Wednesday, April 8, 2015

FTM-Testosterone and Breast Cancer Risks

While this is clearly a minute study of trans females and breast cancer related issues, some important information can be gleaned.
In the same token as uterus/ovarian cancer risks, development from high testosterone dosages converting to estrogen, driving up cancer potencies, so to does this conversion drive up breast cancer potentials.  
Most interesting is the medical community not merely USING trans females as viable guinea pigs, BUT admitting it with a flippant "hey, they are already taking testosterone anyways!"
Again a minute study, but scary none the less-five trans females followed over merely two years of testosterone injections and 243 genes associated with breast cancer INCREASED!
Yes, further research is needed! BUT as this article (and others) state, testosterone driven cancers in trans females arent being documented in a collective data base. Therefore individual cases of transition related cancers are being chalked up to coincidence or unrelated to transition altogether. As a hated minority group, unfortunately it is up to us to do the dying and documenting. Both of which an invested Trans Politic ran by paraphilia males coupled with self hating females are fighting tooth and nail to keep under wraps. As younger and younger females are being transitioned with budding breasts/developed breasts while on testosterone for years, the likelihood of developing breast cancer is sky rocketing in a whole new section of the female population.

Lesbian youth, the new medical commodity of the 21st century.



  1. Dirt, I wish someone would start meet-ups for detransitioning (bio) women. I'm not qualified to do so but would be supportive however possible.

  2. What a piece of bullshit. Trans MEN are not females. (Some) of us have simply been born into a typically female anatomy. Breast cancer is a thing for both men and women, cis or otherwise. Learn to educate yourself, please.