A Comment on Male Violence Against Transmen

A recent comment on an older post regarding trans female surgery mutilation that deserves attention. Anonymous, I am glad for you. Going against the grain has never been easy, but being true to yourself is its own reward.


Doing Woman Different: Tamara Dobson's Cleopatra Jones

Cleopatra Jones was a film character from a few blaxploitation movies in the early 70's. Cleo was awesomely fleshed out by the 6'2" athletic model Tamara Dobson.

I was just about seven years old, when I watched my first Cleopatra Jones movie. Up to that point in my terribly young life, I had yet to see a women, in the real or on TV, who possessed a single trait I dreamed of emulating or dreamed of ever becoming myself.

Cleo Jones was tall, tough, against drugs/drug dealers and invested in helping the less advantaged (including women and children of any race). Cleo was simultaneously within the law and outside of it. She knew karate AND skillfully used it to fight AND defeat MEN!
And if that wasnt enough, she owned my most favourite car (I had the Hot wheel) a SWEET corvette!
Cleo even knew how to handle a dirt bike not unlike the mini bike I owned.
Cleopatra Jones DID woman differently, while wearing an acceptable outfit of mainstream (black) femininity but through her blackness she was able to skirt the "feminine" as dictated by white men for white society and white females, which included me, but didnt include me as a girl doing girl different. Through the colour of her skin, Cleo did NOT have to behave in accordance to the laws of white society (men), because in white society Cleo had yet to exist, not unlike girls/women like me then and now.
By not existing to white men, Cleo was able to become more than a woman, she was able to become human. And through her brave example (brave for female characters then and now and brave for Tamara for giving Cleo to us) Cleopatra Jones showed me that tough and good werent just something men were, they were something women were also and something I too could be while being a girl.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning and Who is Behind Trending Teen Transition

Alex Age 21

Max Age 17

Aar Age 22

Oll Age 19

Wes Age 19

Jamie Age 21

Reag Age 20

Rian Age 18

Riley Age 17

Large numbers of entire generations of future lesbians (like many you see in the WIT posts) are being wiped out through transition. Many trans trending lesbians arent even getting a chance to come out as lesbian, to taste the beauty, uniqueness and wholly female onlyness that is lesbianism. Their lesbian camaraderie replaced amongst each other with an embarrassingly false sense of male camaraderie in the form of the masculine bro instead.

But sadder still are all the Wizard's behind the bedroom curtains dictating and enforcing transgender policy on our lesbian and gay youth! Long winded george washingtonesque windbags dressed like martha's penning policies that school officials, medical officials and psychiatric officials are being legally bound to gag gay/lesbian and other "gender non conformists" (the new trans label for any kid who doesnt run with the pack) with! Heterosexual males fetishizing THEIR perverted perceptions of female (constructed hyper femininity) enforcing THEIR warped version of the RIGHT way to PERFORM male and female in order to legitimise THEIR paraphilia!

Men like
legally (re)ordering (after that nasty bit of feminism confused everything) constructed identities of our children based on long outdated sexist male systems of dress and behaviour so that men like this
or this
or this
or this
or this
or this
can feel normal while their cocks or in some cases whats left of them get hard rubbing up against girls/womens silk panties behind the backs of their wives and children!

If men never created the titanic chasms THEY needed between the sexes to secure dominance, ignore THEIR weaknesses and secure worship for their constant erections, PARAPHILIAS like the ones seen above never would have existed. And IF male paraphilia never existed or were suddenly removed, so to would transition and ALL notions and mentions of it!

But in the meantime, heterosexual paraphilic males ARE using gay and lesbian bodies to further THEIR inner porno flix, now playing at a school near you.


Dirt Attacking & Bullying-Transgendered Transmogrification

There are thousands of comments/complaints/videos/threads/emails etc that claim "dirt" is "transphobic" and uses her blog to attack or bully the transgendered throughout the internet. As a result many feeble attacks are routinely made to shut this blog down with the same bullying tactics I'm accused of. Add to that the regular threats of violence and death wishes, most of which you (the reader) do not see. Do opposite sex hormones also alter perception when injected in high doses?

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me just spread a thin layer of mustard or mayo if you like, on the bread by asking this. Can ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL with no power or authority attack/bully tens of thousands simply by writing to no one? Can a LONE INDIVIDUAL force strangers to read her blog? Do trans people have a choice in what they read online?

