Transgender Children-The BIGGEST Trans Lie of All!!!

Transgender children’s minds cannot be aligned with their body" claims a recent article in the Irish Times.
It most certainly is NOT right to force a child to conform to any narrow view from authority figures suffering from Systemic Gender Compliance Compulsory Disorder. Doing so only breeds unhealthy, unhappy, confused children primed and receptive to psychiatry's latest pathologies dictated by mental health professionals equally diagnosable with Systemic Gender Compliance Compulsory Disorder. 
Children are not the ones uncomfortable in their little bodies, it is parents and other authority figures who are uncomfortable (gender dysphoric?) with children comfortable being different. Until children are dictated to by parents/society that their natural way of being male or female is wrong/sick/pathological they are quite comfortable/happy being themselves. The ONLY thing out of alignment in the case of transgender kids are parents whose narrow views of male and female are disproportionately out of alignment with the wide ranging possibilities that male and female MIGHT entail if allowed. Least I also add here, there is no such animal as a transgender child. Thus far high unnatural doses of cross SEX (not gender) synthetic hormones are not being administered to children, YET! No hormones, NO transgender.

Interestingly this article leads general readers to believe that children being male or female differently have an increase risk in suicide, while ignoring studies (including long term) showing that "Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population."

This article also ignores the dangerous deadly use of hormone blockers on children, which has as of yet no short, mid range or long term studies, they do however have various pending law suits against them! And children suffering from gender dysphoria has yet to be actually diagnosed in a single child, it is rare enough in young adults. Again, the high discomfort level isnt in the child, BUT the observer of the child.

Diagnosing children with gender dysphoria/transgenderism is shameful, abusive, scurrilous and has NOTHING whatsoever to do with any child and EVERYTHING to do with a Gender Straight Jacketed homophobic society wrapped tightly in such deep seated ignorance they actually believe pinks, blues, pants and dresses are fucking intrinsic to a new born!!!




  1. Truer words have never been said. To be forced to conform since a young age is brutal. I still remember how I used to cry when forced into dresses...

  2. "Again, the high discomfort level isn't in the child, BUT the observer of the child." This definitely has been my experience as well. And role playing in children is NOT a sign of discomfort. Like if a child can play at being a lion they can also play at being someone of the opposite sex. And they often do.

  3. My daughter (now nearly 17) decided at age 15 that she must be gender dysphoric and a future FTM after spending a summer looking at vids on youtube. She has never embraced typical female gender roles, nor have we encouraged her to do that. The psych community is very invested in 'change your body' but we have told her (she is still using fem name and pronouns) that we would support a social transition if she thinks she cannot be happy any other way, but we cannot support any hormones or surgical treatment while she is still a minor with a developing brain. This frustrates her but she has managed to redirect most of her energy to other ideas right now. I know it's all still hanging. Spouse and I have endeavored to be as supportive as possible (she wears guy clothes, she insists on a binder, we make her take it off right after school) -- but also strongly encouraged her to consider a wider view of gender, for herself and for the world. Some view of gender that would allow her to be comfortable in the body she was born with, without embarking on courses of action with uncertain long-term health consequences. It breaks my heart to see these risks being taken with developing bodies, and there is very little support for the 'go slow' attitude for families trying to cope with the situation. Such families are viewed as unsupportive and obstructionist. When my kid is an adult, these decisions will be hers to make, but right now ... it's my job to try to keep her safe. It's a hard job.

  4. It's interesting to see how many teens take on the notion of being transgender after a YouTube binge. I found this post with parenting advice from a "detransitioned" FTM. Her main point? Unplug them.

  5. "Children are not the ones uncomfortable in their little bodies, it is parents and other authority figures who are uncomfortable (gender dysphoric?) with children comfortable being different."

    In reality, this is what is happening. When we are dealing with young children, it's impossible to distinguish between parental and cultural influences and actual "gender dyshporia". Parents see Chaz Bono on t.v., or read something on one of the million trans blogs, websites, etc.and say, "My five year old girl must be transgender because she doesn't like to play with dolls".

  6. @Anonymous April 16, 2015 at 11:01 AM

    You sound like a great parent!

  7. ^^ I ditto that, you're a great parent!

  8. Maybe the reason Trans people have such a high incidence of suicide is that people like Dirt are constantly telling them their identities are invalid.


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