YouTube Transgender Hate Speech & the End of Free Speech

I wrote a piece last week on how Eugenics theories sprang from academia and grew into the genocidal beast still killing today all those labeled/diagnosed or self identifying as different and how that difference is proliferating not out of acceptance of difference, BUT out of identifying difference for Eugenics purposes. I went on to record a YouTube video of myself reading the piece, see video on the right which has now been recorded elsewhere.

Friday I received this email from Youtube:
My video was REMOVED for HATE SPEECH! While I will freely admit to despising eugenics in all its incarnations throughout history, I didnt even say in said video that I "hate" eugenics. I then went to my Youtube account to "appeal" the moronic review of my work. This was waiting for me:
Without clicking that I "acknowledge", which screamed to me that by doing so I was admitting that the video was HATE SPEECH, I could NOT proceed in order to appeal. I hesitantly clicked:
Another message emphasizing my BAD standing with Youtube, the STRIKE against me and warnings that more strikes could lead to my account being suspended. Keep in mind, Google owns YouTube and my post here remained up and untouched. Clearly a different set of captains manning the YouTube boat. I wrote a brief (as I was only allowed to be brief) clarification of the post and sent the APPEAL.

The next morning-yesterday-I received this from YouTube:
While the video was reinstated because a different reviewer could not find anything in the ballpark of HATE SPEECH, that feminist's truth-tellings of white hetero-patriarchal history and modernity was flagged/labeled as HATE SPEECH in order to censor and ILLEGALLY silence any (female/lesbian) voice of dissent brings us closer to a totalitarian state/web.

I and any reader of this blog knows full and well the video was removed because of the correlation between eugenics/homosexuality and the new sacred moo transgenderism! YouTube doesnt give a flying fuck about video's that outright PROMOTE the HATE AND VIOLENCE AND RAPE OF WOMEN-Youtube carries over THREE MILLION RELATED VIDEOS OF THAT!
Video's promoting racial HATE and VIOLENCE? Nearly three hundred thousand on a single search of racial violence.
Oh and look Youtube also carries videos on the eugenics euthanasia mental institution my video was partially about:

YouTube isnt interested or invested in preventing the hatred of women, lesbians, races, minorities, religions et al UNLESS they THINK transgenderism MIGHT be examined/sniffed at/scrutinized too closely or critiqued. YouTube (someone/s there) clearly are/have been using the site to PROMOTE transgenderism AKA the genocide of gays/lesbians/tomboys/homosexual children/cross dressers/mentally damaged young women alike. Those of us making that all too apparent are now subject to silence so that the work begun by late 19th/early 20th century eugenicists can continue uninterrupted and make FULL use of modern technologies.


Another Fallen Transman: Robert Eads

In keeping with documenting better known trans females suffering from or having died from transgender related issues-Barbara Eads, better know as Robert Eads-(December 18, 1945 – January 17, 1999).

Barbara grew up in the rural south, with a traditionally southern religious family upbringing. Barbara's parents instilled a deep sense of family that remained with her through her transition and right through to the end of her life.
Like a good southern girl, despite her attraction to women, Barbara married a southern boy and began having babies. She gave birth to two sons. Barbara later left her husband and for ten years lived with another lesbian. Despite her long term relationship with a female lover and a close physical proximity to her parents home, her parents-particularly her father never warmed to his daughter being a lesbian.

In her mid forties after learning about transsexualism, Barbara decided to transition with the hope that her parents (her father) would finally love her unconditionally. Her parents never accepted her as Robert, but continued to love the Barbara that they knew.