Now lets put some meat on this baby by first examining the exact meaning of what dirt/this blog is so often accused:
Have I or this blog used violence to hurt someone/something? Obviously not, as I sit alone at home with only my two four legged babies and write, and while what is written could easily be construed as ethereal.

Do I or does this blog strongly criticize someone/something? No. I do critically think and then critically analyze people/subjects/ideas and theories-mostly on this blog. If you are confused about critical thinking/critical analysis:
Some may not like where that critical analysis leads, but thats something to be taken up with Truth, not me.

Next up is bully:

Bully is a new buzz word, buzz over dose, buzz blown-out-of-all-proportions-sweeping-the-nation term. And like anything thats ever blown out of proportion, as greater proportions are reached, meaning dilutes until the very thing itself no longer exists. A wrongfully (or rightfully) interpreted glance on a playground or around an office today, are now grounds for reprimands, suspensions or firings! Heaven forbid if you actually express displeasure with someone or worse, call someone ANYTHING they take as an insult, even if deserved! You BULLY!

I, nor has this blog EVER threatened people with harm. Period! My holding up a mirror to reveal truths may feel threatening to some, but that isnt the same as threatening. If you are a person who feels threatened by things you read, my advice to you is STOP reading things you feel threatened or bullied by. And certainly do NOT go back day after day after day reading, all the while feeling attacked and threatened and bullied for what YOU are CHOOSING to read!

Last year, my then three year old little little nephew (Little E) had a note sent home from DAYCARE saying Little E had bullied another boy. When the daycare authorities were contacted the next day for the full story, it seems an older boy had taken something that Little E was playing with and Little E calmly called the boy a "Juice Box Baby" and said boy started crying as a result. Whether Little E was in the right or wrong for name calling, he certainly was NOT bullying! He didnt systematically over days, weeks, months call this boy a Juice Box Baby, he said it ONCE! Now if this other boy feels is fragile or wasnt taught by his parents that sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, then by golly this kid has bigger problems than a three year old calling him a Juice Box Baby! 

Collective youth today are so weak, fragile, smothered, pampered, spoon fed, diapered, soft playgrounded, knee padded, elbow padded and helmeted if they sniff even an eyeroll, grimace or verbal insult they're a puddle on the gymnasium floor! The fact is, there will ALWAYS be real bullies, real attacks, real falling off bikes, real skinned knees and hearts and life isnt fair! But life is a whole lot more bearable by experiencing life's minor adversities, which builds character and strength, so that they can endure the really difficult times. And they WILL come.

If you are old enough to read this blog, and you are in full control over what you read, if you feel afraid, threatened or bullied by material found here, exercise your freedom of choice and exit from this blog. If you CHOOSE to read, then do NOT accuse myself/this blog of attacking/bullying you into do so!

Little tip: Lose the knee pads. After getting your knees skinned a few times, you will find you no longer need them.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Ari-Age 18

Rom-Age 19

Kay-Age 19

Dav-Age 20

Nik-Age 18

Mil-Age 22

Adam Age 20

Vince Age 21

Leo Age 15

This recent search is a common one received by this blog, in answer to it-not quite but sorta.

Testosterone does not turn trans females gay, that would imply any female who transitions would become gay, they in fact do not. Testosterone can/does change the sexual attraction of lesbians who transition, so that their sexual pairing with males (other trans females) can appear gay. Like any hormone, testosterone doesnt simply change the external, it changes the brain as well. Sexual Orientation-in this case Same Sex Attraction, being core/organic, does not change from taking testosterone. What changes when lesbians take testosterone is as the brain begins to think it is male, the brain's core Same Sex Attraction (female toward female) moves to include sexual attraction toward men, sometimes to exclusion of women period. Testosterone in effect biologically speaking, heterosexualizes the once lesbian. In short TRANSITION HORMONES DO NOT CHANGE SEXUAL ORIENTATION-but by changing the brain-TRANSITION HORMONES CHANGE SEXUAL ATTRACTION/BEHAVIOUR.


Doing Woman Different: Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos was born in Rochester, Michigan on Leap Year 1956, different right from the start. Aileen was born to a teenage (15) mother who was abused by her parents, including raped by her father. Aileen's teenage mother married a sociopath who was later imprisoned for raping a 7 y/o girl, he would later commit suicide in prison. Maybe the only lucky break Aileen received in her life, is her mother and father separated before her father got the chance to rape her.

