Binary and Non Binary-Explained with the Scientific use of Common Sense

The latest lingual victims in the Trans Politics war on biological nomenclature is binary and non-binary. These terms have been thrown around lately with such frequency and force, like a child's teddy, their stuffing is falling out (not-so-coincidentally) in concert with the heads of most volleying them.

Somewhere between the Gender Straight Jacket and the corner store common sense got lost. With a little help from Mr Nazi Bastard himself-Hitler, lets see if we can restore some nous (sense).

First off, what the hell is binary anyways? Using common sense, if we break the word down BInary, it surely must have something to do with BI (two):
Okay, it has to do with two. Got it. But then what in sam hell does that have to do with people? Well humans in the majority can be simplistically divided into two categories: Male and Female. There is a minority category obviously for intersex humans-(those whose chromosomes are not neatly XX-female or XY-male). Intersex are often rudely and conveniently used by trans politicians and trans apologists as red herrings to deflect common sense biological realities when arguing. We will not do that here. So back to reality-binary-while a term created/used for numeral systems, when used in reference to humans, simply means male/female.

Makes perfect sense now-BInary equals two of something, so if we are talking about the sexes, binary would apply to the two sexes-male and female(not necessarily in that order).

Okay I understand binary has to do with the number two, so does non-binary means zero or one or ten million and one? I'm confused.  

Non-Binary isnt actually a real term with a real historical/scientific definition/significance. That being said, using our common sense, using the knowledge we just gleaned about binary above, lets see exactly what non means (beyond the learned notions we already possess).
Okay, so non actually doesnt means anything beyond what we already know about the prefix. Noncontagious would means something that is NOT contagious or nonconformist meaning someone who does NOT conform etc. Okay, I got that. But how would that relate to binary sex? It actually doesnt, at least not in any intelligent or even common sense manner. Logistically, if speaking of humans, non binary would mean someone who is NOT male or female. The only humans who are not male or female are intersex of course. Right! I see! So then when someone says so-and-so is non binary, they mean that so-and-so is intersexed! Well, no. Huh?

Via the Gender Straight Jacket-the system that uses out dated conditioned sexist ill-equipped notions behaviours beliefs religions etc to delegate life limits probabilities responses and moreover possibilities to the sexes (particularly females). Non binary is being used to say if Girl A enjoys wearing the pink blouse her parents put on her, Girl A is binary. If Girl B refuses to wear the pink blouse her parents bought for her and instead chooses to want/wear a blue blouse, Girl B is non binary. Wait a minute, Girl A is a girl (one of the two sexes-female and male) and Girl B is also a girl (one of the two sexes-female and male), then arent BOTH girls binary? Of course they are, because girl/female isnt about what females like, dislike or do, binary strictly is in reference to sex-in both of these cases, the sex is female.

Let me see if I understand then. A man who is a swishy-swashy-queenie gay hairdresser is as binary as a musclebound macho-head footballer because both are male and binary is strictly what sex people ARE not what people DO in the sex that they are? Right? Correct. 

I'm still confused a little about how and why non binary is being used then. There seems no logical reason for it since binary covers everyone in the entire world except intersex and for intersex we have intersex. Can you explain non binary usage more? Sure. As I showed in the Girl A and B example, non binary is being attributed to any male or female who does not perform their sex in accordance with established rules deemed appropriate for their sex. That can be something as major as a female who's a lesbian (still considered unnatural/abnormal) to a male youth who takes an avid interest in cooking or sewing (considered women's work). Non binary could/would be ascribed to both scenarios by anyone who buys into social roles/rules based on doing, rather than being in the current transgender universe dominating popular thought. 

What transgender politicos/trans apologists are trying to do is strip binary sex (male/female) of meaning by using established sexist norms ascribed to the binary (male/female) while destabilizing the binary. If the norm was say, females using make up or wearing dresses, then a male puts on make up and wears a dress, by destabilizing the binary (biological sex categories male/female) with non binary then any male who contorts/fetishizes/conforms to sexist stereotypes of female would then be considered female himself, because he is correctly doing/performing female. Umm wait a sec. You are saying that if a male performs male differently than ascribed stereotypes for men, he would be considered non binary (not male or female). So when his non binary-ness is associated with things generally or exclusively associated with female (binary) without a binary (male/female), as long as he can successfully DO/perform the now destabilized female he can re-brand himself female (binary) through non binary means? YES! and NO! Why no? Might be better to show you for further clarity:

