Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Collyn Age 21

LJ-Age 20

Saren Age 19

DLW Age 18

Col Age 22

M Age 22

TD Age 20

Chris Age 17

Tob Age 22

A trans female visitor spending 5 hours on this blog had this to say in a private message:

I'm not sure whats worse, her ill understanding of this blogs aim (or the aim of any social movement) or how definitively her death wish of me, personally reflects her conditioned passive feminine response. Nor where she came up with her 5 year number, the same thin air as her other Gender Straight Jacket notions perhaps.

I can smell a detransitioner a few years away!



  1. Bieberotomies would be almost cute if it werent for making invasive medical mayhem a permanent marker for a media induced lapse of judgement.

  2. If you hate trans men so much and are a proud dyke woman, why do you have boi in your url? Proud gay men don't have urls like "cleanbrowngurl"! I think you hate your body just as much as the most dysphoric trans man or the most eating disordered hetero girly girl. Your obsession with being butch and masculine and refusal to understand that gender and sexuality are separate (as in, some trans guys even pre t wanted nothing to do with women, and were total tops with men) indicates that you might be a closeted trans man who likes men and is terrified to admit it. Also, the biggest misogynists I have ever met are women. Roughly half are hetero Barbie idiots and half are butch dykes just like you. Having a "femme" makes you no different than a dumb straight guy...just imitating heterosexuality, which is really all lesbians ever do. You say trans men are anti feminist, but it is you Neanderthal butches and your silly screechy burlesque dancing lipstick licking "femmes" who are the true antifeminists. I can understand being angry that these silly femme girls leave butches for trans guys, but this is not our fault (like I said I am a gay top, I wouldn't go near one of these silly fillies with a ten centimeter pole, heh). But this is because these twits were always boy-crazy conformist slags using butch lesbians for attention that little league johnny gave to skinny Jenny instead of them. Blame them, not trans men, who are just trying to change the bodies we find appalling to live in.

  3. Oh please, tell us more about being a proud Gay Top Man.

    For I am on a similiar endeavor to find out all I can Over The Internet about being a Centaur, (A hot alpha one of course) Then Im going talk and snarl and toss my maney swag in the bathroom mirror as My New Tru Totally Edgy Centurian Self.

    kinda like that?

  4. Wanna talk 'misogyny'? How about 'Barbie idiots'; 'Neanderthal butches'; 'silly screechy burlesque dancing lipstick licking "femmes"'; 'silly femme girls'; 'silly fillies'; 'twits'; 'boy-crazy conformist slags'; 'skinny Jenny'... Ah goddess, the reversal/projection would be sad if it wasn't so abusive and indicative of deep self-hatred.

  5. Or Borderline Personality Disorder.

    I wonder what more research would reveal. Why do I get the feeling such research would be thwarted,and findings methodically shredded in PC Babble Obscura over the "webs".

  6. 'Boi' etymology is not trans cultured. It was appropriated as such, as everything else is.

    Also, Has it ever occured to those pointing out Dirt's url, that its Only A URL????

    I think I came up with my own url in approximately 11 seconds.

    Also - now this is the puzzling thing - How in the world does it seem rational that if one is "Hiding" their true "Trans identity" and "Boi-ness" that the person would USE THE TERM?

    Do you get how that doesnt hold together? So you see how inane that theory is?

    For some people, a word can be used playfully. Its not an icon to cling to for a surge of veracity.

    Its a wee little word. It wasnt yours to begin with, but you all can use it all you want, k?

  7. "Oh please, tell us more about being a proud Gay Top Man."

    I thought I was the Top Gay Man here. If the Witches' Council can't decide it, we may have to go to combat, and wave our little dinkies at each other.

  8. @January 21, 2015 at 6:48 AM

    Trans and their allies explaining misogyny to us. See, it goes like this. Half the female population are "hetero Barbie idiots", and the other half are "butch dykes".

    Also, the biggest misogynists I have ever met are women. Roughly half are hetero Barbie idiots and half are butch dykes just like you.

    This is a feminist blog, and nothing that you said adds anything of significance to the conversation.

    FTM "Gay top" is just another way of saying a woman who has sex with men, but the idea of "identifying as a woman" is offensive to her. Females who have sex with men are bisexual or heterosexual, not some kind of transified/queer, new age "gay man". Stop co-opting gay males. Every gay man I've known wants penis not a strap on dildo.

  9. @Petre,

    Oh please, tell us more about being a proud Gay Top Man."