As is typical of lesbians who transition, Barbara's sexual attraction began to change as her brain began to change from testosterone. What didnt change was Barbara's deep maternal instincts, her love of (created) family, home and hearth. Barbara AKA Robert on the left cooking up a feast in the documentary Southern Comfort, which chronicles her last year of life. I've linked the full documentary as it is as sad/poignant as it is fascinating to observe the constant mental gymnastics necessary to live a transgendered life.
Barbara's "girlfriend" Lola, a self hating southern homosexual male who finally found love with Robert:
In the mid nineties, Barbara began experiencing extreme abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding which she hadnt experienced since her periods ceased after she began testosterone many years before. She was rushed to the hospital whereby she was diagnosed with later stage ovarian cancer. Worsening her prognosis, OBGYNs in her area refused to treat her for fear her masculine appearance would frighten female clients. By the time she found a doctor that was willing to treat her, her cancer had spread to her uterus/cervix. Barbara died in 1999, after fighting for her life for several years. She was only 53 when she died.

Barbara seemed like a genuinely sweet sweet woman, who loved her friends, family and little grand baby (Tater) with all the heart anyone could muster. Too bad she measured her love of self with her father's Gender Straight Jacketed ruler, she deserved better. She most certainly deserved to live and be loved for who she was, not for who she could never be.


Trans Trending-Transgender-The Rotting Fruit of Eugenics

Chrys-Age 20

Nathan-Age 20

Kadyn-Age 16

Ave-Age 18

Evan-Age 18

Alex-Age 20 

Kale-Age 16

Karim-Age 15

Shane-Age 19
In 1920, two German academics Karl Binding a Law professor and Alfred Hoche a Psychiatrist, produced the work Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life. The book intellectually framed how society (the state) as a whole would be better off/function more resourcefully by medically killing those deemed unworthy of life. The science behind this book was based purely on social eugenics dating back to Darwin.

Nearly a decade before Nazi German officials decided on systematically eradicating those it considered racially inferior/undesirable, the T4 Program (Life Unworthy of Life) was developed based on Binding/Hoche's masterpiece. The mental institution Hadamar was used as a Nazi testing ground to euthanize its patients according to scientific eugenic theory, killing those unworthy of life such as (the retarded/homosexuals/sexual deviants/coma victims/mentally ill/terminally ill/crippled/ the deaf/epileptics etc). By loosely tying science to academic theory (Binding begins his portion of Life Unworthy by saying “The scientific clarification of the pertinent starting point is however so essential…”) the general public would be more likely to support such theories believing them to be founded in science rather than subjective theory. Binding went on to say I can find absolutely no reason, from a legal, social, moral, religious point of view, not to allow those that want it, to kill those beyond salvation, who desperately desire it.”. By framing these murderous theories in such a way, it would seem that anyone who doesnt support Life Unworthy of Life would be in violation of one's basic human rights over their own agency or parents/loved ones in violation of those who cannot legally make decisions for themselves! Sound familiar?

