An Obsessed Reader has Gone off the Rails

Dear Readers

In lieu of J believing she is teaching some trans Jonah and the whale story to a non believer like me, her clear pathological obsession has reached such heaven heights I am temporarily approving ALL comments. While regular readers are used to this happening from time to time with severe mentally ill commenters, I just wanted to give a quick explanation to newer readers.

J. not only cannot stay on topic, comment using accurate information, such as the most pedestrian principles of biology and grammar, she clearly has admitted anger issues.  

This is merely a brief profile of J's activities YESTERDAY, surrounding me on this blog alone:
Regular reader's comments (good/bad or ugly) will be approved as soon as I see them. Be patient with me today, my sweetie and I have my 5 y/o little nephew the first part of the day and he LOVES his aunt Lynn's attention! Looks like he and J. have something in common!

Your regularly scheduled program will return shortly.


edit to add...


  1. Same person left this comment:


    and this:

    Address to contact her ISP and report abuse is here:

  2. OMG, how sad is this.
    An F2M who's so delusional, that she goes out of her mind on something she can easily avoid.

    Advice for J:
    Stay away from the internet and focus on your real life. This is not healthy for you and you might bring others in danger. This is the moment to step back.

  3. Sadly Big the internet is littered with J's. When the pseudo thrills of transition fade and crumble the transgendered pathologically fearing even the most casual look inward, look around them in all direction searching for anything to replace their once trans highs where depression now resides.


  4. Sad delusional people.....

  5. Wow, that is scary! I knew she was 'off' but this is too much. Stay safe Dirt.

  6. True Dirt, sometimes I think that trans have a "rich" internet life with a support system. On the internet they promote trans, mimic each other, watch each others video's and share views/thought on Tumblr.

    While in real life there's nothing to hold on to. It's just yourself with a mutulated body and a poisened brain. And everything else stayed the same and life goes on. Nothing changed and the so hopes happiness stays away.
    I bet most trans have/had doubts every now and then. That they think: "This is it?"

    1. Its jealousy. "J " most likely has the typical Synthetic T induced Garden Gnome characteristics, and is resentful of Dirt's effortlessly natural strong features and handsome jawline. The intensity of Js passion screams Jealousy.

  7. Oh, the irony. Trans females always saying they're not mentally unstable people. Yet this is just another case that proves it.

  8. I am not the person you are speaking about but if you ever wonder why I check your blog often it's because, to be honest, I absorb information kind of slowly (meds) and some of your vocabulary is difficult for me to understand on first read so I reread. I am not very educated and am slow sometimes and I have to look things up.

    I am interested in what you have to say because so few people have your message of "Change the world not your body" when it comes to anything gender related today. So many people are ready to hop on hormones and/or get surgery. I have felt the pressure to do this myself but have not. I have been very close.

    The message from the J person is worrisome. Creepy even. I hope they move on and find something better to do.

    Take care, Dirt.

  9. So you trolling Facebook to use young men's photos without their consent, that's cool, but this person crosses the line. You live in an interesting world.


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