A Web of Lies-The TRUTH about Testosterone and Hematocrit Levels in FTM Transgenders

I'll begin by first defining hematocrit:

Hematocrit "is the proportion of your total blood volume that is composed of red blood cells. A hematocrit (Hct) test indicates whether you have too few or too many red blood cells".

Typical normal range of red blood cells in adult males and females are as follows:
Despite Transgender Identity Politic's disruption of language with wishful thinking over biology, male biology and female biology, for all their similarities, ARE different both within and without.

Some basics about FEMALE cardiovascular systems:

  •  "There may be fundamental differences in the way women's hearts work."
  • "Women with heart disease may have different symptoms than men."
  • "Tests that reliably pick up signs of heart damage in men don't always work in women." 
  • "Women have smaller hearts and arteries than men-One reason women haven't fared as well as men after bypass surgery and balloon procedures may be that their smaller vessels clog up again more easily after the procedures.  In addition, surgeons performing bypasses in women are less likely to use an artery from inside the chest wall, because it's smaller and harder to work with". 
  • "It is assumed that exposure to endogenous oestrogens during the fertile period of life delays the manifestation of atherosclerotic disease in women. Before menopause the CHD-Coronary Heart Disease-event rate in women is low and predominantly attributed to smoking.3 Women with an early menopause (<40 a="" compared="" expectancy="" have="" late="" life="" lower="" menopause.="" normal="" or="" sup="" two-year="" with="" women="" years="">4
Data from the Framingham Heart Study suggest that a harmful cardiovascular risk profile may be more cause than consequence of age at menopause. In the Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation (WISE) study it was shown that young women with endogenous oestrogen deficiency have a more than sevenfold increase in coronary artery risk. "
  • "Menopause transition is associated with a worsening CHD risk profile."...."Body weight may increase during the first years since menopause and body fat distribution changes from a gynoid to a more android pattern (female to male). Central obesity with an increase in visceral fat occurs more frequently after menopause, with a higher presence of comorbid risk factors".
  • During menopause, total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels rise by 10 and 14% respectively and lipoprotein (a) increases 4 to 8%, whereas high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels remain unchanged.7,21 It may therefore be important to (re)evaluate the lipid profile after menopause when borderline premenopausal values were found. Above 65 years of age mean LDL cholesterol is higher in women compared with men. At all ages HDL-cholesterol levels are 0.26 to 0.36 mmol/l higher in women but from the Framingham study it is known that a low HDL cholesterol implicates a higher CHD risk in women than in men.22 
  • Not surprisingly the health profiles of menopausal women are mirrored by trans females (females using cross sex hormones-testosterone): "Testosterone usage has been shown to increase "erythropoiesis," or red blood cell production."
    Eerily (insanely) surprising are the number (any one you can find) of trans female websites posting health guidelines (from pedestrian to leading health sources) for the testosterone treatment of transitioning females listing faulty life and death information such as:

    Regardless of the age of the female transitioning, testosterone treatment is causing female bodies to go through menopause, opening the door for health issues that women in their 50's are dealing with, and in many cases dying with. Fifteen or sixteen year old girls shouldnt be concerned about increased visceral fat, stroke or heart attacks. And if the news and social media are any indication, Trans Trenders arent worried anymore than the doctors dolling out "T" like M&Ms, but they should be. The doctor's prescribing testosterone for the purpose of transition seem to be as ignorant of female biology as a preschooler.

    Female cardiovascular/circulatory systems (blood vessels, arteries, heart valves, hearts etc) differ from male cardiovascular/circulatory systems, in both size and function. Testosterone regimens in trans females increase red blood cell count, thickening blood. Thicker blood trying to flow through smaller circulatory systems. Systems that do NOT increase from cross sex hormones, despite the increase in red blood cells.

    Testosterone does NOT magically change the female sex to male. Raising testosterone levels in females to the same level as males, isnt making them male, it is making them sick. And medical professionals ignoring this reality is making trans females sicker still. It is not only faulty science, it is criminal to medically view/treat a female body as a male body simply because testosterone has been administered to it. Like the Transgender Language Police, who willy-nilly swap boy for girl or woman for man, medical professionals are doing the very same thing in order to hide in plain sight the serious health risks of their patients!