These baby steps toward genocide began from academic theories disguised as science making the murder of selected people palatable to the general public until it culminated in the extermination of 10 million people 25 years later. An American psychiatrist Leo Alexander who was a consult at the Nuremberg Trials later wrote in 1949:
  • Whatever proportions these crimes finally assumed, it became evident to all who investigated them, that they started from small beginnings. The beginnings at first were merely a subtle shift in emphasis in the basic attitudes of physicians
  • It started with the acceptance of the attitude, basic to the euthanasia movement, that there is such a thing as a life not worthy to be lived. This attitude in its early stages concerned itself merely with the severely and chronically sick.
  • Gradually the sphere of those to be included in this category was enlarged to encompass the socially unproductive, the ideologically unwanted, the racially unwanted, and finally all non-Germans.
The path toward genetic/racial/heterosexual purity has enjoyed some flourishing highs and has floundered in some turbid lows, but eugenics, like Darwin's fittest survives and thrives. One of today's eugenics successes takes its shape in the form of transgenderism. In a minority group, there is an unprecedented visibility, prosperity and jurisprudence among transgenders-national media focus, national TV programs, major films and documentaries-growing increase in academia, growing increase in specialized transgender job opportunities/including job opps given to transgender over more qualified sexes-laws passed at the expense of others, laws that are infringing on the basic human rights of others! Growing Transgender special protections unlike any other minority group in human kind history! A growing increase in transgender medical provisions/accommodations/accesses by widening mental health parameters and insurance coverage's. Rapidly changing school policies ensuring early transgender diagnoses. But do NOT be fooled, the seeming special rights/privileges transgenderists are back stroking in like their own private special Olympic pool is filled with poison. This water is as toxic as Flint Michigan's and has a toxic history that would put the Flint River to shame.
  • It is no coincidence that transgender as an idea sprang from the loins of eugenics. 
  • It is no coincidence that transgenderism and homosexuality were simultaneously entwined by eugenics doKtors.
  • It is no coincidence that males with transvestic fetishes could not be cured by psychiatry.  
  • It is no coincidence that homosexuality could not be cured by psychiatry.
  • It is no coincidence that transition as a treatment for transgenders who were homosexual or used homosexual narratives was promoted by eugenics doKtors.
  • It is no coincidence that fetishism/transvestism and homosexuality were listed together in the DSM as paraphilias.
  • It is no coincidence that when the DSM could no longer bury homosexuality within its pages, it was replaced by Gender Identity Disorder. 
  • It is no coincidence that GID criteria conveniently diagnosed transvestic authogynephilia and homosexuals concurrently. 
  • It is no coincidence that DSM officials widened GID criteria by replacing it with Gender Dysphoria. 
  • It is no coincidence that Gender Dysphoria was created to include a wider array of homosexuals as well as girls/women/boys/men who do not meet current hyper-feminine/hyper-masculine standards of society. 
  • It is no coincidence that children are being actively sought and identified as transgender
  • It is no coincidence that transition drugs are being used as early as possible.
  • It is no coincidence that heath issues and deaths due to transition drugs and surgeries have not been recorded in any state or national data base, despite the drastic increase in transition in the last 30 years. 
  • It is no coincidence that transgender individuals themselves are allowed to promote transgenderism, diagnose Gender Dysphoria, dish out transition drugs and surgeries to other transgenders, dictate school policies for ferreting out transgender children.
  • It is no coincidence that transvestic disorder/fetishism/authogynephilia are separate in the DSM5 from Gender Dysphoria, but linked through the specifiers for transvestic disorder. 
  • It is no coincidence that transgenders have the highest suicide rates of ANY mental illness group.
  • It is no coincidence that puberty blockers/cross sex hormones are NOT FDA approved for the purpose of transition
  • It is no coincidence that transition surgeries often result in sterilization. 
  • It is no coincidence that transition hormones drastically decrease procreation. 
  • It is no coincidence that those who were transitioned, are transitioning now or scheduled to be transitioned in the near future are the very same who were eugenically euthanized with the same set of theories/doKtors that murdered millions just like us in our parents and grandparents lifetimes.
Somewhere in the space between coincidence and synchronicity transgenderism and transition as a cure for sexual aberrance was engendered. The proliferation of transgenderism is NO COINCIDENCE! No emergence this large can happen in a vacuum. Were transgenderism limited to homosexuality, there would be no transgender explosion. No homosexual man claiming to be a woman would be honored, decorated, declared 'brave' and hailed Woman of the Year. And despite the vast privileges gay males reap, there are not enough gay men, nor enough with financial clout to fund, influence and alter the array transgender related (global) business, systems and hetero-patriarchal handshakes necessary for the sky rocket increase in transgender's all-encompassing colonization.
Transgender proliferation has occurred and continues to grow because male HETERO-sexuality and its fetishistic offshoots centering around females (things associated with females) are immense! Teenage boys on panty-raids couldn't have come into popular culture to the point of natural rights of male passage otherwise.

