The Transgender Explosion-The Who-What and Why?

A very brief history on the struggles/equal rights and current standings of a few minority groups in the US.

  • Human females have existed for about a 150,000 years give or take. In the US alone females still do not possess Equal Rights under the white male constructed constitution. Women in the US still make less money than males doing the same jobs. Females in the US are experiencing a rise in the already sickening American Rape Culture. Females remain objects of the collective male gaze, are bought and sold by men to men for the purpose of male sexual gratification from infant to young adulthood etc etc etc.

  • Between the early 18th century and mid 19th century, white male leaders who colonized America, shipped/sold nearly 12 million Africans in slavery. The Abolitionist movement to free blacks from slavery was passed by president Lincoln in 1865. Despite the abolishment of slavery mid 19th century, it wasnt until mid 20th century that blacks (through hard fought and won struggles) began receiving minimal rights as American citizens. While black Americans possess many (white) American rights, presently racism is still very much alive and killing as we have just witnessed this week alone etc etc etc.

  • Gays and Lesbians have a LONG (even Biblical) history of horrors/abuses/inequalities. Some of the greatest perpetrators of those horrors/abuses/inequalities has been via early/current mental health professionals/institutions. But it wasnt until June 1969 that a seemingly regular police injustice sparked a greater organized gay and lesbian movement. Within just a few years of gay and lesbian leaders demanding/lobbying that Homosexuality was not a mental illness did mental health officials remove Homosexuality from its bible of mental illness (DSMII) in 1973. In actuality, homosexuality was not removed from the DSMII, merely revised/reclassified as Sexual Orientation Disturbance. From there Homosexuality as a mental illness has merely been transformed into various incarnations: Homosexuality, Sexual Orientation Disturbance, Ego-Dystonic Homosexuality, Gender Identity Disorder, Gender Dysphoria. With a magician slight of hand, Homosexual gains when examined beyond the Freudian couch disappear before our blood shot eyes. And outside of a few pitiable progresses (homosexuals can openly give their lives for the military machine) and in some cases, marry depending upon the state, little has actually changed for homosexuals in America. We're still regularly attacked, discriminated against, hated, misunderstood, diagnosed with mental illness where there is none, fired from jobs, refused housing, our children removed from us, refused the right to adopt (even where legal), invisible (outside of palatable homo's), ostracized in major sports if out etc etc etc.
Trans-vestist/sexual/gender notions sprang from the loins of psycho/pseudo/mental/medical-sexologist dating back to the mid 19th century. Early sexologist/psychologists believed homosexuals were somehow inverted (born in the wrong body), meaning gay males having a female brain/lesbians having a male brain. In this light homosexuals couldnt be held responsible for their perversions, but potentially treated/cured.
Homosexuality being labeled a perversion was linked along side other sexual perversions, particularly transvestism.
But despite (torturous/barbarity) efforts from mental/medical practitioners, no matter what they tried they could not for the life of them cure homosexuality disorder. Then bing bang boom after a few disastrous trial and errors, cross dressing fetishists posing as male homosexuals were being treated (successfully) with female hormones to help them appear female externally (remember the ignorant notion of homos having female brains). As cross dressing fetishist caught on, more and more sought sex changes to further their fetish highs using homosexual narratives to do so.
Homosexuals and heterosexual cross dressing fetishists, despite the link by the psychiatric community were at far ends of the universe socially and politically. Cross dressing fetishists enjoyed their straight (usually white) male privilege to further their careers, marry, have children and take full advantage of all the rights (which is all the rights) white straight men were afforded. While homosexuals were attacked, killed, preyed upon, harassed, fired from jobs, lost housing, lost children, lost family and were just plain lost within suffocating closet.

