Smith College Illegally Enforces Public Pronouns

It has come to my attention that Smith (an all women's school) College dorms (houses) have "verbally expressed" students declare their "preferred" pronouns posted outside their rooms. Pronoun proclamations outside rooms in all houses are conveniently both "mandatory" and without written documentation from Smith officials or in ANY Smith policies.

A little about Smith from their webpage:

  • Smith College is a distinguished liberal arts college committed to providing the highest quality undergraduate education for women to enable them to develop their intellects and talents and to participate effectively and fully in society.
  • The college began more than 140 years ago in the mind and conscience of a New England woman. The sum of money used to buy the first land, erect the first buildings and begin the endowment was the bequest of Sophia Smith. When she inherited a large fortune at age 65, Sophia Smith decided, after much deliberation and advice, that leaving her inheritance to found a women’s college was the best way for her to fulfill the moral obligation she expressed so eloquently in her will: I hereby make the following provisions for the establishment and maintenance of an Institution for the higher education of young women, with the design to furnish for my own sex means and facilities for education equal to those which are afforded now in our colleges to young men.
  • Smith has changed much since its founding in 1871. But throughout its history there have been certain enduring constants: an uncompromising defense of academic and intellectual freedom, an attention to the relation between college education and the larger public issues of world order and human dignity, and a concern for the rights and privileges of women.
Admissions information:

Is Smith still a women’s college?

Yes. Smith College’s mission—to educate women of promise for lives of distinction—remains unchanged. The board’s decision reaffirms this mission in light of society’s evolving understanding of female identity. (Think about that for a second, a university whose claim to fame is providing a higher education for women, yet cannot understand nor separate science and social constructs-particularly constructs whose sole aim is advancing misogyny). 

Are trans women eligible for admission to Smith?

Applicants who were assigned BORN male at birth but identify as women are eligible for admission. (Any male so long as they call themselves "women" are accepted at Smith.)

Are trans men eligible for admission?

Smith does not accept applications from men. Those assigned BORN  female at birth but who now identify as male are not eligible for admission. (Meaning any trans female regardless of where she is in her transition, so long as she says she is a SHE on her application, Smith will accept her. Once accepted at Smith, she can freely change her name/pronouns and continue with her transition and studies.)

Under this newly clarified policy, what is required of applicants to be considered for admission?

Smith’s policy is one of self-identification. To be considered for admission, applicants must select ‘female’ on the Common Application.

Are applicants who identify as genderqueer or gender non-binary eligible for admission?

Our focus on women’s education means that we consider for admission applicants who identify as women and who seek entrance into a community dedicated to women’s education. (Butch lesbians, dykes, tomboys or any female that doesnt conform to the Gender Straight Jacket isnt welcome at Smith. Because these young women are female, call themselves female, Smith cannot exclude them on paper. But clearly from this question and Smith's answer of it, it is obvious women who challenge gender norms and buck the system are not welcome at Smith.)

What is the impact of this decision on students who transition during their time at Smith?

The admission policy does not affect students who transition during their time at Smith. Once admitted, every student has the full support of the college and this includes transmen. And any student who completes the college’s graduation requirements will be awarded a Smith degree and welcomed into the Alumnae Association of Smith College.

Not so coincidentally the current Smith president Kathleen McCartney, is a member/supporter/believer and peddler of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society. McCartney's psycho/logical influences have clearly blinded her, putting instead the dis/ease of a few choice males and dykes over that of 3,000 young women per year. Young women who worked their rear ends off to earn a Smith scholarship or whose parents paid through the nose ($65,000 a year) so that housemates, curricula, teachers and general Smith school life would be fully geared to and toward females. Giving young women a four year respite from the misogyny and sexism awaiting them beyond Smith's womb, while also preparing them to withstand and defeat long held sexist standards once they leave.

Smith's website surmises: "Were Sophia Smith to revisit Northampton, she would no doubt find her vision realized, as students at her college prepare themselves for exemplary lives of service and leadership."  

Sophia Smith's vision for women's education at Smith is not only NOT realised, it has had its pretty head pulled back by the hair revealing its nude neck and had its throat cut! When Smith women are bullied, intimidated and forced by Smith leaders/policy makers to declare what should be the obvious such as this:
  or this:
...the dream once held by Sophia Smith is as dead as SHE!