    I thought I was the Top Gay Man here. If the Witches' Council can't decide it, we may have to go to combat, and wave our little dinkies at each other.

    Petre, you have always been the top gay man here.

  10. Dirt isn't a "self hating transman" nor am I. She and I are proud woman. It's an honor to be of the female sex.

  11. Gay men know perfectly well that "Gay" FtMs are not men. But if we're nice people, we try not to be personally hurtful to individuals, so we pretend. And if we (not I, but the generalized we) fuck them or allow ourselves to be fucked by their dildoes, that's a tribute only to our compliancy or to our boundless horniness.

  12. Its a clear sign whenever you hear a trans female bragging about sexing with fags as if its an ultimate confirmation of her "manhood", that she knows nothing about gay male culture or gay men themselves.

    Were that the actual case there would be millions of fag hags also calling themselves men!

    dirt (sister of a gay brother)

  13. Dirt, you have very specific ideas of what constitutes butches and femmes and dykes and other labels, which is fine, and which seems to be informed by a very euro-centric/white-American understanding of life based on the literature you've said you've read that informed your Politik.

    Other views are just as valid, and wildly diverse depending on culture, as well as general diversity between people regardless of culture. I do agree there is a cluster fuck of a sex and gender hot mess happening in the colonist culture that you try to tackle on this blog -- drugs and cosmetic surgeries aren't Real fixes to deep dysphoria caused by toxic cultural values. Why can't gender outlaws just gender bend and fuck who they want and call their genitals what they want without all the radical and harmful and painful and risky medical 'interventions'? -- interventions that never existed and WON'T exist when we get back to traditional Indigenous living if we hope to save Mother Earth and all her Beings. Medical and technical "advances" are a LIE, just like it's a LIE that "civilization" is a good thing. It's one of the most savage things to happen to humanity, and SRS is one of millions of symptoms to come from this dis-eased way of living.

    Even the most dyke-iest of dykes and faggiest of fags sometimes 'stray' to 'the other side' and that doesn't make them less gay. I know a super gay guy like WAY on the end of the gay spectrum; he's very sexually free and has told me that once in a great great blue moon, he's found himself sexually attracted to females. He is not the only one in the world.

    It is impossible and harmful to divide/conquer/label every single attraction and identity in Life (or anything else for that matter), not just due to culture but also due to the general fluidity of Being.

    There is nothing wrong with having a never-changing identity and attractions, just as there's nothing wrong with fluidity. Linear thinking and super rigidity is stifling and spirit-killing.

  14. I'm not speaking of "every single attraction and identity in Life" only one.

    When the ignorant or purposeful take the CONCRETE, pulverize it, mix it with a multitude of impurities, add water and pour it in equally multitudinous molds and STILL call it CONCRETE?

    I care and WILL correct every time, especially when that CONCRETE MISrepresents my/others very blood, guts and grit!


  15. I stand corrected, I think its impossible and harmful to rigidly divide/conquer/label ANY identity and attraction in Life because they are such personal things when you go beyond biology which is just one tiny piece of our diverse complex selves.

    I get and agree with your bloody, gritty and gutsy advocacy for females Accepting, Loving, Respecting and Celebrating our Naturally born Selves as we ARE, but I don't get your stance on what and who is or isn't butch which is what I was speaking to that seems shaped by a very particular slice of white american culture for you and which isn't the same for everyone, nor can, willl or should it be.

  16. From reading recent post this blog is able to monetor comings and goings, so it may be noticed that i come and go sometimes do to the fact that i rent out rooms and i gotta hide about this part of my life, not that i can hide it completely but there's alot of hate and can't chance people moving out cause i'm a woman with gender identification issues,, bla bla bla,,, anyway, what els can i say but that i wished i would have addressed my gender dsyphoria earlier but in life but only in last year or so can't put my finger on when i realized it was me not wanting to be a woman. I like the feeling "oh that's what the fuck it is,, that's where "some" of my self hate originates,,, icould go on and on,,

  17. @Petre,

    When transwomen (biological males) say they are "lesbian" because they are attracted to women, and transmen (females) call themselves "gay" because they want sex with a man, it feels like a form of colonization. In reality, they are redefining homosexuality itself. If homosexuality isn't based on same sex sexual and emotional attraction, then what is it based upon? I argue that attempting to redefine homosexuality is homophobic on its face. I could care less who people sleep with, but it is a form of homophobia for males to call themselves "lesbian", and for females who have sex with men to call themselves "gay" as in just like a gay man.

    Even the most dyke-iest of dykes and faggiest of fags sometimes 'stray' to 'the other side' and that doesn't make them less gay.

