Transgenderism Kills Another Lesbian Youth-Serena Skylar Lee

Serena "Skylar" Marie Lee", a 17 year old "transgender school activist" committed suicide yesterday.

It is clear from an article Lee wrote for Our Lives earlier this year, her depression was tied directly to the jumble fuck created by Transgender Identity Politics, obscuring and confusing the view of lesbian youth. Add to that, as her obituary attests with its use of male pronouns, a family that much preferred a mock son, to a happy healthy lesbian daughter.  

  • "Starting in sixth grade, when I identified as a cisgender girl, I started to notice my romantic attraction to people of my own gender. It was a shocking and horrifying realization after all the years of being told it was wrong to be gay. In eighth grade, I became involved in my school’s GSA. This was the turning point in my life as a closeted queer Asian."
  • "In the spring I was hospitalized because of the toxic environment and relationships I was experiencing, at home and at school, with my family and my peers. During this time, the inner turmoil of confusion over my identity only escalated. I went through several identities, sometimes changing every two weeks, from pansexual to lesbian, genderqueer, bigender, and genderfluid. Finally, in the summer before 10th grade, I discovered I was transgender."
School resources and policies are flooding gay and lesbian teens with transgender propaganda that uses gay and lesbian narratives as its own, wrongly convincing gay and lesbian teens of being transgender! A condition that may please homophobic parents, but doubles the closet teens are struggling to get out of. Unfortunately in a time when it should be easier to be a gay or lesbian teen, transgender identity politics are strangling homosexual youth with poisonous hormones, mutilative surgeries, revisionist histories, false promises and transition-will-fix-everything-mirages! All tightening the noose, trans propaganda put around their young necks while the liberal left kicks the stool freeing their feet.



  1. I also come from a conservative background--the stigma stays with you for a long time, that's for sure. I'm only twenty so I can't tell if it will ever actually go away, but you live with this internalized view that everything lesbian/gay is bad/wrong, it's almost subconscious. I know it's put into our heads when we're very young because I recall being in first grade or so and wanting to go over a friend's house for the first time, and when I heard her mom mention our plans to my mom, she called it a "play date." I remember, at that age, thinking, "Wait no, dates are for a girl and a boy... We can't be going on a date, that's not right. That's wrong, actually. Just no. I refuse to call it a "play date," it's so...wrong. Ok, I won't think about it anymore.
    I was six or so at the time.
    Then puberty comes and as well as boatloads of denial. I remember watching "straight porn" and thinking it was good and straight because it's what straight people watched since it's called that, right? So the fact that I'm watching it affirms that I'm straight (even though a moaning naked woman took up 90% of the screen). Gay people watch gay porn so I'll never, ever touch that.

    I could only come to terms with my preferences while playing as a male in online video games. It was the only way I could accept myself given my upbringing. No one was watching me or judging me, only myself. That's because it's all internalized. Later on, little by little, I developed a bit more legitimate acceptance of myself, but that's another story.

    Very, very sad to hear about this suicide, especially at seventeen. I'm so very sorry, Serena.

    1. "Gay people watch gay porn so I'll never, ever touch that." What kind of world do you think you live in? If you yourself don't watch gay-male porn, then I assure you your daughters do. Real or metaphorical daughters. Ach, what's the use? The world has moved on, we're dinosaurs.
      (Btw, with few exceptions, gay men, not "gay people" watch gay porn.)

  2. I can't even begin to cope with this story. But know that here, cis-Atlantic, it's 28 degrees Celcius. Warmer of colder there, trans-Atlantic? Know that those are perfectly legitimate uses of the prefixes "cis-" and "trans-". Of course, you can reverse them, from your point of view. You're right to ban "cis-gender", but don't ban a whole prefix.

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of this young life. These beautiful young women need to be told that they are perfect the way they are.

  4. The beauty about transing the dead is that dead people can't speak for themselves.

  5. I would like to follow up on transing the dead because we know it's been going on for years. They did this with young Josh Alcorn, and they continue to do it with every confused and troubled teenager who is different. Everyone is heart broken when a young person is lost. We all agree on this. It's truly sad.

    After reading the article from the link dirt provided, "Our Lives", written by this young woman, it's clear to me that her identity was all over the map. She repeatedly describes herself as queer throughout the article, but in every article that I've read it doesn't say "Queer Youth Committed Suicide". This poor young confused teenage girl went from pansexual to lesbian, genderqueer, bigender, and genderfluid.

    "During this time, the inner turmoil of confusion over my identity only escalated. I went through several identities, sometimes changing every two weeks, from pansexual to lesbian, genderqueer, bigender, and genderfluid".

    What teenage girls aren't being told that it's okay to be a woman, and women are beautiful and strong. This is what is missing. What do we really know about this young woman? She had homophobic parents that couldn't accept a lesbian in the family and a culture that constantly devalues girls.

  6. They don't bring up the fact that lesbian phobia and misogyny are common in queer and transgender circles. How does this bolster a young woman's self esteem?


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