Aileen's mother abandoned her and her older brother when Aileen was four, leaving them with her mother's parents Lauri and Britta Wuornos. Aileen's grandmother Lauri, was an abusive alcoholic and her grandfather was her mother's rapist. As can be expected, Aileen very early on had emotional and anger issues at home and in school. At age fourteen she became pregnant by her brother, she spoke later of her grandfather, her grandfather's friend and brother raping her. How often we do not know. Aileen was forced to have the child in a home for unwanted mothers and forced to give the infant up for adoption. After returning to her grandparents, her grandmother's alcohol abuse finally killed her and her grandfather contacted the state turning Aileen and her brother over to them for a short time. Afterward her brother at the age of twenty one died of throat cancer and her grandfather committed suicide.

Afterward Aileen ran away, living in a fort in the woods for a time. Despite her frostbitten body, Aileen still hoped what was out there in the world couldnt be worse than the home she left behind. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Between her age, her abused/sexually abused-mental state and patriarchy's constant hard on, Aileen prostituted herself for food, money, shelter, maybe even some faux deceptive human warmth. To alleviate the horrors of being raped for money by men, Aileen resorted to petty crimes in between prostitution. She hitchhiked to Florida, was picked up and married at twenty years old a nearly seventy year old john. The marriage was annulled within a few months, Lewis (the husband) didnt approve of Aileen's youthful exuberance of bars/drinking and not wanting to be under the dominance of yet another male.

Aileen drifted in and out of trouble, further abuses by men who bought her body for sex, pent up anger and rage, short lived lesbian relationships and drugs. In 1986, Aileen met and fell passionately in love with Tyria Moore. Their relationship was as bad as it was good, but for Aileen the good outweighed the bad. Tyria expected Aileen to be the financial supporter in their relationship, urging Aileen to continue prostituting herself, regardless of the physical dangers and psychological repugnance Aileen experienced being fucked by men as a lesbian. But Aileen would have done anything for Tyria, if you love someone enough you should be willing to die for that person, Aileen believed in fairytale like fashion.

Several years into Aileen's and Tyria's relationship, while trying to earn money for what had become for her-family-Aileen was picked up Richard Mallory. Mallory attacked and attempted to rape (raped) Aileen, she defended herself with the small handgun she carried in case such a circumstance ever arose. In a panic, Aileen dumped his (naked) body in a wood using his car. She also took the money that he agreed to exchange with her for using/abusing her body to pleasure his dick.

Triggered from years of systematic emotional and sexual abuses from males, Aileen made a beeline to Tyria for comfort, love and to lay her burden at Tyria's feet. From what occurred over the next year, six murders of men found naked, killed/robbed with .22 caliber bullets, we can glean that Aileen received little comfort from Tyria in Mallory's attack on her and her rightful (would anyone believe her?) reaction. Tyria used Aileen's fear of abandonment to keep her actively prostituting, creating situations like the one with Mallory or perhaps even instigating Aileen to simply kill and rob these male deviants since Aileen had already killed once, regardless of the circumstance. Aileen and Tyria were subsequently followed by police, who later took Aileen into custody where Tyria was quick to place blame on Aileen, absolving herself from any charges for her all too willing help in convicting Aileen.

Right from the start Aileen was portrayed as a lesbian man hater and first female serial killer by authorities and media alike. Serial killers have (and still are) ALWAYS been men, Aileen was patriarchy's (in their masculine minds) first chance to show women too were as sick and sexually vile as they. By linking Aileen's prostitution (sexual work) with killing multiple times through her work as a prostitute, Aileen was labeled a female serial killer. Male authorities on all fronts, police, FBI, psychologists, psychiatrists, serial killer profilers etc believed (hoped) no one would notice Aileen wasnt a female serial killer at all, but a multiple murderer. There is no evidence Aileen's pussy was wet when she killed Mallory in self defense or if her pussy was wet and she had an orgasm when she or Tyria killed the other men she was accused of killing. Sexual motivation (usually sadistic), the sole component of serial killers, was thoroughly lacking in Aileen's case.