Edit to add-If any other brave Smithies want their forced pronoun pictures added here-email them to me at WOMEN MATTER!


  1. I recently attended a 'gender' forum on the Mayor's task force on "Mental Wellness and Addiction" here in Vancouver. The lead organizer introduced herself, in part, as a "cis-woman" which set my teeth on edge. I like her, too, we were on an organizing committee some years ago, and she seemed pretty level-headed, smart and good. I'm sure she is still -- but she drank the kool-aid -- She asked us to, when we introduced ourselves to others at our tables, to let each other know our preferred pronouns. I let my mates know that I identify as a dolphin and my preferred pronouns are un-pronouncable in any human tongue, so they could just call me "Flipper". Jesuswept.

    1. All people who support trans people are dumb and evil. You must have misjudged her.

    2. So what happens if the students says they don't want to participate in this nonsense? If they refuse the trans cult think and don't play the pronoun game are they punished? We need a woman who attends to let us know!

    3. I personally know one girl who refused. The house "mother" did it for her, assuming her/she.


  2. Soooo... all these people that you have previously mentioned by their name and posted their pictures were not 'innocent'? You want to protect girls from Smith college and block their names. Their NAMES. So you admit that they can face some kind of harm when their names are posted on your blog, yet you keep posting names AND pictures of young ftms and refuse to delete it even if they ask for it, even if they say they feel insecure because of it. I'm sorry, but it seems pretty hypocritical for me.

    1. The only way Dirt can even get photos of transmen to put on this blog is if she finds them on the Internet. She can only find them on the Internet because those transmen posted those photos first. Publicly. Where anyone can see them.

      Transpeople feel insecure no matter what you do. And what they want from the rest of the world is constantly changing so it would be impossible to do everything they wanted the way they want it anyway. In any other population that is seen as a sign of mental disturbance at the very least, some sort of neurosis, if not full-blown mental illness. Let's say you run into that sort of outlook in a personal relationship, it would be seen as abusive and as gaslighting.

      So why are we supposed to put up with it from the gender-poisoned?

    2. Excuse me, did Dirt personally take photos used in the post above? These photos were as well posted on the Internet where anyone can see them, but she censored it to protect these young girls privacy. Why doesn't she show such concern when she post pictures of young ftms? Why does she post them at all? I read some comments about how this is supposed to encourage these people to read her blog and maybe change their way of thinking, but when people discover their pictures on Dirt's blog, all they feel is fear and anger. They're not curious. They instantly perceive Dirt as some kind of enemy. Anger is completely natural in this case. You like to blame every case of transman getting angry on testosterone, but seriously, look at this from their point of view. Imagine you're a young person, who just posted your picture on some - for example, I know not all Dirt's readers are homosexual - support site for LGB youth. And shortly after then you discover your picture on some conservative's blog, on which he states homosexuality is a sin which can be cured by God, and shows you as an example of 'homo trender'. Wouldn't you feel anger? Wouldn't you be afraid of people who may be readers of this blog? I would be, and there's no single drop of artificial testosterone in my veins!
      This whole 'they posted those photos first' has it's name. It's called 'victim blaming'. If a 14 years old person posts their pictures on Internet, they don't always know about the consequences. Well, sometimes an adult person may be silly enough to do such thing.
      Posting people's photos here has no purpose. If Dirt wants to help, why doesn't she write personally to these people? Why doesn't she try to gain their trust, explain then how she sees things? Why instead of making people want to hear her, she makes them afraid of her?
      And sorry for my English, I'm still learning it.

    3. The above pictures were posted on the internet by me, here-NOT previously. A group of women from Smith sent them to ME for the purpose of this post! Because they are being bullied into the ridiculous rather than being educated.


    4. Anon Nov 1 at 11:23 p.m.: If I posted my pic on any public website/group and then later found my picture re-posted elsewhere, yes, I would be angry...but I would be mostly angry with MYSELF for not having the common sense to understand that public means, well...PUBLIC.