It wasnt until homosexuals began demanding our rightful rights, gaining some ground on attaining those rights, throwing wide open the closet door that cross dressing fetishists quickly attached themselves to us like cancer to a healthy body. Through that attachment, in a very short period of time cross dressing fetishists have completely over taken every single gay/lesbian or lesbian organization or fully inserted their twisted sexual agendas into ours.
  • Transgenders have been allowed to marry in any state in the US by choosing how they identify, from day one.
  1. Only within the last few years can gays/lesbians marry in the US in 37 states, despite gays/lesbians fighting for that constitutional right since the early 70's.
  1. Obamacare, any-care didnt pay for my $12,500 dollar removal of a large fibroid tumour causing years of anemia until it hemorrhaged and the hospital couldnt refuse to operate.
  2. Lesbians/Women of all colours if we do not have/cannot afford healthcare, pap smears/mammograms/birth control and other important routine checks that could save our lives are not afforded us. 
  3. Diabetic necessities are not coverage state or federally if not insured.
  4. HIV drugs if not insured are not afforded to those suffering with HIV/AIDS.
  5. Anti-rejection drugs if not insured are not afforded to those in need.
  6. Many drugs for various ailments of the elderly are not covered by government programs/SS.
  7. Abortion is not covered by any insurance.
  8. Domestic abuse needs are not covered (proactively-postactively) by medical insurances/federal/state agencies.
  9. Drug rehabs are not covered in necessary long term programs. 
  10. Broken bones, stitches, cysts, tumours, appendix, pneumonia and a shit load of other issues non trans suffer with daily, if not insured, are not covered federally/statewide. 
  •  Transgender youth (anyone claiming transgender) in some states can legally participate in whichever sexed sport they like, giving many a great advantage. 
  1. It is illegal for non trans youth to use steroids in school sports
  1. Popular tv shows/films/reality tv etc have never had a true Butch lesbian character.
  2. Popular tv shows/films/reality tv etc still have not had a true feminist heroine. 
  3. The only (positive) visible lesbians on popular tv shows/films/reality tv etc are desexualized, made palatable to the general public.
  4. Macho/masculine gay men are heavily absent from popular tv shows/films/reality tv etc.
  5. True to life gay and lesbian relationships continue to be absent from tv shows/films/reality tv etc.
  1. Homosexuality in children remains perceived as something we act on as adults, not something we're born.
  2. There are no prizes for parents who put there gay or lesbian 3 year old on the latest Pride runway, talk show or reality show. Read number 1 again.
  3. No school policies exist to adequately support/understand/promote gay and lesbian children/teens.
  4. Gay and lesbian children/teens are being pressured by homophobic school policies to transition, then kill themselves to escape transgender pressures.
  5. School policies on transgenderism used to identify young gays and lesbians are being written and pushed by biased cross dressing fetishist.
The Transgender Explosion can partly be explained by the homophobic mental/medical health community still trying to cure suspected homos of our unnatural perversions and preventing us from growing into homos. Perversions linked early on with cross dressers and pedophiles alike. Between the American Psychological Association's (APA) marriage to Big Phama for the dual purpose of aligning them with science (there is still NO science behind transgender theory) for reasons of legitimacy and a cashing in on a multi-BILLION dollar industry it is a win win for both to diagnose/treat as many gays and lesbians as they can regardless of age or consent. Meanwhile the Trans Politic-those cross dressing straight male fetishists can access little girls and womens private spaces with new laws passed nearly every day!

But the Trans Explosion cannot merely be explained by the long history of homophobia within the psychiatric domain, even though there is serious money being made. What the Transgender Explosion required was an openness/acceptance on the part of liberal America. The same liberals who claimed to accept/support homosexuals/homosexual rights. But as I indicated throughout this article, gay and lesbians havent enjoyed any legal/human right that wasnt hard fought and won. Of those rights, they have been few and far between and growing farther apart everyday. Watching gay and lesbian rights is akin to watching a child being born while on rewind. But within a VERY short period of time, transgender special rights have flourished, and could ONLY have flourished with the support of the massive liberal left, signaling one possible conclusion: liberals were/are as uncomfortable with homosexuals as the religious right was if not more so.

Homosexuals who are aware of what is truly going on with Trans Politics/Agendas are experiencing a kind of cultural insanity because we have found ourselves on the same side of the fence as republicans/religious rights groups. It is not within in our wildest dreams that this has occurred, but in our waking nightmares.



  1. Well said, and thanks for posting this clear and precise account of what has been going on for years. We all know it's true, and it's so refreshing that someone has the audacity to just speak the truth.

    Transgender is just part of the neoliberal post modern backlash against second wave feminism. It's no coincidence that hyper-femininity and FTM "transitioning" both exploded at the same time. I've always argued that they are just the flip side of the same coin in that both are largely fueled by internalized misogyny and neoliberal post modern backlash against feminism.

    As to gay men and lesbians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and doctors have been experimenting on homosexuals for centuries.

    ...and could ONLY have flourished with the support of the massive liberal left, signaling one possible conclusion: liberals were/are as uncomfortable with homosexuals as the religious right was if not more so.

