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 Seb-Age 17

Tom-Age 17

Max-Age 17

Cam-Age 16

Ace-Age 21

Max-Age 21

Tucker-Age 21

Link-Age 18

Cal-Age 18

More girl grist for the transgender mill.



  1. It saddens me to see so many 16 and 17 year old girls......

  2. @dirt
    I've read many articles by you and want to know why you deny trans men(female to male) their identities? You have said many times they are actually lesbians who are confused but you disregard trans men who are gay. How can they be lesbians?

    What you say to transgendered people is as bad as if a man said you were a confused woman that should be with men because the lesbian identity is fake or a trend.
    And why do you think people would transition because of a trend? I can't see any benifits of being trans.
    If I was a woman who liked women, I would be a proud lesbian. But if I was transitioning I would be 100% sure of it and be happy to live my life not held back.

  3. "you disregard trans men who are gay."
    I assume you to mean by this women who imagine they are homosexual men. While there are plenty of gay man who are horny enough, or bi enough, or simply kind enough to date such people, I doubt very much whether any of them really are convinced that their partner is "a man". If any native man who is gay can contradict me on this, I would love to hear from him. I live to learn.

  4. I am a gay man and see trans men as men. Dating a trans man is northing like dating a woman. If my partner lost their genitailia it wouldn't change who they were. There are different kinds of men and woman ranging from body type to femme and masculine. Not only is it shallow to label others based off appearance before getting to know them, it is also disrespectful to not address others as they wish.
    When it comes down to it, what matters is the personality not the outside.

    1. Yeah, because partners losing their genitals happens ALL THE TIME. It's real easy to fantasize about how noble you'd be in hypothetical scenarios that almost never happen. I bet if your partner's face melted off you'd stay with them forever because... personality!

      I don't know any gay men who don't give oral, so have fun sucking a plastic penis, I guess?

    2. Not all relationships are solely focused on having sex. If I wanted that I would just hook up at bars. I want long lasting meaningful relationships and I have found a wonderful man that makes me happy. That's what matters. No ones perfect. We can only make the best of the cards we are delt in life.

      You don't have to agree with me. We all want different things.

    3. You're right, we all want different things. It is, however, important that these young females understand the truth: most gay men and straight women want a real, functioning penis attached to their partner, not vagina and not a dildo.

    4. I agree.
      Sharing actual truth is good.
      If you want your opinion to be heard by the trans men then perhaps use the same respect you would want to receive and use their prefered names and pronouns. Your words will reach them.

    5. "When it comes down to it, what matters is the personality not the outside."

      I agree with you, but sex is a physical attribute. To be sure, our sex (gender) must play a role in shaping our personality, because women and men have radically different histories, both individually (we were once boys, they were once girls), and as gender-classes in the social and political history of the world. But the notion that one can have a "male personality" in a "female body" or vice versa is nonsensical, and plunges us into a muddled philosophical dualism that nobody has taken seriously since the time of Descartes.

      "There are different kinds of men and woman ranging from body type to femme and masculine."

      Though I might have expressed it differently, I can agree with this too. But the sex of humans, and all mammals, is binary. Apart from serious pathological conditions, all are born one or the other, and stay that way all their life. It's not at all like being tall or short, or fat or skinny. There is no "sex-continuum" comparable to the continua of height or corpulence.

      I am prepared to believe that "dating a trans man is nothing like dating a woman", but would put it to you that it's probably not a whole lot like dating a native man either. (I can tell you from experience that dating a straight man is an entirely different experience from dating another gay man, and not one I would recommend!) I don't mean that as a value judgment on your relationship, just as an invitation to be clear-sighted about the situation.

      I am not at all convinced that we have the right to command how others address us or refer to us. I might choose to style myself the Duchess of Dorchester or the Cardinal Archbishop of Bradford, though I have no claim to either title. Would it be "disrespectful" of others not to address me as "Your Ladyship" or "Your Eminence"? A slightly less absurd example: if I were ever to meet the Queen of England, I would be supposed to address her as "Your Majesty", and it would certainly be regarded as disrespectful if I failed to do so. But as a republican (not a Republican!), should I bow to convention or remain true to my convictions? I even think that people who hold the sincere belief that homosexuality is A Bad Thing that should be discouraged may legitimately refuse to use the word "gay" to refer to us.

