Transgender/Transgenders Impersonating Lesbian & Radical Feminists-ALL Feminists BEWARE

As a result of the last two posts, the one removed and the one currently in place (for the time being that is), this morning I joined the PUBLIC FB group (nearly 12,000 member) where the death threat originated-All Transmen Know Each Other. 
Within minutes I find this:

A GOOGLE account using MY name and blogspot ID, spewing trans rabble babble as if it came from me. Conveniently, too conveniently, the VERY same trans female who issued the death threat/spam Google alert (the one removed by GOOGLE and then reposted in previous post) finds/copies/posts the fake Dirt account to the FTM FB group linked above in effort to rile/rally some transgender mob against this blog or me personally or both.

Fortunately as a result of the death threat coming to my attention, then being removed, by checking out this group personally I became aware of this impersonation and took direct steps to stop it.
Feminist/Radfems/Lesbian bloggers, beware! Organized Transgender coalition claptrap are fanning the flames of transgender sufferers to the boiling point. Bubbling over the top of the pot are morals, reason, logic and above all common sense. At these blistering temperatures, the transgender will use any tactic, whether right or wrong, truthful or untruthful, moral or immoral to silence us. Dont think for a moment that cannot mean silencing our pens, by silencing our heartbeats.



  1. It is scary how someone can easily set up a fake account in your name and then go around spewing bullshit and then it looks like you did it. Good job (in this case) to Google for removing the fake profile/information promptly, although they did screw up by removing that other post about the death threat, favoring trans politics over free speech.

  2. Wow the fake FB quote really reflects the simple mindedness of its author.
    The trite idiocy of it is typical and it makes me think, yeah - not all women want to be men..Only the stupid ones do.

  3. Dirt my dear friend, please take good care of yourself because I do agree that these people are dangerous.

    This disgusting fake identity b.s. trick doesn't surprise me because they have done worse to other women. They will use every devious trick in the book. In fact, there isn't anything that they won't try in an attempt to silence women. To spew a bunch of bull that they know isn't true, they used dirt's photo, real name including middle initial, this blog address, and then said, "FEMINIST UNITE KILL THE HESHES BOW WOW WOW". No one on this blog uses the term "Heshes', and no one on this blog has said "kill heshes", or kill a trans person. The woman known as dirt, on the other hand, has received numerous online death threats. See links below. "YOU SHOULD BE SHOT FUCKING DEAD" is a death threat.

    (1.) To understand how their minds work, read some of the "TERF" death threats. A "TERF" is any woman they can't manipulate or bully into submission. Women aren't allowed to have an opinion that deviates from the standard trans talking points. The "TERF" death threats are coming mostly from MTFs, but FTMs encourage what is going on, and use the term "TERF" themselves. As to "T" (testosterone), it has been known to increase aggression.

    (2.) The woman known as Dirtywhiteboi67 has received numerous online death threats. Warning! Some of this is very graphic and deeply disturbing.

    Dirt, watch your back. I love and respect you....


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