But whether straight boys are sporting 'womens' panties on their heads or wearing them while they masturbate in front of a mirror, subjective psychiatry has long been tallying up the deviancy. Religious Moral codes devised to fix male sexual perversion in all its forms failed long ago. Psychiatry took up where religious fables failed, tangible gods that walked the earth rather than the intangible clouds. But these earth gods found they too could not change behaviours, desires and passions subjectively viewed as deviant. Fortunately psychiatry (coincidentally?) began crossing paths with medical science and birthed eugenics. And ever since both medicine and psychiatry have, through eugenics, been experimenting on how to mold the perfect WHITE HETEROSEXUAL middle class reasonably intelligent race. Therapy failed to fix transvestic autogenephiles, AIDS failed to rid the world of gay men, sexology failed to fix BDSM driven lusts from queers (damaged straight women), and lesbians remained strong as cockroaches.

Fruit doesnt fall until it is ripe and maturation cannot occur without a host seeming incidentals all gathered at the right moment. The ground where the Eugenics tree lives, was once bare. Today that ground is blanketed in transgender figs, with ever more figs sprouting, ripening and falling by the minute. One fig-a gay boy. Another fig-a tyke dyke. Figs that were men thrilled in dresses. Figs of confused and abused women. Figs and figs and figs and more figs, figs so many now it has become difficult to tell the ground from them. But like any fallen fruit, once released from the tree, they all eventually rot.


Binary and Non Binary-Explained with the Scientific use of Common Sense

The latest lingual victims in the Trans Politics war on biological nomenclature is binary and non-binary. These terms have been thrown around lately with such frequency and force, like a child's teddy, their stuffing is falling out (not-so-coincidentally) in concert with the heads of most volleying them.

Somewhere between the Gender Straight Jacket and the corner store common sense got lost. With a little help from Mr Nazi Bastard himself-Hitler, lets see if we can restore some nous (sense).

First off, what the hell is binary anyways? Using common sense, if we break the word down BInary, it surely must have something to do with BI (two):
Okay, it has to do with two. Got it. But then what in sam hell does that have to do with people? Well humans in the majority can be simplistically divided into two categories: Male and Female. There is a minority category obviously for intersex humans-(those whose chromosomes are not neatly XX-female or XY-male). Intersex are often rudely and conveniently used by trans politicians and trans apologists as red herrings to deflect common sense biological realities when arguing. We will not do that here. So back to reality-binary-while a term created/used for numeral systems, when used in reference to humans, simply means male/female.

Makes perfect sense now-BInary equals two of something, so if we are talking about the sexes, binary would apply to the two sexes-male and female(not necessarily in that order).

Okay I understand binary has to do with the number two, so does non-binary means zero or one or ten million and one? I'm confused.  

Non-Binary isnt actually a real term with a real historical/scientific definition/significance. That being said, using our common sense, using the knowledge we just gleaned about binary above, lets see exactly what non means (beyond the learned notions we already possess).
Okay, so non actually doesnt means anything beyond what we already know about the prefix. Noncontagious would means something that is NOT contagious or nonconformist meaning someone who does NOT conform etc. Okay, I got that. But how would that relate to binary sex? It actually doesnt, at least not in any intelligent or even common sense manner. Logistically, if speaking of humans, non binary would mean someone who is NOT male or female. The only humans who are not male or female are intersex of course. Right! I see! So then when someone says so-and-so is non binary, they mean that so-and-so is intersexed! Well, no. Huh?

Via the Gender Straight Jacket-the system that uses out dated conditioned sexist ill-equipped notions behaviours beliefs religions etc to delegate life limits probabilities responses and moreover possibilities to the sexes (particularly females). Non binary is being used to say if Girl A enjoys wearing the pink blouse her parents put on her, Girl A is binary. If Girl B refuses to wear the pink blouse her parents bought for her and instead chooses to want/wear a blue blouse, Girl B is non binary. Wait a minute, Girl A is a girl (one of the two sexes-female and male) and Girl B is also a girl (one of the two sexes-female and male), then arent BOTH girls binary? Of course they are, because girl/female isnt about what females like, dislike or do, binary strictly is in reference to sex-in both of these cases, the sex is female.

