Jane Ward: Gender Labor-Transmen-Femme and Fuckery

In greater effort to give accurate legitimacy to our lesbian heritage, culture and lesbian norms this blog will more regularly dismantle some of the academic/scholarly buncombe, blurring/confusing/misappropriating/falsifying and committing voluminous willful perversions of lesbian nature/truth.

On the list is Jane Ward:
A little more on Jane to give readers a view of the background Jane has painted before looking directly at Jane's masterpieces themselves. 
Jane isnt anymore Femme than her female partner is Butch, furthermore as a Butch solidly and vocal within the VERY minute community of Butch/Femme worldwide I can say with all authority Butches on the whole NEVER call themselves "daddy" be it as a parent OR in the bedroom! Proof being in the puddin as granny used to say, here's a few mouthfuls of proof:
I know, I know right, I too never see Butches sporting ties, ties typically being the quintessential uniform of mid range dykes everywhere, that aside though, clearly NOT Butch. More later on Jane's instant Femme puddin!
Jane teaches that gays and lesbians are not born, but made, while trans bodies are birthed by good Femme parenting and Femme sex work, but I digress. She clearly is under (a rock) the impression she and her woman can raise a child in a genderqueer(less) vacuum.
Should we be concerned for Jane's students when a 2 1/2 has more common sense than she does???? Or should CPS be contacted???? Or both??? Place your votes!
Me thinks not only should Jane take some basic biology lessons from her little boy, and while she is at it maybe for extra credit she could read Heather has Two Mommys! Jane is under either misguided information surrounding basic romantic attraction (gay or straight), has had some serious sexual issues she isnt dealing with or simply talking out of the mouth she shits with. For the life of me I cannot determine as of yet which.

Having a reasonable idea now who Jane is, lets look at one of her PUBLISHED (I know, me either) articles:
Obviously there is a glaring incongruence in both the title and abstract alone, linking trans females and Femme lesbians together. Given Femme lesbians (remember lesbians are those things Jane doesnt believe exist) are attracted to/partner with Butch lesbians and Butch lesbians rarely transition, coupled with Butches/Femmes being so few, even world wide, Jane's article is off to a rocky start before it even begins!
Jane (who calls herself both a Femme and a Feminist bear in mind) seems to have fallen from the pages of a 1950's copy of Lady's Home Journal in her argument that women (Femmes) who date/partner with trans females need not only to butter their bread, BUT be the bread and butter of trans female's chemically created masculinity!
I agree Dykes are, as I have regularly documented here, transitioning in great numbers, BUT how often do you see a Femme dating a dyke??? Jane dating a dyke in a tie doesnt a Butch make anymore than Jane whose sexual proclivities include men, strips her of any self proclaimed Femme identity AND any form of lesbianism!
This passage makes me curious as to how Jane performs her wifely duties for her butch whilst maintaining a full-time job and a child (whom the daddy (gag) butch is responsible for) or in her warped world of constructed post birth biology, is it only Femmes dating trans females who are strapped with Jane's labor rules??? Let me add, Jane advocates female partners of trans females to aid in the dangerous practice of breast binding, as well as injecting trans females with dangerous unstudied hormones. As IF the Femme is doing her man a favour by helping to shovel a few spades of dirt on her early grave.
Femme DYKES must treat Butches AND trans females as men and Butches and trans females must treat Femmes like queens???? HUH???? I fail to understand how or why Jane would lump in Butch lesbians with dykes who transition? Butch lesbians have little to nothing in common with dykes before dykes transition and zero in common afterward. Jane's ass clearly is chirping again. Butch lesbians clearly arent men also, nor do we aspire to be men and furthermore name a single Femme on planet Earth (I cant speak for other planets-perhaps Jane has had extra terrestrial dealings, I myself have not) who wants a man, who wants a Butch to be a man or wants a dyke who wants to be a man????? Go on, I dare ya-name one! See told ya you couldnt!
Jane's Femmes are suppose to pretend the trans female is male despite loads of shortcomings such as being female i.e. not possessing a cock and balls, even though Jane's Femmes know better. Jane's version of authenticity include Femme denial, faking, pretending and prostituting all to maintain trans delusions of reality. Sounds like a perfectly healthy relationship to me, NOT!
Jane likes sex work, she mentions it repeatedly in this article, far beyond what is cited here. This to me says more about Jane, than any two females in a female/trans female relationship.
Good god! Butch masculinity???? WHA??? Unless a Butch lesbian uses testosterone, Butches do not possess masculine qualities. No masculine qualities equals NO masculinity! Butch lesbians are WOMEN-females with FEMALE BODIES AND BRAINS! Butch lesbians do NOT use dangerous hormones to be Butch, we're born that way. If Butch lesbians do NOT pay exorbitant amounts of money to have their/our tits hacked off and do not use dangerous hormones why in the fuck does Jane keep linking Butches with trans females????? Is Jane as ignorant as she pretends or is Jane invested in perpetuating female masculine illusions/delusions to a larger audience for reasons she wont reveal????
Hmmm apparently Jane is in denial or the dark, regarding the huge majority of dykes who transition, then begin sucking and fucking fags, doing gay porn, masturbatory porn, porn and more porn etc all the while as Loverboy would say lovin every minute of it.

