What Gender Reveal Parties Really Reveal!

I had vaguely only heard of Gender Reveal Parties until their pervasiveness spilled over into various aspects of my social media recently. Googling GRP brings up over 50 million possible websites!
If you are unfamiliar like I was about GRPs, it is a party where the sex of an unborn child is revealed using out dated Gender Straight Jacketed norms (in the name of fun), magnified to new narrower dizzying Gender Straight Jacket heights! Examples:
Bow or Bow tie? Pink or Blue? Onesies with or without a dress? Guns or Glitter? Ties or tutus? Staches or Lashes? Cupcake or Stud Muffin? The ONLY thing these items or any like them reveal is antediluvian gender norms that continue to circumscribe one sex's range of life possibilities while promoting the others where in the long term both sexes are harmed! Pink as a colour might literally reveal that a person (male or female) is still alive while blue may literally reveal a person (male or female) to be dead. I'm failing to see how life or death is determining the sex of an unborn child???

I feel more and more like Rip Van Winkle, only instead of waking decades later to progress, the future I have woken too is light years in the past, a past I believed (hoped) feminists slayed like an evil patriarchal dragon. Only like a killer in a horror flick that never seems to die no matter how many gun shots or knife wounds to the head just keeps coming after you.

Gender Reveal Parties are the new upgraded freddy krueger's of our modern age, slashing former feminist gains in our nightmares as well as daymares.



  1. I must agree with you that this (especially American, not so common in Europe now but it's coming) shit is disgusting und upsetting to me. They pop that balloon and are like "It has a vagina, it's going to be a cute, delicate little lady all in pink who won't take it far, because right, you can't be a successful woman, they are just WIRED DIFFERENTLY" or "oh, it's a little cowboy, who'll never cry, never show any emotion and be some businessman. Of course he won't be a stay-at-home father, that wouldn't suit his manly personality"! They are the first bullies of their children, showing them that passing into society is the right thing. Being a part of a society that is poised not only in the gender marking is what you should strive for, right?

  2. I've had over 20 new babies be born in my circle of friends and family in the last 5 years and have never heard of such a thing.

  3. This is truly frightening. Is what feminist fought so hard for?

  4. I went with my boyfriend not long ago to buy some clothes as a present for his granddaughter's third birthday. I was shocked. The whole shop was divided into "girls'" and "boys" items, the former pink and yellow with hearts and butterflies, the latter with some quite disturbingly violent images in red and black. There seemed to be no "neutral" section at all. In case you're in doubt, this was a shop for kids up to 10 y.o., not a teenage outlet.
    I persuaded my partner to buy a couple of (the least offensive) items from the "boys" section. He agreed to this because he is a good seamster and could see that the "girls'" articles were too flimsily sewn to withstand any kind of physical activity.
    For all our rights on paper and in law, YES we have been pushed backwards and this is NOT what we fought for.
    P.S. My spellcheck does not recognize the word "seamster" (masculine of seamstress).

  5. I think it's great that you rail so hard against the out-dated, pointless gender norms some people try to force others into. But that doesn't mean you have to hate trans people.

    1. I completely agree. I myself am a Trans man (FTM, transitioning from female to male) because with society's binary gender system, I feel more comfortable as a man than as a woman. (No, it's not because I'm a lesbian. I'm actually a gay man. I'm into dudes.) However, I'd love to see the gender binary destroyed. Gender roles are stupid and oppressive and should be eliminated.

  6. Seriously! You lot are mental! It has nothing to do with feminism or degrading anyone!
    And for everyone's information, it was only 70 years ago, it was actually roles reversed where little boys wore pink as it is a strong colour therefor masculine and blue was seen as a soft weak colour so therefor for feminine.
    It is all a bit of fun, and does not mean a child will be raised in any certain way. Seriously, don't you all have something better to do then complain about something you clearly don't understand?


    1. Thank you! I clicked on the article hoping to find some good ideas and was like what?!?!?!?! We are planning a gender reveal and in no way does the gender of my child lock them in to the social norms. Girls and boys can do anything they want to do and soar as high as they set their minds to! Are there some social and cultural flaws in how women and men are viewed and how gender roles are perceived? Yes, but I don't believe that revealing the gender of your child with the traditional pink or blue means you are saying life over death or picking one over the other. Maybe some people have some ulterior motives behind the colors, but for the most part people use pink and/or blue because they generally stand for baby girl and baby boy. Yes, there are some things that need to be changed in our society, but not everything that is done is so horrible as people make it out to be. I have a son and I love him. I don't push him to be tough or not show emotion. I encourage him to love, laugh, have fun, be friendly, be nice, be respectful, and to just be a kid. Wherever life takes him, he will still be my son and I will love him no matter what! I cover him with prayer and do the best I can raising him with his father. Not all parents force their children to be in the "normal" gender roles that society has set up.


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