      Around 40 years ago, one of my "drinking buddies" was a FtM who identified as gay. I understood and respected some of her motivation: she sought an intimate relationship with a man based on the kind of equality and mutuality that, possibly correctly, she did not feel was viable in a heterosexual relationship. Of course, I used the male name she had adopted and referred to her as "he", just as I did for the older butch lesbians who were still around in the early 70s who also took male names and were referred to with male pronouns. There is never any point in gratuitously offending/injuring people on an individual basis. But here in a discussion forum set up precisely to examine such questions, I think the rules are different: to consent to use your opponents' terminology is in some measure to concede their arguments.

    6. (orthonymously) petreOctober 6, 2015 at 12:19 PM

      "If my partner lost their genitalia it wouldn't change who they were."

      Interesting that, while you demand our respect of pronoun choice, you yourself use the neutral pronoun "they" here. But a noble sentiment nonetheless, especially in its implication that you would stand by him. Noble, but a tad optimistic, perhaps? As regular readers will be bored of hearing, I recently underwent surgery on my penis, and it was a difficult time for my partner as well as for me, though he did his best not to show it, bless him. Imagining a "worst-case" scenario where the surgeons told me the only option was to remove the thing altogether, I have to wonder whether that wouldn't "change who I was" quite a bit. At my age (59) probably not as much as for a younger man, but still... Certainly it would involve a major "restructuring" of our relationship, possibly ending in the classic "We can still be friends, can't we?"

      You avoid (or perhaps simply omit) telling us whether the "wonderful man that makes [you] happy" is actually a trans or a native man, but either way, I am happy for you both, and wish you well.

      Can I end on a boring but (I think) important technical point? I find it confusing that so many people post as "Anonymous". It's easy enough to make up a name and type it in the appropriate field (though mine is real, shameless hussy that I am!), and it would make it a lot easier to follow the progress of an argument.

    7. Had to split my comment for length. Published in reverse order. Sorry for confusion.

    8. Or actually not. Correct order after all. Confusion all on this side. Nurse, nurse! Time for my injection!

    9. Please! If anon at 6:10pm is a gay man, I'm Barbara Bush! If you stop by boards where gay men and lesbians are able to speak freely without transcult moderators shutting down discussion, the answer to this question is always a resounding NO.

    10. If you MUST use that expression, please spell it correctly: "Puh-leeze!" I'm coming round to your opinion that 6:10 is no kind of man, but I won't lose any sleep, not the first time I bought a pig in a poke. If your Bush is really so Barbarous, don't hesitate to take the hedge-clipper to it. I did.

  5. @AnonymousOctober 5, 2015 at 11:12 PM: do you realize what a condescending a-hole you sound like with a statement like
    " I bet if your partner's face melted off you'd stay with them forever because... personality!" ??
    People all over the world suffer catastrophic injuries every day. I can only hope that every one of them is loved by someone who is nothing like you. What a cruel and disgusting thing to say. You should be ashamed and I should not be surprised to read such an awful, shallow comment on this hateful blog.

    1. Using extreme hypothetical situations to prove your morality is pathetic and YOU should be ashamed. People do suffer catastrophes every day, so assuming you'd do the "right" thing and patting yourself on the back is so lame it's mock-worthy. Sorrynotsorry

    2. I wasn't the one who brought the extreme hypothetical situation into this discussion. I was commenting on what an asinine statement it was. Lastly, I'm hardly surprised you think my point is mock-worthy, your little clan of feminazis tries to mock pretty much anyone who dares to counter any of the lies you fools post up here on the daily.

    3. If you're going to talk about "feminazis", make sure you include "manjews" and "transjews" as part of your analysis so that everyone can see how batshit crazy you are.

  6. Well for starters, I don't believe 6:10 pm is a gay man. Sounds like someone putting on a skin to prove a point (penises don't matter THAT much) which most of us know to be an absolute lie. But then, pretend is such vital part of the trans thing, why should we be surprised?

  7. I didn't believe 6:10 is male either! I started to post it, but decided to see if anyone else peeped it out.
    As a matter of fact, except for the "I'll kill you, beat you etc posts, the composition of almost all of the Trans posts are easy to discern as female. If you don't believe one can tell, ask any college professor, or teacher if they can tell. Even great literature has decidedly male and female styled perception, sometimes it is just the most subtle of knowledged nature. Or an involuntary tone.
    And then there are other writers, whom are incredibly intuitive, almost supernaturally so, in channeling humanity.

    1. Yes yes, yes!
      I had an open mind until now, but you've reminded me that what was bugging me was precisely the linguistic thing. Women, unless they're very, very clever, just don't write the way men do, and vice versa. Thank you for clearing my mind about 6:10.
      I'll sign this "Anonymous" so you can guess my sex, but I have no doubt you'll get it right.