Nude male (male binary)
Nude male ( male binary)
Male wearing something frilly ( male binary)
Mutilated male genitals unsuccessfully refashioned to appear somewhere in the universe of female genitals (male binary)
Thank you thank you thank you! I totally get it now. A guy (the male part of the binary) can DO anything he wants-jump rope, watch sports, paint his nails, bar fight with a buddy, get breast implants, lift weights or reconstruct is cock and balls and he still remains securely male (binary)! EXACTLY! See, it isnt rocket science after all, merely good old fashioned common sense. So now whenever you see non binary used and the subject has nothing to do with intersex (and it never does), you'll know its either trans politicos hard at work eradicating common sense for their own sick self gains, idiots with no common sense or those not using their common sense. 

dirt-a binary female


  1. Finally, someone with some common sense and knowledge of what words actually mean.

    1. Clearly you are as idiotic as dirt. Her first sentence is incomprehensible. Learn the difference between lingual and linguistic, you bumbling lesbian fool!

  2. 'That's a great deal to make one word mean,' Alice said in a thoughtful tone.
    'When I make a word do a lot of work like that,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'I always pay it extra.'
    'Oh!' said Alice. She was too much puzzled to make any other remark.

    I googled "non-binary", imagining it must have some legitimate meaning outside the looking-glass world of trans, but (unless you're a hardcore computer programmer) apparently not.

    Thanks for this piece. Dirt at her logical best.

  3. Binary is a system with two possible positions. A switch that can be on or off. So a non-binary system can have less than 2 or more than 2 positions.

    1. Yes, a binary system does have 2 possible positions, as Dirt said: male or female, in this case.

    2. I am in total agreement. The phraseology is just very familiar to me (binary system) and I think it is simple. The shade that trans try to sneak in under, intersex, which is a legitimate abnormality, is not a legitimate pass. I do feel for intersexed people but that in no way relates to people with one healthy set of genitals and run-away, porn-fueled 'feels'.
      I didn't mean to sound corrective. I am just saddled with the reality of having a natural born healthy female reproductive system but a brain that makes me sound like math-geeky man aka as a normal human female. I hope that is clear even though I can lack in the awareness of nuance that most females seem to better skilled at. I did not mean to offend.

  4. This entire post of course assumes that human sex is binary to begin with (which it isn't) and we humans are little more than two dimensional cut-outs defined only by our genetic makeup (which we aren't).

    As scientists delve deeper and deeper into what makes us who and what we are, we're finding that nothing about humans (or nature in general) is nearly so simplistic as dirt's rhetoric on the subject.

    1. Just passing through, Katherine despite what poorly understood authors writing interesting but again misinterpreted articles about scientific discoveries would have you believe, scientists have no misunderstanding about what defines sex.

      Sex relates to the ability of an organism to produce a certain type of gamete. Female refers to having the potential to produce ova, male to spermatozoa. This is well understood as a classification of organisms within a species. Fertility is not a requirement which is why worker ants are still considered female ants despite the fact that they cannot lay eggs.

      What most of these studies are questioning is HOW sex develops. WHICH pathways are required to differentiate organs into one reproductive set or the other. There was some exaggerated "wow ground breaking!" response about how switching a gene off could cause the ovaries or testis to behave like the other organ. Whelp in case you didn't know, you also need maintenance genes to keep almost all of your cells differentiated in your body. Turn a gene off and they may behave like a cell of a different organ. It's really not considered groundbreaking in any kind of biological way. This is standard cell differentiation behavior.

      Also on many levels we are defined by our genetic makeup because these are the physical limits of our cells. A cell can only produce a protein that it "knows" the "recipe" for. The thing is, a variety of different genes can be activated or deactivated for any reason at any time. This gives us a wide ability to adapt and adjust to an unpredictable world.

      Also fun fact, the requirement for ova or sperm production as far as humans go, appear to be the appropriate genetic conditions in the gonads (this is why that majority XY female was able to develop and reproduce as a female. This is also why you can produce a sperm from an XY skin sample even from a CAIS individual but not from an XX individual). Either way I hope this has been informative. Have a good night and take care!


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