    5. I disagree that posting pics of trenders has no purpose. Before reading this blog I had a much more indifferent view of the trans movement but since being informed by the articles here and the vast numbers of photos self published by girls on the internet for the sole purpose of proclaiming they are"males trapped in the wrong body" I have realized there is a serious problem happening that is being supported by a toxic money machine of misogynistic , hetero normative propaganda.
      So I represent an example of many, who have a clearer view of a trend that is harming young women . It is oxymoronic to suggest that public disclosures by trenders themselves can only be viewed by other trenders who "think its cool".
      If a person doesn't want to relinquish control over images of themselves the answer is simple - don't put them on the internet in a public venue.
      But, Dirt is addressing an urgent need, and many support her in doing so.
      I suspect the real fear is that the cat is out of the bag. The real fear I speculate, is that the ease of acquiring synthetic testosterone will be examined, questioned and ultimately affected.

    6. The fact that you said "trenders" illustrates one very specific purpose of trans trending posts. By documenting this trend, bringing it into a larger view, this trend will have ended decades sooner than it otherwise would have.


    7. Interesting. So, would you say you are banking on the (misogynistic) tendency of people to conclude that, because young afab people are doing something, it must be foolish/ill-advised/hysterical/trendy? Or perhaps you're assuming the young people themselves are only doing this to be "special snowflakes" and will be disillusioned by seeing others like them?

  3. I too identify as a dolphin. I wonder if I could get into Smith.

  4. Bonobo, here. Love the party culture at Smith.

  5. When I see a young woman, an under 21 gender trender, I don't get angry. I'm concerned why females alter their physicality to feel comfortable and safe in the world. As a radical feminist, I've experienced the hatred of our culture towards women. We've all lived it. We don't pass this negative energy onto our young or wish any woman ill. It's male gender, twisted and entitled that spews hatred of women, especially a few select mtfs. And many mtfs are sexually perverse. The young ones need to be aware. That's the intent of this blog, to bring awareness, although the message may often be harsh. It's the nature of the beast.

  6. Its important to clarify a good portion of older mtf's use transitioning as a means of sexual arousal. I would venture women have a fairly different experience, and very different reasons for transitioning.

  7. Keep comments on topic going forwarded. There are 7 years of documented trans trendings posts to comment on, in that subject.


  8. I have friends who have transitioned, and they are definite in their gender. They identify as male or female, and they don't try to play the system to get what they want ~ they live fully as their transitioned gender. They don't want "special" rights or work the system to get what they want. For instance: It is not right for an FtM to disingenously put "female" on their application, already knowing of their plans to transition, then immediately start transitioning upon entrance into Smith or another all-female college, thereby inserting themselves into women's spaces because it is more comfortable there than being in a mixed or male space. Check this out: : "Like every other matriculating student at Wellesley, which is just west of Boston, Timothy was raised a girl and checked “female” when he applied. Though he had told his high-school friends that he was transgender, he did not reveal that on his application, in part because his mother helped him with it, and he didn’t want her to know. Besides, he told me, “it seemed awkward to write an application essay for a women’s college on why you were not a woman.” Like many trans students, he chose a women’s college because it seemed safer physically and psychologically." That's bullshit, Timothy. Make up your mind.

  9. Smith college shitting on the entire female sex. Tuition at Smith is very high. Why should ANY woman pay the high tuition costs?


    I lived in dorms during my first year of college. Dorms have showers. Does he get to shower with women in the dorms, and are women supposed to just ignore his penis while they are showering and undressing? How exactly does this work?

    "What is the impact of this decision on students who transition during their time at Smith?" (*what Smith College is essentially referring to are males who still have their male genitalia intact)

    The admission policy does not affect students who transition during their time at Smith. "

    In other words, he can still have his penis and testicles, and Smith College insults the entire female sex by calling him a "woman". Moreover, issues involving privacy rights for female students are of no coincidence.

    Smith College Biology 101

    Human male XY with penis and testicles = woman

    Smith College Women's History...

    Sophia Smith, the founder of Smith College, was really a closeted transwoman.

    Males essentially define everything in the world, and they get to define who is and isn't a woman.

  10. easilyriled November 1, 2015 at 7:41 PM

    That is hilarious and just plain nuts, but in their self imposed politically correct universe, they can convince themselves to believe anything.

    People, and this includes some women, who have drank the Kool Aid can't even see how insane they are. Outside of trans and queer circles, no one uses the term "cis", but they toss the word out like it's some kind of freaking sacred, mysterious word or something. As a woman, I didn't choose the term "cis". It's not something I chose for myself. I refuse to let anyone refer to me as "cis", and I won't use female pronouns for males.

