Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

SJ-Age 21

Con-Age 20

El-Age 22

Jake-Age 23

Lee-Age 16

Drake-Age 18

Max Age 17

Sam-Age 16

Leo-Age 17

Sent to me earlier today from a concerned parent. The first video is pre testosterone. In this video the young woman explains she had got her prescription for testosterone but her doctor had no knowledge or experience in treating trans females and the hormones used in transitioning them. He told her he would do the appropriate research and get back in touch with her in a week. While at work a few HOURS later that day, the pharmacy filled her testosterone prescription! Apparently in just a couple of hours her doctor RESEARCHED a drug that has no serious short/long term studies exempted from self reporting and found it safe to prescribe AND a what dosage!

This is her "NOT REGRETTING" her transition four months on testosterone. At one point she even questions whether she too is a product of "trans trending."

Another young (lesbian?) who has fallen into the cesspit of transition, something she has in common with the trans trenders here.



  1. I wish her luck, and she looks so sweet in the first video.

    To me, she is basically questioning if her desire to "transition" was really part of "trans trending". That is, a cultural or social pressure to "transition". There could be a few rare individuals who are so "gender dysphoric" that transitioning might be beneficial. Having said this, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that what we are seeing right now with so many young women "transitioning" is 80 to 90% culturally driven.

    Again, I wish her luck.

  2. Very sad how society cripples and then betrays these young women. You are doing a brave and wonderful thing here, Dirt.

  3. "I'm a lot happier now", she says with a very sad face and voice. I don't know what she is, but she definately doesn't look happy.
    How sad that this trend is going on. :(

  4. "Connor" has such a lovely female body!

    Too sad these girls rather be just another delusional bearded woman acting as if their clits on roids are penises that will allow them to penetrate a woman; than accept themselves as the women they are and will always be.

  5. That was heartbreaking, but incredibly powerful so I am glad I took the time to watch through the second video. Every parent should watch this.

  6. She ignored her gut instinct and rationalized her fears away, in the first video. What a mistake. Never Ignore Your Gut! It is clear she realizes this is the second video but is trying to fight that realization. Poor girl.

  7. I just wanted to give her a hug.

  8. Great article entitled, "Socialized Trans"

    "One way to describe part of my experience is to say that I was socialized “trans”. That is, people assumed I was trans and treated me how they thought a trans person ought to be treated regardless of how I identified myself at the time. This treatment over time began to effect how I saw myself, helped to instill a trans male identity and encouraged me to transition. I think this is a phenomena that effects many females who are butch, “masculine” or otherwise don’t fit conventional “femininity”.

    When I say that females are socialized “trans”, I mean that we’re treated as though our qualities, behaviors, mannerisms, appearance, and so forth indicate that we’re trans and so we get male pronouns, get asked when we’re going to transition, complimented on how well we pass, etc."

  9. very very sad. Especially how she can't remember her initial reasons for transitioning in the first place.

  10. She looks anything but happy and notice how often she has to say that she doesn't regret taking T. Tragic