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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Jake-Age 18

Oliver-Age 18

Jen-Age 15

Adam-Age 14

Harley-Age 18

Eli-Age 22

Cam-Age 23

DV-Age 20


Tragically something each young gal here will likely find out....too late.



  1. Speaking of trans females...this is breaking the news:

    She is already in the number one spot:

    And here is her youtube channel:

    If something as Men's Health has a female in its cover (how can a trans female speak about a man's health, will she be talking about prostate cancer later or what?), I don't know what will be next. Trans males on the cover of Woman's Health magazine speaking about pregnancy???

    1. She was featured here in a post a few years ago over an emotional video she made about this blog. I am utterly shocked at her current pictures. She looks like a 40 something fag. Her drastic aging is unreal/unprecedented. Just WOW!


  2. Each one of those brave young men deserve all the happiness that gender confirmation can bring them. What they don't deserve is your hate and abuse.

  3. Why are you trolling 14-year-olds Facebook pages?

  4. Why do you care? Is this keeping you up at night? Do you have nothing better to do with your time/life? If they wanna change..let em. Hell my $1 bill changed into 2 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel & 8 pennies..I'm not even mad.

  5. The full extent to which this blog disgusts me in inconceivable. You're bullying children and putting them in danger. This is literally risking the lives of children for your own sick enjoyment.

    1. How is she (dirt) putting these girls in danger? By posting pictures these girls themselves put on public spaces of the internet? Can't you get a better "argument" than that?

      If anything, the ones risking their lives are they, by taking synthetic hormones that fuck up their brains and bodies, not dirt from raising awareness of these trans trenders that will encourage other misguided women to do that and put their lives in actual danger.


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