    No one has a problem with people "straying" every now and then. It happens all the time. Gay men have been known to sleep with women, and lesbians have been known to have sex with men. Straight people have same sex relationships. This is not the point I'm trying to make. It's about colonizing and co-opting gay and lesbian identity. There are transwomen (biological males) who are primarily attracted to women who call themselves "lesbian". The level of colonization/co-option has gotten to the point to where some queer/trans people are using the terms "cis lesbian" and "trans lesbian". I say a big Hell No to this bullshi**.

    The "Cotton Ceiling" which, by the way, excluded actual lesbians was one of the most lesbian phobic and sexist thing I've ever witnessed.

    An exchange between a lesbian and a transgender activists.

    "From: [redacted lesbian]
    Sent: March-12-12 1:59 PM
    To: [redacted trans]
    Subject: Re: What’s the cotton ceiling?
    Thanks. So, just to make sure I understand this, a trans woman with a penis, and who has no desire to have a sex change, is not male bodied – correct?

    On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 2:02 PM, [redacted trans] wrote:
    There is nothing inherently male about a woman’s body, unless she identified things about it as male herself. So, no, I do not consider trans women with penises to be male-bodied, unless that is how they identify.

    From: [redacted lesbian]
    Sent: March-12-12 2:04 PM
    To: [redacted trans]
    Subject: Re: What’s the cotton ceiling?
    This is seriously problematic for lesbians. What you are saying is lesbians – who desire sex with females – are somehow bigoted for that desire, no? That’s exactly what nontrans males say to us.
    Anyway, take care, [redacted lesbian]"

    Lesbians aren't born with a penis, and lesbians get to define themselves. Some FTMs call themselves "gay", and pretend that they are just like gay guys.

    Redefining homosexuality itself is homophobia.

  18. Below is a great article from the gay male who runs WhoIsCis.

    "With respect to Homosexuality: My belief, in accordance with the definition of homosexuality, is that homosexuality only exist between people of the same sex. Again, it’s a sex based term, and separate from gender. No male person is a lesbian and no female person is a gay man. As is often documented on this blog and on the FB page, there is a growing resistance to this definition of homosexual. Trans activist and their allies wish to broaden what “homosexual” means to include themselves in it. Indeed homosexuality exist among trans people. Below is a list of homosexual pairings.

    1. Female paired romantically and/or sexually with another female.
    2. Male paired romantically and/or sexually with another male.
    3. A trans woman (male) paired romantically and/or sexually with a another male (This includes other trans women.)
    4. A trans man paired romantically and/or sexually with another female (This includes other trans men.)

    These are NOT homosexual pairings, and ARE heterosexual:

    1. Male paired romantically and/or sexually with a female.
    2. Trans woman (male) paired romantically or sexually with a female.
    3. Trans man (female) paired romantically or sexually with a male.

    When heterosexuals assert that they are homosexual, despite the reality of their biological sex ,they are engaging in assimilation tactics against homosexual people ,which ultimately will lead to the erasure of homosexuals and homosexuality.Resist the colonization of gay and lesbian identity.

  19. Sorry, here is the link from WhoIsCis

    WhoIsCis - Put words in my mouth, I'm going to spit them out

    The last sentence, "Resist the colonization of gay and lesbian identity." is not from the article. It was accidentally tacked onto the article. I apologize.

  20. Great site. Thanks for the link.

  21. ok my time expired when i was posting so here i go again. I wanted to share some of my personal gender dysphoria when i was little. I wanted to be a boy. I would hold a baby bottle nipple to my vagina area to resemble a penis. That's weird but not so when your a little girl wanting to be a little boy.

  22. wow that's stuff i dont share. now i'm sharing on a computer not knowing if i have complete anonymity exept with Dirt,, i'm cool. Lol. I remember when i was little coming across porn magazine left behind by the older crowd. i took out a page with two naked men and i would just stare at their penis's. i was very little not enough for any kind of arousal...

  23. hope it's cool i just want to share more of my gender dysphoria. When i'd walk around the playground when i was 8,9?, i wanted to keep my shirt open, i could have been older than that, but the lady that was in charge of handing out the toys told me i had to button up my shirt or else. Mrs. Kindik ha ha,. So i can relate to the wanting to be a boy.,, but i am a woman now and so it is what it is . Dirt get it's right. but we all have to work through it our own way,, but taking meds to do it is not what i would ever do. NEVER

  24. @ Anonymous, January 21 at 9:28 AM

    "I am on a similiar endeavor to find out all I can Over The Internet about being a Centaur, (A hot alpha one of course)"

    No One Believes I'm A Mermaid (-:

  25. @January 22, 2015 at 7:14 PM
    January 22, 2015 at 7:14 PM

    You sound young, or you could be older than you are pretending to be.

