A recent post documenting a death threat and the use of my real life name/location, along with documented evidence of a trans trending FB groups coalition to spam Google until they shut this blog down, was removed overnight by Google. Without a warning. Without a reason. Without any prior knowledge they were going to do so. See below:
Death Threat 
Organizing FB Transgender groups to mass attack websites deemed anti trans.
Post removed:
Empty post:
This is the third post of this nature in six weeks that Google has removed. If other lesbian/feminists are having similar issues with GOOGLE, please email me at ( All previous posts that Google has removed have interestingly remained up at the other sites not associated with Google.

It is fast become obvious Google is profiting from the once healthy bodies of lesbians, minority gay men, gay and lesbian children, female youth dissatisfied with hyper femininity, and assorted straight males with a lady fetish who have/are the new grist for the old Gender Straight Jacket mill.

Given Google's ownership of Youtube (a prime bed for the promotion of transgenderism/transition), with a growing number of transgender ceasing transition after realizing the treatment as unlawful/unethical/barbaric, given those who are now dying as a result of transition and given those who have lost a loved one to death as a direct/indirect result of transition, when seeking financial recompense, along with the psychiatric community, medical community, will Google/Google affiliates be held responsible for the harm THEY HAVE inflicted?



  1. It would be great to see Google take a stand on the right side of the law as far as things like this go. Unfortunately, as with main stream media and other major corporations, it all boils down to the bottom dollar, I fear. As long as trans groups are dumping money (that frankly the rest of us just don't have) into promoting their agenda, Corporate America is going to give them whatever they want - regardless of how many lesbians, females, etc. are hurt by them doing so.

  2. Political correctness and fear of offending the delicate trans community sadly trumps both free speech and lesbian rights.

  3. The disposable income of retired autogynophiles enjoying their new daytime hobby.. Being "Activists". The other hobby being the indulgence of a fetish paraphilia.

  4. I wonder, though, if big brother google isn't a lot like facebook in the sense that it has some trans males high up in its ranks. It probably is, so it's disheartening to see attempts at silencing people who can actually *think* rather than blindly reproduce their ideologies, though it is totally unsurprising.

  5. Do you really think Google (or any big internet company) is cackling maniaclly because they took down your post? No.

    Google likely has little idea YT is a 'hotbed for transition info'. Likely things are taken down if they receive a large number of reports, do you really think Google has employees looking at every single reported post on every social site they own? No. That is an impossible feat so they take things down and look at any requests for reinstatement (or at least that is how other large sites handle auto moderation)

    You say 'transgenders' are deluded but yet you think there is some mass conspiracy by Google to silence you.

  6. The current PC and media buzz is in a Trans vogue mode, and indifference and outright misogynistic silencing is a historical reality - Clueless Anon 8:42.

  7. The cackling maniacally comment .. Another example of taking an Actual Event (the removal that Dirt has reported here) and spinning it in sophomoric hyperbole.
    No ability to to converse in right size language, and always with the trite, over emotive phrases.
    And not even realizing it completely drowns the content of what they want to get across.
    Too much self absorption and drama. Not enough critical thinking skills.

  8. this is disgusing and youre literal human garbage who has zero business sticking your nose in trans individuals' business lmao


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