    Adult females = woman
    Adult males = man

    I consider the word woman an honorific title, and it is not an identity that males have the right to colonize or co-opt.

    All this would stop if people just stopped pandering to their delusions.

  11. @ "They don't want "special" rights or work the system to get what they want."

    Hell yes, they most certainly do....

    They absolutely do have special rights, and they are demanding more rights at the expense of girls and women every day.

    (1.) Transgender activists have never been concerned about the privacy rights of women. How girls and women feel about dick in the women's locker room means nothing to them. We have seen this time and time and time again. When will people wake up? Even a middle aged heterosexual male by the name of Colleen Francis exposing "her male genitalia" to teenage girls doesn't bother them at all. Even if he is a transgender registered sex offender like Paul (Paula) Witherspoon, it's his "right" to use the women's restroom means. How girls and women feel means nothing to them. They defend freaky cross dressers with kinky sexual fetishes like Mr. Carlotta Sklodowska. Apparently, pee on me and lead my around on a leash is a "sincere self reported gender identity". I could go on and on about transgender activists routinely trashing the privacy rights of girls and women.

    (2.) In states with hate crimes legislation that includes transgender, if we exclude race, the only time violence against a woman is considered a hate crime is if the woman was born with a penis. Seriously, this is the way it works. Richard, "Sherri", Masbruch tied two women up and sadistically shocked them with an electrical wire before raping them. Since the victims were only female, it's not a hate crime. If someone did this to transwomen (biological males) transgender activists would be all over it. In Washington State that has hate crimes legislation, Douglas, "Donna", Perry is on trial for first degree murder of three women. They were shot, and their bodies were dumped like garbage besides a river bank. It's not a hate crime because the victims were only female. In the Affidavit, an investigator spoke to one of his cell mates. Perry said he killed the women because they could breed and he couldn't, and they were wasting it being "pond scum". This was nothing but cold blooded murder, but since the victims were female it doesn't count. If the victims were transwomen (biological males), trans activists would be demanding additional hate crime charges.

    Affidavit in the Douglas, "Donna", Perry murder trial.

    Biological female victim of sadistic rape or murder....not a hate crime

    Biological male who "identifies" as a woman and is a victim of a crime....hate crime....tack on additional charges

    (3.) Males who "identify" as women and say they are transgender do have special rights because they repeatedly insist that transgender people represent a distinct community of persons. They have their own groups, activities, and organizations. At the same time they are doing this, they also demand that people recognize them as "woman". They demand access to any and all women's groups and activities. Women, on the other hand, are just women. For example, at the local LGBT Center close to where I live, the Women's Group was changed to "all self-identified" women. That is, any person that walked in the door was a "woman" because he said so. At this center, there are two different transgender groups, and for awhile there were three. They have their own groups, and then they take over the women's group. They are both a distinct group, and they are also "women". Women are just women, but women can't even do as they please on their own private property without transgender people pitching a fit. No one bothers the Trans Day of Remembrance, but trans attacks Michigan Women's Music Festival which is held on private property.

    Hell yes, they do have special rights.

    1. Note: I didn't say that the wish for "special rights" didn't happen in general with the trans population nor did I say that it didn't happen. Clearly, it does, and I can think of about a zillion examples too. As I clearly stated in my comment above, I was referring to a couple of my specific friends who do not do that personally themselves, not to the entire trans population. And I went on to give an example of someone who clearly feels entitled to special treatment. What I am saying, is make sure you read and understand what someone is saying before arguing with them.

  12. $65,000 (tuition, fees, and room and board) a year...this is comparable to Stanford or Harvard


    Tuition and Fees $45,278 8

    Room and Board $15,381

    Subtotal - billed costs $60,659

    Stanford tuition

    $15,243 (per quarter)

    Women are paying $65,000 to attend a historic "women's college" where the "women" have male genitalia and the politically correct thought police admonish female students for the thought crime of "mis-gendering" someone. It's all about empowering women and sisterhood. Please stop insulting the entire female sex.

    1. Sisterhood? From your own figures, it seems to be about empowering already monetarily well-empowered upper-class women.

