Dr. Hope Sherie-Teams with Time Out Youth & Pilfers Pride for Endangered Gay/Lesbian Clientele

The New Girl in Trans town, Dr. Hope Sherie, is another bottom feeder scavenging gay/lesbian centers/pride events and transgender Facebook groups for her latest victims to fuel her newly open Cosmetic Concierge. Dr No-Hope has publicly linked herself with the Christian Time Out Youth Center that has the blood of at least 1 2 3 gay and lesbian youths pressured into transition. Dr No-Hope raised fundamentalist Christian herself:
The no-so-good doc was until very recently a general surgeon, performing such difficult tasks as stitching up a finger, as seen here in her military days:
Dr No-Hope recently choose to go into cosmetic surgery with a focus on the transgender community, can we say opportunist!

A quick look at the doc's medical credentials reveal her serious lack of cosmetic surgery credentials:
She currently owns:
Googling the doc's name gives us this straight off:
Misleading doesnt begin to cover it! She is a board-certified GENERAL surgeon, who took a year based course is cosmetic surgery. Dr. Hope Sherie is NOT a board certified cosmetic surgeon! And her "top surgery" expertise (cutting off the healthy breast of mentally distressed mostly dyke youth)  amounts to assisting cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mangubat, who isnt an expert transgender surgeon himself:

Some top surgery results from the doc's expert trainer:
 Dr. No-Hope's licensure:
Dr. Hope Sherie had this to say about the choice of her lack of board certification in her new field of transgender expertise surgeries:
What is required to be board certified:
So what would cause a general surgeon who had zero previous experience or interest in transgender surgeries mutilations to take a year cosmetic course and open up her own business experimenting on dyke youths procured at Christian homophobic centers like Time Out Youth? The answers can be found in the not-so-good doc's past:
Capitalist oinker indeed! And she clearly has no morals where or whom or how she obtains her FUND$$$$:

Dr. Hope Sherie is no transgender surgery or any other transgender/gay/lesbian expert. She saw a quick way to make a fast buck by short circuiting years of important medical training and focusing her lack of talent on a minority group too mentally unstable to say no to her cheap tactics, veteran discounts and pretty face.
What isnt so pretty is her mutilation of healthy female bodies:
An interesting aside, Miss Christian-Science-Moniker boasts no results of trans male surgeries, seems the men are a little more selective and a lot less desperate.



  1. Surgeons like this woman are pitching tents at Pride Festivals where they advertise "top surgery" and MTF and FTM surgery. She even brags about pitching a tent at the Charlotte Pride. Forget the Pride parade. Come over to my tent and we will set you up for "top surgery" next week. Pride parades were once about lesbian and gay pride. Now, they have surgeons pitching tents to advertise "top surgery", turning the dykes into men.

    I'm sure people can totally trust a surgeon who sits up her tent at parades and other large events. Why not just pay someone to walk around all day with signs that say, "Come get your top surgery here". We give a 10% discount to veterans (she got most of her training in the Air Force), and you get this cool coffee mug! Hand out popcorn and peanuts too.

    How can a female look at herself in the mirror each morning after she has surgically cut off the healthy breasts of young women? Female surgeons are performing elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples.

  2. More on "Doc Hope". Not only does "Doc Hope" sit up her tent at Pride Festivals, apparently she trolls trans websites to offer her services to 17 year old girls.

    This is from a trans website.

    "Hi all. I'm looking to find a top surgeon that will perform double incision on a 17 year old with parental consent in/within a 7 hour drive of NC and figured I'd post here to see if anyone had some knowledge on the subject. Thanks in advance Smile"


    "Doc Hope" took no time jumping in to offer "top surgery" to teenage girls.