Let me see if I understand then. A man who is a swishy-swashy-queenie gay hairdresser is as binary as a musclebound macho-head footballer because both are male and binary is strictly what sex people ARE not what people DO in the sex that they are? Right? Correct. 

I'm still confused a little about how and why non binary is being used then. There seems no logical reason for it since binary covers everyone in the entire world except intersex and for intersex we have intersex. Can you explain non binary usage more? Sure. As I showed in the Girl A and B example, non binary is being attributed to any male or female who does not perform their sex in accordance with established rules deemed appropriate for their sex. That can be something as major as a female who's a lesbian (still considered unnatural/abnormal) to a male youth who takes an avid interest in cooking or sewing (considered women's work). Non binary could/would be ascribed to both scenarios by anyone who buys into social roles/rules based on doing, rather than being in the current transgender universe dominating popular thought. 

What transgender politicos/trans apologists are trying to do is strip binary sex (male/female) of meaning by using established sexist norms ascribed to the binary (male/female) while destabilizing the binary. If the norm was say, females using make up or wearing dresses, then a male puts on make up and wears a dress, by destabilizing the binary (biological sex categories male/female) with non binary then any male who contorts/fetishizes/conforms to sexist stereotypes of female would then be considered female himself, because he is correctly doing/performing female. Umm wait a sec. You are saying that if a male performs male differently than ascribed stereotypes for men, he would be considered non binary (not male or female). So when his non binary-ness is associated with things generally or exclusively associated with female (binary) without a binary (male/female), as long as he can successfully DO/perform the now destabilized female he can re-brand himself female (binary) through non binary means? YES! and NO! Why no? Might be better to show you for further clarity:

Nude male (male binary)
Nude male ( male binary)
Male wearing something frilly ( male binary)
Mutilated male genitals unsuccessfully refashioned to appear somewhere in the universe of female genitals (male binary)
Thank you thank you thank you! I totally get it now. A guy (the male part of the binary) can DO anything he wants-jump rope, watch sports, paint his nails, bar fight with a buddy, get breast implants, lift weights or reconstruct is cock and balls and he still remains securely male (binary)! EXACTLY! See, it isnt rocket science after all, merely good old fashioned common sense. So now whenever you see non binary used and the subject has nothing to do with intersex (and it never does), you'll know its either trans politicos hard at work eradicating common sense for their own sick self gains, idiots with no common sense or those not using their common sense. 

dirt-a binary female

Radical Feminism-An Open Harbour to an UNSAFE Haven

I've debated with myself for a while now as to whether or not to write this post and after much self debate and many lengthy discussions on the subject with my wife, I've come to the conclusion that this post will save much time when certain internet topics/arguments arise and clear away any friends, followers or supporters of Dirt, the work Dirt does and lesbianism.

Radical Feminism and its motley crew of acolytes (RadFems) is a severed branch of 70's Feminism (Women's Lib). RadFems of the 70's (think Dworkin/Firestone) were excised for their seeming hatred of men, lesbianism and separatism, not necessarily in that order and not necessarily subscribing to any of the three, but there you have it none the less. I have written intermittently on Radical Feminism then and now, due to both the movement's heinous hatred of Butch/Femme lesbians and the shared writing (VERY differently and for VERY different reasons) around transgenderism. That and more, MUCH more is what's lead to this once-and-for-all RadFem post.

Lets get this out straight away, I AM NOT A RADFEM NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN A RADFEM! (I suddenly feel like Bill Clinton sans the blue dress) By the very nature (Butch lesbian) of my being, it would be impossible for me to do so. RadFem politics are HIGHLY critical of Butch/Femme lesbians, even the belief that we actually exist. I assure you, this isnt a computer writing this post, but me-Dirt-a living, breathing, thinking, feeling, loving Butch lesbian. RadFems despise Butch/Femme because they claim we're mimicking heterosexual relationships. Yes, trust me, I know as that question just entered your mind. How can a relationship between two LESBIAN women, be at all similar to a MAN and a woman? Apparently if one of us wears pants more than the other or one of us is the primary domestic goddess (in truth I call myself the domestic godless), we're Butch/Femme and we're a stain on women/feminism everywhere.

