Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Time Out Youth Center Involved in ANOTHER Lesbian Youth Death

The Time Out Youth, a religious gay/lesbian youth conversion center posing as a safe haven for gays/lesbians using transition pressures to cure them of their sins, has aided in the death of another lesbian youth.

Less than two months ago this same organization actively participated in rigorously dispersing transitioning-for-Jesus mumbo jumbo to Ashlyn Haffner who then threw herself in from of a moving vehicle to her death.

The Time Out Youth Center piggy-backed Ashlyn's death

 and is now using Blake Brockington's suicide to further its conversion agenda via transition:
 Time Out Youth-assisted suicide for Gays and Lesbians!



  1. To those who left comments here that were removed, feel free to resubmitted said comments on a relevant post. This post is The Time Out Youth's religious conversion via transition of gay and lesbian youth. And the obvious suicides of two of its lesbian youths it claims to have "helped."


  2. ALL Christian churches regard suicide as a greater sin than homosexuality. They account it as the sin of murder, and indeed "sui-cide" means "self-killing".

    As regards "transsexualism", both the Vatican and the Patriarchate of Constantinople are on record for declaring that a person's sex is a given fact (de nature - by nature). Important that they use those words: de nature, not de Deo. For us plain folk, that means that's just the way it is, live with it.

    Oh Dear! You (we) agree with the Pope of Rome and the Patriarch of Constantinople, can you forgive me?