    I remember when i was little coming across porn magazine left behind by the older crowd

    Kids shouldn't be looking at porn. Didn't your mother tell you this? This blog does not support pornography. In fact, we are generally anti-porn.

  26. Oh i am 52 years old. I'm not trying to bring porn in this site. i'm just sharing a true story when i was little. There was an older crowd that would leave behind their porn mags, and me and my friends would find em . My mother never knew i was lookin at em. but i used to hide that picture and look at it.
    I just want to share real stuff and very personal to show that i believe that behavior was cause i wanted to be a boy. but that to say that if i trans would change me into a male could not happen for me. I hope i am clear.

  27. I don't really get the connection..

  28. @January 23, 2015 at 6:10 PM


  29. Really, you don't get the connection? I think i'd rather have Dirt's response. I just shared really personal stuff for what reason. Of course there is a connecton.

  30. I'm just not seeing it, and it wasn't included in your story. No critique intended.

    The human psyche and limitless experiences that impact it, seems too intricate, too kaleidoscopic to be deduced to a uniform conclusion of That Must Mean I Want To Be A Boy.

  31. Top Gay Male is a fool to blab that women are leaving butches for trans guys. Most don't want to be seen on the arm of an ftm...a pseudo male swaggering around like she's dragging a donkey dick...much less have imitation hetero sex with one.

  32. Anon 6:48 this is 7:03..

    Im uncomfortable that you felt your sharing honestly was in vain. Im truly sorry if my response made you feel that way.

    You didnt mention if you still felt that way, about wishing to be male, or if there were other things in your life besides that one incident that led you to conclude what you did.

    I just didnt see that one incident or incidents like that, which arent that terribly uncommon, to be reason for coming to the conclusion that you stated. But thats just my opinion.

  33. I love your opinions Dirt. I love your blog. You have rekindled my feminist views. Thank you for that.
    I found your blog because I was questioning the whole trans "movement". I think you have important and valuable views. Haters are gonna hate. People always respond most vehemently when deep inside they recognize the truth in the provocative statement. Would a person get upset if someone accused them of, say, being purple? No, they would not, because they KNOW it's untrue. Trans people need "us", ie society, to agree with them in order to assuage THEIR doubts. I refuse to do that.
    P.S. For the purpose of showing the wide appeal of your blog, I will admit that I am a "Barbie" looking, hetero woman with so-called masculine personality traits, a cross between Jerry Hall and Ann Colter.

  34. "Has it ever occured to those pointing out Dirt's url, that its Only A URL????"

    URLs are meaningful. They do have to be chosen, after all. Possibly there may have been some topic drift over time, I don't know.

  35. Really? Like URLS are todays version of tea leaves?

  36. The URL refers to a Foreigner song. Duh. Everyone knows that as Dirt has explained it again and again.

  37. Here's the song:

  38. I would like to aknowledge Dirt for her courage, re posting the images of trans you tubers and tumblrs, it is a controversal action, and has incited predictable and simplistic contention, as well as myopic hate and hyper defensive projection.

    But she continues to trust in the intelligence of her readers, not just those who are in agreement with this investment of time and focus, but those who arent , but are willing to investigate .

    A moment of clarity can swoop one up from a lifetime of consequences.

  39. We are not to question or examine the numbers or the constructs of this trend. Otherwise we "put transitioners in danger". The danger that would be wrought by the very demographic that ftms seek to emulate. Where else would danger to trans ftms be coming from? Dolphins? Babies?.. Is it "hateful" to state what is self evident?

  40. You're gross, dirt. really gross.

  41. What is your damage. Posting pictures outing people trying to be happy with their bodies? How do you justify that?

  42. I hope you get punched

  43. Posting hate on transmen? You must really be jealous.

  44. @ 8:02 please be more specific, in what you state?
    All of the comments here that reflect truly hateful sentiment, are not towards trans people, but by them.
    Did you not see the comment directly preceding your own? It would be right in your line a vision as you began your comment.
    Do you see it now? How about the other violent threats and strange expressions of aggression?

  45. Why be jealous of something anyone can do? Its not like a lottery win or a special talent.
    What is super clear is that ANYONE can claim to be trans and get a script for testosterone. So wtf?