Now like Then, Radical Feminism is of the opinion and practice that the more equals the merrier. Now like Then, Radical Feminism boasts a large growing lesbian constituency. A Radfem refrain is ANY WOMAN CAN BE A LESBIAN! And while there certainly were and are RadFem lesbians, they are the minority, the majority being straight women invited to lesbian, as if lesbian was a destination that one could merely go to by casting off men. That said:












Because Radical Feminism has an open door/arms/legs policy, it naturally attracts women who view RadFem like a different person might view Jesus, with Radical Feminism being a kind of a saveHER. This is why Then Radical Feminism attracted the likes of Andrea mylifeisamess Dworkin or Shulamith offthedeepend Firestone and NOW why it attracts any straight woman on social media sites who've been hurt by men and cannot (in some capacity) function.

So using Radical Feminism what did RadFems Then do to secure/improve the rights and welfare of women past? Little. And what are RadFems Now doing to harvest better/equal conditions for women? Less than little. Now RadFems are too busy:

Useless/Needless Arguing among themselves.

Tweeting and ReTweeting.

Sabotaging other women and each other.

Setting up other women for failure if they seem to garner any attention for their feminist contributions.

Undermining the legitimacy of lesbianism by claiming any woman can be a lesbian.

Treating feminism as if its a support group whereby asking an honest question is met with distrust/suspicion/dismissal and even aggression.

Using "victim blaming" as readily as Trans Politics use "transphobia" to silence discussion, end discussion or paint those who start unwanted discussion as bullies/trolls/MRAs/Woman Haters or friends thereof etc.

Using a multitude of user IDs to attack other women, then stirring other women into a frenzy attack mode by using this faux strength-in-numbers which has a dramafied snowball effect.

Sucking the dicks of the dickless, ie RadFem lesbians straight women oohing/ahhing any trans male who seems to criticize trans politics all the while he calls himself she/her. Think the nerd dude in junior high ready with a shoulder anytime a girl was dumped giving him spank material for later on.

Tweeting/Retweeting/Sharing at the top of their lungs TRANSWOMEN/TRANS WOMEN/MTF/MTT ARE NOT WOMEN! Meanwhile trans males are home jacking off because RadFems in part either believe a guy in a dress is a woman or are too afraid to say a guy in a dress isnt a woman or are again too invested in pleasing men in dresses to gain male approval! Anyways you slice it (even if its sliced off) trans males being identified by women as a form of woman is hella spank material!

Taking a drugstore supply of bipolar meds/ADHD meds/depression meds/sleep meds/awake meds/anxiety meds-all supplied by the same mental health assholes transitioning gays and lesbians as young as TWO!

Falling apart at any slight, perceived or real.

Adding sister to their names while simultaneously missing the most basic tenants of feminism.

Getting angry over trivialities rather than being able to take a joke.

Searching throughout the net for anyone/s they can gaslight giving them ammo to take back to their sisters as proof they were attacked/bullied/sullied etc.

Making mountains out of molehills for the sole purpose of attention.

Attention seeking.

Not practicing what they preach.

I could go on but wont.

Radical Feminism was/is a decayed branch of Feminism attracting only the most desperate and often damaged women searching for something, anything to fix their broken lives. But broken women dont a revolution make anymore than a lesbian is made with parts of a broken woman straight. Wounded women wanting feminism because they've been hurt by men, doesnt make them the best candidates to distribute feminism and there are 40 years of RadFem diatribes out there as proof.