    Good Evening User 1123,

    I am a board certified surgeon located in Charlotte, NC and FTM top surgery is one of my specialties after training in Seattle, WA with Dr. Antonio Mangubat for over a year. I opened a private surgery center in Charlotte in February and all visits and surgeries are performed there. I am a member of the Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group; and I will perform top surgeries on 17 yo patients with parental consent. In fact, I can put you in touch with a 17 yo trans-guy who just had surgery at my facility two weeks ago and is very, very happy. Both he and his mother have offered to speak with others who have questions about the surgery or my facility. You may private message me on this forum, e-mail me at hope@cosmeticconciergemd.com and check out our facility on our website http://www.cosmeticconciergemd.com . I will soon have some more updated photos on the site; but go to Procedures / Body Sculpting/ FTM Chest Reconstruction. I also am the only surgeon in the area who performs VASER hi-definition bodysculpting liposuction if you have any interest in "mansculpting". Best of luck in your journey!

    Hope Sherie, MD, FACS
    The Cosmetic Concierge, PLLC
    325 B Arlington Ave
    Charlotte, NC 28203
    Phone: 844-COS-CONN or 980-938-0459
    Fax: 980-938-0444


    This woman (I hate to even say that she is a member of the female sex) will do anything to advertise. "Doc Hope" is eager to lop the breasts off teenage girls.

  3. Replies
    1. Lol she's got that sexy nazi doctor edginess goin on

  4. I would keep tabs on this place. It's just a matter of time before they kill or seriously injure someone. That is serious lack of training and experience.

    1. In the air force she would have learnt battle field surgery... so she knows how to safely lop bits of body off... shame she makes such a mess after though.

  5. @Anonymous December 19, 2015 at 12:09 PM

    I agree that someone needs to keep tabs on this practice.

    *Pitches tent at Charlotte Pride to advertise top surgery.
    *Performs top surgery on adolescent girls (requires parental consent, hopefully the teenage girl never lives to regret it)
    *Doesn't require a letter from a therapist before "top surgery" is performed

    The Surgeons listed below operate on Informed Consent. They do not require a letter from a therapist or that you undergo therapy as a pre-requisite to Top Surgery.
    Often, trans men are required to get a letter from a mental health professional stating that they have been deemed psychologically ready for surgery before a Surgeon will perform Top Surgery. However, there's a growing number of Surgeons who don't believe that being trans is a mental illness, and they will operate provided that the patient posesses accurate information and the cognitive ability to decide about having surgery. Often, trans men are required to get a letter from a mental health professional stating that they have been deemed psychologically ready for surgery before a Surgeon will perform Top Surgery. However, there's a growing number of Surgeons who don't believe that being trans is a mental illness, and they will operate provided that the patient posesses accurate information and the cognitive ability to decide about having surgery.


    Dr. Hope Sherie, MD, FACS
    The Cosmetic Concierge
    325-B Arlington Ave.
    Charlotte, NC, 28203
    Toll Free: 844-COS-CONN (844-267-2666)
    Board-certified; WPATH member; accepts financing; 10% military discount; accommodation package available; informed consent.

    Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat, MD
    La Belle Vie Cosmetic Surgery
    Bellegrove Building, 1515 116th Ave NE, #203
    Seattle, WA, 98004
    Board-certified; WPATH member; accepts financing; accepts Group Health insurance only; informed consent; free consult.

    *How does a surgeon know if someone is mentally stable enough for such radical surgery. Why stop at healthy breasts? There are some people with BID (body dysphoria) who detest parts of the their bodies, and would think nothing of lopping off a limb or two. In fact, some people have self mutilated themselves, or amputated both limbs.

  6. Shooting fish in a barrel - how can she resist?

    Just ignore that ol fashioned Hippocratic Oath.

  7. Your reference to Dr Abandon-All-Hope as "Miss Christian-Science-Moniker" seems a little unkind to real Christian Scientists, who belong in an entirely different category of lunatic, but who would surely have no truck at all with her ideas or practices.
    To her discredit, Dr Sherie is not a lunatic at all, just a grasping, self-seeking snake-oil saleswomen profiting from others' gullibility. As, no doubt, your treasured American Constitution guarantees her the right to be.

  8. ha ha ha, i always wondered if she herself was a he ....she was such a ho-ho-hope to some troops in kirgiztan....and she was married at the time.!!

  9. i dont think she would care either way, so she chopped some teens breasts off--she herself lacks certain female parts, one can google her in forums describing her experience after hysterectomy etc etc


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