Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Cecil Age 19

Noah Age 19

Brett Age 15

Alex Age 21

Leif Age 17

Mitch Age 18

Just Age 14

Alex Age 22

Ry Age 23

Something one of these young ladies said:
A clear case of Transgender Stealth Anxiety Disorder.

Primary Symptoms

Hypervigilance (check)
Anxiety (check)
Paranoia (check)
Hypersensitivity (to perceived criticism)
‏Narcissism/Egocentrism (check)

Four out of five primary symptoms that can be gleaned from a mere snatch of personal honesty revealed on the internet. Five, likely were she to actually be questioned about her self reported transgenderism.

Sadly as she traverses the dangerous (later deadly) wilderness of transition, her feelings (specifically dysphoria) will only increase.

To those seeking transition, keep firmly in your forethought's- ONLY through being comfortable with your/self/body BEFORE you seek any nips/tucks or alterations will you be comfortable with yourself AFTER those continuous changes that occur throughout transition/your entire life.

Also bear in mind, those who seem your friends/lovers/loved ones BECAUSE your transition supports/reinforces theirs, do not truly love YOU.


PS If your are suffering from Transgender Stealth Anxiety Disorder, feel free to contact me for help.

Transmen-Wide Womanly Hips-Before and After Transition

This blog receives daily searches from assorted trans females struggling with the unhappy truths of what testosterone/transition DID NOT and CANNOT do for them. A profound and striking distress encountered by many trans females post transition, centers on biological female shape, particularly the discernible broad hips females need, in order to bear children. 
This unmistakable difference, clothed, naked or nothing but bones between males and females cannot simply be swapped out with a choice pronoun anymore than they can be changed via testosterone.

Searches regarding post female transition like the one you see below are a common search:
Both the psychiatric and medical complex mislead females transitioning by using male nomenclature, as if switching biological nature were as easy as switching words. It isnt by the way. Trans females will ALWAYS possess and reflect wider hips than men, no matter their size/shape/athleticism before transition

Take the German pole vaulter Yvonne Buschbaum, she was a very fit and athletic woman before testosterone:
Fit though she was, Olympic fit, her wider hips are still visible. Lets look at Yvonne post transition:
Female hips, even fat distribution around the hips remains firmly intact.

Lilia Silveira:
Kimberly Ann Sallans:
 Ian Harvie:

Susan buck angel Lee:
All five (trans) women used here as an example of unchanging female pelvis/hips, are either in great shape (at one point) or average. None the less, even the more naturally narrow and athletic hipped seen here before transition, STILL possess obvious womanly (curvy) shapes after. Exercise can help disguise the natural hour glass female figure, and clothes too go a long way to hide curvaceousness. But if you cannot reckon that transition in and of itself will NOT remove your female hips/shape, then you might want to do some serious therapy to address this discomfort BEFORE you transition. And if you have transitioned already and the masculinizing effects of synthetic hormones and surgeries only go to emphasize your feminine attributes, increasing them even. Or for some, the first time developing dysphoria, you will need to come to terms with being a woman even if you are passing as a man, if you wish to truly be at peace with yourself.

dirt Alliance? Gay/Lesbian Friend or Foe?

The other day I received what I first thought a most strange and slightly worrisome email from
To readers whom do not know me beyond "dirt" these suggestions might not seem strange at all. I mentioned this to my heart and soul, better known as my sweetheart and she immediately went into research mode, wondering if Google/Blogger were linked now with Amazon. She discovered they were not. I had recently made some book purchases at Amazon, logged in to check and see if Amazon through some mad twist ,linked my purchases to the books they suggested. My purchases:
The first book on my list, replacing a book I loaned to an ex never returned back to me. The seconded and third, books not read but long on a mental list. The last, a replacement for a book I had lost in a few recent moves. Sylvia Plath, the Shoah and literary criticism, hardly anything that could be linked to the trans brigade of books Amazon suggested "based on your recent visit." I then looked to see if the suggestions from the email matched those suggested on their site:
Puzzling to say the least, till it became quite clear when I received another Amazon email suggestion/promotion:

Like the psychiatric community, Big Pharma, Hollywood and a slew of other industries, Amazon too is now promoting/cashing in on female fetishizers and secret Liberal homo/lezbo-phobia.

In lieu of this terrible discovery, I'm asking for lesbians (and gays) to boycott Amazon for ALL future use. Replacing it with the much better, non anti-gay/lesbian or something similar for purcheses beyond books.

