Affirmed Gender-Identified Gender School Bathrooms

These school bathroom policy emails were sent to schools officials (elementary/middle/high school) across the US a few days ago regarding boys/girls who identify as transgender, identify as girls even if male, identify as boys even if female or affirm they are at any given time a sex they in fact are not:

The first email seeks an answer for whom they begin addressing as gender-variant and transgender then through the email merge both in transgender and the purported bathroom issue:

The response????

The response is that biology is (and I quote) IRRELEVANT! Any student who chooses to enter a bathroom not of their sex can do so, so long as they affirm that that sex is how they identify regardless of how they dress/behave etc. Meaning any male who calls himself a girl can have free legal access to female bathrooms. Makes no difference (not that it truly does anyways) if that male is dressed in his football gear and the star quarter back. How truly liberal of the liberal left to allow Trans Paraphilia Agenda into our childrens bathrooms. Urinals are soon to be added to the girls bathrooms at a school near you-story at 11.



  1. To "go against" these rules about bathroom segregation, I think it's important to know why these rules were created in the first place.
    Is it because the men's room is some super awesome boys club for bros, while the women's restroom is for those that prefer to spend time chatting and doing their makeup in front of a mirror? Surely that's why the segregation is there, right?
    Not because the men's bathroom might have certain facilities that won't aid a female body in urinating, such as more urinals compared to stalls, while female restrooms are mostly all stalls, for reasons that make sense? Surely the segregation didn't also occur because of safety reasons, and people feeling more comfortable around those of the same sex when doing something so private?

    That being said, I personally believe that bathrooms can be unisex, like most people's bathrooms at home. I can't say the same for others, but I don't mind using an all access restroom facility.

    According to this letter though, I'm free to use the men's room as I please, since I certainly don't "identify as a girl." Why even go into the ladies' room? It's really awkward when there are a lot of girls giggling and laughing and playing with their phones in there and as a dyke I just don't fit in. Yeah I'd just rather use the men's, it would definitely make me feel more comfortable.
    Screw my biology and the fact that I'd take up a stall to pee when there are less stalls in there in the first place, and I'd potentially be making some guy wait his turn to shit for arbitrary reasons (with, say, perfectly empty stalls in the "ladies" room). It's all about what makes us feel "comfy" on the inside, and that's how we should determine all our actions. Right?

  2. Once the very real threat of male violence, rape and the masturbatory male everything are removed from the equasion, unisex public toilets would be fine. Oh and of course the removal of male smells!


  3. It's all crazy, upside-down thinking, isn't it? In that far-off utopian day when males are no longer "men", we will all be able to unproblematically void our bladders or bowels in sex-unspecified facilities. But we're far from there.

    In Europe (Big will bear me out or contradict me) it's generally accepted that women can use men's toilets when necessary (e.g. long line), but only very exceptionally vice versa.

    They seem to be determined to make everything difficult for us, even taking a piss.

  4. My university has a single-room unisex bathroom, then further down the hall a segregated male-female public bathroom pair. I don't see why anyone would choose anything other than the single-room one, unless it's occupied. It's private and free of other people's smells and noises, etc. Some people just walk right past it though. I wonder why.

  5. At least Texas and Kentucky have their heads screwed on straight! They are passing laws that subject people to fines if they use the "wrong" bathroom for their biology regardless of how they identify or look. So, butches, and very effeminate men should start learning how to present more appropriately for their sex. Lest they be challenged and be forced to reveal their genitals to the authorities. To be clear, you are a part of the movement that caused these laws to be proposed. So when we start seeing butches hauled out of the ladies room and interrogated as to their biology, we can blame you.

    1. those states need to make it illegal for you to marry your sister too! Basically, who cares about those inbread states. They are only good to make jokes about.. just keep your gun under your pillow and your meth in your pipe and have a good life!

  6. Re the previous comment: yes, because we all know that the policing of gender roles that has gone on since forever is directly the fault of radical feminists. These conservative Tea Party types are all totally read up on their Andrea Dworkin, Germaine Greer, Sheila Jeffreys, and Shulamith Firestone. And they follow Cathy Brennan's blog and her Twitter.

    Damn those radical feminists and all their power and privilege.


  7. I'm in my 50s and I used the nurse's bathroom all the time when in high school, mostly because the girls' bathrooms were always full of cigarette smoke. If the trans folk "just want a place to pee" and not a place to make a political statement, they should not object to using such a bathroom, especially because anyone can use it, trans or not.

    And why is it always about them and their feelings? Why are they more important than 99.9% of the population. Why are we not allowed to be uncomfortable with men, no matter what they call themselves, in our bathrooms and locker rooms and are told just to suck it up? Why can't THEY suck it up and just use the nurse's bathroom?

    I wish these schools would finally have enough of this nonsense and stand up and say that the Emperor has no clothes.

    1. Because you don't stand for the 99%, grow up!

  8. This is not so new. My sister, a definitely non "feminine" looking life long lesbian, tells me her gender has often been questioned when in the "lady"s.