  8. Many of those in agreement with this blog, post as anonymous because of death threat concerns, and tech savvy emotionally unstable people.
    6:10s anonymous status is a dead giveaway - in my opinion. Unless 6:10 is too dense to realize that claiming to be a gay male who dates trans individuals loses substantial veracity and weight in presentation by using the anonymous profile. Is said Gay Male fearful of being "outed" for dating trans people? Or for being gay?
    Why do I doubt that? What say you, 6:10?

    PS .. We Lesbians are Spooky, huh.

    1. You sure are!

      Here Come the Leaping Lesbians! Tried to make a link to that song, but too techno-challenged. (It's on YouTube.) If you don't know it, ask your Mom or your Grandma.

      Sometimes feel lonely on this site, not because I'm male, but because everybody is too young to remember the things I do.

      Yes, what is "Gay Male" afraid of? Here's my e-mail address: . All messages (even abusive) welcome. I'll stop short of giving you my passport number or street address, but whatthefuck?

  9. "you disregard trans men who are gay."

    Females who have sex with males are heterosexual or bisexual. They are not gay. I argue that attempting to redefine homosexuality itself is the ultimate form of homophobia. It's a form of colonization and appropriation. This is from a gay man.

    "With respect to Homosexuality: My belief, in accordance with the definition of homosexuality, is that homosexuality only exist between people of the same sex. Again, it’s a sex based term, and separate from gender. No male person is a lesbian and no female person is a gay man. As is often documented on this blog and on the FB page, there is a growing resistance to this definition of homosexual. Trans activist and their allies wish to broaden what “homosexual” means to include themselves in it. Indeed homosexuality exist among trans people. Below is a list of homosexual pairings.

    1. Female paired romantically and/or sexually with another female.
    2. Male paired romantically and/or sexually with another male.
    3. A trans woman (male) paired romantically and/or sexually with a another male (This includes other trans women.)
    4. A trans man paired romantically and/or sexually with another female (This includes other trans men.)

    These are NOT homosexual pairings, and ARE heterosexual:

    1. Male paired romantically and/or sexually with a female.
    2. Trans woman (male) paired romantically or sexually with a female.
    3. Trans man (female) paired romantically or sexually with a male.

    When heterosexuals assert that they are homosexual, despite the reality of their biological sex ,they are engaging in assimilation tactics against homosexual people ,which ultimately will lead to the erasure of homosexuals and homosexuality.
    Lets be clear though, date who you love, be happy in your love, I support you in your love, I just don’t support the co-opting of the terms “homosexual”, “gay” and “lesbian” , and as an actual gay person find these tactics incredibly offensive."

  10. "I've read many articles by you and want to know why you deny trans men(female to male) their identities? You have said many times they are actually lesbians who are confused but you disregard trans men who are gay. How can they be lesbians?"

    Every FTM that I've known was sexually involved with women, or had a past relationship with women. Chaz Bono was a lesbian before becoming a "man". FTM Thomas Beatie has always been attracted to women. Even FTM Buck Angel was married to a woman. As to "gay" transmen (biological females), the fact that some females desire dick every now and then is no secret. They are heterosexual or bisexual. Let's get real. A female will never experience sexual pleasure the same way a male does. She doesn't have a penis and testicles and she doesn't ejaculate. Calling her "gay" as if she is just a gay man is ludicrous. I'm not a gay man, but every gay man I've known wants penis. This is why he is gay. As to males, a male will never experience sexual pleasure the way a woman does. It isn't going to happen. He can get his dick chopped off, but he is never going to be a woman.

    What really outrages me is that we are all told to go along with it, and are being forced to live in someone else's fantasy world.

    As to the idiotic belief that FTMs are just like men who have had some kind of injury to their genitals is ridiculous. Frankly, I think it's an insult to the male sex. FTMs (biological females) have no male reproductive system, and aren't born with a male reproductive system. They are laying claim to something that they have never known.


    I hope you are doing better. You're a great guy!

    1. Thanks for your concern. I'm pleased to report that, thanks to my wonderful urologist Guillermo, my penis is now almost as fully functioning as in earlier times (age-adjusted, of course), and even (though I say so myself) a little prettier than before, although I doubt whether it would ever have won any prizes at the County Fair. If you meant to wish me well in recovering from the mental confusion that made it so difficult for me to split my earlier post in two, and keep both parts in the right order, then I suspect that ship may already have sailed!

      "As to the idiotic belief that FTMs are just like men who have had some kind of injury to their genitals is ridiculous. Frankly, I think it's an insult to the male sex."