While I can and do feel sorry for women hurt by men, women trying to change patterns they held with men. But when those changes come at the expense of feminism, the expense of language compromising feminism and particularly at the expense of lesbians, I draw a very clear and distinct line. Being hurt by men/male structures entitles RadFems to nothing, because all women are hurt in the very exact same ways. No woman on this planet is exempt from the harm males commit with every breath they/we take and all the breaths before us and lord knows how many breaths after us. And no women who puts males/male systems before women or hand holds men in any capacity, radical or otherwise is a Feminist/friend of or lover of women.

Radical Feminism is a 40 year old open wound attracting and breeding nothing but dis/ease. And dis/ease has only ever killed, it has never cured.


Doing Women Different: Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Dix was born in Maine in 1802 to a Methodist preacher father and a depressed mother. Her father was an angry alcoholic, and while stern, he taught Dix to read and write regardless of her female sex. This early gift put Dix on a lifelong love and passion for teaching, especially teaching the less fortunate.

When Dix was only 12, she relocated to Boston to live with a wealthy grandmother. There Dix's learning/teaching was supported/encouraged to such an extent she opened a series of school and taught girls/young women from her own curriculum.

In her 20's Dix began having health issues that kept her home, (“I think even lying on my bed I can still do something.”) rather than give up teaching, she started writing catchy books designed to guide young minds with moralistic stories. After regaining her health, Dix traveled to England with friends where Dix learned of the new approach (human kindness/dignity) being used in British mental asylums. Excited, Dix couldnt wait to get back home and enlighten psychiatrists in America's mental asylums.

Dix quickly found prison and asylum conditions deplorable in the US, particularly for women inmates/patients; unsanitary, cold, wet, filthy, physical abuses, sexual abuses/rapes and starvation. Dix immediately took her findings to Massachusetts state legislature intent on asylum reforms.

From On Behalf of Insane Persons 1843:

  •  I must confine myself to few examples, but am ready to furnish other and more complete details, if required. If my pictures are displeasing, coarse, and severe, my subjects, it must be recollected, offer no tranquil, refined, or composing features. The condition of human beings, reduced to the extremest states of degradation and misery, cannot be exhibited in softened language, or adorn a polished page. 
Due to Dix's efforts better conditions in mental asylums were developed in three different states. Dix volunteered her managerial services shortly after the start of the Civil War. She quickly became a superintendent over the nurses and the first woman to serve in such a high up federally appointed role. She was later dismissed over disagreeing with army officials.

After the war Dix went back to her social reform endeavors where the rest of the country was just catching up with her. Dix died at age 85.

Dorothea Dix did woman different in a time when women in the majority could not read nor write and went from being the property/servants of their fathers to the property/servants of their husbands/children. Dorothea Dix didnt merely challenge the narrow life permitted to women, she CHANGED it-for herself and for women of meager means, mental issues (real and patriarchal), educated women, wealthy women and women today if we dare take her example.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Jay-Age 21

Sky-Age 18

Aaron-Age 19

Tate-Age 18

Heath-Age 17

KO-Age 13

Riley-Age 16

Matt-Age 18

Scott-Age 22

Transition has only ever compounded assorted mental/emotional stresses/issues (lesbianism, child sexual abuse/rape, teen sexual abuse/rape, poor body image, body shame, perceived physical inadequacies, sexism, perceived female powerlessness, a need to feel special due to slack parenting, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, cutting, eating disorders, depression, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, perceived autism) females who transition suffer with. Transition for many girls/women temporarily mask founding troubles through giving a seeming sense of purpose/direction previously unknown.

Before transition became so easily, readily and widely available, the key to unlocking the door to transition was only received after much necessary/needed requirements were accomplished, and then it still wasnt a foregone passing of the master (mister?) key. Even with key in hand, the door opened slightly, slowly, letting in slits and bits of new light. Unlike today, where it is violently flung open, or worse, ripped clean off the hinges.