    2. FWIW, Smith meets 100% of need (that is, if there is a woman accepted who cannot afford tuition, she will be able to find scholarship)

  13. Smith needs to stop promoting and endorsing itself as woman's college that has the interests and rights of women in mind or even equality. It is clearly a lie. Its trans policies are in fact hostile to women and anti-female. It has obviously become a re-education system to indoctrinate male supremacy, female subordination and demands that women submit to and be obedient to men, submit to the replacement of women's reality with men's fantasies, and demands that participate in men's sexual fetishes, sexual deviance, and porn fantasies.

    Sophia Smith must be rolling over in her grave.

  14. "The board’s decision reaffirms this mission in light of society’s evolving understanding of female identity."

    In other words, men, usually white males, define everything in the world. Now, they get to define who is and isn't a woman.

    Dear Smith College:

    Why are women the only historically oppressed group of people who aren't granted the right to define ourselves?

    I say males aren't women, and they say they are. Why are they right and I'm wrong?


    Will women at Smith be forced to call males "she"? What happens if a female student refuses to address a male student as "her" or "she"? Secretly, most women don't believe that males are female just because they say they are. The personal beliefs and thoughts of women are being silenced at a "women's college".

    Is Smith College going to impose a form of thought control on its female students?

    "The board’s decision reaffirms this mission in light of society’s evolving understanding of female identity."

    There is no "evolving understanding of female identity". Homo sapiens have been around approximately 200,000 years. The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. Primates can't change their sex. This is our heritage. Genetically primates are very similar. Chimps and bonobos,our nearest living relatives, share approximately 99 percent of our DNA, with gorillas trailing at 98 percent.

    Why are humans the only primate in which we must entertain the ridiculous notion that we can change our sex?

    1. "society’s evolving understanding of female identity" (!!)

      What a load of bollocks! Or if you find that expression too androcentric, what a load of cunt-cheese! I can't add anything to your comment, just highlight and endorse it.
      The Central Committee of the Party (c'mon, you know which party), not to mention the Vatican, would both be delighted to have a propaganda-machine as effective as that of the trans.

  15. "pronouns: Use female pronouns when referring to Smith students"

    Use female pronouns when referring to Smith students even if the student is a biological male with fully intact male genitalia.

    There is nothing they could do if every woman refused to address males as "she" or "her".

  16. @November 2, 2015 at 3:20 PM

    " It has obviously become a re-education system to indoctrinate male supremacy, female subordination and demands that women submit to and be obedient to men, submit to the replacement of women's reality with men's fantasies, and demands that participate in men's sexual fetishes, sexual deviance, and porn fantasies."

    Well said....

    There is NO reason for any woman to go to Smith. Women go to Smith because they want a unique learning environment which is supposed to empower women. Now, women will feel compelled to carefully control their thoughts so that they don't accidently use the wrong pronoun and hurt a poor transwoman's feelings. It's the same old silencing of women, but with a sparkly new p.c. face. It's the same old misogynistic bullshit, but just another way of doing it. At $65,000 (tuition, room and board, etc.) it's cheaper to go somewhere else. Moreover, compared to MIT, Smith doesn't have world class research facilities in high tech.


    Nine months' tuition for 2014–2015 is $43,720. In addition undergraduate room and board is approximately $13,224 depending on the student's housing and dining arrangements.

    Even the University of Massachusetts has better research facilities than Smith.

    1. Real females should boycott the school entirely. This nonsense will go out the window quickly when financial consequences are involved. If all the women currently attending left (and told the school why) and new ones did not apply there, I doubt there are enough MTT to keep the doors open for long.

  17. How many alums of Smith are willing to write the Board? I did prior to this policy going into effect but of course I assumed the die had been cast. I need to follow up with a request to know how they are keeping females safe, including those with a sexual abuse history, from "women" with penises in their locker rooms, bathrooms, showers and dorms (does a student have the right to refuse a roommate who is male?). The use of the word woman has been hijacked and now we see the hijacking of the word female! Are there current Smith students and parents of students who could be organized around this issue, along with alum and parents/students considering a women's college? Does anyone know if any of the women's colleges don't admit non females?

  18. The Smith decision came after at least a year of debate. I'm so tired of the feels argument. I'm with Germaine Greer. Too fucking bad mtf's get their ( ever shifting and entitled) feelings hurt. Try being an old woman in the world.


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