      Have I just been reminded by a lesbian to take more pride in my genitals? Well, there's something that doesn't happen every day! I feel similarly annoyed ("annoyed" is British for "hopping mad") when I see an artificial hole gouged out of a man's crotch described as a "vagina". I think the portal through which almost all of us enter the world deserves a little more respect than that.

      Unlike some of you, I am (cautiously) prepared to give October 5, 2015 at 6:10 PM the benefit of the doubt, and believe that he is a gay man in the situation he claims, though I will not deny, following October 7, 2015 at 3:53 PM, that he leaves both my "linguistic gaydar" and my "mandar" curiously quiet. If he sounds to you like (like what?) a FtT, maybe that's just because he's learnt to parrot their "arguments" faithfully. His response to my challenge was very quick, which may support your argument, but on the other hand, it's an issue in which he may legitimately take a strong interest. Then again, if any of you accused ME of being a female (trans or not) posing as a natal man, I would probably have overcome my Britishness, and responded rather more vigorously than he. As you can see, the "jury in my head" is still out.

      I feel I may have expressed myself badly on the anonymity issue: it was never my intention to suggest that everybody should use their real name, just temporary pseudos that would make it easier to follow arguments in a particular thread. But if I'm the only person who has a problem with that, then forget it, of course (see the "mental confusion" referenced above!)

      P.S. not really to you, but to some other commenters: male sexuality (at least gay male sexuality) isn't ALL about cocks. Nature also graced us with lips, tongues, nipples, armpits, navels, fingers, arseholes... We can get plenty busy with that.

  11. Sending prayers to petre, a gentleman and all round great guy....

    1. "A gentleman" eh? And there's me, always tried to be so ladylike. Please do send prayers to Whomever FOR me, but not yet TO me, my canonization is still pending (-: Thank you very much, of course, but don't encourage me too much: men adore being flattered, even gay men by lesbians...

  12. Hey there Anonymous 10:43, October 6th, uhhh, Feminazi?
    Do you realize at all that you are aligning yourself with the rhetoric of RUSH LIMBAUGH? Oh that's just rich. Do you know who that is, even?
    Do you have any idea what he would have to say about You? And you don't like This Blog? Its so idiotic its troubling, when you back up into the larger picture of such mentalities signing those dotted lines at the Gender Clinic. Keep makin' those great decisions!

  13. Why would I not know who Rush Limbaugh is? He's a right wing zealot who uses the media to insult, dehumanize and attempt to shame those who live their lives in ways he doesnt understand or agree with. He uses hateful intolerant language in an attempt to subtly humiliate and/or openly mock whatever group he's targeting on any given day. So, he uses pretty much the same tactics as you lovely ladies do.

  14. I am the gay man from earlier posts.
    I have always dated and been attracted to men(bio) and have only a year ago started my first realationship with my ftm boyfriend I have now. I would not date a hetero woman. Comepletly different dating dynamics.
    I remain anonymous because as oct 7 4:33pm points out, there are "tech savy emotionally unstable people" on here and i would rather avoid unwanted harassment to my boyfriend or I.

    @anonymous oct 7 5:41pm
    My current boyfriend has never had a past relationship with a woman and has never desired one. Not all ftms like woman or used to identify as lesbian.

    I'm not here to fight, I'm just sharing my personal experience.

    1. Also to clarify, my boyfriend already had bottom surgery so I even if I wanted to do that I couldn't. (Not that I would want to... there's a reason I like guys)

      Its not like I say I'm gay but am actually strait, love vagina, and have vaginal intercourse with my boyfriend. It seems like some of you think of my relationship like this.

    2. You are lying. But that's ok. We're used to it.

      Not to say that somewhere out there in the varied scheme of human interaction a situation of gay male and female with a surgically shut vagina and a molded tube of inert tissue representing a phallus, or what is the other one, a clit-micro penis, not that it is impossible that such a coupling exists, but it just doesn't ring true.
      You're slick, with you're appropriations of others comments regarding anonymity, and think you've got the facets covered but its transparent. Its even clear that you are quite young. I like the somber restraint though. Nice touch...

    3. Translation: No offense but you're lying because no actual person could be attracted to or in a relationship with a transguy. Molded flesh tube, sealed vagina, inert tissue blah blah insert other insults as necessary. But we just want to help the kids..
      Hateful and mean, all of you.

    4. OMG. What a liar you are, fake gay boy! You don't even know what the surgery can or can't do, or that basic factors like smell make the body and subconscious know the person's sex. You're an amateur trying to pull one over on experts! You poor thing.

    5. I think you're an adolescent female who fantasizes about being a gay man, but has no idea of what transition actually entails. This is not an RPG, you're just lying.