    Normal adult females hematocrit levels range 34.9 to 44.5 percent. Trans female hematocrit levels elevate from testosterone treatment. What do medical professionals and transgender health professionals do when female transitioner's blood thickens with over produced red blood cells and their hematocrit levels elevate past normal female ranges? Why they simply stop treating trans females as female and instead compare risky female hematocrit levels to male levels (38.8 to 50 percent) which on paper brings hazardous trans female hematocrit levels back to a normal range. ON PAPER!

    I know the world changes a mile a minute, but the last time I checked, the female body is made up of flesh and blood, NOT Xerox glossy! A judge with the waive of a gavel can change an F to an M on paper documents, but NO ONE can do so with flesh and blood. Identity Politics has not only altered what we call ourselves on paper, it has infiltrated our medical field where the difference between F and M have real life and death consequences.



    1. Utter insanity. It's astoundingly upsetting how more people don't see it, but then I remember not everyone is inclined towards logic and actually thinking about things.

    2. I have the flesh and blood of a feral female. I wear what I want, I smile when I'm happy, I speak what I think, I look people straight in the eye and every cell in my body is real.
      I belong to a tribe that cant be domesticated by the house that patriarchy built.

    3. Zounds! This is phenomenal! Well done Dirt. There's a disease called polycythemia where the blood gets too thick, because the bone marrow makes too many red cells. This is a potentially life threatening disease. Testosterone mimics this horrible disease! OMG! And your observation that taking T does NOT change blood vessels and the heart is so important. I suspect the people taking these hormones have a magical idea of what they do. When the ghastly John Money was trying to change David Reimer into a girl (see the book How Nature Made Him) he and the actual medical doctors were all surprised when at puberty Reimer's voice deepened. He had no testes to produce testosterone and that's as far as they thought. But of course his voice deepened because his larynx grew into the adult male shape, and it did that because it's made of cells and the cells, once puberty starts, have DNA in them that tells them how to build a grown-up larynx. Male DNA, so a male and male sounding larynx. The thing that controls the structures of our body is our DNA. Not hormones. Money and his creepy pals were focused on hormones so they just forgot about everything else in human biology. Clearly some people still are. ��

    4. As usual, a well-researched and informative article. Just a footnote to reassure older readers who may, like me, have leapt to dig out their latest blood work: Hct levels rise naturally with age; no man over 50 or post-menopausal woman need be overly concerned if their Hct is 5 points higher than Mayo's reference values. Geography also plays a role: if you live atop a high mountain, don't expect to have the same Hct as people at sea level.
      Notwithstanding those variables, females should usually have a lower
      Hct than comparable males. Of course, when I say "should", I don't just mean "that's what would be expected", I mean that females who take substances that raise their Hct level to the higher range of male levels are putting their health in risk. So pretty much what Dirt was saying.
      Hardly a major contribution the the discussion, but I do my best.

    5. These medical professionals should have their licenses revoked. They take an oath to do no harm. Ever think these misogynist doctors are intentionally trying to kill these women?

      1. Yes, and my hat's off to Dirt for the wonderful job she is doing of educating us all to the dangers of ftm transition "treatments."

      2. That may be true of the Frankensteins who are actively pushing "transition". But regular doctors are swimming (drowning?) in the same toxic sea of misguided political correctness as the rest of us. Woe betide the honest generalist who conscientiously draws her/his patient's attention to the risks the latter is exposing her/himself to through "gender choice".

    6. That's a nice little theory you've put together, Dirt, to try to imply that trans men on T are at a higher risk of heart disease than cis men. What you haven't included, though, is any concrete evidence that they actually are. Why might that be?

      Oh, that's right: because they aren't.

      Aren't you ashamed to deliberately mislead people like this?

      1. The evidence is abundant. While it it true that endogenous males, if we must describe ourselves thus, are at higher risk of infarction than endogenous females, females who simulate maleness (FtMs) expose themselves to greater risk of infarction than endogenous males.Actually, I'm quite warming to the expression "endogenous male"; I may never have to call myself a "man" again (-:

    7. Good writing Dirt. This is very accurate and sound medical information. It can all be verified through medical journals and that what we need to be looking at: FACTS, not transgender theory propaganda.