    I joined the 2014 Climate March last September in NYC. The UU Church put up many marchers overnight. I questioned a young man who repeatedly used the women's room at the church Saturday night. He said he had a right to use whichever facilities he wished.

  9. This is one of the many reasons why so many people are now homeschooling their kids! Steve and Zsuzsanna Anderson (stevenandersonfamily.blogspot) believe that there is no "education" worth putting their kids in some "weirdo school," where boys can use the girls' bathroom!

    1. Oh please home school you inbread children if there are too many other weirdos out there besides your kind..

  10. Hey love your blog, follow you on twitter too. I saw this comic and associated blog for the first time and I thought it has great examples of doing woman differently:

  11. An unisex bathroom won't solve any problem, it will make things way worse for women. Just make a third gender bathroom and everything will be fine (for the M2T males, F2T females still need to sit to pee, they can use the women's bathroom no problem).

    Just take a look at how societies who recognize third genders work. Muxes in Mexico, Kathoeys in Thailand, Two-Spirits in native american communities, etc. have little to no problems. Transpersons should fight for that, instead of wanting everything a woman is still fighting for. They don't share our same necessities at all. Or what, are they gonna call "transphobic" a gynecologist because he/she refuses to check their male genitalia in case of cystitis?

  12. The obsession with standing up to pee is telling. Nobody cares, but the ftt who devise gadgets and spend money on replicant dildos to do it, practicing and fretting over it.
    There are so many hours in a day and night, so many things to learn and discover. But no, lets think about the fleeting moment someone you will never see again, will barely acknowledge another person peeing beside them. Or perhaps big thrills are to be had just doing it alone.

  13. Petre said:
    "In Europe (Big will bear me out or contradict me) it's generally accepted that women can use men's toilets when necessary (e.g. long line), but only very exceptionally vice versa."

    That's true. But most women won't go to the men's restrooms. I always do when the lines at the women's are really long (e.g. at festivals).
    I must say that they often smell terrible. LOL

  14. The main reason for women's restrooms is because of the reality of male predators.

  15. Men have been perving in women's restrooms and locker rooms forever. Just this month a Border Patrol supervisor was charged with hiding a secret camera in a women's restroom. Planet Fitness has a history of lawsuits over hidden cameras discovered in areas where women disrobe.

    It's a fact that males have dressed as women (wigs, dresses, etc.) in order gain access to women's restrooms and locker rooms to secretly take photographs and videos.

    Jason Pomare was a 33 year old voyeur when, in 2013, he victimized women in Los Angeles. He donned bra, wig and female clothing to gain access to a women’s bathroom at a Los Angeles Macy’s Department Store so he could secretly video-record the women and girls inside. He had a video camera in a bag, which he slid underneath stalls in order to secretly video-record women and girls as they were using the toilet. When he was caught, he had hours of video of women and girls he recorded by pointing his camera under restroom stalls. Who knows whether he had made other, previous recordings that we do not know about? Who knows how many women and girls were victimized?

    In 2013, Rodney Kenneth Petersen was arrested for dressing as a woman to enter a woman’s dormitory and take pictures of the coeds at Loma Linda University in California. An investigation revealed that Peterson had previously dressed as a woman and entered other female-
    only facilities, trying to take photos of women and girls with a cell phone he had hidden in his purse.

    In 2012, Taylor J. Buehler was arrested in Everett, Washington for voyeurism. He donned a bra and wig to appear as a woman so he could go into the women’s bathroom at Everett Community College. Only, he is not transgender; and, he is sexually attracted to women. Once inside the bathroom, he began leering at the two women who were using the facilities. After his arrest, he admitted that he had previously taken a shower in a girls’ locker room for “sexual gratification.” Buehler was convicted of voyeurism.

    In 2011, Joel Hardman, a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham in England, disguised himself with a women’s rubber mask and wig in order to gain access to women’s restrooms, where he spied on women using the toilets. After being arrested, he explained that he got sexual gratification from listening to women using toilets. While in the bathrooms, he not only listened—he also made audio recordings of the women urinating.

    Men have been doing pervy things in women's restrooms since forever.

  16. Men are perverts and predators and oppress woman.
    But still many girls want to be men.
    In many cases it's more to run away for the harm men can do then the desire to be a men themselves. That's makes is even more sad.

  17. Absolutely insane! The latest trans campaign where transgenders take pictures in bathrooms that don't match their gender stereotype scare me. Because as a butch lesbian it says that perhaps I really belong in the mens room. If you don't conform to gender norms you don't belong in the bathroom of your sex. Fucking scary!

  18. Big, on the subject of men's toilets:
    "I must say that they often smell terrible. LOL"

    Women's toilets, too, don't smell of sugar and spice and all things nice. But otherwise, you're right. If it was just about having a wee or (if necessary) a poo, who the fuck would care?

    Of course, it's not: it's about colonization and appropriation.

    Also, men's toilets (I refuse to use the American term 'bathroom') are highly sexualized places, including (especially?) for 'heterosexual' men. Probably just the kind of environment that "gay" FtMs might enjoy.

    However, male licentiousness gives no licence at all to so-called MtFs to invade female space.


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