Gender Dysphoria or Gender Disenchantment?

From a popular trans female website:
See the Gender Dysphoria? Neither can I.



  1. OMG she is making that ridiculous face. It's the trying-way-too-hard, F2Tscowl.

  2. "Gender Dysphoria or Gender Disenchantment" is a great title because it's so spot on! Something is going on, and it's largely cultural based. All this can't be easily explained by tossing out the magical words "gender dysphoria".

    For most of these young women, gender disenchantment is more likely the root underlying cause of the current trans craze than "gender dysphoria". Those two photos say it all. Young women who don't feel quite comfortable with the hyper-feminization cultural stereotypes resort to the polar opposite. They have tried the demure, pretty Princess stereotypical image of "femininity" and rejected it. In a culture that constantly devalues girls, being a girl is too difficult and painful. I see it as combination of factors: (1.) internalized misogyny (2.) neoliberal post modern backlash against feminism (3.) hyper-feminization and a porn/rape culture

  3. You know what I see in common w all these trans? Fucking attention seeking self worshiping behavior.. theres nothing else going on in your life that its SO IMPORTANT how some dumb fuck at the supermarket views you?? This is the new way to get attention, especially on the internet. Look at this chick, she got drowned out in a sea of "hawt internet chicks" so now shes a "rebellious tranzboii". God I'm bored.

    1. My sex like most Butch lesbians have been questioned or mistaken since age 3. Who the fuck cares? I get sir'd every day. I dont bat an eye. It doesnt stop me from being me, and as someone who's had true dysphoria it certainly cannot affect that. Yet these girl claim repeatedly their "dysphoria" is "acting up" because they got "misgendered"!


  4. I was at a party recently, and some girl comes up to me and my friends. Shes not even in the conversation or anything, and she looks directly at me and goes "Hey what are your gender pro-nouns?" And I'm all "What? I'm a girl if that what you're asking." My female friend (more femme looking than me) inquires "Why didn't you ask what my pro-nouns are? Why only her?" We all laugh, but the girl gets super angry and shouts "I was just trying to be respectful, you are being SO offensive right now!! I'm being nice!" She like flips out and starts ranting and her friend drags her away... The point being, she felt like she deserved COOL POINTS for knowing about trans-politics, and when she eagerly applied her tumblr knowledge on a real live butch female, and I shot her down, it rattled her ego. Don't I know I'm trans?!? How dare I reject the pronoun question, with hair like mine, clothes like I wear, and the mannerisms which make up my personality! Everyone was going to know how cool and accepting she is, but I just HAD to ruin it by bein my authentic self!!! This shit is just about making a "cool kids club" so these people with no real sense of self can feel important.


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