Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Who is Gender Variant?

Between the artificially constructed legs of the Gender Straight Jacketed medical/psychiatric community and Trans Paraphilia Propagandists, Gender Variant was born. An umbrella term utilized by anti-feminists, homophobes, lezbophobes and misogynists alike to tighten and maintain strict outdated dangerous unhealthy gender norms. Where persons who buck the Gender Straight Jacket arent willingly transitioning, Gender Variant is another net cast to ensnare those of us getting away. Once lassoed with the Gender Variant label its a quick trick of the rope till you find your neck in the noose of transition.

A petite list of some who are being corralled by Psychiatry/Psychology and Transgender groups everywhere with a Gender Variant lariat in hand:

Female children who desire to play with:
  • Baseballs/softballs/rubber balls etc
  • Toy cars/trucks etc
  • Guns
  • Sticks/bats
  • boys
  • Action figures aimed at boys
 Female children who have a preference for:
  • Pants
  • Tshirts
  • Non pink colours
  • Tennis shoes
  • Baseball caps
  • Running/Jumping/Tree climbing
  • Riding wheelies
  • Jumping ramps on their bikes
  • Sports-football/baseball/basketball/dodge-ball etc
  • Pretending to be the Prince
Male children who desire to play with:
  • Easy Bake ovens
  • Barbies/dolls
  • Film theme toys aimed at girls
  • Girls
Male children who have a preference for:
  • Pink/purple
  • Playing house
  • Dancing/skipping
  • Hopscotch
  • Jump rope
  • Dress up
  • Pretending to be the Princess
Females who are or desire to be:
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Construction workers
  • Factory workers
  • CEO's
  • Managers
  • Business owners
  • Politicians
  • Presidents
  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Deans
  • Priests/Pastors
  • Truck Driver
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Astrophysist
  • Philosopher
  • Scientist
  • Mathematician
  • Welder
  • Sportscasters
Males who are or desire to be:
  • Nurses
  • Florists
  • Hair stylists
  • Make up artists
  • Decorators
  • Homemaker
Any child or adult who does any of the above and a host of sex segregated play/jobs/behaviours according to ignorant ancient models of hetro patriarchal rules/laws is now being labeled Gender Variant or behaving in a Gender Variant way. This label will attach said child/adult to transgenderism and run the risk of said child/adult being put on the pathological conveyer belt to transition.

I wish I was exaggerating.

But I'm not.



  1. I was called a tomboy when I was young. I am NOT transgender, and I'm not "gender variant" anything.

    How is telling a six or seven year old girl that she is transgender or a "boy" because she plays with toy trucks instead of dolls any different than saying that little girls shouldn't play with toy trucks and non-traditional toys?

    I'm a gender abolitionist. For all practical purposes, "gender" is nothing more than culturally dictated sex stereotypes.

  2. Gender stereotypes aren't made up. They area derived from truth. Males typically have different interests than females. One can observe these differences in school age children. Just look at what types of games little boys and girls prefer to play. The problem is when we don't adults don't recognize that there are always going to be outliers. These outliers are natural. They do not need to be "fixed". Instead they need understanding and freedom to be as they are.

  3. "Gender stereotypes aren't made up. They area derived from truth"

    Stereotypes are derived from the truth? WTF does this mean? Try explaining "gender" or "gender identity" to me without resort to sex stereotypes. It's impossible. The fact that some people take on non-traditional dress or behavior doesn't mean they are transgender, or "gender variant". It just means they are different.

    I refuse to have the words "gender" or "gender variant" attached to me in any way, shape, or form.

  4. @Anonymous, March 11 at 11:19 PM:
    I share your skepticism. Until as recently as the 1920s in Europe, pink was regarded as the appropriate colour in which to dress male babies, blue for girls. (But only the wealthy got to make such choices anyway, for more humble infants clothes were passed down from sibling to sibling regardless of sex.) Anthropologists have told us of an African culture in which the activity of basket-weaving is/was strictly reserved for men.
    The powerful have always tried to paint artificial social distinctions as "natural", whether they relate to race, class or sex. I won't live to see a gender-free future, but let's keep working towards it.

  5. Can I put a more positive spin on this? While the mainspring of heterosexuality is difference and inequality, as lesbians and as gay males we can rejoice in our equality. Our equality - not dull physiological sameness or dull political equivalence - but our joyful equality can actually be the motor of our sexuality, the reason why we find each other "sexy". Just a little "isophilic" thought.

  6. I'm so confused. I was a tomboy who climbed trees, scorned "girly" activities like dolls and books targeting girls, played street hockey with the boys, studied science and math and entered a profession traditionally dominated by men. Obviously I'm a transman.

    But I'm a 51 year old woman, a wife and mother, completely content with my female body (other than a few health issues and some recently emergent rolls of fat). I'm sooooo glad I was born in a time when this whole transgender thing hardly existed.

    I recall saying at 15 that I should have been born a boy to my best friend, another tomboy, who reacted with horror (she came out as a lesbian in our twenties). I honestly thought I had a "boy brain." I think having a feminist mom kept me grounded. She was proud of my gender nonconformity, that girls like me would help break down the damaging stereotypes about femininity that oppressed women. She directed me to read some Germaine Greer and Gloria Steinem.

    I know I'm not the first to say this, but as a crusty old feminist, it strikes me that the whole trans thing is regressive, serving to entrench gender stereotypes rather than challenge them. And the trans community is staggeringly ageist. Us older folks pose a threat because we don't buy into all that pomo bullshit. We were raised at a time when schools built monkeybars, where it was possible for a child to dangle head down 12 feet over concrete. We knew about immutable physical reality because we weren't cosseted and protected from it.

    Anyway just a few random thoughts. I enjoy your perspective. And you are a not-bad writer.