But these truths didn't stop the homophobic media frenzy that made "Aileen Wuornos" a household name at the real life and death expense of Aileen Wuornos the emotionally/physically/sexually abused/perpetually abandoned lesbian! Selling Aileen as the first female serial killer was a gold mine on many counts and to many people with the exception of Aileen herself, including Tyria Moore who sold both Aileen Wuornos and sold Aileen out. In murder trial after murder trial, Aileen in effort protect her love/home/family i.e. Tyria Moore (who testified against Aileen) Aileen took full responsibility in each murder (1 exception), completely absolving Tyria from any involvement.

Aileen played up being loud, obnoxious and angry with violent tendencies that could go off any minute in court. These displays ensured that Aileen on trial was the same Aileen Wuornos the public hated/wanted to hate, further lending credibility to HER being the cold blooded lesbian man hating killer authorities/media claimed she was, giving Tyria Moore a get-out-of-jail free card. Pictures of Aileen snapped by media in moments of passionate pleads were (are still) flaunted in newspapers, news reports, exposés, films, documentaries and a host of other mediums. The ugly lesbian man hating serial killer of men had a name and a face.
Images such as this one were routinely presented to the public. Anything that made her appear a mix of dykey/crazy/violent. This image (visual and the killer lesbian headlines) of Aileen made her murder by the state of Florida a lot more palatable.

Images of Aileen as a victim of patriarchy crimes against women, Aileen who despite these horrors struggled to find throughout, a snip it of happiness and some inner peace that from birth was unknown to her, were not so popular in the media.
During her eight years in prison, Aileen was used and abused by a motley crew of attention seekers and money hungry opportunists. She was put to death in 2002, after refusing to use her appeals. This way, Tyria Moore would no longer have to worry about any future incrimination's, all responsibility for the deaths of these seven johns rapists died with Aileen.

As Aileen became nationally known, what troubled her most was not being labeled the first female serial killer, but in how media recreations and films portrayed her prostituting herself. A dirty blonde with a low cut tight top, short skirt and come fuck me heels. Aileen said she only ever wore a t shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. Aileen consciously chose NOT to adopt constructed femininity when she turned tricks, feeling instead that by not doing so, she retained something of her dyke dignity, separating herself from prostitutes who willfully acquiesced everything to please men.

Aileen endured (survived) a lifetime of some of the worst that patriarchy could dish out to females, in the end Aileen dared to FINALLY have a normal reaction to those horrors. Aileen refused constructed femininity, refused heterosexuality, refused to cross her feet at the ankle, refused to speak quietly, refused to sugarcoat her speech, refused to be abused any longer by men, refused, refused, refused! In doing so Aileen became public enemy number infinite, because women who are lesbians are threatening, but lesbians who kill (bad) men, no matter the circumstance, must die!

Aileen was murdered for her unruly dykeness in as much as she was for the murders of the multiple men she was convicted. Aileen Wuornos did woman differently, so differently in fact an entire state (country?) put her to death for it.

Aileen used to be somebody's baby...


Transgender & Bisexual Suicide Rates Skewing Gay/Lesbian Mental Health Ethos & Public Awareness

Without getting into the multifarious reasons Transgender and Bisexual Politics are not Gay and Lesbian Politics or Gay and Lesbian needs/lives share little in common with Transgender and Bisexual needs/lives, this post will briefly focus on ONE: Suicide!

There is ever increasing information and evidence that the BisexualTrans of the LGBT communities suffer from extreme suicidal wishes and suicide rates. A few examples in a growing sea of short and long term studies:
The high suicide rates among Transgendered and Bisexuals pose several critical issues for Gays and Lesbians. Firstly, they lead the general public to believe Gays and Lesbians as a group are mentally unstable/suicidal. These beliefs can negatively affect us from gaining basic legal rights/protections, impacting jobs, housing, state marriage legalization, personal/interpersonal relationships, including with our own families. Secondly, these suicide rates give us (Gays/Lesbians) inaccurate information about OUR community. As a result, how can leaders in the Gay/Lesbian and medical authorities properly address mental health issues/needs and suicidal feelings/attempts/deaths among Gays and Lesbians?

Perhaps the high rate of suicide among Transgender and Bisexuals is precisely because their different needs arent specifically being addressed either for the same reasons?

Regardless, if the Gay and Lesbian (sexual orientation) community is to grow and prosper, our needs MUST be directly addressed, instead of currently being spread out among other communities, improperly understood or ignored outright via the growing LGBT....qurstv etc.


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