      I have been shocked to learn that friends who have been prescribed Testosterone (off label) for the treatment of "Transgenderism" have been told that the side-effects are no different than if they were (natal) men producing the hormone themselves. I don't understand why the Doctors are not emphasizing the risks associated with taking synthetic hormones. (Maybe it would hurt their profitable businesses.) It is well-documented that heart disease and cancer results from the long-term use of these drugs. Total hysterectomies are still advised at the five year mark but most women cannot afford the $8,000 breast reduction, much less the $20,000 hysterectomy and oopherctomy that is recommended.

      I am tired of the argument that is it s "quality of life" issue ... what kind of quality of life will a young woman have when she must discontinue taking Testosterone after a debilitating stroke, life-threatening bout with cancer results after years of taking Testosterone? If a person is having difficulty living as "gender variant" how will they like living in a wheelchair etc? And in regard to gender, how much more difficult will it be to live with the permanent effects of hormone disruption; facial and body hair, PCOS related obesity, hair loss/balding, and an unnaturally low (often nasal-toned) voice. How will young woman feel after permanent changes after Testosterone use appear even more incompatible with her rounded hips and female body fat distribution. And how will life be with the additional problems of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (or no hormones at all if she has had a hysterectomy/early menopause?)

      Many people "detransition/retransition" successfully despite the painful challenges that are involved but would it not be better to avoid all of this suffering?

      I am not sure that young people realize how dangerous and improbable it will be for them to continue taking these dangerous hormones for life ... and I am not sure that they realize that death is not the only side-effect to consider, permanent disability is more likely to occur years before a senseless, premature death.

      Thanks for caring about the lives of these women. The Doctors obviously don't care about them. I know that you don't make a dime on your blog or in any way related to this cause. You don't even allow advertisements in the side bar and yet you risk your personal safety by speaking out. Some of the "transgender" readers may hate you (you certainly get enough death threats) but I hope that these readers will come to see they you are trying to save their lives.

      River Stone

    8. I read through River's comment three times, hoping to find something to disagree with, but unsuccessfully. You know how argumentative I am, but curse it, she's right.

    9. Read it again, and still right. Even being naturally male could be seen as a "disabling condition" in terms of life-expectancy. WE just have to llive (and die) with it, but why would any sane person go out of their way to choose that?

    10. With my linguist's hat on now, I note that River writes "natal men" where I habitually use "native men". Is it just a case of "potayto/potahto", or is there a good reason to favour one expression over the other? Everybody's thoughts welcome.

    11. The reason for using the term "natal" instead of "native" is that "native" can also mean that you are "native American" or "native Alaskan" or belong to another indigenous group, which is not what you meant.

    12. All this "female body will die if given T" bullshit makes my herm ass laugh.

      Au naturel, without any surgery or hormones, I have a huge, square figure, large muscles, low voice, facial hair, and my clit has been growing recently (it always looked like a maldeveloped penis, and now it's correcting itself). I feel fucking fantastic. Even since my second puberty kicked in and I started growing stuff, I've felt much better. It's not the matter of misogyny, just body chemistry. I no longer need to be bother with mood swings, crying all the time like a little bitch. I'm strong, horny, hungry and smelly - I love it.

      I don't feel as a "poor, opressed lesbian who was forced by the mean transgender community". I laugh at the idea that does MTF folks, who get beaten and raped in the streets are priviledged more than me. No one harrasses me. No one attempts to rape me. People move aside when I walk. A drunk dude on the bus can scream that "every faggot and dyke should be slaughtered" before telling me "sup, bro, can I switch seats with you?" What would you call it, if not male priviledge? I have a vagina, uterus - and all the perks of being male.

      Really, all you radfems have no idea how amazing and diverse the world is, and your little rants about "testosterone is lesbian genocide" don't include people like me. FTM's are not poor opressed peeps who were told they have power - I can tell you, male-passing gives you bonuses.

      Hell, I can't even be lesbian - I like men, and your definition FEMALE homosexual means I'm out of it unless I do hormones and surgery - oh, wait, pure, natural, gluten-free females have all that stuff already without nasty, patriarchal medicine.


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