    True, but I think most people have just been hoodwinked into believing everything that transgender activists have been telling them. Or, they are too afraid to speak out. No one really believes that males can become female or females can become males, but they remain silent because they don't want to be perceived as impolite. Moreover, the lazy corporate controlled mainstream media just rolls over and goes along with the insane politically correct game. This is the same corporate controlled mainstream media that went along with all the lies about WMDs, etc. coming from the Bush administration. Corporate controlled media refuses to ask questions such as why did Building 7 at the World Trade Center collapse when it wasn't even hit by a plane. They are bought and paid for and basically useless.

    Between the American Psychological Association's (APA) marriage to Big Phama for the dual purpose of aligning them with science (there is still NO science behind transgender theory) for reasons of legitimacy and a cashing in on a multi-BILLION dollar industry it is a win win for both to diagnose/treat as many gays and lesbians as they can regardless of age or consent.

    Big Pharma, plastic surgeons, endocrinologists (GnRH agonists, etc.) and "gender therapist" all profit from "transitioning" children and adults.

    If "transitioning" people starting with young children (puberty suppressing drugs, cross gender hormones) and later multiple surgeries on adults ("top surgery", "bottom surgery", "facial feminization for males, tracheal shaves, etc. etc.) wasn't profitable, psychologists, surgeons, and doctors wouldn't be on board. There is no money to be made in not "transitioning" people, and the age in which children are "transitioned" gets younger and younger all the time.

    1. There are certain subscribers to postmodernist theory on the left and they believe that sex is a social/cultural construct. Basically they think that if you believe you're a woman, you are a woman, and your actual physical traits don't mean squat. Those are the ones letting unaltered males get away with calling themselves women to get into women's public restrooms. So it's not *exactly* believing that a person can change their sex because they have neatly sidestepped that whole argument, but it comes pretty close.

  2. Dirt,

    I am a very low maintenance individual. It is very easy for me not to change my body.

    How long will it take for the world to change?


    1. As can be seen here and throughout history-over night.


  3. I think you're underestimating how long there have been human women and how long Natives have been here, but spot on otherwise. I am pedantic, don't mind me much.

    I don't think all liberals have been uncomfortable with gays, lesbians, and bi folks but there is certainly that element of respectability politics going around on the Left, especially the closer you get to centrism, which is where liberals tend to be found. As much as they complain about conservatives, they don't seem to like their little boats rocked either. I call myself liberal as a shorthand because most Americans don't know liberals from leftists or leftist radicals or socialists or any of the rest--it's all the same to them--but I got fed up with liberals caring more about glitter than gold a long damn time ago.

  4. Similar to most people, liberals get most of their news from mainstream sources. Several old school liberals who aren't too lazy to do research aren't too intimidated to ask questions. Robert Jensen has a long history of anti-war and environmental activism. He was one of the first people in the U.S. to speak out against George W. Bush's illegal and immoral war in Iraq. He is a feminist ally and has written articles with Professor Gail Dines.

    Similar to other forms of trans McCarthy like bullying tactics, they tried to get his books banned from book stores for writing this in an article.

    "Transgender practices involving children that are questionable on public health grounds (such as the use of puberty blockers) raise serious moral questions about our collective obligation for children’s welfare..."

    Many people, whether radical feminist or not, are critical of high-tech medicine’s manipulation of the body through the reckless use of hormones and chemicals (which rarely have been proved to be safe) or the destruction of healthy tissue to conform to arbitrary beauty standards (cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, nose jobs, etc.).

    From this ecological approach, such medical practices are part of a deeper problem in the industrial era of our failing to understand ourselves as organisms, shaped by an evolutionary history, and part of ecosystems that impose limits on all organisms.

    People are not machines, and treating the human body like a machine is inconsistent with an ecological understanding of ourselves as living beings who are part of a larger living world."

    Some Basic Propositions about Sex, Gender, and Patriarchy
    Robert Jensen

    For the most part, I think liberals and everyone else have been brainwashed. If they can't brainwash people with p.c. nonsense, or distract people from seeing what is occurring, they resort to bullying tactics.

  5. Wait a minute. I'm a transman who's gay. Does that mean the I'm really a confused heterosexual female that the government is experimenting on? I keep reading the article again and again. I must be missing something. Honestly, am I missing the point here?

    1. Seeing how you can read an articulate, well thought out article that is outlining serious problems in a community that you claim to belong to, and all you got out of it was "wait, this isn't enough about me me me?" It sounds like what you are is a normal tumblrina.

      If reading about gay rights history doesn't even upset you enough to make you think about it, why would anyone think you're one of us?


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