Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Jess-Age 15

Stijn-Age 17

Alex-Age 17

Spencer-Age 17

Ru-Age 16

Li-Age 20

Cam-Age 20

Alger-Age 16

Vik-Age 16

New Year Female fodder grist for the foetid Trans Machine.



  1. Aww, no Youtube this time?

  2. Bitch u need your ass beat hoe taking shit about my brother's

  3. They're not "brothers," Anonymous! They are EVERY BIT as female as the most stereotypically "girly" girl on the planet! My 7-year-old cousin, who just had her bedroom redone with the "Frozen" character theme, is more "masculine" or "boyish" in body, mind, and spirit than any of these young WOMEN ever will be, and as you can see, that's like 0%. There isn't a thin line between male and female, but rather, a big, gray area that almost no one inhabits. (The few that do are biological males who "don't measure up," if you know what I mean, at birth.) So QUIT CALLING THEM "BROTHERS," and I like that strikethrough "Dirt" uses for the word trans"men", because the term FtM is much clearer and reminds us that they're Female, First and Foremost, no matter what they do to their bodies!

  4. @January 6, 2015 at 12:08 AM

    Bitch u need your ass beat hoe taking shit about my brother's

    There is free speech under the U.S. Constitutuion, but NO free speech for anyone who questions why 14, 15, and 16 year old girls need to breast bind which can mis-align ribs and cause other health problems. Why do 15 and 16 year old females need to take "T"? They aren't old enough to vote or buy alcohol, but they say they are "pre-everything" (testosterone, "top surgery", etc.).

    Rant and rave and make threats to physically harm someone, but no one can silence free thought forever.

    @ January 6, 2015 at 12:08 AM

    Bitch u need your ass beat hoe taking shit about my brother's

    No one on this blog is talking shit about anyone's brother.

    @ January 6, 2015 at 12:08 AM

    Bitch u need your ass beat hoe taking shit about my brother's

    This could be just another example of your brain on "T".

  5. You make money off of this right?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Because if you do, I would love to see who would pay you to devote your life to talking about Trans guys. If you don't.... well I haven't the slightest who in their right mind would spend a few hours every few days projecting such thoughts into the atmosphere about a community of people that you do not understand. It seems a lot like jealousy and resentment for you to be targeting just one group. I did literally just spend 30 minutes of my relaxation time reading through many of your posts in amazement. Why was I amazed? Not because you type big words that are synonymous with our everyday vocabulary to seem more educated but amazed at the fact that you talk about getting messages from people that portray such "violence" and "hatred". I will admit that a very small percentage of them are beyond what should be expressed to anyone. How can you blame them when you started this war? It's your side of the table that brings hatred unto HUMANS by disrespecting their wishes to be referred as how they see themselves. Excuse me, but who are you again? Actually, I have yet to find that out but when I do I would just LOVE to see your story and where you come from. Maybe it will allow us to see your cowardice reasonings. I would like to end this on one more note: If you had made your life's goal to be about ranting about the whole trans community instead of making it about transmen, I might have actually listened to your side. Although I would never agree with what you say, I am a democratic person and I find interest in all sides. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day sitting at your computer reading this. I'm sure that's what your miserable daily activities consist of. I also wish you a life full of happiness and hope that one day you will be free of hatred. :) Tata for now.

  8. Alex, I don't believe you when you say you've read dirt's blog. If you had, you would already know where she's coming from. She is fighting to save lesbian lives, at great risk to her safety. She is loving and courageous and you are a ridiculous troll.

  9. She isn't saving anyone. She only makes matters worse by bashing transmen. It's kinda funny that she dedicates so much time writing a blog that's crap. For one she should know what it's like being a minority and how society still talks down lesbians. Also apparently a feminist and claims that trans men are so wrong and are female and misogynists, when she herself wears men's clothing and talks against men, which feminism isn't about hating men but if it is for you, then you aren't feminist.

  10. There is no such thing as too much information.

    Explore beyond assumptions, and potential trends that congeal into canonized institutions.

    That is all. There is no bashing involved in providing other perspectives and inviting commentary.

    Invasive procedures of any kind should be closely examined, especially when they become products.

    "Better mental health through surgery" was a mantra of one time promoting lobotomy.

    The comparison is made here to exemplify the medical industry. NOT to bash trans people and make an insulting comparison.

    The failure to discern the difference and willingness to become reflexively adversarial is clearly noted in the comments of many persons who have posted in contention.

    Critical review and debate is an acceptable and even necessary component of discourse.

    But actually reading what is being stated is more helpful to all, and if there are emotional reactions, including anger that result - share them, they are yours, they matter, but be mad at something actually stated, not projected or assumed.

  11. I retract my statement regarding you're intelligence. Not completely, however. You make a very good point about open view points and debate. And much of what you post is about medical conundrums. What I cannot grasp is how you plan to "save" transmen or what you like to refer to as "trans women". You certainly cannot say you're on our side by using insulting pronouns purposefully. That's the equivalent of calling African Americans "niggers" or Mexicans "beaners". I understand that you feel we will always be female due to anatomic figures. However, all we ask of our community is respect to not degrade us by using our body to define us. Would you or would you not agree that it would be inhuman to call out an overweight person by "fat ass" or call someone with sclerosis a "deformed person"? That is their physical being. We ARE NOT defined by our anatomy. You once said that transmen are in the "grey" area of gender. That is right. There's not just two. There are multiple. Anyhow, not here for a war and I do appreciate you acknowledging that people have their own opinions and are free to express them. That is what I wish to do.

  12. Alex you are assuming that two posters are the same.

    Its difficult to address your post above because of that, because I may have some views similar to the other Anon poster, but not all.

    Sincerely without snarkism at all, I will in good spirit remark how Assumption as mentioned in my post was thus illustrated so immediately, and ironically.

  13. Alex its not about You or other adults who have transitioned.

    Its not about bashing you.

    Its not about hating you.

    Its not about pronouns

    Its not about your bizness

    Its not about You

    Its not about You

    Its not about You


    Read through the blog again from that perspective and see if you still feel bashed and slurred.

    Approach it as a private and daring experiment.

    Anon: In this post there are also images of adults, not children, called "Female fodder."
    In the latest post, it's the same.

  15. Lesbian January 6, 2015 at 3:57 AM, I agree so much with you, but these people are also robbing us of our creative use of language. When I say to my (biological) sister: stop being such a big bro, or she introduces me to her friends as her "little sis", we know what we're doing, and I don't want that undermined by their literalism about gender.

  16. Yeah Im not going to have the limberness of my casual speaking tied to a peg of dour, sci fi political fashion.

    Lesbians and Gay men have a fabulous history of warm and colorful pronoun use. We're Family.


    Then why post the pictures of young people?

  18. @ January 10, 2015 at 10:35 PM
    "Lesbians and Gay men have a fabulous history of warm and colorful pronoun use. We're Family."

    But can we still say "I have all my sisters with me"?

  19. You know I would bet there are some nice kids up there.

    Kids that probably love animals and are creative, and before this focused much of their time in unique hobbies and talents.

    They are navigating in a vortex of technology and tentacles of flashing, inky ideology that are unattached to any warm blooded entity.

    I wish there was another venue besides the internet where they could talk without rhetorical air brushing or influence.

    A place on solid ground.

    You arent Pre- Anything.

    You are more powerful than pain and capable of great joy exactly now. Exactly as you are.


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