Our demise should NOT be something corporate America/Global Corps profit from, any more than it should be a grave we walk willing to.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Collyn Age 21

LJ-Age 20

Saren Age 19

DLW Age 18

Col Age 22

M Age 22

TD Age 20

Chris Age 17

Tob Age 22

A trans female visitor spending 5 hours on this blog had this to say in a private message:

I'm not sure whats worse, her ill understanding of this blogs aim (or the aim of any social movement) or how definitively her death wish of me, personally reflects her conditioned passive feminine response. Nor where she came up with her 5 year number, the same thin air as her other Gender Straight Jacket notions perhaps.

I can smell a detransitioner a few years away!


S.D. Holman: Everything Butch ISNT and Much Much more!

A friend recently sent me this ridiculous link from a artist picture taker who claims to have put a face on Butch, by miraculously using zero Butches in the process. Among the few, the proud, the Butch/Femme, it is easy enough to come across this non sense and simply roll our eyes. The problem arises when images such as these, ignorantly or purposely mislabeled Butch, are what is making their way out into the world. Regardless of the intent behind these pictures, if he were living, PT Barnum could tell you the world loves and will even pay good money for a freak show. And it is precisely this reason and this alone that images such as these are allowed to move beyond the shadows and into the light. The picture taker is clearly, unsuccessfully trying to pull an Arbus on the one hand, and on the other, portray herself as Butch by her cunning use of  images similar to her own with a faulty Butch label.

Many like those seen here are trying to create/imitate Butch with hacked of breasts, masculinising steroidal drugs, external misogyny toward other women via sexism, excessive unshaven body hair, men's clothing and a host of other anti woman/lesbian paraphernalia. In the process and in fact in the end, all these misguided women recreate is male, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Butch women. There is only one way to create Butch, and that is within a woman's womb, by the miracle of the female body itself. Butch is NOT male, Butch is NOT male mimicry, Butch is not masculine or any form of masculinity and Butch is NOT freak regardless of who and how she's often portrayed.

Butch is female/feminine, beginning, middle and end.

The Butch Freak Show by SD HolMAN-EVERYTHING Butch isnt and so much more:


Doing Woman Different: Kristy McNichol

Kristy McNichol (b. 1962) was predominantly a child star/teen idol on both television and film. McNichol was one of the first successful tomboy actors both on screen and off.
In fact Kristy's tomboy nature was one of her most endearing charms in an age when doing girl different might not have been the norm, but tomboy was acceptable and in Kristy's case marketable.

Many saw Kristy grow up on the popular TV series Family, playing  Letitia Lawrence, better known simply as Buddy.
Kristy went on from Family to become a HUGE teen idol, known as much for starring in popular teen coming of age films as her natural abilities in sports and even a brief singing career with her brother.

After her success as a child/teen Kristy went on to star in numerous films, guest tv appearences and several successful tv shows such as Empty Nest, where she played a cop. In more recent years Kristy finally came out of the Hollywood closet, not that she really need to (wink wink)!

Kristy will always be remembered best as one of the few TV stars who was a successful tomboy on screen and off.
Kristy McNichol did girl different in one the briefest times in history (2nd wave feminism) when tomboys werent pathologised, medicalised or confined, and she was/did tomboy beautifully!
Through characters Kristy portrayed, and through how Kristy carried herself off screen, she showed millions of girls/teen girls that there were different ways to do girl and that those differences (great at sports, sporting boys clothes/nicknames, cute rather than beautiful) were as unique as they were normal. Kristy McNichol put a face on tomboy where one rarely existed before and sadly where one has seldom existed after.

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Tucker-Age 20

Ell-Age 17

Zach-Age 17

Kas-Age 20

Bec-Age 20

Ry-Age 20

Trav-Age 16

Cal-Age 16

Ost-Age 18

How many of these poisoned girls/young women have already or will soon be seeking such sick testosteroned filled fantasies/realities in the current/near future?
Edit to add:
Clearly (primarily) once lesbian youth/women whose sexual attraction, moral compass and plain old common sense is being as poisoned by synthetic testosterone as their poor quick aging bodies.

Edit to add AGAIN:

Some of the joys of transition Drs arent telling their patients.