It would be unhealthy enough for a straight woman to take Jane's deluded advice, but jesus H christ, the advice Jane is imparting is aimed at Femmes who are LESBIANS! Why on earth would a lesbian date a trans female? Why would a lesbian pretend a dildo is a penis?? Why would a lesbian want to tickle plastic or any other balls???? (My Femme just said "I want a dick-free/ball-free life!") And moreover why would a trans female want a lesbian partner to give up her lesbian desires/passions and replace them with fake heterosexual ones???? That isnt love, it is sickness.
This paragraph is Jane logic in a nutshell-Femmes according to her are outside of the gender dysphoria spectrum and yet suffering from gender dysphoria themselves!!!! The day that was written a rocker was missing a certain someone!
I will give Jane this, she does acknowledge there is a trans script and in order to partner with someone playing a role, the partner must read from a script themselves. But I must reiterate, how mentally healthy can this kind of relationship be if both parties are faking it as Jane says???? And why would anyone in their right mind TEACH such a seriously unhealthy relationship model???
Not only is Jane's mass delusions about Femmes, Butches, Lesbians, Dykes, Heterosexuals, Trans Females, oh hell I dont have all day-mass delusions about everything insulting, her delusions are dangerous. Dangerous to our lesbian youth, dangerous to budding impressionable feminists reading or taking any of her classes and dangerous to women period. Jane is instigating Femmes/women to celebrate masculine identity over their own, taking all women back to the stone age. Jane should crawl out from underneath the rock she is hiding instead of hailing rocks at a minority population she knows nothing about but clearly desires to occupy.



  1. Very interesting read, since I haven't been catching up on what's going on in Gender Studies for a while. Although I do agree with you, that what she's describing is an unhealthy and 'fake' relationship, sadly I do see it practiced the way she describes. The female partners of ftm sort of blending themselves into the background, to support and confirm and attend to their partner's condition. I don't know about the sex life practices, but I'm sure it's seeping in there too. Lesbians learning how to give head like they were pleasuring a biological male, all to plase their ftm partner. I'm sure this has also to do with the testosterone their partners are taking, numbing them, making them more assertive and violent. It's not a pretty picture.

    I've also thought about who exactly are supposed to partner up with ftm's? Straight women with their hatred for even their own female parts? (no) Straight men who think only a woman has a practical pixie hair cut she's a lesbian? (no) Gay guy with their obsession with dick?(definitely no) So that leaves lesbians, socialized as females to care for everyone's well being, to be groomed into caring for an even more fragile (chemically constructed) male ego, although belonging to a biological female. It is sad, and so far from any kind of liberation from gender oppression.

    I appreciate your effort!


  2. Accessed the full article Dirt, you weren't kidding. How can this woman call herself a feminist when she sees the purpose of women's lives existing only to please men or wannabe men.

  3. As a femme, I find such thinking to be more than disturbing. There are so many issues with this article that one comment could never adequately express how unsettling this thinking is. Perhaps Dr. Ward should interview actual femmes before making sweeping and incorrect assumptions.

  4. Hard to believe trans folks will be happy with Jane's assessment that their so-called "masculine" identities are dependent upon a significant other's "labors".

