selling) transgenderism in schools and was so hard up they reached out to a mere pedestrian solely because he's trans? Was there no leading well known transgender school psychologists who was successful and spoke well?

Why yes there was and he also happened to be at NASP 2016 conference AND even presented a handout there: John McDonald aka Jill Davidson. Lets give a look at John/Jill's Linkedin:
John/Jill even made school psychologist of the year in 1999! John/Jill is more than qualified AND presently works as a school psychologist AND is transgendered! So why would Janet Mock (NO credentials) be used as a keynote speaker on transgenderism for a convention for school psychologists over a well known, well published, well respected school psychologist who happens to be transgendered himself?

NASP is clearly trying to sell transgenderism to school psychologists and needed the right narrative and package with which to do so. This is both frightening (Mock's homosexual narrative is the narrative of millions of gay/lesbian youths) and sexist (Mock wears woman better (woman as fuckable OBJECT per the male gaze) than John/Jill).

Janet Mock's story is the story of many gay men everywhere and forever: preferred toys/clothes more associated with girls, preferred girls to boys as playmates and was so effeminate his own father questioned him at age eight if he was gay. That narrative, the queenie gay boy narrative has been used by psychologists/sexologists for nearly two centuries to brand homosexual males as deviant/abnormal and sick per the same Diagnostic Standards NASP used to help school officials ferret out homosexuals in schools and is now being used once again to identify, pressure and push homosexuals into transition!

And MOCK, a flamer faggot who cannot see past his own self hatred and pathological internalized homophobia is lending his HOMOSEXUAL narrative (a narrative shared by millions) and his natural gay effeminacy to ensure school psychologists are identifying the problem (obvious gay/lesbian youths) and assigning them as transgender ASAP.

While John/Jill is clearly more qualified to have been the keynote speaker on transgenderism, his narrative doesnt fit and frankly and I mean this with no disrespect toward John/Jill, he isnt attractive, he doesnt pass and he isnt effeminate.
John/Jill is the classic masculine married with children secret cross dressing autogynephile who comes out late in life as transgender in order to up the masturbatory highs that waxed and waned after middle age. Outside of getting turned on from wearing women's clothing, John/Jill was/is a regular dude and all the faux estrogen in the world isnt going to change that. NASP couldnt use John/Jill to sell their transgender children product to school psychologists because even if they could lie about the contents of their product, they couldnt change the unattractive packaging!!! Psychologist's skills are routinely used by advertising agencies on how to better market products to the public, NASP simply kept their skills in-house this time.

How better to sell a product even if its shit? Wrap it in something the general public will find pleasing to the eye. If we dont look too close at Mock, notice his faggoty gestures or listen too close to his faggy nuanced voice-like RuPaul in drag-he passes. Psychologists can feel assured they arent conversioning gay/lesbian youth and rest assure parents they can REDEFINE their gay or lesbian child through transition without them looking like freaks.



  1. It is obvious, & sickening, that NASP has an agenda to push the trans agenda to every school psychologist in the nation.

  2. So, here is the substance of the NASP position statement - I'd like to know what you would like changed:

    "The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) supports efforts to ensure that schools are safe and inclusive learning environments for all students, family members, and school staff, including those who are transgender or gender diverse. NASP respects a person's right to express gender identity, and the right to modify gender expression when necessary for individual well-being. In addition, NASP supports all students' right to explore and question their gender identity. NASP is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and the promotion of equal opportunity, fairness, justice, and respect for all persons (NASP, 2012).

    "NASP acknowledges that neither having a transgender identity nor being perceived as gender diverse is a disorder, and that efforts to change a person's gender identity are ineffective, harmful, and discriminatory. NASP works to ensure that settings in which school psychologists work are safe and welcoming and provide equal opportunity to all persons regardless of actual or perceived characteristics, including gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and any other personal identity or distinguishing characteristics"

  3. I believe you mean, "Why did NASP choose HER?" It's not that hard to use correct pronouns when disrespecting someone.


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