    6. He may really be, as he claims, a 25 y.o. gay man, NOT a deliberate liar, but certainly self-deceptive and/or complicit in being deceived. Who knows? Who cares?
      Thank you for posting as "Diff anon": you are THE ONE who got my point about everybody being indifferently "Anonymous". Btw, what does "RPG" mean?

    7. Role Playing Game. Like World of Warcraft or Second Life. People can play as characters they create. They can pretend to be any sort of human or non-human. A lot of the tumblrtot gender trenders started that way, then it seems they fell into some strong delusions and came to believe that playing a character of another sex in a game is the same as real life.

  15. You need to make a blog post about the San Francisco company selling "packers," or rubber penises, made for children 4 to 12 years old. TranZwear, which bills itself as a “one-stop shop for all things FTM," specifically “packers” and STP prostheses. TranZwear has evidently discovered there is a niche market for penis-gear targeted at younger children.

    1. Yuk! Just plucked up the courage to look at TranZwear's site, and kinda wish I hadn't. Maybe someone (with a stronger stomach than me) SHOULD do a piece on them, if we're sure it wouldn't just be giving them free advertising,

  16. 4:46, can you read? It was clearly stated that it is possible for a gay male to have a relationship with a trans person, but that the poster was probably not a gay male.
    It then went on to describe in very flatline terms , what surgical modification of the female genitalia result as. An inert tube of skin, yes, it is that. A clitoris that is related to as a micro penis, yes it is that.
    If you consider plain facts insults, therein is The Problem.

  17. @oct 8 11:53am
    I never said I was old. I'm 25. My age shouldn't change the truthfulness of what I said.

    The older you get, the more life experience you have. Even though most of you are older than me I don't think you have had the experience of meeting a couple like my partner and I. Gay transmen seem pretty rare and i know not every gay guy would be able to get over them at one point having a vagina. You sound very educated but havn't looked into things very far if I am the first example of a gay guy dating a ftm.

    1. Oh honey, we've known kids like you since we were kids ourselves. Which was probably when your parents were kids. I hate to break it to you, but you are just not that special a snowflake.

  18. I know you didn't say you were old.
    You just proved my point.

    1. Your point being? Seems like all you've done is say hurtful things about peoples bodies.
      You guys can post all day long about how transguys are ugly, sickly, little trolls that nobody could ever love. You can photoshop big glowing arrows pointing towards every hint of femininity on peoples photos and talk about dna and bones always revealing ones true gender..Post up your lame internet research and pseudoscience and mock every person who tries to have an intelligent dialogue with you. It'll never change the fact that there are plenty happy, healthy transguys of all ages. Many of whom arent invested in any sort of stealth existence. I don't care at all if people know i was born a girl, it's part of my history and I don't feel like there's anything wrong or embarassing about what's in my shorts. I have a lovely and intelligent girlfriend who has mostly only dated cis men and she finds my body to be a huge turn on. I'm not, obese or covered in body hair or balding as you claim all ftms will become. I'm a normal, kind and happy guy. Or as my girlfriend likes to call me, a guy+. Like a regular dude, but better. Cheers, go get your torches

    2. "I have a lovely and intelligent girlfriend who has mostly only dated cis men and she finds my body to be a huge turn on"

      So, you're saying that your girlfriend, who is bi and has a history of dating women, is turned on by your female anatomy. That makes much more sense than a gay man being turned on by female anatomy. Thank you for clarifying that water is indeed wet.

  19. "Lame internet research"... pseudo science"
    Examples are required to legitimately provide critical review,
    So... Go for it.

    We're waiting... holding our bics.. Guy Plus.

  20. Be specific and correct about your points of contention or you're a Lame - O.


  21. @ October 5, 2015 at 6:10 PM
    "We can only make the best of the cards we are delt [sic] in life."
    My dear male gay friend (if such you be), that it precisely what your "trans-boyfriend" is NOT doing. It's like playing cards with a child, who doesn't like the cards s/he was dealt, and demands a "do-over". Ain't gonna happen in Vegas, ain't gonna happen in life. Other people here can put it to you much more directly, and cruelly, than I can, but I'm both male and British, and I don't want to hurt you (either of you). If you really think you and your friend can stay together "for the long haul", then I wish you well, and find it only minorly irritating that you describe that as a "gay" relationship; I know some of my lesbian friends here regard it as "majorly" irritating. If you are not, in fact, a male gay person, and have been playing some kind of game with us, well, I like games, and have been happy enough to play along so far, but now I have better and more important things to do.


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