  5. Below is Ms. Ward's profile that lists here areas of interests,

    Research Areas: queer studies, critical heterosexuality studies, critical whiteness studies


    I'm U.C. Davis alumna, and I hate to bash another U.C. campus. Having said this, I'm appalled that UCR would erase "Women's Studies" entirely and proudly proclaim that everything is "gender" and queer theory. I realize that most "Women's Studies" departments are now "Women and Gender Studies". UCR went one step further in erasing the female sex as a distinct class of persons by changing "Women's Studies" to "Gender and Sexuality Studies."

    The University of California at Riverside has declared that post modern, neoliberal queer theory and transgender issues are more important than the real life experiences of half the human population.

    "We are excited to announce that our department has changed its name from Women’s Studies to Gender and Sexuality Studies. The new name represents our curriculum and our research more inclusively and sets the stage for our expansion into several new areas, including sustainability, health studies, and trans studies."


    Queer theory and "gender studies" are just part of the overall neoliberal post modern attack on second wave feminism. If people want a better understanding of why and how the current atmosphere and political climate are so utterly toxic and damaging to the lives of women, watch this video.

    Professor Dines, "Neoliberalism and the Defanging of Feminism"

    Neoliberalism and the Defanging of Feminism

    "....The new name represents our curriculum and our research more inclusively and sets the stage for our expansion into several new areas, including sustainability, health studies, and trans studies."


    In reality, there is nothing sustainable about queer theory and the current policies and practices of transgender activists and their various allies. I fail to see how the "transgendering of children" is sustainable. Most rational people view the sterilization of children as a gross human rights abuse. Drugging children with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones can lead to infertility. Despite what anyone says, there is no way of knowing how future historians will view the current practice of "transgendering children".

    As to Jane Ward, to understand what her priorities are, all people have to do is look at what she has published.

    She has published on a broad range of topics including: feminist pornography; queer parenting; gay pride festivals; gay marriage campaigns; transgender relationships; the social construction of heterosexuality; the failure of diversity programs; and the evolution of HIV/AIDS organizations.


    Jane Ward should read "Pornland: How Pornography Has Hijacked Our Sexuality" by Professor Gail Dines. This is truly a remarkable and well researched book. In fact, I consider it one of the most important feminist books of this decade.

  6. Spot On!

    I will give Jane this, she does acknowledge there is a trans script and in order to partner with someone playing a role, the partner must read from a script themselves. But I must reiterate, how mentally healthy can this kind of relationship be if both parties are faking it as Jane says? And why would anyone in their right mind TEACH such a seriously unhealthy relationship model?

    Very little of queer theory makes any sense at all, but we are supposed to be in awe of its grand magnificence.

  7. This is a perfect example of the underlying lesbian phobia and misogyny at the heart of queer/trans theory and practice.

    "These advice columns (articles in queer magazines) often stress the importance of relating to trans masculinity as authentic, as well as the importance of ensuring one's sex cannot be mistaken for lesbian feminist sex (circa 1970), which is typically represented as boring, unsexy, power-neutral, or passé"

    Lesbian feminist sex is boring, unsexy, and passe'.

    How are young lesbians supposed to feel about such statements? I urge all of Dirt's readers to email the department.


    Ward knows nothing of butch lesbians, and queer theorists have been bashing lesbians for years.

    (1.) What makes Ward an expert on lesbian sexuality?

    (2.) What makes her an expert on butch lesbians?

    1. Note the equation of "power neutral" (ie not power imbalanced as het relationship dynamics are) to "boring" and "passé". Personally, the het power imbalance squicks me out.

  8. The true lesbian community needs to remember one thing about Jane Ward and similar queer-theory, uber-liberal. ivory-tower, identity-is-fluid cohorts: "With friends like that, who needs enemies?"

  9. This appears to be a paper written by a student anxious to get an "A" in gender studies. I have tried to read carefully the parts that Dirt quotes, but even with my doctorate degree in linguistics, I suppose I have to give myself a "D-" for understanding. In other words, either I am very much stupider than I imagined, or it's complete nonsense.
    Either way, "gender studies" is just a con-trick (no pun intended) designed to "recuperate" lesbian-feminism and reassimilate both dykes and faggots into the heterosexual herd.


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