While there is no evidence that a single transition has ever been successful (how could two wrongs ever make a right?), by the gradual medical transitioning of the patient, each door inch obtained was met with a new trans high. This process took sometimes years before gender transition went as far as it could, giving trans female patients imagined periodic reprieves from the troubles plaguing their former selves. But once the patient reached her transition peak, past issues collide with the physical/sociological issues newly developed during transition. That collision corner is where transition, depression and sometimes suicide meet FAR too often.

The same process of past and newly found transition issues occur now, only today they are being fast forwarded toward the same conclusion. Its the equivalent of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer and given years to live vs being given days. In the current schema of transition, the young women on this page have days.


Femme-Where Invisibility and Visibility Collide

A few days ago my wife and I were at the grocery store picking up a few things for our New Years Soiree:
While walking through the store, we walked near a guy offering up samples of wine and prosecco. He politely offered us a taste. Making it very clear that I dont do either (strictly a vodka collins gal), but my wife enjoys the odd glass of wine with dinner, he began pouring her a sample of the wine first. While giving her the sample, he proceeds to give ME (looking directly at me) not HER, a full description of the wine. He then gives her a sample of the prosecco and again, while looking only at me, explains the difference between prosecco and champagne, followed by a brief description of this particular prosecco.

This sort of thing happens to us all the time, it can happen because my sex is assumed to be male and we're presumed to be a heterosexual couple. It can happen even when its apparent to hetero party's we're lesbians, because it is presumed I'm "the man" one. And sadly even among "our people", like the VERY GAY wine sample guy who acknowledged we were his "sisters". Its an unspoken/written dimension of Femme Invisibility. VISIBLE Femme Invisibility among gay and lesbian spaces/peers.

There was seemingly no reason for Mr Gay guy to defer to me/rendering her invisible, regarding the wine tasting, when it was made clear I do not drink, nor like wine but my Femme wife, loves it. Seemingly. That this VISIBLE Femme Invisibility happens when we're among other gays and lesbians illustrates how internalized male dominance/privilege/masculinity--female weakness/submission/femininity is within the Gay and Lesbian community. Even when the masculinity being acknowledged/heeded/respected is purely a perceived masculinity. Obviously my wife and I are both women, there is no hierarchy, we're both oppressed-differently, but equally. So much for subversive divisiveness within the Gay/Lesbian community!

But the VISIBLE Femme Invisibility that occurs within/among gays/lesbians (spaces) adds a warped dimension to general Femme Invisibility, i.e. not being recognized as a lesbian or believed after divulging said lesbianism, by gays, straights and various persuasions of dykes. But it is a kick in the cunt when the LG community KNOWS/BELIEVES a Femme is genuinely lesbian, then invisiblizes her when a Butch is standing to her side, by talking directly to the Butch, particularly where money or decisions are to be made. Or even when alone, conversations toward Femmes by dykes are often dumbed down/limited to questions about their hair, make up, what colour panties they're wearing or the weather! Most Femmes have experienced a good portion of the material that has gone into the making of dumb blonde jokes from gays and particularly from dykes, regardless of hair colour!

Femmes do not exist to fetch beers for dykes, prop up pseudo masculine dyke egos, stroke queenie gay male egos with make up tips or be the beard for macho fags. Femme's lesbianism routinely is lost in hetero crowds, it shouldnt be used, abused and distrusted by other lesbians or gay men for that matter. Femme isnt hetero constructed femininity DICKtated/designed to harden limp pricks. It takes, guts to look like most other women and have to regularly turn down male advances running the constant risk of pissing men off/male violence. It takes gallantry to do dyke so different even dykes question Femme's love/lust for women. And it take courage to visiblize Femme sexuality by walking side by side/hand in hand with Butch lovers while simultaneously risking straight male violence, jealousy from straight women, distrust from other lesbians and treated like little girls or free maid service by dykes!

Femme is the ultimate lesbian subversive, she is both visibly invisible and invisibly visible, depending on who is viewing her. But regardless of interpretation, she is most certainly ALWAYS a LESBIAN!


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