Subversive Conformity-a Revolutionary LIE

While recently searching for something to watch online, I ran across a series The Mrs Bradley Mysteries based on the novels of Gladys Mitchell, that I somehow missed from the late 90's, starring Diana Rigg. The first in the series I watched, was called Speedy Death. In this episode the fiance (Everard Mountjoy-a budding explorer) of one of the characters is found dead in the bathtub. On top of finding Mountjoy dead, the place of death-the bath-reveals a secret Mountjoy had been hiding-he was in fact a woman! The following is straight from the episode, after this realization sets in:

Dorothy Manners-What kind of woman goes around pretending to be a man, its unheard of?

Mrs Bradley-Uncommon but not unheard of. We women live in a man's world, sometimes getting on requires a little subterfuge.

Alastair Bing-How do you mean?

Mrs Bradley-When Wolseley went to Khartoum in '84 to rescue General Gordon he had a Captain Jack Tremain at his side, Tremain died of malaria and a post mortem revealed his secret. HE was Miss Wilhelmina Nash.....She wrote in her diaries "to be a woman with ambition beyond that which society will allow is to endure a slow death. I was determined to live a life."

Alastair Bing-Are you saying that Mountjoy had the same feelings?

Mrs Bradley-Many of us do. Mountjoy's ambition was to explore the world. NO investor would except a mere woman explorer.

The novel this derived from was published in 1929, and the account Mitchell referred to here happened in the late 1800s. As can be gleaned from Gladys Mitchell's character Mrs Bradley, Mitchell knew and experienced full on the limited circumscribed world females were (and still are) allowed by men/male authority/themselves. Mitchell escaped some of those tragic sexist limits through her creation of Mrs Bradley. Limits she clearly enjoyed escaping as she wrote over sixty Mrs Bradley Mysteries. Mitchell also sex changed herself, literarily speaking, via several male pseudonyms in order to further escape the limits of her sex from the male dominated publishing world.

Women of Mitchell's generation understood their world wasnt restrained primarily by dress or behaviour even, but by their female sex alone. Suffragettes and the like fought for the legals rights of their sex in all areas of life, be it personal, the workforce or political arena, beginning with the right to vote. Expanding the limits of female fundamentally began and ended with changing the possibilities of female. Unlike females today who fundamentally change themselves to create possibilities, be it personal, the workforce or political.

Instead of furthering female possibilities, the possibilities for females have shrank to an all time low as a direct result of this fearsome narcissistic modifying thy self to appease/please a mass audience. Females today, despite hosts of legal freedoms and rights are so quick to nip this/tuck that/inject this/suck that out/cut off this/stitch that on, its as if women like a Mrs Bradley never existed at all!

Have things gotten so good for females that the strength women in the past held/upheld and utilized for positive change has made women in the last two or three decades soft? So soft that the very nature of radicalism has merged with conformity, even to the detriment of their own female lives, never mind the consideration for the future of women????

Were Mrs Bradley once real and not merely a character from an early feminist mind, wherever she be buried, she'd be rolling repeatedly in her grave.

As the Detroit gals say "DAMN SHAME"...


Looking for some Lesbian Activism?

Interested in some lesbian activism?

This blog is looking for serious volunteers!

There is little challenge or critical thinking of Trans Trending (trans anything) on YouTube. I'm looking for volunteers to bring posts from this blog to YT. Due to time and work it is difficult for me alone to accomplish this.
If there are any readers interested in helping out in this effort, please contact me at

(I had one volunteer email me last week-my yahoo ate their email-please email me again)


Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be GREAT!

First off I want to say Happy New Year to all the intelligent wonderful regular readers this blog has, your words are just as important as the ones I write, this space and the truthful messages here are as much yours as they are mine!

2014 is gone, but for me personally and for the work I do here, it has gone to shape what I am confident will be some concrete ideas/work and promise for a near future end to the barbaric, outdated, anti feminist/human treatment of transitioning gay/lesbian and tomboy children/teens. Thanks to all the concerned parents who have contacted me in 2014, parents smart enough and brave enough to see through the pathologizing of dress/behaviour by society/psychiatry/medical community who create and enforce it. The handbook for parents of children/youth suspected of/diagnosed with or jumping themselves on the trans trend, my sweetheart (Dr. A) and I mentioned, will be available in a few weeks time. Thanks also to those parents interested in sharing the handbook at your local glbT groups, together we are making a difference!

For 2015 there is one area I really would like to have a greater presence, Youtube. Unfortunately lack of time/energy often prevents me from YTubing the posts on this blog. If there are any readers interested in helping out in this effort, please contact me at 



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